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February 2019

Guiding Seniors to Live Well and Be Happy

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Pros – and Cons – of Early retirement tirement accounts also cease at retirement. This can lead to financial setbacks if adequate savings are not allocated for retirement.

Retiring early can be a boon to health and allow for travel, but if you haven’t saved enough it can cause stress

According to the resource Wealth How, some people who retire early fear outliving their savings.

A lifetime of working compels many people to look forward to their retirement. Some people even work to retire early. But what are the advantages of early retirement beyond starting a life of leisure? And are there any detriments to this plan? A 2014 survey by the financial services provider TIAA-CREF found that 37 percent of Americans plan to retire before age 65. However, many will not have control over this. Those who do may want to consider the pros and cons of early retirement.

Advantages Many people seek early retirement, so they can live a life free of the constraints of schedules. In retirement, time becomes, more or less, a retiree’s own. Leaving a job can be a boon to

Retiring early allows you to control your own time, and do things such as travel, but there can also be negative effects as well.

a person’s health as well. Relieving oneself of the pressures and stresses of professional life can free up the mind and body. Stress can affect mental and physical health, taxing the heart and contributing to conditions such as depression or anxiety. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can cause headache, muscle and chest pain, and contribute to trouble sleeping. The earlier the retirement, the

more opportunity to travel before health issues begin to limit mobility. Early retirement also can be a way to volunteer more or even start a new job opportunity — one where workers have greater control over their schedules and careers.

Disadvantages One of the disadvantages of early retirement is a loss of income. Contributions to re-

While retiring early may be good for health, it also can have negative consequences. An analysis from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that retirement can lead to declines in mental health and mobility as well as feelings of isolation. Retiring early may jump start these health implications. Another consideration is that health insurance provided by an employer typically ends at retirement. That means having to pay out of pocket until a person ages into governmentsubsidized healthcare, such as Medicare in the United States, at age 65. Retiring early truly is a complex issue that requires weighing the pros and cons for everyone.

Improve your life expectancy with healthy habits “Who Wants to Live Forever,” a song that appeared on the 1986 album “A Kind of Magic” by the rock band Queen, often sparks conversation about the potential benefits of immortality.

Life expectancy in the U.S. could drop from 2017 to 2040 from 43rd in the world to 64th, per a medical study published in Lancet.

Immortality may not be possible, but many people aspire to improve their chances to live a long and prosperous life. A study published in the journal Lancet analyzed data from the

2016 Global Burden of Diseases project to generate life expectancy predictions from 2017 to 2040 for most countries. The U.S. saw the largest decline in ranking among high-income countries, as life expectancies in the U.S. are projected to fall from 43rd in 2016 to 64th by 2040, with an average life expectancy of 79.8. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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Life expectancy ranking in the United States could drop by 2040, study says

Life expectancy in the U.S. has dropped in each of the past two years, according to annual reports by the National Center for Health Statistics.

have been identified to promote the age of 35 can usually regain nearly four in 10 adults and 18.5 percent of children in the those lost years. longevity. United States are obese. Ac•Don’t smoke. Many smok•Avoid drug use. Accidental cording to the 2015 Canadian ers have been told that smokdrug overdoses contributed to Health Measures Survey, 30 63,600 deaths in the United ing trims 10 years off their life percent of adults in Canada are expectancies, and that stateStates in 2016, according to obese and may require medical ment is corroborated by a study the National Center for Health published in 2013 in The New Statistics. Usage of prescription support to manage their disopioids and heroin has skyrock- ease. England Journal of Medicine

But there may be hope for Americans yet. Doctors and scientists continually study the lifestyles of people who outlive their life expectancies. While that tracked participants over a eted in recent years. Drug use genetics can play a role, so can span of several years. The good also may exacerbate mental following healthy habits, which news is people who quit before illnesses, potentially making drug users more vulnerable to suicide.

Brookview Apartments

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•Limit alcohol consumption. Some evidence suggests that light drinking can be good for cardiovascular health. However, a paper published in the Lancet suggests every glass of wine or pint of beer over the daily recommended limit will cut half an hour from the expected lifespan of a 40-year-old. The paper says the risks are comparable to smoking.

•Maintain healthy body mass. Moderate to vigorous exercise regimens and diets loaded with healthy foods can keep weight in check. Maintaining a healthy weight has a host of positive side effects, including reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular Simple, healthy lifestyle changdisease. Cardiovascular disease es can help people increase is a leading killer in North Amer- their life expectancies. ica. According to the National Center for Health Statistics,

• Bus Service

(Except Cable, Telephone & Electric)

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Live comfortably in your retirement on less Some of the biggest expenses in retirement are home-related

Although boredom may have compelled many of those people to re-enter the workforce, some may have started working again to make ends meet. Researchers found the higher the earnings in one’s late 40s, the more likely a retiree is to go back to work.

