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April 27-28, 2012 Green Valley Park

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Between 250 and 300 fabulous antique, vintage and classic cars will be featured at the 2012 Rim Country Classic Auto Club’s 19th Annual Beeline Cruise-In at Green Valley Park Saturday, April 28. The event kicks off the afternoon of Friday, April 27 when many of the cars cruise through town. The cruise parade will start about 4 p.m. at the park, go west on Country Club Drive, north on Vista Road, east on Airport Road, north on Highway 87, east on Tyler Parkway down to East Highway 260, where it will then head west back to Highway 87, south to Historic Main Street, then west back to the park. This is a new route the organizers hope will give more people an opportunity to see the vehicles of which the participants are so proud. See parade route map below.

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They’re baaaack … Antique, vintage and classic cars are rolling into town and tons of bright, shiny chrome and sparkling paint jobs are going to be adding an extra glow to the clean, clear air of the Rim Country this weekend. The Rim Country Classic Auto Club’s 19th Annual Beeline Cruise-In returns to Payson Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28. Cars have been showing up around town throughout the week, but Friday afternoon, the beauties will be lining up at Green Valley Park for the annual cruise around town. Show chair Margie Fowler expects about 300 vehicles in the show Saturday, but not all will be in the cruise parade. The route is different this year, so check out the map and stake out your prime viewing spot. The cruise parade starts at Green Valley Park at about 4 p.m., Friday, April 27 and will head west on Country Club Drive, go up Vista, jog over to Bulla and then hook up with

Airport Road and head east to the Beeline. At Beeline, by the Elks Lodge, the parade will go north and take a right on Tyler Parkway, which it will follow down to Highway 260 and then turn west to the Beeline, where it will head south to Historic Main Street and go west to return to Green Valley Park. The balance of Friday’s activities are geared for the show entrants, club members and sponsors, and will include car registration, an evening barbecue and entertainment with music, stories of old Payson and dancing. The Car Show is 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and free to the public. There will be raffles, judging of the vehicles, good old cruise music and items for sale from varied vendors, including a food court. At the end of the show, the raffle winners will be announced along with trophies. New awards this year are the Top 10 and the Best of Show, which will be on display around the bandstand during the awards ceremony.





SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, April 27 Morning Registration and check-in for participants 4 p.m. Cruise parade, followed by barbecue for participants, club members and sponsors Saturday, April 28 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Car show at Green Valley Park 3:30 to 5 p.m. Raffle Prizes and Awards


Remembering RCCAC’s founding president Richard Henry Brooks Sr. was the founding but never finished any of them. president of the Rim Country Classic Auto Club, “It was an ongoing joke. I had a ’49 Crosley that but he never had a car in the club’s big Beeline I was always restoring, but never had it ready for Cruise-In Car Show. However, he remained the a show. One of Rich’s grandsons — Virgil — has club president until he moved away. one of the Packards and is continuing the work. Brooks died earlier this month Rich’s brother, Don (who still lives in (April 6, 2012) at his home in Candy Payson) told me he has the money, Kitchen, N.M., where he had moved in “I had great time and talent to get it done too. But 2000 from the Rim Country. I’ll beat him. There is only about two admiration for One of the early members of the Rich. He was a weeks of work left to do on my club, Larry Bertram, took the time to good technician Crosley.” visit with The Rim Review and and good manager. Bertram said the car won’t be ready Payson Roundup about Brooks and He had a for the Cruise-In this weekend, but he the club’s earliest days. He joined tremendous will have it in other shows this year. about three months after the group Brooks, and another founding memamount of knowl“formalized” itself into a club with a ber of the RCCAC, Rolly Lee, both edge about cars.” few by-laws, officers and a memberworked at Phil White Ford when the Larry Bertram ship list. club was organized. “It was mostly just a bunch of guys “I had great admiration for Rich. He who would get together for about an hour and lie was a good technician and good manager. He had to each other,” Bertram said, describing the club. a tremendous amount of knowledge about cars,” Explaining Brooks’ lack of participation in the Bertram said. show, Bertram said he had a 1949 Packard when It was because of Brooks and Lee the group the group started meeting, then he had two, a first met at Phil White, he said. third was added and finally, he had four of them “We had about 12 couples in the group then, so when he died. But none of them was ever show- 24 people. That was one of the unique things about ready. Brooks was always restoring the vehicles, the club, both women and men were involved, and

many of the women had their own (collector’s) cars,” Bertram said. The club membership outgrew the meeting room at Phil White, so moved to a room at the Crosswinds Restaurant at the Payson Airport. It continued to grow and moved to meeting space at the Mazatzal Casino. “We had to use the bingo hall we had so many people,” Bertram said. Now the group meets in the back room at Tiny’s Family Restaurant. Bertram said there are usually about 50 to 60 people at every monthly meeting — sometimes the participation reaches as high as 80. He said the club easily has more than 100 members now. Brooks is survived by his wife, Beverly Brooks; his children, Richard Henry Brooks Jr., Patricia Brooks, David Brooks, Barbara Bellamak, William Brooks, and Linda Morris. Also surviving are his brother, Donald Brooks; seven grandchildren, Sam, Angela, Lindsey, Stephanie, Duncan, Al and Virgil; four great-grandchildren; four step-grandchildren and nine step-great-grandchildren. Donations may made in his name to Candy Kitchen Mission, HC 61 Box 2026, Ramah, NM 87321 or New Mexico Cancer Center, 4901 Lang Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109.

Insuring the Classics since 1969

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Get out to Green Valley Park Saturday, April 28 and get a close look at more than 200 great old cars at the Rim Country Classic Auto Club’s 2012 Beeline Cruise-In. This is the 19th year the show has been presented. Would you believe when it was first held, there were only six cars displayed?

About the RCCAC and the show The Rim Country Classic Auto Club, as it is known it today, had its beginnings in the early 1980s when a few people shared a common interest in restoring and driving classic cars. They cruised around Payson where they met and talked about their cars. As the group flourished, the number of members grew. Phil White Ford in Star Valley (now Steve Coury Ford) became the main meeting place with the management providing a meeting room upstairs. The club was officially organized in 1993. Today, the membership has dramatically increased, with more than 72 families participating. Within the membership there are more than 100 classic automobiles and hot rods both restored or in progress. Today, the Rim Country Classic Auto Club has its regular meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at

Tiny’s Restaurant. The general meetings are open to the public and the members welcome guests whether they own a collector’s vehicle or not. The Rim Country Classic Auto Club members participate in car-related activities ranging from day trips to breakfast or lunch, visits to local retirement homes or the Prescott VA Hospital, to longer cruises including the “Route 66 Fun Run” in Seligman, Ariz. In 1994, Rim Country Classic Auto Club members held their first car show with six entrants to help charities in the town of Payson. This event has grown from a small, local event to one of the premier car shows in Arizona. Participants come from many western states to display their cars in a splendid mountain setting. Proceeds from the show now help support a wide variety of local charities.

OUR MISSION The Rim Country Classic Auto Club’s Beeline Cruise-In is a celebration. It is a party that the RCCAC hosts for club members, friends and others who share a love of old cars. As with any party, the objective is for everyone to have a good time, to enjoy themselves both as show participants and in doing the work necessary to put on this event. The members of the RCCAC also seek to develop camaraderie within the club and to promote the organization, not only within Payson, but also throughout the Southwest. Secondarily, as good citizens, the members seek to support local charities and the Payson business community. To that end, the Car Show activities and events are selected and developed with the objective of enhancing local business trade while, at the same time, increasing the Car Show proceeds, which become the club’s charitable donations. Success will be measured by: • The willingness of the club members to do the work necessary to host the RCCAC Annual Car Show. (Did the members have a good time?) • The number of registrations received and the desire for automotive enthusiasts to participate in the event. (Do they like it?) • The support received from the Town of Payson and the Payson business community. (Will they continue to sponsor the show?) • The number of people from the community who come to the Car Show on Saturday. (Do they enjoy the show?) • The amount of money raised and distributed to local charities.


