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• Turn right on Vista Road and go up the hill, • Left on Bulla to first right on Lema, • Right onto Airport Road, • Go all the way to roundabout at Hwy. 87, • Go north (left) on Hwy. 87, • Turn right at next roundabout, onto Tyler Pkwy., • Follow Tyler Pkwy. all the way to Hwy. 260, • Turn right on Hwy. 260 to Hwy. 87, • Turn left on Hwy. 87 to Main Street, • Turn right on Main Street, • Return back to Green Valley Park. The Burger Burn for show participants follows at the park. Come out early on Saturday for the best parking and start strolling through Green Valley Park to admire the many antique, classic and vintage cars on display. Take time to visit with the owners and hear their favorite stories. Check out the many vendors, grab a snack and a souvenir.


This year, the Rim Country Classic Auto Club’s Car Show is celebrating the 50 Year Anniversary of the Mustang “Pony Car.” The Friday night cruise-in and Burger Burn is traditionally offered for registered participants of the car show. The car show is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, April 26 and the admission is free. The public is invited to “oooh and aaah” at the incredible cars on display at Green Valley Park, located on West Main Street and Green Valley Parkway. There will also be business vendors, food vendors, raffles, car parts swap meet, activities for the kids and car show awards. For the Friday afternoon cruise through town, cars will begin lining up at 4 p.m. at Green Valley Park. The cruise, led by members of the Payson Police Department, begins promptly at 4:30 p.m. From Green Valley Park, the cruise will: • Turn west (right) on Country Club,

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, April 25 4 p.m. Participants line up at Green Valley Park 4:30 p.m. Cruise Parade around town Burger Burn for participants after the parade Saturday, April 26 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Classic Car Show open to the public at Green Valley Park, featuring vendors, raffles, car parts swap meet, activities for kids, car show awards


Run, Pony, Run

History of Ford Mustang

Since its birth, the Ford Mustang has been an American Classic. It turns “50” this year, 2014. The first pony car and frequent movie star, the Mustang is an icon of “American cool.” Originally built for baby boomers coming of age in the ’60s and ’70s, it has remained a staple, growing in popularity and anchoring its place in history. In April 1964, mid-sized muscle cars with big engines were gradually replacing the full-sized muscle car. Lee Iacocca, Ford’s general manager, had always envisioned a small sports car to be the next hot item. Ford decided that instead of improving their uninspiring intermediate car, they would introduce a whole new breed of automobile. Originally designed as a two-seater, Iacocca realized that

true success depended on volume sales. Therefore, the Ford Mustang was introduced as a 1965 model that was based on the compact Falcon to lower production costs. It came with an obligatory back seat and a multitude of options that would give the buyer an opportunity to customize their purchase — and generate extra profits for Ford. An instant hit, the Mustang racked up over 22,000 sales its first day and one million sales in its first two years — that turned the market and people’s attention to the pony car. The interest in the Ford Mustang is the only class of muscle car that still exists today. Almost everyone over 30 has a Mustang story. Today, Mustang has more than 5.5 million Facebook fans and hundreds of songs refer to the Mustang, as in

“Mustang Sally,” and in more than 500 films, with one of the most notable being “Bullitt” starring Steve McQueen. BRIEF TIMELINE

April 17, 1964 — The Ford Mustang was shown in the Ford Pavilion at the World’s Fair in New York and it went on sale the same day at Ford dealers. It was dubbed “1964-1/2.” It was available in two models: a coupe and convertible. It was priced at $2,368. The iconic galloping horse was designed by Phil Clark. The pony faced left because Clark was right-handed so the orientation was natural. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4



The Mustang I Prototype was largely designed, on paper at least, by John Najjar, who supposedly named it after the P-51 Mustang plane, not the horse. Lee Iacocca, eventual president of Ford, has stated that it was named for the horse, not an airplane. In order to reduce production costs, the first Mustangs shared auto parts with other Ford models, particularly the Ford Falcon. Mustangs were advertised as the “car to be designed by you.” With a variety of exteriors, interiors, and drivetrain options, the Mustang was customizable and brought in more revenue for Ford through “ala carte” options. It was the first American pony car — a car with a short trunk and long hood. In 1964, Carroll Shelby approached Lee Iacocca with his interest in creating a high performance Mustang and Lee liked the idea. Shelby created the Fastback 2+2 Mustang. It had a K-code 289 cid V8 engine with 306 hp. Ford dubbed the car “Shelby GT350 Street.” In 1965, Ford introduced the 2+2 fastback body. That year, Mustang sold 77,079 fastbacks, 73,112 convertibles and 409,260 coupes. Even Ford was surprised at the success of this car. In 1971, Mustangs were the biggest built. A foot longer and 600 pounds heavier than the original. The Mustang II (1974-1982) was completely redesigned, once again making the vehicle shorter and lighter. In 2005, the 5th generation Mustang got a significant makeover. Ford released the D2C Mustang platform. Ford returned to the Classic Mustang styling with C-scoop sides, 6 inch longer wheelbase and 3-element taillights, 4.0L SOHC V-6 engine with 210 hp. The GT model had a 4.6L 3-valve V-8 engine with 300 hp. In 2008, the 9 millionth Mustang was built. It was a GT convertible and sold to a farmer from Iowa.

Come to the Beeline Cruise-In &

Celebrate Mustang’s 50th

Average Yearly Sales Generation 1 (1964-73) 286,489 Generation 2 (1974-78) 203,367 Generation 3 (1979-93) 151,836 Generation 4 (1994-04) 144,399 Generation 5 (2005-present) 138,245

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Car club makes miles of memories The Rim Country Classic Auto Club (RCCAC) had its beginnings in the early 1980s when a few people shared a common interest in restoring and driving classic cars. They cruised around Payson where they met and talked about their cars. The RCCAC organization is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of classic automobiles and street rods as well as participating in and supporting civic activities for the betterment of the community. As the group flourished, the number of members grew. The club was officially organized in 1993. The membership has dramatically increased over the years, with more than 70 families participating. Within the membership there are more than 100 classic automobiles and hot rods, both restored or in progress. The Rim Country Classic Auto Club members participate in carrelated activities ranging from day trips, to breakfast or lunch gatherings to talk cars, taking classic cars to visit local retirement homes or the

Prescott VA Hospital, honoring veterans, attending car shows throughout the state, and taking longer car cruises, including the Route 66 Fun Run in Seligman, Ariz.

entrants to help charities in the town of Payson. Last year’s car show drew more than 225 cars. This event has grown from a small, local event to one of the premier car shows in Arizona. Participants come from many western states to display their cars in a splendid mountain setting. Proceeds from the car show help support a wide variety of local charities. Last year’s car show proceeds provided 15 local charities with $1,000 each. RCCAC club members acknowledge that much of the car show’s success comes from the overwhelming support they receive from the Town of Payson, the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Payson Roundup, along with generous businesses in Payson and surrounding towns. The Rim Country Classic Auto Club has its regular meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at Most folks in Payson know RCCAC 6:30 p.m. at Tiny’s Restaurant. The through the annual Beeline Cruise-In general meetings are open to the Car Show that the club holds at the public and the members welcome end of April. In 1994, RCCAC mem- guests whether they own a collecbers held their first car show with six tor’s vehicle or not.

