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About me:


Personality Skills Leadership Communication Willingness to Learn Adaptability

I’m a third year design student pursuing Lifestyle and Accessory Design. I believe in Simplicity of dealing with things and Creativity.


Airport School(2001-08) St. Xavier’s High School(2008-16) Pursuing Lifestyle and Accessory Design B. Des(2016-2020) United World Institute of Design


Industrial Visits Digital

Material Wood Metal Leather Clay

Languages English Hindi Sindhi

Textile India, Gandhinagar(2017) Fab Jewels, Mumbai(2017)

Indian International Jewellery Show, Mumbai (2017)(IIJS)

1. Jewellwey

3. Fashion Accessories

2. Bags

5. Joinery 4. Ceramics

6. Skills

1. Jewellery Smithing

Techniques: 1. Doming 2. Wax Ring 3. Stone Setting 4. Cutwork 5. Filigri 6. Chain Designs inspired by SWAN.

History of Fashion Accessories Project Brief: In this module, we studied different eras out of which we were suppose to design a jewellery taking inspiration from any one era. I took Moorish Motifs from Victorian Era as my inspiration.

This jewellery peice is made using Cutwork technique, Stone Setting and Enameling.

Also the techniques used in this peice were used during Victorian Era.

Fine Jewellery

Objective: -Understanding Trends and Forecast -Understanding Process and techniques

CLIENT: Bharatnatyam Dancers

Inspiration: Konark Sun Temple

-Design three jewellery peices inspired by the motifs of the temple - Developing final product

Jewellery Sketches

Three Jewellery Peices: 1. Mangtika 2. Neckpeice 3. Choker

Designed by taking inspiration from Konark Sun Temple.

2. Leather Bags About Client: Young Working Women Age: 21-25 Traveller

Project Brief: - Understanding Trends and Forecasts - Understanding process and techniques - Developing final products


1. Duffle Bag

2. Tote Bag

3. Laptop Bag

Material: -Buffalo leather -Cotton lining

Material: -Buffalo leather -Cotton lining -Square Rings

Material: -Buffalo leather -Cotton lining -Square Rings

3. Fashion Accessories

Objective: - Understanding Trends and Forecasts -Techniques and Process -Constructing Final Product

Theme: Masqurade Party Inspiration: Mask

About Client:

Client: Masoom Minawala Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Age: 26 Masoom Minawala Age: 26 Years

1. Boots

Material: Suede Furr Wooden Heels

Inspiration: Masks

2. Belt

- Self Crafted -Motif is a prototype made of MDF by Laser cutting

Material: Suede Leather Chords

3. Eyewear

- Self Crafted -Laser cutting - Laser Engraving

Inspiration: Masks

4. Watch Objective: - Understanding Trends and Forecasts -Techniques and Process -Constructing Final Product

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11 12 1

8 7 6 5

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-Laser Cutting -Laser Engraving

4. Ceramics Objective: Understanding different techniques of using clay.

1. 3D Model: Inspiration: Shells 2. Plate: Artist: Wendy Lawrance

5. Joinery Objective: - Learning different types of joineries. - Applying these joineries in the products

Wine Rack

Joinery: Dado Joint

Software Skills Corel Draw

3Ds Max


Drawing and Rendering

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Lifestyle and Accessory Design  

Lifestyle and Accessory Design

Lifestyle and Accessory Design  

Lifestyle and Accessory Design