1979 Chrysler 300 Race Car - John Cailey This tale is unique in that a pristine, but perhaps less than exciting, car has been turned into a powerful weekend warrior at the drag races. John Cailey was given this car by his father in ’94, and after driving it several thousand miles home with some adventure along the way, it became a daily driver in the Illinois rust belt for a few years. John started hopping up this behemoth (it’s named “Moby Dick” — as in the great white whale), and as often happens, it became faster and faster,

but less “streetable” at the same time. After retiring to Payson, the decision was made to make it a dedicated racecar. A full roll cage was fitted, the seating replaced with a lone lightweight race seat, most interior panels replaced with nicely crafted aluminum replacements and all the heavy power accessories removed or replaced with lightweight counterparts. The result of the diet was the removal of 500+ pounds of “pork.” This, coupled with stroking the


engine from 360 to 408 inches, plus improved breathing from many aftermarket components, has resulted in a vast increase in performance. Where the stock vehicle was tested by a magazine as capable only of 17.2 seconds at 89 MPH in a quarter-mile, John’s reformed land yacht has clocked an 11.53 at 116 MPH pass. No racer is ever satisfied, so a stronger engine is being built to use a supercharger, with 700 HP as the goal. Bet he’ll surprise a few competitors with this one!



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It takes a big crew of car enthusiasts to present the Rim Country Classic Auto Club’s annual Beeline Cruise-In. The 2012 Beeline Car Show Committee includes: back row, from left, Carl Curtis (show set-up and photographer); John Cailey (vendors); Steve Fowler (co-chair, trophies and advertising); Nate Johnson (co-chair and registration); Ken Gunderson (parking, trophy line-up); Larry Bertram (Friday night activities); Harv Pierman (club Web master); front row, from left, Judy Curtis (show photographer); Mary Cailey (Friday cruise); Margie Fowler (Car Show chairman and advertising); Shirley Bertram (Friday night activities); Boyd Miller (show cleanup); Larry Trotter (T-shirts and art work). Not pictured Patty Johnson (co-chair and registration); John and MJ Hall (sponsors); Dick and Sue Hedman (participant gift and goodie bags); Bobi Beveridge (hospitality booth and raffles); Sam and Deb Schwalm (ballot counting); Terry Zoulek (RCCAC board treasurer).

First car in town in 1916; lined Main in 1918 BY JINX PYLE SPECIAL TO THE RIM REVIEW

Walter Lovelady recalled that Jesse “Jess” Chilson brought the first car into Payson in 1916. It was a Marmon and was considered the “Cadillac” of the day. Jess drove his car up the Apache Trail from Phoenix, across Roosevelt Dam and followed the road along the south side of Roosevelt Lake that had been used by freighters during the building of the dam. He then used wagon roads and cow trails until hooking up with the old Reno Road at Camp Reno and continued his drive up Wild Rye Creek, passing by Snowstorm Mountain and entering Payson from the west. Walter Lovelady, who had a Copper Top Ford, and David Goodfellow were also among the first to bring cars into Payson via the same route. It wasn’t until 1938 that a car was driven from Phoenix, by Saguaro Lake, through Reno Pass and into Payson. Both routes were long and difficult. In fact, locals coined the phrase “Crooked as the road to Globe” to describe someone of questionable character. During the latter 1920s and 1930s, cars lined Main Street in Payson serving as both fencing and bleachers for the Payson Rodeo. Many of these cars had to be backed up Ox Bow Hill as the hill was too steep for the gravity-fed gas tanks of the day. For many years it was an eight-hour drive to Phoenix and many a car waited additional hours for the flooded waters of Gold Creek, Sycamore

File photo

The first car came to Payson in 1916, but by 1918, as evidenced above, there were enough in town to create an arena for the August rodeo.

Creek or Slate Creek to recede so they could cross. Many more cars overheated climbing Slate Creek Hill while crossing the Mazatzals. Into the early 1950s, locals would recognize a strange car in town. No one made the trips to or

from Phoenix or Globe without good reason. Finally in 1958, the Beeline Highway was paved and Payson joined the rest of the state with the latest in automotive transportation and modern highways.


1962 Plymouth Sport Fury - Colemans Larry and Julie Coleman bought their 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury Golden Commando Convertible from a junkyard in Napa, Calif. in 1995. This is a fairly rare model, as only 1,516 Sport Fury GC Convertibles were made. The original color was red, with a red on black interior. It has a 361 HP motor with a push/button auto transmission. All Sport Furys were equipped bucket seats and


a front center console, and the original price tag was $3,082. This one was in very bad condition, with no working convertible top, and required lots of work to bring it back to life. Fortunately the gentlemen they bought the car from just happened to know where there was another convertible Fury for sale, so they had some additional parts. Since there are very few

reproduced parts and NOS parts were hard to come by, an additional nine cars were ultimately bought for miscellaneous parts during re-construction. The last car was bought just to acquire two of the three Golden Commando Medallions. It takes real dedication to bring back to life one of these rare cars, and the Colemans are very proud of their Fury.


We love and care for the Classics Give your loved ones the care and respect they deserve. Contact Krystal to schedule an appointment for more information and a tour.

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8 | BEELINE CRUISE-IN & CHARITY AUTO SHOW | APRIL 2012 Today’s Sawmill Crossing shopping center, at the southwest corner of Main Street and Beeline Highway in Payson, was actually the site of the town’s biggest employer — Owens Bros. Lumber — from the early 1950s. In addition to operating a mill for the Rim’s important lumber industry, the family had a store and a gas station for the community’s vehicles, and those of visitors, who were able to make their way to Payson with relative ease when the Beeline Highway was first “finished” in the late 1950s.

Photo courtesy of Ella Lee Owens

Sponsors help make good show great Rim Country Classic Auto Club gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions to the Beeline Cruise-In Car Show by its sponsors: • Platinum - Town of Payson, Payson Roundup, Payson Jewelers • Gold - Amon Builders Inc., Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, Bubbles of Joy, Chaparral Pines, Edward Jones Investments, Gila County District 1 Supervisor, Good Samaritan Society, Majestic Rim, Overman Designs Fine Jewelers, Payson Dental Care, Speed Sports • Silver - Big O Tire, Car Quest Auto Parts/Payson, Chapman Auto Center, Ganem Jewelers, Messinger Payson Funeral Home, Mobile Auto Detailing, Payson Apothecary Pharmacy, Payson Barber Shop, Payson Concrete & Materials Inc., Payson Day Spa, Printing by

George, So-Cal Speed Shop Arizona • Copper - Airaid Filter Company, Affordable Auto, RV & Marine, America’s Best Value Inn, AutoZone, Beeline Business Equipment, Best Western Payson Inn, Buffalo Bar & Grill, Days Inn & Suites, Comfort Inn of Payson, DEK Auto Parts LLC, DCI Southwest Direct Lift, Economy Inn, El Rancho Restaurant, Gila Concrete LLC, Little Stinker Septic Service, Early Bird Café, Little Caesar’s, Majestic Mountain Inn, Mike’s Custom Auto Body, Miller Autoworks, Payson Packaging, Pine Country Animal Clinic, Pizza Factory, Radio Shack, Rim Country Power Sports, Safeway, Sears, Service First Insurance, Waste Matters Inc., Wells Fargo Bank NA • Trophy - Crosswinds Restaurant, DEK Auto Parts LLC, Dianne Mitchell/Sunny Mountain

