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Interview w/ 6-Figure Online Earner Adam Holland - How To Take Control of Your Destiny Click the PLAY button below to watch the interview!

In this Struggle2Victory interview, we get to meet with Adam Holland – a well respected 6-figure income earner online, public speaker and consultant who loves helping other people tap into their true potential so they too can go on to pursue greatness in their own life. Adam is also the founder of Global Leadership Max, and also Magnetic Storm Studios, has created over a dozen internet marketing training courses and programs, and has been featured in several industry trade publications.

Real Stories of Triumph Over Adversity

Got Freedom? It’s not all about the money and recognition though. The main thing to realize is that Adam gets to enjoy life on HIS terms, not on his boss’s or employer’s terms. “I haven’t had to wake up to an alarm clock in like 5 years” -Adam Holland Because of the hard work and personal development he engages in everyday, he no longer has to build someone else’s hopes, dreams and goals at some dead-end JOB, but instead is accomplishing his own.

Don’t YOU want that too? Adam Holland, and countless thousands of others, have done this in their own life – and YOU can too! It takes hard work, a major definite purpose and a passion for personal development if you want to finally stop wishing, and start experiencing! Regarding running an online business, Adam gives some killer advice about marketing. He says to focus on only one or two different marketing strategies until you can get predictable results – and then scale them up! Most people instead just dabble a little bit between dozens of different methods, and then wonder why they can’t make money Real Stories of Triumph Over Adversity

online. If that sounds like you, then you’ve now found the solution! Take the advice Adam shares in the above interview, and allow it to make you a better person. That’s the only legit way to succeed as an entrepreneur, is to offer massive value to the world on a consistent basis. And the only way to do that is to increase your own value! Boldly pursue your dreams, and come back here to do YOUR interview to inspire the masses! Nash Ryker

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Real Stories of Triumph Over Adversity

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Real Stories of Triumph Over Adversity

Interview With Adam Holland - How To Take Control of Your Destiny