Many people look toward retirement with mixed feelings. There is the anticipation and excitement of no longer having to stick to a set schedule. How- While retirees may need to ever, there may be trepidation alter their spending habits, it is about living without a steady possible to live happily on less. income. Here are some ways to do just that. Bloomberg financial experts

why it is essential to have a solid insurance plan in place. Health care planning also may include thinking ahead to longterm care, such as assisted living and nursing homes. One may have to make concessions elsewhere, but investing in health care can assuage concerns about the cost of living in their golden years.

•Use alternative transportation. Cars can be expensive. A budget-friendly alternative to driving found the number of Americans •Accurately assess home is to use public transportation age 65 and older without a dis- expenses. The National Founda- or transportation services probut empty-nesters can cut back ability that weren’t in the labor tion for Credit Counseling says vided to seniors for free or for on food expenses. force rose to 800,000 in the nominal fees. the cost of home-related exShopping at sales and making fourth quarter of 2016. This has penses accounts for roughly 45 •Take advantage of senior more meals at home can help become a long-standing trend percent of spending for retirees. discounts. Many restaurants, of Baby Boomers leaving the Individuals can add up exactly stores, and service centers offer seniors save money. The market workforce and entering retirehow much their homes are discounts to seniors. The start- research firm NPD Group found ment. costing them and then decide if ing age for discounts may vary that in-home meals cost roughly a third of what it costs to eat Yet, a Statistics Canada study downsizing is a practical solufrom store to store, so always the same food at a restaurant. of people between the ages 60 tion. Downsizing has a host of ask before cashing out. Save dining out for special ocbenefits, not the least of which and 64 who had left long-term •Shop for food differently. Bulk casions. is reducing housing expenses. employment found 43 percent buys may have been appropriRetirees can make changes to of them were working again, •Invest in health care. Unexate for men and women when most within a year of leaving pected health care costs can there were kids running around, save money without negatively affecting their quality of life. their job. quickly deplete finances. That’s SENIOR LIVING & CARE

Are you considering a move in 2019? Whether you are ready to choose a new home or just exploring your options, we invite you to lear n more about our seniior ho ousing options in Paynesville. STEARNS PLACE - Independent ho hous usin ingg wi with th ser vicees WASHBURNE COURT - Asssisist sted ed liv i in ingg wi with th servi viice cess KORONIS MANOR CARE CENTER Skilille Sk led d nu n rs r ing an a d adult day caree

We lo ook fo orw warrd to building a life-long relationship p witth you while we open the door to your new home.

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FLOURISH | February 2019

Calendar of Events February Events Winterfest in Spicer

Get the most fun out of winter; join the businesses in Spicer in celebrating Winterfest 2019 the weekends of Feb. 1, and Feb. 8. These weekends are action packed with ice fishing tournaments, fireworks and a craft sale. There will also be a hockey tournament, cross country skiing, medallion hunting, and so much more!

Learn about weight coaching options

CentraCare Health – Paynesville will hold an information presentation titled “Make 2019 a Year About You” from 5 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 6. Speaker will be Denelle Kruse, a weight management specialist with CentraCare Health. Learn about personally designed weight management and coaching options available for adults and kids. Beverages will be provided. The presentation will be in the Blakely Room. Enter Door 19, near the emergency room. For questions, contact DuDonne Andrie, community relations, at 243-7903. Everyone welcome!

Strategic farming workshop at Legion

The Stearns County Extension Office will hold a strategic farming workshop from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 6, at the Paynesville American Legion.

Valentine’s celebration with preschoolers

Local adults ages 55 and older are invited to a Valentine-themed intergenerational activity with preschoolers at the Eden Valley Community Center from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 8. The free activity, celebrating Valentine’s Day, is part of the Hand ‘N Hand program. To sign up, contact Judy Thielen at 320-266-5515 or by e-mail at

Sweetheart Supper and Dance

Lake Henry Legion Post #612 will hold its annual Sweetheart Supper and Dance from 4 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 9. The evening will feature a catered chicken and ham supper and music by Jerry and Joyce. Tickets are available from Lake Henry Legion members. The venue is located at 30369 Co. Rd. 32.

Spaghetti dinner at Roscoe church

St. Agnes Christian Women will have a spaghetti dinner from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 10, in the St. Agnes Church basement. Dinner includes spaghetti, garlic bread, cole slaw, pie, and a beverage. Adult tickets are $8 in advance or $8.50 at the door. The meal is $5 for children ages five to 10 (at the door) and free for children under five.

Pre-diabetes health education class

CentraCare Health – Paynesville will hold a pre-diabetes health education class, presented by certified diabetes educator Melissa Dols, at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 20, at the Paynesville Hospital. Learn simple and effective lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness. The class will take place in the Nehring Room, which can be accessed by entering Door 19. Pre-register by calling Dols at 320-243-7713. The cost is $15 per household for takehome materials, and participants can bring a friend for free.