Realty, Fowler’s Custom Auto, Frank and Sharon Allen, John and MJ Hall, Gila County Sheriff, Arizona Dept of Public Safety, Gordon Metcalf, High Country Upholstery, John Raven, Payson Mayor Kenny Evans, Ken Michaels, Knotty Pine Café, Mike’s Custom Auto Body, Nate and Patty Johnson, Pine Creek Homes, Plant Fair Nursery Inc., Sacred Skin Tattoo, Sally Randall, Shepherds Glass, Chief Don Engler of Payson Police Department, Chief Marti deMasi of Payson Fire Department, Unity of Payson, Anytime Fitness, AutoZone, Cardo’s Restaurant, Macky’s Grill, Mattress Experts, Paper & Metal Scrappers, Payson Eye Care Center, Paysonglo Lodge, Rimside Grill, Sawmill Theatres, The Beverage Place, The Home Depot, Tiny’s Family Restaurant, Tonto Rim Search and Rescue.

Cruise-In has generated nearly half a million for area businesses FROM PAGE 2

The car show is open to all who want to participate, however the show area is limited to 250 vehicles, but there will be overflow parking for additional vehicles. Spectator parking is available nearby at Julia Randall Elementary School and Parks and Recreation lots. The show, plus the trophies, souvenir T-shirts, dash plaques that identify the vehicles and their owners, food for the barbecue and other show expenses are paid for through sponsor contribu-

tions. The remainder of the funds from sponsors and profits from the show entry fees are donated to area charities and none of the contributed funds go outside the Rim Country area. The Rim Country Classic Auto Club organization is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of classic automobiles and street rods as well as participating in and supporting civic activities for the betterment of the community. The past RCCAC Beeline Cruise-In Car Shows have attracted more than a thousand visitors each

year and generated an estimated $450,000 in income for local businesses over the past 18 years in which the show has been presented. “We attribute much of our success to the overwhelming support we receive from the Town of Payson, the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Payson Roundup along with generous businesses in Payson and surrounding towns,” said Fowler. “With their continued support, we expect that the 2012 Beeline Cruise-In Car Show will be another great year,” she added.



1957 Corvette Carl and Judy Curtis Purchased in 1985, Carl and Judy Curtis’ 1957 Corvette was a basket case. The engine was missing, the transmission was in the trunk, and the paint was nearly gone. Also missing were many small parts that took several years to round up. After acquiring a new 283 Chevy engine, the car was assembled and

driven some miles to de-bug it, and then was completely disassembled to prepare for painting. Once the body was perfect, it was reassembled over the next year. Then Carl and Judy relocated to Payson from California in ’03, and enjoy cruising around Rim Country in this beauty.


CORVETTE TRIVIA One of the few ways to differentiate between a 1956 and 1957 Corvette without opening the hood is to look at the inside rear view mirror. On the 1956 model, it adjusts with a thumbscrew, on the 1957 model, adjustment requires a wrench to loosen the locknut.

Welcome Beeline Cruise-In

car owners and


car buffs!

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1935 Packard Touring Sedan - Fowlers Steve and Margie Fowler found their 1935 Packard in 1998 rusting peacefully in a field in Napa, Calif., near where they lived at the time. Margie thought Steve was nuts, but let him buy it to keep him out of mischief. They took it all apart, de-rusted it with elbow grease, spliced on a Pinto front suspen-

sion and a Maverick rear end, then installed a 1990 Chevy police car engine and overdrive trans. The seating came from a Subaru wagon. Margie upholstered the entire interior while Steve repaired the damaged sheet metal and did all prep work for its final coat of paint,


which was applied by a local car painter. Equipped with air conditioning, cruise control and a good stereo, the car has been driven all over the western United States, and now has about 30,000 nearly-trouble-free miles. Margie now claims it as hers, as Steve has his own classic Studebaker.


1953 Studebaker Hardtop - Fowlers Steve Fowler had a Stude of the same year and model when he was young, and always wanted another. In 2001 he finally had the chance to realize his dream when he found a clean, stock 6-cylinder version in Sacramento. Wanting more power and the ability to travel fast and long, he outfitted the car with a Fatman


front suspension, an 8-inch Ford rear, a 1989 Corvette 350 engine and overdrive transmission, hydroboost brakes, a Nova column, a ’56 Stude Hawk dash, Vintage Air A/C and a Hidden Audio radio and 12-disc changer. He and his wife, Margie, found a late-’80s T-bird interior, modified it to fit, and then Margie upholstered the interior.

Meanwhile, Steve cleaned up the body with a nose, deck and shave job, then painted it bright red in a jury-rigged spray booth. The Fowlers can proudly say that they did it all by themselves, and have since put nearly 20,000 miles on it travelling all over the western United States in “Low ’N Red.”



1924 Model T Ford - Al Isham Al spotted this jewel on a car lot in Moon Valley about 1986, and eventually convinced them to sell it to him. It was a bit rough around the edges (well, maybe more than a bit), but it had a heart of gold. It ran well, and after a cursory inspection, it was

determined that the engine was in good shape, and that has been left alone. The body and interior, however, showed the ravages of 60-plus years. Al tore it all apart, replaced all the underlying wooden structure (yep, the bodies were framed in


wood back then) and straightened the metal as needed. He painted it himself, and even did his own upholstery work. He can proudly say he did it all, finishing it up in 2004. While it’s sure not the fastest thing on the road, it still garners plenty of attention and smiles.


1940 Chevy Coupe - Doug Magnuson Doug bought his Chevrolet in 1958 while still a teen attending Pasadena Community College and working at a body shop. He and Sherrill drove “Route 66” (aka Colorado Boulevard) on many dates before they drove “Rachel” on their honeymoon in 1961. The previous owner named the ’40 Chevy


“Rachel” because in those days it was a custom for people to name their rides. Ever since her purchase, the previous owners ask about her yearly. From the early years to current days “Rachel” has been converted from hot rod to street rod mods, i.e. Chevy 350/330 hp

crate motor, 700-R4 overdrive, ’68 Chevy 308 rear end, rack/pinion with aftermarket coilover shocks, Vintage Air A/C. In 2005 Doug painted “Rachel” with PPG base/clearcoat Black and Cranberry color scheme, which she proudly wears to this day.



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1972 Dodge Demon - Otis and D.J. Wells Otis bought this car brand new from a dealer’s showroom floor in Costa Mesa, Calif. and has owned it ever since. The original window sticker shows it as having been delivered to the L.A. County Auto Show, where Chrysler was showing off its newest models

back in the day. Suggested Retail was $3794.90 for a very well equipped little hot rod. One of the last of the muscle car era, this one came equipped with a 340 cubic inch 4 barrel engine sporting 240 net horsepower, a four-speed

stick shift, Posi rear end, rally suspension, disc brakes, bucket seats and the ever-popular vinyl top. Definitely a keeper, and certainly one that has appreciated in value while being fun to drive for the last 40 years.

A rare story as tales of car collectors go, Otis Wells bought this 1972 Dodge Demon brand new in Costa Mesa, Calif. It was not only new off the showroom floor, it had also been delivered to the L.A. County Auto Show as part of a feature exhibit on the newest models.