Have you been ‘clubbed’ by a club? BY DOUG MAGNUSON RCCAC MEMBER

Twenty years have come and gone since my wife, Sherrill, and I joined our local car club here in Payson — what is now known as Rim Country Classic Auto Club (RCCAC). In the beginning, people like Rolley Lee, Larry Bertram, Tom Clark, Steve Johnson and Richard Brooks (just to name a few of the many great guys) would bring memories of car club meetings, shows, cruises and funfilled activities of days gone by. Membership for us began with an article in the Payson Roundup. It was an invitation to interested parties in formation of a car club. It said come to a meeting at Phil White Ford in Star Valley. At that time our street rod, “Rachel,” was at home in pieces, and not running. No matter, I was still interested in the camaraderie of the guys and to listen to their car stories. Many days and maybe a year went by after joining and regularly attending meetings. At first the meetings were mostly members with early Fords conducting mini-seminars and providing valuable information on exactly what a Ford part actually is. Looking back on this association, it turns out it was encouragement to get Rachel back on the

road again and accomplish the ultimate, which was more than just talk. But I would rather show that she was for real. Time rolled on, I don’t recall any particular meeting location after Phil White Ford — until the wives began attending meetings at the Crosswinds Restaurant. We grew so much, they were not able to accommodate us and we moved to the casino. Then-manager Mark Kaplan was instrumental in this, along with providing raffle prizes every month for our drawings. This went on for a few years at the Mazatzal Casino. But as with every club, leadership changes, membership from the community and those with a common interest starts out friendly. New people come and members move on for one reason or other. We’ve been fortunate to always find someone who wants to be in charge and helps pull others to keep the club rolling along. The social aspect keeps membership interesting and busy with get-togethers of various types (eg: car cruises, car shows and new eating locations). Despite any negatives there are many solid benefits. If people couldn’t ever overcome collective difficulties, we’d all still be living in caves. The knowledge and experience of the senior (meaning

long-term) members is invaluable for new ones. Our club is an important source of parts, information and cars, plus they provide that muchneeded human feeling of connection. RCCAC could be likened to a bowling team: monogrammed shirts and cool club hats and jackets somehow help bring it all together. Twenty years to the present, our club has changed; many neat and wonderful people have come and gone. Problems have been solved and most assuredly more will come along to be solved. What this proves is a club can stay together as long as the members get along and don’t lose sight of the common goal and purpose. This common goal, whether it’s strictly social or for charity fundraising, needs to be established from the start with all new members. This ensures that everyone is on the same page from the beginning, and eliminates lots of future problems arising from individual assumptions. Proactive handling of problems like this usually will prevent negative reaction and keep a club running smoothly, and hopefully help prevent you from getting clubbed by a club. As my good friend and club member Tom Gossard says, “Happy Trails, partner, and safe travels.” (Some parts of this article where taken from Hemmings Muscle Machine, Dec. 2005



Rim Country Classic Auto Club (RCCAC), primarily organized by car enthusiasts, has evolved over the last 20 years to present car show activities to raise money for local charities. Recently this staple of Payson has been jeopardized by possible collapse. However, the club members rose to the call and have once again saved one of the best — if not the best — car shows in Rim Country. April 2014, RCCAC will have its 21st Annual Beeline Car Show at Green Valley Park. Having said that, it is a historical and newsworthy fact, but not the reason for my writing this article. Let me explain and see if I can connect the dots. Activities outside of putting on a car show are rarely mentioned anywhere in local media. Many happenings by car guys are going on every week here in Rim Country not to mention across America. But locally, the reality of the quiet happenings add to the social life and are immensely beneficial to commerce (e.g. car parts and hardware stores). Now to the crux of the matter… something is missing! Let me explain with a little background story. What started more than 25 years ago in Huntington Beach, Calif. (this real “surf city”) lays claim to the biggest and probably the oldest donut shop happening known to Street Rodders aka (for you over 60) Hot Rods.

Starting out, a bunch of guys made a point of parking their cars at Adams Donut Shop to hang out doing what police officers are known to do. Other guys with cool machines wanted to be where the action was on a Saturday morning. Presto! Today it flourishes with untold number of “Beeline Donut Derelicts” hanging out at similar Adams Donut Shops across America. This same California phenomenon has been here in Payson for more than 13 years. Guys talk about new creation ideas, concepts, how to do old restorations and many questions of how it’s done, all coming together for answers and to check out cars. Much of this conversation is never covered during orderly agendized meetings directed toward car show matters. These car guys from Phoenix (Zonies), Donut Derelicts (from venues in other parts of the country) joined the RCCAC at one time or other. And many still belong. But here’s the kicker. Over these many years (13+) many guys have successfully been able to keep their identity as donut derelicts with no organized body, no dues and no rules — just meeting at a particular location early Saturday mornings and getting home in time to get started on “honey dos.” About now … if you’ve read this far, you’re thinking what’s this guy trying to promote? A donut shop? Well, you know that’s really not a bad idea! Take a gander at the places we have been through these past many years, not only to par-

take in a good donut and coffee but it was a “no strings attached gathering” with a single purpose and a regular location. Beeline Donut Derelicts began at Joe’s Donut Corral right behind Pizza Hut, then onto Bagels, Brew and More near Cousin Subs; in Sawmill Crossing it was Cookies & Coffee Café, two donut shops with different owners at Leanne Pocalum’s craft store location. Next was Andy and Cindy’s Mojoe’s on Main Street, in between the times at Gasoline Alley where the good old standbys, Bashas’ Bakery where the aforementioned Joe is the baker, Knotty Pine (incidentally is now Pinon Cafe), a couple espresso cafes located next to Circle K north (at which we are currently meeting.) On the corner of Beeline at Wade was Roadrunner Coffee and Bakery across from the Small Café. Other locations we have tried are the 260 Café, Mazatzal Casino, Denny’s, McDonalds, Burger King, Del Taco and Wendy’s. The fact that there have been so many locations (not suitable to our liking and usually no donuts) it’s a wonder we’ve been able to stay together. I’m here to tell you “Still here in beautiful Payson” we have the nucleus of our own Beeline Donut Derelicts and through all our frustration we refuse to give up interest in the world of cars and our search for the ideal donut shop. Everybody is welcome to feel cool, talk car talk, rub elbows with real street rodders, sip a cup of java and munch a tasty dunker.


