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How much wood w uld q wood chuchchuchif wood chuchcouldchuch wood? The world

may rrever know.....

but.--yorr will know by volunteering your time and energy to assist in delivering and stacking cut and split wood to our families of deployed military in Fremont County. The Chance Phelps Foundation and Eliasen Lumber is sponsoring a firewood project on Saturday, September 19,2009 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Volunteers are to meet at the intersection of Paradise Valley Road 'Wyoming. and Highw ay 261287,Riverton,

Contact Arny Cross at 455-2853or Sandy Dailey at 455-2503for more information. TI{I:

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s t herrf amilies fo r te r m i n a l liyll pat ient and V o l u n te e rasr eneededin t he f ollowinoareas: LoeaEeomtaet EEBs o t JusEBe @ Two Oeeant Books 455-3 5 5 4

0pen eelrolEnnenE fl$extelass En Dubois 0etoben 3, 2G09 T


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Maria SageVo!unteerCoordinator * 800-575-6993 387-856-4127

Liffi[e WEnd Hospsee

The SawmillLodge 1 Fir Road Union Pass Dubois,Wyoming 82513 307-455-2171


EverySundayduringfootball seasonwe will be sponsoringa chili cookoff. Bring your bestchili andlet our refereesdo thejudging! Our winnerwill receivea $25.00bartab.

Wewillalso outtickets fnrthe hepassing "Best Seat intheHouse" willwinaE-pack Winner uftheirfavorite beer AN[) have thefruntrowseatinfrontofthehigscreen!

We will also have freeHot DogsandBurgersto go with our chili!

Servingfrom I I:00am-2:00pm Wewill be offiring roomsfor I/2 price!!


NEIly IilOURS OF OPERATION STAHIIITG SEPTEMBDI3 IS'T l)inner Wednecday&Thursday- 5:OOpm- 8:OOpm trhiday - Sunday Lrureh I2:OO1m-4:SOpm l)inner 5:OOpmâ‚Ź:OOpm Lounge Hours VYednesdoy& Thursdoy 4:O0trlm-(Close Friday-Saturday I 2 :OOpm.Close Sunday ILOOIm-CIose ALTHOUGHDINNERRESERVATIONS ARE NOTREQUIRED, TOAVOID A IYAITAND SO WECANSERW YOABETTER, WESTRONGLYREQUESTTHEM.

CustomerAppreciationPartv Sunday, September20th

Noon-S:00pm Free Food, Draft Beer,Horseshoesand Karnoke!!

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{lt-1788 Rt$mUR{lfT

lnrn lilounhh fff lodse Bouffftry .I'oDGg ffrn'ss Restaurn 4',5-v5od'vww.lavamountainlodg A Specicrl T'hcrnk You to Everyone for Another Grc;';ndBBO Seclson

New Restaurant Hours llonday - hidai 5 pm until I pm Saturday& Sundayft am until s pm



(-l J

Monday - Spaghettiwith SaladBar

Tuesday- TacoBar

,((. ,,

, "K-


Wedne*day- Prime Rib


lnd$aveTiliilffif'ffil.ffi;l' Priccr!

$hlnhry firsrh [nlnon Prewnilsfi filldhqffi runn FHTNRT

$epfer-nher Iff All-yclc,l*fl flrueflf fr.ledchlckenhuffet wifhdl fhe flxin's$t r 6 pm Cnteed by Lnrenffi'sRestrurunl

I"ITEf,ilTTrffi tl$f,lf nt f Fm ET-

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PAI]VTTHE TOW]Y Artists will bepuinting downtown Dubois Comejoin thefan Thursduy,Sept17, 3p.m. SilentAUCTION &om-9pm& Live AUCTION 9pm HeadwatersArts & ConferenceCenter Dubois, ll/Y

Thursdoy,September17, 2009 Careerartistsand art industy professionalswill attendfrom aroundthe county. The Foundationhasassembledsomeof the nation'stop natureartists. (landscape/scenic, western,figurative, still-life, domesticandwild animals)whosework you may bid on. The silent auctionrepresentingwork andotherdonationsby the artistsand instructors will be availableto bid on Thursday,September17, 8AM to 8PM. The live auction, Thursdaynight, featuringpaintingsproducedduring the instructors'quick draw beginsat 8:00 PM. l00o/oof the auctionproceedsgo to benefitthe SusanKathleenBlack Foundation'sart educationprogftrms.Join us for this importantcultural event!!! * * * * * * * * * * *****************r F ********

* ** ** ** **********


* ***'t*

SILENTAUCTIONART WORKS THISWEEK. DONELOCALLY PAINTINGS INCLUDE Don'tmissthis event,Yourareamaybe included! Thursdoy,Septemberlfh


Dubois Roundup  

poop sheet for Wed Sept 16 2009