1926 Ford T Bucket - Otis and D.J. Wells Originally built in Arkansas, this T Bucket is unusual in that it is powered by a huge 440 cubic inch Chrysler engine (probably 90 percent of T Buckets are running a small block Chevy). It also features a reverse valve body transmission, some monster 20-inch wide Mickey Thompson rear tires

to help get all that power to the pavement, and lots and lots of chrome. It has had several owners over the years, coming to Payson by way of a Texas Mopar shop and then California, before Otis and D.J. purchased it about eight years ago. They have enjoyed driving

it in numerous cruises and parades. D.J. says she gets lots of looks when she drives it around, but she’s not entirely sure if those looks are inspired by the awesome car or by the fact that it’s being driven by a lady who’s a senior citizen. Reminds one of a song about Pasadena ...

Built in Arkansas, this 1926 Ford T Bucket has evolved over the years into the hot rod the owners still enjoy today.



1939 Chevrolet Jim Winters Jim found this car as a “field-fresh” project in 1987. Over the next four years it was transformed into a modernized work of art, with Jim doing all mechanical work, the upholstery, the paint; in fact, he did everything except the body work. Now featuring a 300 HP/ 350 Chevy engine, a 200-4R overdrive transmission, a ’75 Nova Rear end and a Mustang II front suspension with 11-inch disc brakes and a rack-and-pinion steering system, the car is now a great cruiser. Air conditioning and satellite radio add to the creature comforts on the road. For five years it served as Jim’s daily driver, and he has now added over 140,000 miles to the odometer, wearing out many of the mechanical parts and the paint job at least once in the process. A fine way to preserve and enjoy a timeless classic!


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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) The often skeptical Aries might find that an answer to a question is hard to believe. But check it out before you chuck it out. You might well be surprised at what you could learn. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your resolute determination to stick by a position might make some people uncomfortable. But if you’re proved right (as I expect you to be), a lot of changes will tilt in your favor. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You might feel conflicted between what you want to do and what you should do. Best advice: Honor your obligations first. Then go ahead and enjoy your well-earned rewards. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) That financial matter still needs to be sorted out before you can consider any major monetary moves. Pressures ease midweek, with news about a potential career change. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) A workplace problem threatens to derail your well-planned project. But your quick mind should lead you to a solution and get you back on track without too much delay. VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) An opportunity opens up but could quickly close down if you allow pessimism to override enthusiasm. A trusted friend can offer the encouragement you need. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You’ve come through a difficult period of helping others deal with their problems. Now you can concentrate on putting your energy to work on your own projects. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Forget about who’s to blame and, instead, make the first move toward patching up a misunderstanding before it creates a rift that you’ll never be able to cross. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Good news for the travel-loving Sagittarian who enjoys galloping off to new places: That trip you put off will soon be back on your schedule. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) A mood change could make the gregarious Goat seek the company of just a few friends. But you charge back into the crowd for weekend fun and games. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) A decision you made in good faith could come under fire. Best advice: Open your mind to other possibilities by listening to your challenger’s point of view. PISCES (Feb. 19 to March 20) You can avoid being swamped by all those tasks dangling from your line this week by tackling them one by one, according to priority. The weekend brings good news. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a fine business sense and a love of the arts. You enjoy living life to its fullest. © 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.



JUST FOR FUN KING CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Pod occupant 4 Pedestal part 8 Rug type 12 Hosp. hookups 13 Satan’s specialty 14 Inlet 15 Old-style music provider 17 Destruction 18 Incessantly 19 Chutzpah 20 Piece of hardware 22 Jane Lynch’s show 24 Pork cut 25 Sweater with a rounded collar 29 Qty. 30 Accordion feature 31 Noon, in a way 32 Worker’s compensation 34 Bridge 35 Wheels of fortune? 36 Got up 37 Oust 40 Friend of Dorothy 41 Met melody 42 Insignificant bit 46 Tirade 47 Emanation 48 Zero 49 Caustic solutions 50 Skating jump 51 Highlander’s hat

DOWN 1 Stone 2 Actress Longoria 3 Harshness 4 Moisten 5 State with conviction 6 Bracketed word 7 Wapiti 8 Mosquito thwarter 9 Session with a shrink 10 Tel ___ 11 Heredity component 16 Still 19 Mr. Gingrich 20 Hit Stooge-style 21 Prolonged sleep 22 ___-Roman wrestling 23 Plumbing problem 25 Skelton’s Kadiddlehopper 26 Champion of a cause 27 “Arrivederci” 28 Benevolent 30 Dr. McGraw 33 Baseball shoes 34 Put an end to 36 Twine fiber 37 Count counterpart 38 Picture of health? 39 Christmas tree, often 40 Muse’s instrument 42 Air safety org. 43 Illumination measure 44 Spy novel grp. 45 Airline to Amsterdam


Answers 1. Between Scotland and Iceland 2. “Friends” 3. Mercury 4. 1933 5. A written statement made under oath 6. Exodus 7. Portugal 8. The Bull Moose Party 9. To take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide 10. A bluebird


KING CROSSWORD Find the listed words in the diagram. They run in all directions — forward, backward, up, down and diagonally.


1. GEOGRAPHY: Where are the Faroe Islands located? 2. TELEVISION: Which TV sitcom’s theme was the song “I’ll Be There for You”? 3. ASTRONOMY: What planet is named for the Roman god of trade, thieves and travel? 4. HISTORY: When did the United States repeal Prohibition, which forebade sales of alcohol? 5. LEGAL: What is an affidavit? 6. RELIGION: Which book of the Bible describes the Israelites’ deliverance from slavery in Egypt? 7. MONEY: What European country’s basic monetary unit was the escudo — prior to the euro?



8. POLITICS: What was the nickname for Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive Party? 9. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the purpose of gills in fish? 10. MUSIC: What kind of bird was featured in the Disney song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”?










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Remember the Three Stooges The Three Stooges replace from the olden days? Remember the “slap stick” with loud, over how silly they were and how you the top sound special effects. laughed anyway? Well, the new, When they smack a Catholic nun un-improved, un-changed 2012 with a hammer, the nun’s head version of the manic trio is just rings like a fire gong. Did I say I like the original. laughed and laughed? Andy McKinney If you laughed at the old-timey Reviewer The Farrelly Brothers wrote, stooges, you will enjoy the new directed and produced this homtimey stooges just as much. If you are a age to vaudeville. The Farrellys are girl, you might not get the humor. If you known for their low brow, often gross, are a guy and are older than 7, you will brand of humor. They are responsible for only enjoy it if you remember the bygone such hits as Dumb and Dumber, There’s days of your childhood. Something About Mary and Shallow Hal. I, and most of the audience with me, They spent an ambitious $30 million to laughed like we hadn’t done since grade make the film. school. It was a hoot. The three-day opening weekend Comedy is meant to make us laugh, brought in only $17 million, but perhaps often to laugh at ourselves. word of laugh will get around and more It can be wry, some people find it “vast- people will come to see it. ly amusing” when David Niven lifts his Our hats are off to stars Sean Hayes, eyebrow at exactly the right moment. Chris Diamantopoulos and Will Susso. In This is how sophisticates get their jollies. physical humor, timing is everything and It is quiet, refined and speaks to the well- these guys pull it off flawlessly. Some of educated mind. the routines are very complicated and The Three Stooges is nothing like that. lengthy. Think of extended fight scenes in The Three Stooges’ form of humor is a Bruce Lee kung-fu movie, only with ancient — literally ancient. In Rome physical comedy gags and you have the players would entertain the commonality idea. with broad humor, physical jokes and This PG rated — no bad words, no slapstick. In fact, the “slap stick” was naked movie stars — one-hour-32-minute used in Rome. A “slap stick” is a paddle comedy rates a strong three and a half shaped double-board with a hinge on it so saw blades for laugh out loud humor. that when another player is struck an If silly (stupid?) physical humor is your extra loud noise is created. Actual “slap thing, or if you want to see three idiots sticks” are still sometimes seen at places trying to get a laugh out of the crowd, like circuses where live action humor is give this one a try. still practiced. It is old, it is crude and it Laugh wrinkles are much to be preis still very funny if done by experts. ferred to the other kind.