Larry and Shirley Bertram

’49 Crosley & ’66 Mustang headliner and a metal bench seat. All fabrications and modifications, with the exception of the paint job, window installation, and upholstery, BY LARRY BERTRAM were done by Larry. Time span: RCCAC CLUB MEMBER 1991-April 2013 According to the best information Life began in 1949 as an 1/8th ton available, there are about 15 remainpickup with a tiny 22 hp 4 cylinder ing 1949 Crosley pickup trucks. engine (cost $849). It was a bare bones vehicle with a simple bench seat with very little padding and a plain cardboard interior. It was found in a Montana field in 1960. However it wasn’t until 1991 that life began again in Larry’s shop. When it was decided to upgrade BY SHIRLEY BERTRAM the horsepower, everything in the RCCAC MEMBER drive train had to be upgraded as The little red ’66 was purchased in well. This included converting to 1996 and Larry spent the next two hydraulic brakes, a 3.81 modified Buick engine, a GM 350 transmis- years returning it to factory stock sion, and narrowed Ford rear end. condition, except for the add-on air The entire vehicle is only 47-1/2 conditioning, which was period but inches wide with a pickup bed meas- not factory. Being a California car, it uring 46 inches wide with 24 inches has all the smog systems as original. It has trophied at a number of between the tubed wheel wells. The only unmodified Crosley parts shows, most notable being the 2009 are the front axle and the rear Fun Run where it won “Best Hard springs. The entire frame, brakes, Top” Mustang, but its most notable electrical system, steering compo- success was when it was used as an nents, fuel and cooling systems were incentive to convince my husband-tobe, Larry, to choose me as his bride custom-made in house. The body is stock with a red and and I have been enjoying it for some black clear coat paint job. The interi- six plus years now. Of all our collector cars, my or, with modified bucket seats, is Mustang is the most dependable and completely upholstered. The original version had cardboard panels and fun car to drive.



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Steve and Margie Fowler

’53 Studebaker & ’35 Packard Steve and Margie Fowler have been into cars for as long as they can remember. Steve’s working career was as an auto tech instructor. He taught high school for five years, then taught auto and diesel classes for Central Arizona College and Eastern Arizona College for the next 10 years, and then they moved to Northern California where he finished out his career as the Auto Tech department head at Mendocino College for another 22 years. Along the way, they bought, fixed up and sold more than a hundred cars. Many of these now are very collectable, but they were bought and sold to help supplement a teacher’s modest salary. Margie was always skilled at sewing and worked as a costumer for Eastern Arizona College, and so she was pressed into service to help with the upholstery, and eventually opened a business on the side doing custom upholstery for other car enthusiasts. They currently have a ’35 Packard, a ’53 Stude coupe and a future project ’53 Stude pickup, and are just finishing a redo on an ’84 El Camino. The newest project on the horizon for Steve and Margie Fowler is a 1953 Studebaker 2R5 pickup that they acquired on a recent trip to California right after they sold their Nash Metropolitan. As Steve puts it, it’s a good 20 footer — it looks good from a distance, but up close it is apparent that it needs some TLC. Some rust in the bed and in the cab floor will need to be addressed, and a bit of body work everywhere and new glass and rubber all around. The interior is awful, but that is Margie’s specialty. The electrical system is a disaster, and there are no functioning instruments. But it already has a more modern Camaro suspension and brakes, and a good running Chevy V-8 and automatic transmission, so the mechanical parts are pretty decent. It drove nicely from Sacramento to Las Vegas after he picked it up, though with no mufflers he needed earplugs. Margie is not real fond of the front grille design on this model, so that may get changed to a nicer looking one — they have already acquired a grille from a late ’50s Rambler to graft in. Steve says he’s in no hurry to get it done, this will probably be a multi-year project. But it will keep him busy and out of Margie’s hair and he says that’s good. While living in Northern California, they became heavily involved in Early Iron of Ukiah, a local classic car club, and upon retiring and moving back to Arizona, they became very involved in the RCCAC, Margie serving as car show chair in 2012 and Steve currently serving his second year as Club President.


One 1955 Chevy - 1966 Style BY LEON J. DONGHIA

It was somewhere between “Fun-Fun-Fun,” “Little Deuce Coupe” and “Surf City” that our family acquired a 1955 Chevy with a bad transmission. The deal was that I fix the car so that my sister would have a car after graduating from high school. Well … after many prior visits to the local drag strip I knew that a ’55 was one of the hottest cars to build. So I set off to con my mother into giving me the car. Sorry, little sister, but this car is just way too cool to be left stock. This would be no easy project for a 21-year-old and as I said it was … “FunFun-Fun,” good times and living at home with no responsibility. At the time, I was working for my uncle as a mason’s helper. Work was meager, but I managed to save enough money to begin a build. I found a 327ci short block to rebuild; I bought new heads from a local Chevy dealer, a Crane full race roller camshaft, dual coil ignition, and a high volume oil pump. With the help of my father, we put it all together. The most challenging thing was getting the short block out of the basement. I made a stand out of 2-by-4s so that one person on each end could carry it up the stairway. It worked. As time went on, I added a Sun Tachometer and some SW gauges, a Muncie 4-speed gear box with a Hurst shifter, a fancy steering wheel and other odds and ends. I also cleaned up the interior. The carpet and rear seat was done by Rayco and the exterior paint was by Earl Sheib. This was the more expensive paint job because it had primer — $59.95. See if you can get a car painted for that today. Bucket seats were just coming into style, which made them very expensive, so I found two VW

Beetle seats in good condition and used fabric spray to spruce them up. What you may not know about Beetle seats is that they sit very high, so I had to bolt them to the floor, non-adjustable style. I had a friend who installed a set in a convertible and left the adjustments attached. He’d drive around with the top down so that he could see over the windshield. After many fun miles and living the good life at

home, my frustrated parents gave me an alternative, “BEGIN COLLEGE OR FIND A NEW PLACE TO LIVE.” At that point I knew it was time to sell the rod. This began a whole new chapter in my life. Years went by without having a desire to own a hot rod, but now, 48 years later, it’s time to renew those memories and even start a few new ones. I joined the Rim Country Classic Auto Club having in mind that maybe one day I’ll own another hot rod.


Ken and Bev Tozi

’55 Ford Fairlane & ’71 El Camino Ken and Bev Tozi of Strawberry, Ariz., belong to the Rim Country Classic Auto Club or RCCAC for camaraderie. Everyone in the car club is a dedicated classic car buff and good friends. They attend various car shows together and social functions during the year. Ken is a retired California

Highway Patrolman and also ran a small custom car building and painting business with a Texaco gas station in Rancho Mirage, Calif. Ken has a 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria. It is fully restored and a good cruiser, 302 V8 with an AOD Trans, A/C, PS Disc Brakes front, new interi-

or with PW, PS and custom stereo. Ken also has a 1971 Chev Pro Street El Camino. It has a blown small block Chev 400 Turbo Trans and approx. 650 Horse Power. Ken’s license plate is “ABADTOY” and he drives it when he “feels the need for speed!”