March Events St. Joseph Society Breakfast

The St. Joseph Society will be holding their annual breakfast on Sunday, March 17, 2019 at St. Agnes Parish in Roscoe, Minn. They will be serving from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Menu includes French toast, sausage, eggs, potatoes, applesauce, rolls, and beverage. Tickets are $8 in advance or $8.50 at the door.

EASY & Healthy Bean Dip: Goes well with Pita Triangles! • • •

1 can refried beans ¼ cup mild store-bought salsa Chopped Cilantro (optional)

Directions: Mix the beans and salsa in a bowl and top with fresh cilantro.

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Word Search: Valentine’s Day Find the words hidden vertically, horizontally, and diagonally throughout the puzzle.

































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Tips to overcome everyday aches and pains 2. Employ RICE.

Being active is important, but know your safe limits

RICE – which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation – can help men and women overcome the aches and pains that result as the body ages and tendons begin to lose some of their elasticity. RICE might be most helpful for people who have been diagnosed with tendinitis. Athletes over 40 who engage in activities that require repetitive motion might need to take more days off between rounds of golf or other competitive and/or repetitive activities. If tendinitis flares up, take some time away, icing any sore areas, wrapping them in bandages, and elevating them while resting.

Pain is a significant concern for many people. Estimates from the International Association for the Study of Pain suggest that one in five adults across the globe suffer from pain. Pain can affect anyone, even people who have not been in an accident or suffered an injury while playing a sport or performing another physical activity. For example, lower back pain, which can be caused by sitting at a desk for long stretches of time, is the most common type of chronic pain in the U.S. Such pain may be unavoidable, but that does not mean it and other types of everyday aches and pains cannot be overcome.

1. Begin a well-rounded exercise regimen. Regular exercise that includes both strength training and car-

Build a well-rounded exercise regime, rest and ice achy muscles and joints, and remember your older body might have limitations.

diovascular exercise increases blood flow and helps build a strong core. A strong core supports the spine and reduces the pressure on it, making it less likely people who sit for long stretches at a time will end their days with lower back pain. Routine exercise also helps other

areas of the body by keeping muscles loose and flexible. Before beginning a new exercise regimen, men and women, especially those with existing aches and pains, should consult their physicians about which exercises they should do and which they might want to avoid.

Home Respiratory Therapy

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Power scooters

Continual monitoring by trained medical professionals


Pediatric wheelchairss

Free delivery service Insurance claim filing

Wheelchair cushions

Direct payment for medicare, medicaid and other insurance plans on most items

Canes, crutches, and walkers

Fax, e-mail and online ordering

Equipment will be delivered promptly according to your needs or to correspond with a hospital discharge date.

Not all items available at all locations.

Free in-home assessments We will work one on one with each client to customize unique home modification solutions specific to their needs.

Work with contractors on home modifications such as bathroom modifications, stairway lifts, ramps, etc.

Bathroom Safety Other Products Breast pumps

Nucara Home Medical delivers promptly:

Certified Environmental Access Consultant

We can enhance the life of a person by having great mobility, accessibility, and safety.

Complete Service and Repair Dept.

Consultant pharmacist

Patient Room Equipment Lift chairs

Convenient walk-in hours Certified mastectomy fitters available


Electric hospital beds

CPAP and Auto CPAP


Athletes rarely want to sit on the sidelines, but a few days off can go a long way toward alleviating the tendinitis pain.

Diabetic shoes Compression stockings p Sports braces

Grab bar installation Bath benches Safety rails Raised toilet seats

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*Personalized Financial Planning *Customized Investment Strategies *Life, Disability & Long Term Care Insurance Paynesville Office: 203 Washburne Ave. (320) 243-3100

Willmar Office: 2100 19th Ave. SW (320) 235-7432 Securities and advisory services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services also offered through CWM, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Cetera Advisor Networks LLC is under separate ownership from any other named entity.

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Assumption Community Faith in Action We help people age 60+ remain independent in their homes.

Caregivers: We can help with professional support planning.


Seeking volunteers to help with transportation to homemaking to friendly visiting.

Care Receivers:

We will work to keep you independent.

FROM PAGE 6 3. Recognize your body older, they shouldn’t abandon activities like gardening or may develop some strength training. But they may limitations. need to scale back on the inAge should not prevent you tensity with which they perform from being physically active, such activities. and numerous studies have Doing so can prevent the kinds touted the benefits of continuof muscle strains associated ing to exercise into your golden with aging. years. However, as the body Pain affects more than one ages, muscle fibers become less dense, resulting in a loss of billion people across the globe. flexibility that increases the risk But some simple strategies can help people overcome pain and of injury and/or soreness. enjoy a rich quality of life. As men and women grow

Your statements, your way Paper Statements E-Statements

For more information call us at 320.348.2322 We service most of Stearns County and the St. Cloud metro area. The R.O.S.E Center provides services for those living in the Paynesville area. 320-243-3702 MEMBER FDIC


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Assistance by the Senior LinkAge Line® is provided over the phone or in person. Help is just a phone call away! Funded in part by MN Board on Aging and the United Way of Central MN

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