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Pirate Captain sets out on a mission to defeat his rivals Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz for the Pirate of the year Award. The quest takes Captain and his crew from the shores of Blood Island to the foggy streets of Victorian London.

PG • No Passes • 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00

A comedy that charts the ups and downs of an engaged couple’s relationship.

R • No Passes • 1:30, 4:30, 7:30 A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.


PG-13 • No Passes • 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15

The Lucky


A Marine travels to North Carolina after serving three tours in Iraq and searches for the unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war.

PG-13 • No Passes • 1:00, 3:10, 5:20, 7:30

While trying to save their childhood orphanage, Moe, Larry, and Curly inadvertently stumble into a murder plot and wind up starring in a reality TV show.

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Another kind of cruising The oceans occupy two-thirds of our planet, so it is sometimes difficult to decide what part of the globe we might cruise in. If it will be your first cruise, then perhaps one of the more popular areas might be in order. The Caribbean is very popular year-round, so are Hawaii and the Panama Canal. If you are thinking of a cruise in the non-winter months, then much of our planet can be considered. Alaska is always popular during the summer, as are the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Baltic, the Greek Islands, Turkey and more. Today, I will outline a few cruises I think you might consider for the summer and fall this year. On the domestic front two new Mississippi paddle wheelers will ply the river year-round. They are American Cruise Lines’ new Queen of the KEN BROOKS Mississippi, which begins cruising in August. It will carry some 250 passengers in outside cabins. Some have private balconies. All are fairly large and the dining and entertainment will be all American. The décor will feel old south. Some cruises will be themed; there will be the Mark Twain Tribute and another will focus on the Civil War. The other Mississippi paddle wheeler, Grand American Queen, began in April. It has been recently purchased by the Great American Steamboat Company and completely redone. Some of the cabins have been enlarged and the interiors redecorated. This boat holds some 400 guests. Both are American flagged, with American crews and officers. The fares are not inexpensive because the crews are American, but both companies guarantee a deluxe product. American Cruise Lines also has several small and modern passenger boats that cruise protected seawaters, mostly on the East Coast. Obtain a brochure and examine their offerings by calling (203) 468-5700. Contact the Great American Steamboat

Company at 1-888-749-5280. Perhaps you have seen movies where the passengers dress in formal wear most evenings while at sea and you think you would like to give this a try. The Cunard Line would perhaps be your first choice. They employ three large and very modern ocean liners: the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. All three are plush and carry on the old traditions of the Cunard Line and its White Star Service. There are nightly formal dinners and dancing, along with selected entertainment in a formal theatre with royal boxes to rent. The stateroom you book determines the dining room in which you take your meals. The fancier the accommodations, the better the dining room. Cunard travels the transatlantic route with the Queen Mary 2, while the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth offer traditional cruising. Cunard Line also offers two round-the-world cruises departing in January of each year and lasting more than 100 days each. Phone 1-800-7CUNARD (28-6273) for more information. Disney Cruise Line is expanding. Over the years it has built a fine reputation for pleasing passengers of all ages. It now offers the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. The ships are luxurious, with great crews. Disney cruises to the Bahamas, Canada and New England, the Western and Eastern Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska and along the West Coast. On some cruises you dine in a different dining room each night, but have the same wait staff. There are areas for different children’s age groups, teens and adults. You come together for meals. Learn more from your travel agent. Some smaller cruise lines to consider: Voyages to Antiquity with the Aegean Odyssey, an 11,000gross-ton ship purchased a few years ago and completely redone with larger cabins, some with balconies; modern, well-done interiors. This cruise line’s specialty is cruising the Mediterranean, Greek Islands and Turkey. The line includes all shore excursions, wine with din-


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ner and guest speakers that talk about the sights to be seen ashore in regard to history, religion, etc. This type of all-inclusive, educational cruising is gaining popularity. A brochure is available by calling 1-877-398-1460. In this same specialty vain, Voyages of Discovery will have a newer ship called the Voyager available in November and it will circumnavigate South America next winter for 126 days. As with their other ship, the Discovery, the Voyager will have guest speakers to talk on various subjects during the long cruise. I have had the pleasure of sailing in the 650passenger Discovery several times and the cruises remain some of the best in my experience. The ship cruises the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Sea this summer. The Voyager will carry 500 passengers. For more information phone 1866-623-2689. Voyages of Discovery’s sister company is Swan Hellenic which offers the new Minerva. It will carry 350 passengers in English luxury. The ship calls at interesting ports, some of which larger ships cannot dock at. Again, guest speakers will give passengers complete information regarding the countries and areas the ship is calling at. At Swan Hellenic Cruises, all shore excursions, drinks and tipping are included in the fare. This summer the Minerva will cruise the Greek Isles, Turkey, Montenegro and Italy. Phone 1-866923-9182 for details. If you may wish for a longer stay in a foreign country, perhaps you should investigate swapping your home with foreigners. Today, some people exchange homes for half a year. Several companies handle these arrangements. Among them are:, located in Hermosa Beach, Calif., 1-800-877-8723, offering 41,000 listings in 146 countries. Annual membership is $119.40; Homelink International in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. has listings in 75 countries, visit or phone 1-800-638-3841. Annual membership is $119; Intervac International in Tiburon, Calif., visit or call 1-800-756-4663, it offers listings in 60 countries. Annual membership is $99.


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Camp Tontozona A campaign to raise funds for a return to Camp Tontozona was announced by Arizona State University officials last week. If $150,000 can be raised by June 1, the football team will be at Camp Tontozona from Aug. 14 to Aug. 18 of this year. Let’s take a look at some of the history behind this place that is so special to many Sun Devils. Camp Tontozona existed before football came. Martin Mortensen, a science professor at the then Arizona State College, brought science students TIM EHRHARDT up in the 1940s and eventually the property was acquired. It wasn’t until around 1960 when the football team started practicing there. Frank Kush tells the story. “Arizona State College at that time had this little camp — it really wasn’t a camp, it was kind of a retreat for the faculty. Dr. Gammage had a cottage up at Tontozona, which was right up at Payson, right next to Kohl’s Ranch. And we went up there fishing on Tonto Creek, and I saw this facility. There was no football field there; it was kind of a hill. And I thought to myself, ‘Boy, this would be a fantastic place for a preseason training site.’ And so I went back and checked out on some general aspects of it and everything else. “Our athletic director at that time was Clyde Smith and I knew I had to present a number of statistics to prove why we should go there. My whole point ... was the weather, the contrast between practice down in the Valley in preseason in August, and, say, training in the mountains in the cold breeze. “Well, when I first came here — to regress slightly — I thought to myself, ‘Good gravy, how can these players ever take this ... heat and everything else?’ So I checked out the temperatures and the contrast of the temperatures between Payson and Tempe, and I kind of sold it.” The 1970s were a very successful time for ASU football, culminating in an undefeated 1975 season and the No. 2 ranking in the country. The annual trips to Camp Tontozona drew thousands of people. Even after Frank Kush was removed as Sun Devil coach in 1979, teams continued to travel northward and continued to have success. The 1986 season was capped off by a 22-15 win over Michigan in the 1987 Rose Bowl and the Sun Devils back to Pasadena 10 years later, coming within seconds of pulling off the victory and an undefeated season. A few years ago however, the team stopped coming to Camp Tontozona while Dennis Erickson was coach. Many fans and ex-players point to the lack of victories since as fitting karma. Tontozona to them is a very important place.