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I started working on car at the age of 12 at my Dad’s body shop in upstate New York. I did sanding, cleaning and anything else he would have me do. I started at $1 per hour and worked after school and 8 to 10 hours a day on weekends. When I turned 16, I told my dad that I wanted $2 an hour, (that was minimum wage at that time — can you believe it?) or I was going to work somewhere else, but he said he would give me minimum wage. By the time I was 17, I was doing my own jobs on my own — both the body and paint repairs. I moved to Arizona at age 21 and worked at a mechanic shop for about a year and then I went back to body work. After that, I went to frame school in 1983 and the shop I worked

in had me take care of all the frame work. After five years in that shop, I worked for more experience in a similar shop. In 1988, Carla and I got married and started a family. At that time, my Dad and I had our own shop in Phoenix. From 1987 to 1998, I continued to work with my dad and in 1998 my Dad retired. I took over the shop until 2005 when I sold it and moved to Payson. I worked in Payson in a shop for about 2-1/2 years and finally decided to open my own shop to help train my sons in the skill of auto body work. I enjoy what I do and take a lot of pride in my work. I have enjoyed being in the Rim Country Classic Auto Club since 2009 and have been volunteering as a judge for Best Paint & Body Award for the annual car show ever since. Hope to see you there!

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Exterior detailing tips from a professional BY ANDY CAILLIAU RCCAC MEMBER

Understanding the five basic exterior detailing steps and proper terminology will help you achieve a showroom shine: Hand Wash – Use a Ph balanced car soap. The most common mistake is using a liquid detergent. Clay Bar Buff – The clay bar pulls out polluting fallout and contamination without abrasion to the paint. Compound – Using a compound combined with a foam applicator will remove scratches and oxidation. Polish – Polish restores the paint’s pigmentation by filling in slight imperfections. Thus, preparing the paint for the final wax. Wax/Sealant – A wax or paint sealant is used as a final step to protect the finish. Carnauba wax is naturally produced by palm trees; paint sealants are synthetic and typically last longer. Completing these five steps in order will result in the best possible paint restoration and protection.


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Ron and Wendy Trainor

’60 Chevy Impala Ron and Wendy Trainor (RCCAC members) are the proud owners of this 1960 Chevy Impala. The last year Chevy had fins. Ron purchased the car a few months before Ron and Wendy first met. When Ron took Wendy to see the car for the first time, Ron was so proud that it was at the body shop for a new paint job. When they got to the body shop, they were horrified to see the shop had burnt down, and the car was in the middle of the rubble. Unbelievably, the car survived, however, the glass was shattered and one of the front tires was melted. Even worse, the rubber throughout the car was also melted. The whole car had to be disassembled and everything that had melted or ruined during the fire had to be fixed or replaced. Wendy remembers thinking, “Boy, this

guy is a dreamer, if he thinks he can make a car out of that pile of rubbish.” That was in 1987 and in spite of her misgivings, they were married a few years later. In 2006, Ron and Wendy Trainor took the first ride in their newly rebuilt car. It only took 19 years! Now that it has been rebuilt, it has been completely modernized with disk brakes, turbo transmission and air conditioning. However, most importantly, Ron rescued a 409 engine from a junk yard in Young, Ariz., to replace the original 283. With all that, “she’s real fine” with a 409. Since the car has been on the road, they have enjoyed several thousands of miles of fun in their Chevy, including a 3,000-mile trip to South Dakota for the National Impala Convention in 2010. So if you see this ’60 Impala on the road, it’s because they enjoy driving it as much as possible.

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April 25th from 8 to 4 April 26th from 8 to ? Many one-of-a-kind items. Vintage appliances, BBQ, Oven, Dishes and much more. Come make us an offer!

510 W. Main Street, Payson



It’s hard to point to any one thing that creates the interest between men and cars. We all end up there in different ways. My father had a red 1951 MG TD. My earliest distinct memory of cars was driving from Wichita, Kan. to Lincoln, Neb. at night in a driving rainstorm. Dad had to crank the windshield wipers by hand and the convertible top leaked a little with the motor whining away and the rain pounding on the windshield. I think that may have planted the seed. My dad is a car guy. He always did his own repairs and loved to look at and read about the classic models, particularly British cars. He still has that 1951 MG TD. It was being stored in barn back in the ’60s, but the barn blew down in a tornado and damaged it. My grandfather towed it to where we were living in Renton, Wash., where it became a fixture in the garage. Dad would work on it now and then, but with kids, a job, and finishing parts of the house, he didn’t make much progress. When we moved back to Nebraska, that MG trailed along with the rest of the family. It has spent several decades in Dad’s garage since then, he’ll spend some time working on it now and then, but chances are that it will move to my garage one of these days. That car is just as much a member of the family as anyone else. The other family car that I bonded

with as a child was a 1957 Buick Roadmaster. I spent my grade school years in Renton, where there were lots and lots of rain days. When I got tired of the house, I would go out in the Roadmaster and it would most often become a spaceship of some kind or other. It had lots of buttons and knobs to use as space ship controls. Dad wasn’t always happy having to readjust everything. When I started driving in the early ’70s, Dad got me a 1963 Olds 98 — a very large car, especially by today’s standards. I’m sure the attraction was that it was a big box of steel to absorb any mistakes that I might have made. I didn’t make any major ones, but I did manage to inadvertently do a 180 with it on a wet road. A bit too heavy on the pedal for the turn I was making. Over the years, Dad has had cars come and go — mostly old pickups, Buicks and Cadillacs. He came across a 1962 MGA Mk II in the early ’70s, which took up residence in my garage about 20 years ago. A 1966 MGB hardtop also found a home in my brother’s garage. Men see the art in the machine. If you have ever gone to the classic car show here in Payson, you will see a wide variety of art on display including cars from all eras, from the early days with big sweeping fenders and bug-eye lights to the eras of fins and muscle cars. Some are meticulously restored to original showroom condition, or better. Some have the origi-

nal appearance, but have had the thing unique and beautiful. power plant replaced with more We hope that you join us on April muscle. Some have had extra curves 26 to admire the art of the machine. and bends added to create some- Bring your children and plant a seed.





© 2014 King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved.

