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Summer Resort 2012 Lakme Fashion Week – Mumbai


Payal received her first Art Scholarship at the National Board Level in 1990. She is a fashion design graduate from SNDT in Mumbai. And under the tutelage of Wendell Rodricks, amongst several awards for Illustration, Design and Construction she also won ‘Designer of the Year’ in a nationwide competition held by ShoppersStop in 1994. She interned with Krishna Mehta in Mumbai before moving to New York City in 1995 to pursue a degree on scholarship, at the Parsons School of Design. She graduated in 1999 with honors, with a BFA in Fine Arts and Illustration. Whilst in New York she worked with designer Sandy Dalal, CFDA’s winner of the Perry Ellis Award for menswear in 1997. After her return to India in 2002, she completed a diploma at Metafora, an international workshop for Contemporary Art in Barcelona in 2005. In 2007 she received Society Magazine’s Young Achievers Award in the Fine Arts category. Her works have been exhibited extensively in Mumbai, Delhi, New York, London, Barcelona, Tokyo and Singapore and her works are currently on consignment in galleries in New York, Barcelona and Mumbai and in several private collections in the US, India, France, England, South Africa and Belgium.


PLAY As a painter what excites me the most is the freedom to manipulate pigment. Simply orchestrating colour can give a canvas a pulse and bring a painting to life. My approach to clothing is much like my art. I treat the body as just another medium, a different type of canvas. Infused with a sense of play, the fabrics are layered in different textures and colour, within a framework that is constructed, draped, pleated, sometimes twisted and sometimes looped. Drawing from the works of abstractionists like Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, they are dramatic yet minimal, with an attention to detail. The palette is illustrated with deep jewel tones, nuanced neutrals and fresh whites. Coupled with rich Indian handloom silks, natural linens and cottons it makes a collection of effortless separates that are stylish yet artfully negligent, with an inherently Indian soul. The silhouettes are fluid and long, yet they are neither masculine nor are they overtly feminine. They are made for the non-conformist dresser. Someone with a point of view and a need to express herself. And ultimately, someone who enjoys luxury but not at the expense of her comfort.

Look 1     PK-­‐12  Toga  –  Linen  (White/Crimson)   PK-­‐20  Pajama  –  Linen  (Charcoal)  

Look 2     PK-­‐17  Toga  –  Linen  (White/Chocolate)   PK-­‐45  Wrap  Skirt  –  Matka  Silk  (Crimson)  

Look 3     PK-­‐29  Asymmetrical  Tunic  –  Linen  (Charcoal/Crimson)   PK-­‐32  Pants  –  Cotton  Satin  (White)  

Look 4     PK-­‐23  Pleated  Skirt  (w/  suspenders)  –  Noile  Matka  Silk     (Charcoal/Chocolate)   PK-­‐20  Pajama  –  Linen  (Crimson)  

Look 5     PK-­‐18  Waistcoat  –  Matka  Silk  (Mehndi  Green/Charcoal)   PK-­‐08  Looped  Skirt  –  Noile  Matka  Silk  (Magenta)  

Look 6     PK-­‐22  Maxi  –  Noile  Matka  Silk  (Magenta/Crimson)   PK-­‐20  Pajama  –  Linen  (White)  

Look 7     PK-­‐06  Palazzo  –  Matka  Silk  (Crimson/Violet)   PK-­‐34  Halter  Jacket  –  Matka  Silk  (Mehndi   Green/Chocolate)   PK-­‐03  Reversible  Wrap  –  Matka  Silk  (Cobalt/Mehndi   Green)  

Look 08     PK-­‐10  Halter  –  Cotton  Silk  (Magenta/Crimson)   PK-­‐31  Skirt  –  Cotton  Satin  (Crimson)  

Look 09     PK-­‐30  Skirt  –  Cotton  Satin  (Charcoal/Chocolate)   PK-­‐27  Dupatta  –  Cotton  Satin  (Charcoal)  

Look 10     PK-­‐19  Asymmetrical  Top  –  Linen   (Chocolate/Charcoal/Crimson)   PK-­‐09  Palazzo  –  Linen  (Mehndi   Green/Chocolate/Crimson)  

Look 11     PK-­‐16  Waistcoat  –  Matka  Silk  (Chocolate)   PK-­‐11  Palazzo  –  Linen  (Charcoal)  

Look 12     PK-­‐35  Wrap  Top  –  Cotton  Satin  (Sapphire/Cobalt)   PK-­‐02  Apron  Skirt  –  Matka  Silk  (Violet/Magenta)   PK-­‐01  Palazzo  –  Matka  Silk  (Charcoal/Bottle  Green)  

Look 13     PK-­‐40  Crop  Top  –Matka  Silk  (Cobalt)   PK-­‐26  Pleated  Palazzo  –  Cotton  Satin  

Look 14     PK-­‐07  Waistcoat  –  Noile  Matka  Silk  (Magenta/Charcoal)   PK-­‐25  Skirt  –  Cotton  Satin  (Sapphire)    

Look 15     PK-­‐39  Reversible  Kimono  –  Matka  Silk  (Cobalt/Crimson)   PK-­‐10  Halter  –  Cotton  Silk  (Crimson)   PK-­‐37  Pallazo  –  Cotton  Satin  (Chocolate)  

Look 16     PK-­‐36  Jacket  –Matka  Silk  (Bottle  Green/Cobalt)   PK-­‐11  Pleated  Palazzo  (Peplum)  –  Dupion  Silk/Matka   Silk  (IChocolate/Crimson)  

For any  queries  please  email  or  call  Vikram   Ramchandani  at  +91.98700.90303  

payalkhandwala - lookbook - s/s '12  

This is the look book for our very first showing at the Lakme Fashion Week. This collection was titled 'play'

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