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14. Estate Auction, Sat. April 28, 8am Cornville Arizona, Tools, Equipment, Antiques and Collectibles, Furniture, Boats, Guns, 928-634-8650

YARD SALES 1. 1003 S. Sierra Ancha Lane, Fri. & Sat. April 27 & 28. from 8am to 4pm: NARFE Fundraiser; Vegetables, Herbs, Houseplants, Succulents and More. Craft Supplies, Books, Fabric, Furniture, and Household Goods. 2. 913 W. Rim View Rd. Fri. & Sat. April 27 & 28, from 8am to 5pm; Clawfoot Bath Tub, Golf Cart, Lots of Furniture, and Misc. 3. 1209 N. Easy St. Fri. & Sat. April 27 & 28 from 7am to ?: Something For Everyone! Crystal, Antiques, Furniture, and Lots More 4. 607 N. Manaznita Dr. Fri. & Sat. April 27 & 28 from 7am to 2pm: REALY BIG!! Tools, Furniture, Lots of Craft Supplies, Toys, Household, Gym Equip. and Much More. 5. 502 N. Hogan Drive, Fri. & Sat. April 27 & 28 from 7am to 4pm; MOVING SALE!!! 6. 616 N. Ponderosa Circle, Unit C, Fri. & Sat. April 27 & 28 from 7am to Noon; Household Hiemts, Electronics, Entertainment Center, Oak Roll Top Desk, Printer, Mens Golf Clubs, LP Records, Decor, Wood frame sliding patio doors, Clothing and More 7. 600 E. Highway 260 (By Tiny’s Restaurant), Sat. April 28 from 8am to 4pm at the Central Arizona Board of Realtors; HUGE GARAGE SALE FUNDRAISER: This is to rais funds for Eileen Austin’s 11 month old Grandson, who has been diagnosed with Chiaria Malformation and has been in intensive care at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He will be there fro 2 more months, the mother is unable to work no and the father is communitng back and forth.


Bass 16ft SeaNymph w/trailer , 60hp Evenrude VRO, Fish finders, 40hp troller, Steering station, Swivel seats, Lots more. $2500.obo. 928-978-4188

2000 Ford Explorer 4x4, Asking $5,000. 123K Miles, V-6 4.0 Automatic, Eddie Bauer Edition, Flawless, Superclean, Very Well Maintained: 928-978-4147

HOBI MIRAGE FISHING KAYAK, Fully Equiped, Custom Fly Rod Holders, All Peddle Propulsion Hardware, Paddle, Seat Pad, Car-Top Carrier Included, $1800. + Value, Sale Price $650. Call 928-970-1280

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COOK, F/T, Seasonal (Short Order, Fast Pace). Experienced, Reliable, Happy Jack, AZ. Trailer Housing Available. Call MIke: 928-474-4072. Four Seasons Motorsports in Rye is looking for a part time lot attendant to clean machines. fax resume to 928-472-7285 (BOB) Maintenance Technician THE EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN

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CARS 1986 Corvette, 928-474-4000 2000 Saturn SSL 4DR, 5spd, sun roof, CD player, good tires, very good economy car and very reliable. Gets between 35 to 40mpg, 156k miles, runs great! $2200/obo (928) 970-0410 2006 Toyota Matrix, Light Blue, 5 Door Hatch Back, 71085 miles, AC ice cold, all scheduled maintenance, Non-smoker. Very clean interior, It has scratches on hood, and a few others, it will need tires soon. Very good gas mileage. Located in Strawberry AZ, Call me need to sell, $9,200.obo 928-951-1384

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Wanting to Buy a Vehicle w/under 100K miles, Priced at $3,000 or less, Will do some repairs, have cash, 928-468-7060


MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN Seeking experienced individual to maintain building, grounds and equipment for senior living community. Must be self directed, ambitious and have a desire to work with seniors. Must possess basic plumbing and electrical skills.

Apply online at Drug free environment. EOE Mountain Spa at Rim Club, Need Part or Full Time, Hair Stylist, Manicurist, Pedicurist, Nail Tech, for Sat. Only. Call Lynn 619-507-8158

AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLING, LOCAL: Will Pick Up, Good Prices, DAVE’S AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLING, Parts for Sale, M-F, 9-5, Sat 9-1, 928-474-4440 2001 Ford F150 XLT, 4x4, 79,960 Miles, Extended Cab, Full Bed & Liner, 4.3L, V8, Automatic Transmission, $9,450. Call 928-476-4297

Needed: Weed Eating in Strawberry, Call 602-481-2733 Seeking Live-in Housekeeper: Pay includes Room/Board and Utilities. Please Call: 928-951-5169 for more details. Serious Inquiries Only. Thank You. Seeking Live-in Housekeeper: Pay includes Room/Board and Utilities. Please Call: 928-951-5169 for more details. Serious Inquiries Only. Thank You.

2005 Suzuki CT90 Boulevard, cc1475, 5sp, Exhaust High Performance/Street, 7,500 Miles, Looks & Runs Like New, 928-951-2280

2005 Dodge Ram Quad cab Hemi. 76k miles, full power, trailer tow, loaded, looks great, runs great, $15,500; Call 928-978-5271




1989 Ranger 365V, 150HP, Black Max, 52 lb Moter Guide, Trolling Motor, Cleanest Boat on the Lake, $6,500.obo 928-978-0119

Mahogany China Cabinet

Order: 10057612 Cust: -Payson Dance Studio Keywords: China Cabinet art#: 20099119 Class: Musical Instruments Size: 2.00 X 1.00

P/T Bookkeeper

“Lenderhouse” by Broyhill Furniture

Like New $500 orig. cost over $1,000 Call DJ at 978-8533



8. 602 E. Continental Drive; Fri. & Sat. April 20 & 21, from 8am to ?; Household Items, Kitchen Items, Baskets, Flower Arranging and Misc. DON’T MISS OUT! MARK YOUR CALENDAR Memorial Weekend HUGE YARD SALE Guns, Ammo, Tools, Knives STUFF, JUNQUE and ANTIQUES New, Used and Abused Something for Everyone Remember: Memorial Weekend

CLERICAL/OFFICE Seeking Part time MEDICAL BILLING person in a small counseling practice. 4, flexible hours a week. Must have great computer billing skills, knowledge of Medisoft preferred. Start immediately. Leave a message at 928-474-8628.

Baja Mini Bike, 5HP, Very Low Hours, Good Condition, New $1000. Sell for $450. Call 928-970-0052

4-6 hrs/wk. Quickbooks expert. Background check req. Email resume to:

HEALTH CARE RN’s/LPN’s, Home Health, Adult/Pediatrics, Shifts/Visits in Payson area, Vent Experience a Plus, Flexible Hours w/PT available, Pd Precept/Orientation, Call: 1-800-331-1158 Fax: 1-800-832-1193, Attn: Pat Lundberg, RN.