NINETEENTH HOLE ACROSS 1 Hunch over 5 Reading the same forward and backward 16 Ski resort in Utah 20 Sea color 21 Cousin of techno music 22 Hen housing 23 Singer Vallee 24 Arrive at a peak 25 ___ d’état 26 ___ chi 27 Encircle 28 Prestige 30 Giant Mel 31 Pooh’s marsupial pal 32 Demolish 37 Prince Harry or William, schoolwise 38 Phone part 40 Pedicured part 42 Show up at 43 ___-friendly 44 Not too far-fetched 46 Sidle through a doorway, say 49 Boundary 50 Comic Idle 54 Gen ___ (boomer’s child) 55 List-finishing abbr. 57 Invalidated 58 Texas city 59 “That’s ___!” (“Not so!”) 61 Dalí’s output 63 Robert of “Raging Bull” 64 Pertaining to kidneys 65 Symbol of Canada

68 “Extreme ___” (TLC reality show) 70 Enter, as data 71 Three-sharp musical key 75 Hollywood’s Vardalos 76 Swenson of the screen 77 “I ___ drink” 78 Head toward 80 “Car Talk” station 82 New Year in Vietnam 83 Brontë’s Jane 84 Sweet by-and-by 86 Pooh’s donkey pal 88 Puppet with strings 89 Transfer ___ (cell material) 90 Actor Len 94 Convent 95 Short sleep 99 Completed 101 With 115-Across, classic stuffed animal 102 Jamaican booze 103 Sickly 104 Like candlelit dinners 106 Destiny 107 PC’s “brain” 108 “___ pronounce you ...” 109 Positioned evenly 115 See 101-Across 116 “99 Luftballons” singer 117 Seedless citrus fruit 118 15th-century Peruvian 119 Slate-colored 120 Extreme peril 121 Gusto

DOWN 1 Composer Béla 2 Consider the same 3 Nakedness 4 Week unit 5 Of a dentistry branch 6 1999-2004 Olds 7 Pipe material 8 Old trucking watchdog gp. 9 Ultimate 10 “___ & the Women” (Richard Gere film) 11 South Korea’s ___ Tae Woo 12 Bill in a tip jar 13 Tiny parasite 14 “Ready or not, here ___!” 15 Feature of “Rose” but not “rose” 16 Stress 17 Canadian dollar coin 18 Big-billed bird 19 Annex 27 George Burns’ Allen 29 D sharp, e.g. 32 Adult female 33 Fostered 34 Employ 35 Alligator lookalike 36 ___ energy 39 ___-wee Herman 40 Waiter’s 20% 41 In the future 45 Desert Arab 46 Analyze 47 “NYPD Blue” actress Kim 48 Grasping thing 50 Kate Nelligan film 51 Met by accident 52 Way to storm off

53 Crest rival 56 Coffee additive 58 Master 60 Slip past 62 Rain forest monkey 66 JFK stat 67 Deke or juke 69 Sheet-slicing office gizmo 72 French saint ___ d’Arc 73 Cause to feel umbrage 74 Putrefied 79 Go for again 81 Title differently 84 Spooking 85 King, in Spanish 87 China’s Sun ___-sen 88 Faucet brand 90 Showing concern 91 Sorry sort? 92 “Pest” of kiddie lit 93 Sort of 96 Christians’ ___ Creed 97 Camel’s kin 98 Word form made with the big letter depicted in this puzzle’s diagram (this letter is entirely absent from the solution) 100 Iraqi coin 102 Grazing land 105 Vena ___ 106 ___ shui 110 Third bk. of the Bible 111 Dot in la mer 112 Zeus, e.g. 113 Gun touters’ gp. 114 Adult male 115 Show ___

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You might be tempted to be more assertive when dealing with a job-related matter. But a carefully measured approach works best at getting the cooperation you’re looking for. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) While others urge you to act now, you instinctively recognize that a move at this time is not in your best interests. You should know when to do so by week’s end. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) A busy schedule keeps you on the move for much of the week. But things ease up by the time the weekend arrives, allowing you to reconnect with family and friends. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Travel dominates the week, and despite some delays in getting to where you want to go, the overall experience should prove to be a positive one in many ways. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) Your Leonine self-confidence comes roaring back after a brief period of doubt and helps you get through a week of demanding challenges and ultimately emerge triumphant. VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) Virgos who have made a major commitment — personal or professional — should be able to tap into a renewed reservoir of self-confidence to help them follow through. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You soon could receive news from a surprising source that could cause you to change your mind about how you had planned to deal with an ongoing job-related problem. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) A surprise move of support from a colleague who has never been part of your circle of admirers helps influence others to take a new look at what you’ve put on the table. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) While a bold decision to take an “I know what I’m doing” approach impresses some colleagues, it also raises the risk of causing resentment among others. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) A misunderstanding ‘twixt you and a friend might not be your fault at all, despite what he or she suggests. Talk it out to see at what point the confusion might have started. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) Getting into a community operation fulfills the Aquarian’s need to help people. It also can lead to new contacts that might one day help you with a project. PISCES (Feb. 19 to March 20) A minor problem could delay the start of a long-anticipated trip for two. Use the time to recheck your travel plans. You might find a better way to get where you’re going. BORN THIS WEEK: You are a dedicated romantic who seeks both excitement and stability in your relationships. © 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.


APRIL 23, 2014 • RIM REVIEW | 17

JUST FOR FUN KING CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 United nations 5 Half (Pref.) 9 TV overseer (Abbr.) 12 Pearl Harbor site 13 Former mates 14 Carte lead-in 15 Honesty of purpose 17 Charged bit 18 Sudden rush of wind 19 Glossy alternative 21 Earth tone 24 Apiece 25 Hammer’s target 26 As one 30 Web address 31 Melodic 32 Anger 33 Individuality 35 Error 36 Very dry, as champagne 37 Cock and bull 38 Figure of speech 40 Suitor 42 ___ canto 43 Nightstick 48 Ailing 49 Love god 50 Facility 51 Crafty 52 Info on a notarized document 53 Oodle?

DOWN 1 Cranberry territory 2 “7 Faces of Dr. ___” 3 Discoverer’s cry 4 Bat 5 Vast areas 6 Way out 7 Encountered 8 “Moby-Dick” narrator 9 Popular country singer 10 Coagulate 11 Walking stick 16 Bear hair 20 Performance 21 Burden 22 Give a darn 23 Backwoods dweller 24 “Zounds!” 26 Hit the horn 27 Yoko of music 28 Great Lake 29 Agents, for short 31 Hitched a ride 34 To and ___ 35 Pasta toppings 37 Has permission 38 Sacred Egyptian bird 39 Farmer’s home? 40 Rorschach picture 41 Differently 44 401(k) alternative 45 Fond du ___, Wis. 46 G8 member 47 Foundation




TRIVIA TEST 1. MYTHOLOGY: In Norse mythology, what is the name of the mischievous god who likes to play tricks? 2. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the island nation of Nauru located? 3. CHEMISTRY: What is the symbol for the element sulfur? 4. TRANSPORTATION: What is the name of France’s highspeed rail service? 5. LITERATURE: Who wrote the Hollywood-based novel “The Day of the Locust”? 6. GEOLOGY: What kind of rock is marble? 7. ART: What outdoor school of painting was led by artists such as Rousseau, Corot, Millet and Daubigny?

8. MOVIES: Which U.S. state was the setting for the 1971 film “The Last Picture Show”? 9. TELEVISION: What was Radar O’Reilly’s mom’s name on the TV show “M*A*S*H”? 10. PSYCHOLOGY: What is the abnormal fear represented in pedophobia? Answers 1. Loki 2. South Pacific Ocean 3. S 4. TGV or “Train a Grande Vitesse” 5. Nathanael West 6. Metamorphic 7. Barbizon School 8. Texas 9. Edna 10. A fear of children


KING CROSSWORD Find the listed words in the diagram. They run in all directions — forward, backward, up, down and diagonally.






18 | RIM REVIEW • APRIL 23, 2014

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING MERCHANDISE ANIMALS Alfalfa Hay & Bermuda for Sale! 3 String Bales, 928-978-7604 Dog Nail Clipping in the comfort and convenience of your home by Tracy. Local professional groomer of 24 years. $12.00 928-978-4959 FREE TO GOOD HOME Moving/Cannot take with Three Older Cats, Indoor/Outdoor!

MISCELLANEOUS Haier Washer, Super Plus Capacity, Stainless Steel Drum, no Center Agitator, Used only 3 months, $350.obo Kenmore Heavy Duty Dryer, Unsure How New, $120. Kingston Deluxe Double Pillow Top King Size Bed, 3 months old, $350.obo Uniflame Deluxe, Stainless Steel Propane BBQ, w/Extra Burner, Barely used, $120. 928-310-6613 Rabbit Hutch $40. 2 Story Excellent Condition, 562-505-6622 or 928-474-6696 THE BLIND DOCTOR Broken Blinds? Saggy Shades? Droopy Drapes? WE CAN FIX THAT! Dani 928-595-2968 BLINDS & DESIGNS Repairs, Sales, Blind-Cleaning & More!

AND: Shepherd-Mixed Dog,


Spaded, House-Broken, Needs Fenced Yard. 928-468-0040 White 15 pound Poodle mIx, Male, Neutered, Shots, $25.obo Call 928-468-6275 or 480-243-4006

APPLIANCES Maytag Built-in Dishwasher, Black Front, Excellent Working Condition, $45. 928-472-6862


Firewood Sale, Shaggy-Bark Juniper $200. Aligator Redheart Mix $230. and Oak $280,

Delivery Available 928-474-9859

GUNS/KNIVES $500 REWARD for Lost Gun, Please Call 480-466-2789 or 480-322-1861


20 ft. and 40 ft.: Shipping Containters, 928-537-3257

10. Indoor Estate Sale, 307 N. Manzanita, Fri. & Sat. April 25 & 26 from 8am to 2pm; Antiques Armoire, Wicker Vanity, Chest of Drawers, Sewing Desk, Oak Coffee Table, Lamps, Wrought Iron/Beveled Glass Coffee Table, Old Dishes and Unique “Thomas” Electronic Organ with Record Player. Bakers Rack, Queen Bed, Small Fridge, Book Shelves, Kitchen Cookware, Dishes and Tons More Stuff.

YARD SALES 1. 4941 N. Fernwood Dr., Strawberry), April 25 & 26 from 7am to ?: Household Items, Bedding, Misc. Items, Some Furniture and More! 2. Corner W. Driftwood & Heritage; Avon Inventory Reduction Sale! New products at wholesale, Sat. April 26 from 9am to 1pm 3. NARFE Fundraiser, Fri. & Sat. April 25 & 26 from 8am to 4pm: 1103 S. Sierra Ancha Lane: Seedlings, succulents, iris, houseplants, and flower bowls, Craft books, kits, and Quilting fabric, hardbound and paperback books and household items.

Balances Blood Sugar & Lipids. Drink the Pink & Shrink! 928-970-0727

Country Charm in the Swiss Village is Accepting Select Crafters and Artists. If you are searching for a unique venue for your hand crafted items, contact Rebecca, 928-978-0640

AUTOS/VEHICLES BOATS 1987 Hydra Sport 20ft Bass Boat, 200 Horse Johnson, Excellent Condition, $6,500. Call 928-474-8184 or 928-978-2030

CAMPERS 9’ 2006 Alpinelite Truck Camper, Slideout & Loaded, all the comforts of home in great shape, Average Retail $19,000, Asking $17,000; 928-468-1446, Cell 928-951-1351

CARS 2004 Prius, Up-graded: Hybrid Batter, Computer, Inverter Converter, New 12 Volt Battery, New Power Switch, $4,600. in Upgrades and Repairs; $3,850. Call 928-472-7067 AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLING, LOCAL: Will Pick Up, Good Prices, DAVE’S AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLING, Parts for Sale, M-F, 9-5, Sat 9-1, 928-474-4440 RED CORVETTE, 1985 55K Miles, New Tires, New Exhaust, Looks Great, Runs Great; $9000.obo 928-468-6425

RVS 1965 Yellow Stone 24’ Stored in-door, Goose Neck, Reupholster, New Flooring/Mattresses, Great Shape, $4,500. Also - 2004 ATV Bombardier Out Lander XT 4x4, w/winch, snow blade, 252 miles, $5,500. 928-468-6320


Burns Fat NOT Muscle

YARD SALES 9. Two family yard sale April 25 & 26. Friay 7am to 1pm; Saturday 7am to 11am; 403 S. Sherwood (Corner of Sherwood and McLane) Children’s items (No Clothes) Table Lamps, Floor Lamp, Household Items, 2 Slice Toaster, Vegetable Steamer, Bread Machine, Waffle Maker, All Appliances in Good Condition. Quilts, and Ladie Jewelry. Carpet Cleaners and Vacuum Cleaner, Music Stands, Music CD’s, Video’s Cheap. Push Lawn Mower

FANCY FINDS 4069 N Hwy 87 PINE 928-476-3220 PINE COUNTRY ANTIQUES 4078 N Hwy 87 PINE 928-476-2219 7. 213 N. Granite Dr. Fri. & Sat. April 25 & 26 from 7am to 3pm; Household Items and Clothes!

8. 4797 Walnut Lane, Saturday, April 26 from 8am to 1pm: Women’s Clothing, Appliances, Tools and More!