SERVICES MISCELLANEOUS CROW CONCRETE LLC Residential & Commercial, Licensed, Bonded and Insured, ROC#276947, Free Estimates 928-951-4527 LEGACY: Underground Concrete Bunkers, Storage or Survival, Any Size, Affordable, Call John: 928-521-0248 State-wide Mayer & Sons Construction: 10x20 All Wood Patio Cover, on Your Slab, $1,999. 10x20 Fur Deck, $2,399 Licensed, Bonded, 602-677-7766 Responsible Care Giver Needed: Your Home for Elderly, Kind Man w/Mild Dementia. $1,000.p/m + Food, Call for Interview: 928-478-4220

HANDYMAN A Dependable Handyman Service

Excavation Work, Carpentry, Painting, Masonry, Electric, Yard Work, Wood Splitting, Hauling Payson License #P08226, Not Licensed Contractor: Barney Branstetter: 928-595-0236 or 928-595-0435 Affordable, Reliable, On Time, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Tile, Painting, Yard work, etc. (Can-Do Most Anything) Call Dennis (928)476-3581 Leave Message

DHW Home Services Call 928-595-1555: For All Your Home Repair and Remodel Needs Specialty: Drywall Patching and Texture Matching

Dry wall repairs, Painting, Carpentry, GENERAL REPAIRS Silversmith, 25 YEARS OF GOOD EXPERIENCE, With an Artist touch! Call Tim: 928-474-1298, 928-978-0730

REPAIRS AND INSTALLS: Tile Carpet, Hardwood, Grout, Restretch, Resurface, 30 Years Experience, Not a Contractor, Robin: 928-951-4082 or 928-478-6632 References

HOUSEKEEPING 2 Sisters House Cleaning, Ask About Spring Cleaning Special: Hourly, Weekly, Monthly Rates, Licensed & Insured! 928-978-3417 and 928-978-5287 PRIVATE HOUSEKEEPER 15 Years Experience in Payson “I’ll Do YOUR Dirty Work and WINDOWS TOO!” One Time Clean or Weekly , Solid References Available! Jill: 928-595-1233.


RESTAURANTS Gerardo’s Firewood Cafe

LIne Cook

Experienced Line Cook Focusing on Italian cuisine. Minimum 2 Years experience. 21 years or older. Part-time & Full-time positions. Apply in person between 2-4 PM at 512 N. Beeline Hwy. 468-6500

{YARD WORK BY GEORGE} One Time Clean-up, Bi-Weekly, Reasonable Prices and Dependable, Long Time Local Resident: Call 928-978-1218


LANDSCAPING LAWN AND MAINTENACE SERVICES Heating, Plumbing, Cooling, Electrical $15 per hour includes hauling and removal (excludes parts)



REAL ESTATE HOMES FOR SALE 2Br/1Ba, (Pine), Totally Remodeled $129,000. or Rent $675.p/m, First & Last w/Deposit, 6mo. Lease, Smoking/Pets-No, 928-476-3462 Beautiful 2700sf, 4Br/2Ba, (Acre +) Huge Carport, L-Kitchen, Remodeled, Views, Horse Property, Possible Owner Carry, $247,900. 928-978-0589 F.S.B.O. INVESTOR SPECIAL NewlyRenovated, All New Interior, 2Bd/1Ba, w/Loft, Plus 1Bdr/1Ba Apt. Separate Building, Instant Money Maker! $99,900 Call Suzy, 928-595-0662

MOBILES FOR SALE 14x66 Palm Harbor, 2Br/1Ba, Many upgrades, Separate 12x20 Studio, Large Awnings, Shady Corner Lot, 55 + Park, $15,000./Reasonable Offer, 928-474-6164 1996 CAVCO 14X60, 55 Plus Park, 2Br/2Ba, Green House, Storage Shed, Large Garden w/Fruit Trees, Log Cabin Facade; $20,000. 928-978-3557 2007 Laurel Creek Park Model, Located in Tonto Basin, Full Length Awning, Fenced Patio, W/D, 2 Sheds, $42,500.obo Call 616-490-2042 Double Wide Life Style Mobile Home 2Br/2Ba, Central Heat/AC, Patio, Carport, Tool Shed, Family Park in Payson, 928-468-6573 Foreclosures: 30 Homes, both New and PreOwned to Choose From, Free Delivery, Call Bronco Homes, 1-800-487-0712


into Savings when you plant your roots at Aspen Cove!

Apt Rental CD

Come in today, look and lease and we’ll waive your application fee + take 1/2 OFF your first full month move-in!


810 E. FRONTIER ST. #46, PAYSON, AZ 85541

Large, Clean, Quiet: 2BD/1BA Apartment In Nice, North East Area, Back Patio, Pets-No, $ Call Dennis @ 928-978-1385 Longhorn Apt. 2Br/2Ba,$650.w/500 Dep. 1000 sf. w/New Carpet, W/D, Dishwasher, Central Air & Heat, Storage Shed, 401 W. Frontier 928-978-1331

2Br/2B 1105 N. Colcord, (Payson) $700.p/m + $700. Dep. Renter Pays All Utilities. 520-233-6386 2Br/2Ba Dinette, Den, New Refrigerator, and Stove, 200 W. Chateau Circle, $850.p/m + Dep. 626-287-4104

STUDIO APARTMENT, UPSTAIRS, QUIET, Secluded RV Park. $559/month + Deposit, Includes Tax, All Utilities, Smoking & Pets, No!! 928-474-8222

2Br/2Ba W/D, D/W, Wood FP, Pool, Store Shed, Deck, Smoking-No, Pets-Neg. Avail. Now $750.p/m + Dep. 928-468-8204

COMMERCIAL FOR RENT 400 sf. OFFICE-BUILDING $350/month, Also 1,500sq/ft STORAGE WAREHOUSE $500.00/month, Water&Trash Paid 410 W. MAIN STREET Contact : Linda 928-970-1142

Rim View OFFICE PARK, Executive Suites, Payson’s Premier Office Space, 708 E. Hwy 260, 928-472-7035 or 928-970-0877.

HOMES FOR RENT 1100 Sq.Ft 2BDR/2BA Apartment In Central Payson, Central Heating and A/C, F/P., Washer/Dryer Hookup $635.p/m, 480-326-7203 or 480-926-9024

2Br/2Ba, Large Garage, 2200sf, w/Loft, Back Fenced Yyard. F/P, Rap Around Deck, Great Views of the Rim, Alpine Heights $1,200.p/m,928-951-5731 2Br+Den/2Ba Single Level in Quiet Payson North Culdesac. 2 Car Garage, Smoking-No, Sewer & Water Paid, $850.p/m + Dep. Owner/Agent 928-978-2307 3/2 Upscale Quiet Neighborhood, Garage, Storage, W/D, Serene, Private, Minimum maintenance backyard w/deck & tall trees. $1150.p/m + Deposits. 928-978-9100 3BDR/2BA (PAYSON RANCHOS) Wood/Tile Floor,Dishwasher, Central Heating,A/C, Walkout Basement,Fenced Yard, Backs Forest, Deck w/View, Pet-OK, $995/mo. 2107 N. Pratt 928-978-2656 3Br/2Ba (Mesa-Del), Plenty of Storage, Remodeled,Fenced Yard, A/C, Dogs-OK. $900/mo + $500.Sec. Available May 1st, Call: 928-474-3635 or 480-299-6649 3Br/2Ba 1880sq, $1400.p/m, Big Back Yard, w/RV Gate and Deck, Granite Tops, Tile/Wood Floors, 504 S. Wade Court, 928-951-2864 for Apt. Leave Message 3Br/2Ba 2+ Car Garage, 1500sf, $950.p/m + Dep., Smoking-No, Call 928-517-1337


Twin Lakes MHP, 903 Granite Dells, 10x55 1Br Space 45 $4,500. 8x32 1Br, Space 7 $3,500. Owner Will Carry 928-468-1651