2004 Hitch Hiker Premier 5th Wheel RV, Model 35 RLTG, 3 Slide Outs, New List Price $70,800. Selling for $22,000. Excellent Condition, $7,451 in Options, Can Deliver, Call for more Info; 480-216-6595 or 850-445-5026 92 Tropical Class A Motor Home, GM Engine, 39K Miles, $6,500.obo 602-463-8477 or 928-476-4725

RVS HUNTERS/CAMPERS: 26’ Starcraft Trailer 2001, Slide Out, Air/Heat, Sleeps-6, NonSmoker, Kitchen-Ware, Linens,TV,Awning,Excellent Condition, Covered Year Round, $7900. 928-978-0922 or 928-476-3444

TRAILERS 32ft Komfort Travel Trailer, Large Slideout Front Kitchen, Microwave, Upgraded Cabinets, Walk around Queen Bed, Awning, AC, New Tires, Large Tool Box, Very Clean, Must See! $6,950. 928-474-2434

TRUCKS 4x4 2001 Ford Lariat Crew Cab, 119K Miles, Black-x, Tan-in, Air Intake, Tow Package, Clean, Good, Excelent, $9300. Steve, 928-478-4758

EMPLOYMENT GENERAL SONIC DRIVE-IN NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR: Management & Crew A highly successful Arizona based Sonic Franchise now has exciting opportunities in the Payson, AZ area. We are looking for motivated individuals who are interested in working in a fast paced and fun environment. Please apply online for consideration. SDI of Payson Mile Post 251, Hwy 87 Payson, AZ 85547


Home based child care providers receive cash reimbursement for meals and children.

Private,DHS/DES, Relative care all welcome! Equal Opportunity 1-928-978-2151 or

Order: 10069215 Cust: -The Tungland Corp The Tungland Corporation is opening a group Keywords: Now Hiring developmentally disabled adults in Payson. At art#: 20117008 Class: Generalis now hiring for direct care staff as Tungland Size: 2.00 X 2.00

home for this time, well as a group home manager for this Payson location. Direct care staff start at $8.00 and Group Home Manager starts at $11.69. Both positions have raises after 3 months as well as at 1 year, with full benefits available to full time employees and partial benefits available to part time employees. Anyone interested may call or stop by our Cottonwood office (1760 E. Villa Dr, Suite G) at the number listed, and we will send you an application or you may apply online at


GENERAL Early Bird Cafe (Pine) is looking for EXPERIENCED!!! Cook and Waitress Apply within

PT Experience MA for Busy Dermatology Practice in Payson, Submit Resume to Fax 928-472-6025

Illustraions CD



WANTED Local Fiction Writer looking for Characters in his book to be illustrated Your art will be credited. Send samples of your drawings and return info to:


Mechanic Needed: Must have Good Referrals, See Joe at Auto Life Support, Inc. (222 W. Aero Drive, Payson, AZ.) or Call Joe at 928-978-3668


Diamond Point Shadows is now accepting applications for waitress. Please apply in person, Tuesday-Friday after 3:00

Jakes Corner Bar Needs Grill Cook, Call 928-474-0679 Need Help with Landscaping and Small Household Repairs on weekends, Pay is $10.p/h Male or Female not affraid to get dirty, Must know how to use shovel, hammer and Paint brush, 480-721-7675 Hablo Espanol The Tungland Corporation is opening a group home for developmentally disabled adults in Payson. At this time, Tungland is now hiring for direct care staff as well as a group home manager for this Payson location. Direct care staff start at $8.00 and Group Home Manager starts at $11.69. Both positions have raises after 3 months as well as at 1 year, with full benefits available to full time employees and partial benefits available to part time employees. Anyone interested may call or stop by our Cottonwood office (1760 E. Villa Dr, Suite G) at the number listed, and we will send you an application or you may apply online at


SALES/MARKETING Accepting resumes for cold-call telemarketing & general administration. Please send resume as attachment to

SERVICES MISCELLANEOUS GUITAR Guitar Lessons $ Call: 978-2151

CHILDCARE Tiny Toes Childcare

HEALTH CARE Caregiver: with Correct Certification & Fingerprint Clearance Must have Experience in Assisted Living Care Home, Call 928-468-2461

Loving mother, providing childcare in her home. Ages 3 months-12 years. Hours are M-F,6AM-6PM. Affordable rates. Meals and snack provided. FBI clearance card, CPR certified and references available. Contact Jenifer at 928-951-1204

Order: 10067915 Cust: -POORBOYS General Remodling, In Keywords: 2x3 CD art#: 20115257 Class: Construction Size: 2.00 X 3.00

Poor Boy’s G H S ENERAL &


Ask about Water Conditioners for all your hard water problems ELECTRICAL, NEW & REPAIR — ROC#170033 ROC#263914 PLUMBING, NEW & REPAIR — CARPENTRY, PAINTING, CUSTOM HOMES — ROC#211347 CEMENT, ROOFING — ROC#218329


15 years Office ª 928-472-2429 n Doc ª 928-978-7780 in Payso


APRIL 23, 2014 • RIM REVIEW | 19

CONSTRUCTION Debco Construction

New Homes,Remodels,Decks, Painting, Garages, Wood/Tile Floors, Affordable Prices, Don 928-978-1996, Lic. & Bonded, Res. Lic.#ROC185345 Commercial Lic.#ROC182282 In Payson Area 35 years

HOMES FOR SALE Cute 2Br/1Ba MFH, Fenced Back Yard, Large Trees, 2 Large Sheds, 59,500. Pat/Agent, 928-970-4140



Apartments For Rent

Yourself over

to Aspen



HANDYMAN DHW Home Services Decks/Porches Sheds Drywall Texture Matching Paint Remodeling 928-595-1555 Credit Cards Accepted not a licensed contractor Don’s Handyman Home Repairs, Light Backhoe Work, Drains, Driveways, Landscaping, Yard Work, Tree Trimming, Roto-Tilling; Insured, not licensed; Call 928-478-6139 JIMMY’S ALLTRADES Residential Repairs Since 1993 FREE ESTIMATES Plumbing, Electrical, Sun Screens, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Gutters Cleaned 928-474-6482 not licensed


F.S.B.O. Excellent Value, 3Br/2Ba, Split Floor Plan, Garage 27x23, Fenced Yard, 1/4 Acre, Payson Proper, $135K 928-978-6633


Yardwork Gardens Debris removed Plants trimmed, etc. Licensed Payson 34 Years not a lic. contr.

Landscape classified Yard Maintenance Ɣ Clean Ups Weeds Ɣ Trimming Ɣ Hauling Quality Work…Affordable Prices!

928-951-0859 FREE Estimates/SENIOR Discounts

2)) Your 1st Service 2))

LEGAL SERVICES AZ Certified Legal Document Preparer / Paralegal AZCLDP #81438

REAL ESTATE HOMES FOR SALE 2Br/2Ba 1984 MFH on 1 acre, Located in Rye, w/Horse Property, 40x36 shop w/new metal siding roof and windows, Great Location Borders NF, $155,000. Contact Trace 928-978-1988 3Br/2Ba 1500 + sf, Large Back Yard and Shed, Fridge, Stove, $-Price: Under $100.p/sf, 928-474-0009

4 BR. 2 BA. House on 4 acres of horse property. Large barn to store RV and toys. Round Valley, AZ. $475,000. 928-978-0714


801 E. FRONTIER ST. #46, PAYSON, AZ 85541

(928) 474-8042

Cornerstone Property Services

COMMERCIAL FOR RENT 4 SALE - RIMSIDE MOUNTAIN CABINS - Pine/Strawberry PROPERTY MANAGMENT BUSINESS - VACATION RENTAL CABINS Current contracts with homeowners - Net income 30K/yr. Quick Sale Price - $15,000 Go to Email: for more information.

Vacant 1/3 Acre Lot in Pine, Very Best Scenic View, Has Water Meter and Certified Septic. $69,500. Call 480-734-1888

MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE 12x34 Manufactured Homes Lamplighter RV, Complete Remodel, 1Br/1Ba space 65, REDUCED $2500. 1Br/1Ba, Space 24, REDUCED, $5000, Call Don 928-978-3423 1Br/1Ba,Park Model in 55+Park, 705 E. Miller, #45, New Storage Building, Covered Patio, Stove, Fridge, AC,Furnished, Insulated Roof, $5800. 928-978-2658 3Br, 2Ba, Manufactured Home w/Storage Shed on Corner Lot. All Appliances Included. Located Close-In Payson Park. $18,900 480-390-8901 F.S.B.O. Modular Home w/1800 +/-sf, 3Br/2 Upgraded Ba, Upgraded Kitchen, Hardwood Floors throughout except in guest bedrooms, Large Master bedroom, Den w/Fireplace, Dining room and Living Room, Low maint. yard. Must be seen to be Appreciated, Seen by Appointment Only, Call 928-474-5744, Leave message if no answer.


Wills/Living Wills Powers of Attorney Beneficiary Deeds Call: Patty Rockwell 928-476-6539

2 Bedrooms/2 Baths 2 Bedrooms/ 1.5 Baths Washers & Dryers Covered Parking Pet Friendly

Furnished 1Bd Duplex Utilities paid, $ Pets/Smoking-No, 1st Month’s Rent and Avail. May 1, 2014, $300. Dep. 928-468-8185

LAND FOR SALE Iris Garden Service 928-474-5932 928-951-3734

• • • • •

Foreclosures: 30 Homes, both New and PreOwned to Choose From, Free Delivery, Call Bronco Homes, 1-800-487-0712 REPOS: 2, 3, & 4 Bedrooms, Starting from $9,989. Call Bronco Homes: 1-800-487-0712


A Fully Equipped Restaurant In Punkin Center for Lease: Established 2005,Great Location,10 Roosevelt Lake, Beauty Shop & Office Space also Avail. Sandra,928-474-3830

River Community Home, Guest House, Studio, Barn w/Greenhouse, Small Horse barn for Rent. $1475.p/m. 2Bd/1ba Main House, 1Bd/1Ba w/kitchen guest house, 800sf studio w/deck. 500sf barn w/workshop. Horse/dogs-ok. Need first/last month rent plus $ dep.and $ dep. Will trade fix-up labor toward rent and deposits at $15.p/hour Need Renter today. Call Don 928-951-0910

Mobile Home Sites Available, Owner Will Help w/Moving Costs. Also: Nice and clean travel trailers for rent at Mountain Shadows R.V. Park. space, water, sewer and Lot trash are included for only $380. a month. RV Spaces also available for $ Walking distance to downtown Payson with onsite manager, laundry facilities and wifi. Call Shawn at 928-474-2406


WAREHOUSE SPACES FOR LEASE, M-1 Zoning, 30’x40’ Double Bays 14’ Tall Garage Doors, Large Parking Area w/Security Fence. 928-595-0252





928-474-2442 Lazy D RV Park & Apartments 3655 E Hwy 260, Star Valley, AZ

Deer Creek, 2bd/1ba, Great Room,W/D Hookup,Storage, Fenced Yard, Nice View, Quiet Neighborhood, Water & Trash Included, $595.p/m + Dep, 928-595-4412

Get local news delivered to your home twice a week. Subscribe to the Payson Roundup, 474-5251, x108.


SKY PARK INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: 1305 W. Red Baron Rd. Thee 1600sf Suites Avail. $.60 per sf 928-468-6320



Eagle Springs Professional Plaza 903 E Hwy 260 Professional Suites Available, Also: Office Space Avail. up to 3344sf; Call 928-978-0149 Office or Retail Space Lowest Rates In Payson Private Bath,500 sq.ft. On Upgraded Remodeled Units, 1 Month Rent Free 602-616-3558

Rim View OFFICE PARK, Executive Suites, Payson’s Premier Office Space, 708 E. Hwy 260, 928-472-7035.


Large Newer Townhouse style apt.

3BD, 2BA, 1 car garage. All electric. Dual pane windows, laundry, back yard. $850/month


HOMES FOR RENT 2Br/1Ba, Beautiful Geronimo Estates, Carport, Newly Tiled/Carpeted and Decorated $ + $500 Dep. Pet w/$200.Dep. Contact Janet, 480-991-4904 2Br/2Ba Home $ w/12 mo. lease, $ without lease, plus deposit, Call Randy 928-970-2816 2Br/2Ba W/D, D/W, Wood FP, Pool, Store Shed, Deck, Smoking/Pets-No, Avail. Now $750.p/m First/Last + $375 Dep. 928-468-8204

2Br/1Br Downstairs, Water/Sewer & Trash Included, Pets-No, Avail May 1st, $ + $575.Dep. 928-478-6188

3Br House w/Large Yard, Lease $1000.p/m Renter pays electric/water

STUDIO APARTMENT, UPSTAIRS, QUIET, Secluded RV Park. $559/month + Deposit, Includes Tax, All Utilities, Smoking/Pets-No!! Avail March 1st 928-474-8222

Alpine Village 3Br/2Ba Home, Oversized 2 Car Garage, Fenced Back Yard and Deck, Smoking-No $ 480-515-1395 or 1-800-429-3157


DON’T MISS OUT PRIME LOCATION Low Price, Large Space, 1566sf, High Visibility, 807 S. Beeline, Large Sign, 9 Parking Spaces, Avalable NOW 928-472-2200

2Br/1Ba AC/Heat, All Electric, Washer/Dryer, Very Clean Downstairs, Pets/Smoking-No, $625p/m Call 928-474-8263 or 928-951-4237

FURNISHED STUDIO APT. Star Valley, All Bills Paid, $500/month, Call 708-670-8289 For More Information! Pets-No

HOMES FOR RENT 3Br/2Ba w/Bonus Room: Great Views, Smoking-No, Avail. May 1st $950.p/m First/Last + Dep. 928-595-0786

1Br Mobile w/Covered Patio, $ + $30. water fees. Rentor pays electric. Free Cable 32ft Space $275.p/m + $30 water fees. 3Br/2Ba Home for Rent in Pine Nice, Quiet Corner, Avail. May 1st; $1,000.p/m, Call 602-616-7057

CONGRATULATE YOUR GRADUATE Tell them you’re proud with an ad in the Roundup. Call Paula at 474-5251, ext. 102.


Rim Review April 23, 2014  

Payson Roundup's Rim Review April 23, 2014