2Br/1Ba, Stove & Refrig. In Kitchen, Dining Room, Wood Stove, Trash Included, W/D Hookup, Large Porch, 422 W. Frontier $625.p/m 928-474-8833

2Br/2Ba in Pine, 1 Car Garage, Central Heat/Air, Laundry, Very Nice, $800.p/m: 928-978-3597

2/1 HOUSE furnished or Not East Verde Estates, FENCED, minute walk to River, Includes: water, wifi, trash, DirectTV, phone* ONLY $850/month + electric, 148 Chelsea, 602-999-6910

Star Vale, 1982 Palm Harbor 2Br/1Ba, Partial Furnished, New Flooring & Bath: $8K, Call: 928-266-2564

2Br/1Ba, Cozy 4-Plex, New Flooring throughout House!! View of Rim From Kitchen, Private storage room, W/D-hookups Covered porch, $575/month, 928-595-0662

Small 2Br Apt. $500. Monthly, $200. Non-Refundable Dep. Absolutely Pets-No 928-474-9110

REPOS: 2, 3, & 4 Bedrooms, Starting from $9,989. Call Bronco Homes: 1-800-487-0712

Star Vale, 1981 Redmond 2Br/2Ba, Partially Furnished, New Kitchen & Bath Remodel, Gorgeous! $45K, Call: 928-266-2564

2Br/1Ba 950sf, W/D, Central Air Conditioning/Heating, Pets-Neg. Smoking-No, $750.p/m + $500. Dep. ADA Friendly, Owner/Agent, 480-203-3491

(928) 474-8042

Cornerstone Property Services

New Manufactured or Modular Homes, Full Service Company, Full Disclosure, Save Thousands, Financing Avail. References Avail. 1-888-350-3856

1989 Skyline, Excellent Condition! 34/ft by 12/ft w/Enclosed/addition, Star Valley, $8,000/OBO Houston Creek Adult RV Park 928-472-8651

HOMES FOR RENT 2Bd/2Ba, (Master w/Jaccuzi), 2 Car Garage, Clean, Attractive Payson Pines, All Appliances, Furnished/Unfurnished,Pets-Neg. Avail 5/15, $950. w/Lease 1-970-219-7497 or 928-970-1258

3Br/2Ba, 1450sf, Fenced Front/Back Yard, Pets-ok, Close to Stage, $850.p/m + Dep. 502 E. Lorene St. (Payson) Call 602-672-6836 3Br/2Ba, Detached Garage, Fenced Yard on Large Lot, $900.p/m + Deps, Pets-Neg. 928-978-2435 3Br/2Ba, Large Living Room/Kitchen, Long Term Lease, $860.p/m, First/Last + Cleaning Dep., Smoking-No, Pets-?, Near Hospital and County Buildings 928-478-7022

2/2 Lovely East Verde Estates Trees, grass, flowers. Furnished or not. Includes Water, DirectTV, trash pickup, phone* + wifi, but not electric. Just a short walk to the river. $1000/month 602 999-6910 2118 Florence Rd, Payson Pines, 2BR/2BA, 2/Car Garage, Fenced Yard, Pet-?, Smoking-No, Refrig./Wash/Dry, $895/month, Call Gary; 480-694-1063 2Bd/1Ba, w/Loft, (Star Valley), Newly Rentavated, All New Applicances, $700.p/m + Dep. Call Suzy: 928-595-0662

HOMES FOR RENT 774sf, 2Br/1Ba, within Walking Distance of Area Stores, $550.p/m, Includes Water/Sewer, All Electric Home, 928-474-2017 906 W. Summit, Nice 2Bd/2Ba, Hardwood Floors, Free Utilities/Cable/Trash, $900.p/m + Dep. Avail. May 1, Call Don 928-978-3423 A-FRAME PAYSON NORTH 3Br/2.5Ba, 603 N.Granite, Avail. Now, All Appliances, Fenced Backyard, $875.p/m + Utilities, References/Dep. Pets-OK 928-468-1498 or 480-390-4098 Available June 1, 1Br Furn/Unfurnon 1/3 acre in Strawberry w/great view, Large Smoking/Pets-No. $ + $500.Dep. By appt only 928-476-4238.

MOBILE/RV SPACES RV Spaces Available $256.55/month, Laundry Facilities, Water/Trash/Sewer Included, 928-951-4279

ROOMS FOR RENT Dependable Working Roommate Wanted, Large Rm, Private Bath, All Utilities Included, $365/Month, Call Between 3-9pm, 928-951-3397


Beautiful Town House w/Garage 904 W. Madera on Green ValleyLake 2 Master Suite Bdrms/2.5Ba, Washer/Dryer/Refrigerator Smoking-No $950.p/mo+deposit Call 928-468-2437 Historical Main Street Home, 3Br. Den, Formal Dining, Stove, Refrig., Evap Cooler, Wood Stove, W/D Hookup in Laundry Room, Small Orchard, Lg Covered Porch, Overlooks GreenValley Lake 706 W. Oak, $780.p/m 928-474-8833 Large, Clean 3Br/2Ba, Fenced Back Yard, Central Heating & Cooling, $895. Call Dennis 928-978-1385 Mesa-Del Very Clean, Mobile-Home on Private Lot 2Br/2Ba,Lg.Laundry-Room,Den or 3rd/Br,Fenced Yard, 2 Car Parking,8150 Mescalero Rd, $800.p/m, w/Water Paid, Pets-No 480-899-7887, 480-212-3106 Move In Special Half off First Month’s Rent: Beautiful Almost New Home: 3Br/2Ba, 1500+sqft, 2 Car Garage, Tile Counters, Blinds, Laundry Room, Landscaped Yard w/Drip, Large Covered Patio, AC, All Appliances Included, Pets/Smoking-No, $950. p.m + Dep. 928-595-4024 Spacious 1,800sf. Furnished/Unfurnished, on 1.25 Acres, (Main House) Fenced yard, Garage, In Town, Pets Ok, Horse Stall, $1,250.p/m 602-290-7282

MOBILES FOR RENT 1Br or 2 Br: Security Dep. Plus First Months Rent Pets-No, $325. to $600 928-978-3775 Deer Creek, 2bd/1ba, Great Room, W/D,Storage, Fenced Yard, Small Pet-OK, Nice View, Quiet Neighborhood, $595.p/m + Dep, 928-472-6463 or 928-595-4412 MANUFACTURED HOME 1Bdrm/1Bath Park Model, Storage, Smoking/Pets-No, $450 Month + Deposit, Located in Cedar Grove MHP Call 480-390-8901 Park Model 4 Rent, Furnished, $675. Trailer Space $265. Water, Trash, Y-Fi, Oxbow: 928-978-0315 928-468-3689

PAYSON TRAILER RANCH 1 & 2 Bdrms, 1st Mo + Deposit! Starting @ $435.00 Cable/Water/Sewer/Trash Included, Discount for 6-12/ 928-517-1368

Order: 10057937 Cust: -HOUSE ADS Keywords: Franks CD art#: 20099729 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, plus a huge loft Class: Homes For Rent Size: 2.00 X 2.00 (possible 2nd bedroom). Located

Cute A-Frame

close to Swiss Village and Rumsey Park. Large 1/3 acre lot has lots of trees and is fully fenced. Room for your RV, boat, etc. Refrigerator, washer & dryer included.

$775 per month First and last month

Available May 1st Call Kathy 623-806-4444

with an ad in our

CLASSIFIEDS! Call 474-5251 today.

Rim Review April 25, 2012  

Payson Roundup's Rim Review, April 25, 2012

Rim Review April 25, 2012  

Payson Roundup's Rim Review, April 25, 2012