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All our Pizza’s are baked in the wood burning oven. We are proud of our product, making many of the ingredients from scratch, and using fresh vegetable toppings. We will be happy to customize your Pizza, including doing a half and half or substituting one topping for another. Single Topping with Cheese Pizza

Choose: Pepperoni ~ Italian Sausage ~ Ham ~ Shredded Chicken ~ Shredded Pork. Sauce Choices are: Tomato Sauce ~ BBQ Sauce ~ Alfredo white Sauce ~ Basil pesto ~ Taco Sauce ~ Olive Oil. $9.75 —- 12 inch $14.95 —- 16 inch

Customize Your Pizza The following toppings can be added to any Pizza for: 75¢ for a 12” Pizza $1.35 for a 16” Pizza Mushrooms Black Olives Capers Pickled Jalapeno Chopped Cilantro

Red Onions Green Chilies Spinach Chopped Basil Extra Sauce

a a a These Toppings can be added to any Pizza for: $1.45 for a 12” Pizza $1.95 for a 16” Pizza Extra Cheese Extra Meat Artichoke Hearts Roasted Garlic Fresh Tomato Pineapple Pine nuts Kalamata olives Roasted Red Green Bell peppers Peppers Anchovies Pancetta Bacon Avocado Sun-dried Roasted Tomatoes Jalapeno

Chicken & Avocado

Shredded chicken, avocado topped with asiago and cheese blend on a alfredo sauce. $12.75 for a 12 inch. $18.95 for 16 inch


Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, green bell peppers, red onions. $13.50 —- 12 inch $19.95 — 16 inch

Taco Pork & Bacon

Taco sauce, shredded pork, diced bacon, black olives, fresh tomatoes pepper jack cheese, green chilies, pickled jalapenos, and sour cream $13.50 —- 12 inch $19.95 —— 16 inch

Cheese Pizza

Asiago, mozzarella, Monterey cheese on tomato sauce. $8.95 — 12 inch $11.95 — 16 inch

Ham & Pineapple

Black Forest Ham and fresh pineapple and cheese blend $11.50— 12 inch $17.50—— 16 inch

Pancetta &Tomato

Italian Meat Lovers Delight

Pancetta with red tomatoes, roasted garlic topped with asiago and cheese blend $12.75 for 12 inch. $18.95 for 16 inch

Pancetta, pepperoni, Italian sausage on a tomato sauce with basil, asiago & cheese blend. $12.75 for 12 inch $18.95 for a 16 inch

Veggie and Pesto

Pesto sauce, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, spinach, black olives $12.50 — 12 inch $18.75 —- 16 inch

Italian Veggie Lovers Delight

Mediterranean Pizza

Olive oil, feta cheese, spinach, kalamata olives, pine nuts, sun- dried tomatoes, garlic & chicken $13.50—- 12 inch $19.95 —- 16 inch

BBQ Chicken

Alfredo sauce, capers, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, spinach, minced basil, sundried Tomatoes, mushrooms $12.75—— 12 inch $18.95 ——16 inch

Shredded chicken, BBQ Sauce, pineapple and red onions. $12.50 — 12 inch $18.75—- 16 inch

Flat Bread Mini Pizza’s

Using a 7 inch pita bread as our base we can do some interesting mini pizza appetizers! Bleu Chicken

Buffalo chicken bites on cream cheese, topped with Bleu cheese, bacon and our pizza cheese. $5.70

Garlic and Cheese

Roasted garlic spread as a base, and topped with asiago and our pizza cheese . $5.70

Beer & Wine Served

(307) 455-3331

All sandwiches come with kettle chips and pickle spear Full sandwich: $7.50 ~ Half Sandwich: $5.50 Our Selection of Meats and Salads

~Roast Beef ~ Black Forest Ham ~ Chicken ~ Turkey ~Pastrami ~ Corned Beef ~ Salami ~ Tuna Fish Salad ~ Tuna Fish with Jalapeno ~ Chicken Salad~ Chicken Pecan Grape Salad

please add $1.00 for the following meats:

NY Roast Beef (very rare) ~ Wind River Meat’s Pastrami ~ Capicolla ~ Combo (capicolla - salami- proschuitto)

Bread choices are:

~white bread ~ whole wheat ~ marbled rye ~ white flat bread ~ ciabatta bun ~ tomato wrap ~ spinach wrap~

Spreads for your bread:

Soup & Sandwich

Corned beef sliced thin, with fresh sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing and swiss cheese, on marbled rye $7.99

Soup Bar

Pastrami Reuben

Small Soup 12 oz. $3.50

Large Soup 16 oz. $5.75

Salad Bar

Treat yourself to ~ Mayonnaise ~ Dijon mustard ~ Stone-ground mustard ~ Yellow mustard gourmet greens, fresh ~ Chipolte Mayonnaise ~ Basil pesto ~ Balsamic glaze ~ Oil & Vinegar mozzarella, Greek ~ Craisin red onion relish ~ Salt & Pepper country olives and Our Cheese Selection: much more. ~ Mild Yellow Cheddar ~ White Sharp Cheddar ~ Horseradish Ched- Sold by the pound so dar ~ Swiss Cheese ~ Pepper Jack Cheese ~ Provolone ~ as much or as little as you like. Extra Cheese 75¢ $7.99/ pound Veggies for your sandwich: ~ Tomato ~ Red Onion ~ Lettuce ~ Cucumbers ~ Radish Sprouts Beverages ~ Spinach ~ Mushrooms ~ Our selection is too Add 75¢ for the following: large to list. Located in ~ Avocado ~ Green Chilies ~ Roasted Red Peppers ~ Green Bell Pep- the dining room is our beverage cooler. Please pers ~ Pickled Jalapeno ~ Banana Peppers ~ Artichoke Hearts make your choice and ~ Capers ~ Grilled Onions. let us know.

For 75¢ substitute Potato Salad ~ Coleslaw ~ Pasta Salad Instead of Chips. ~

Grill Your Sandwich for 75¢

These Sandwiches are done on our Panini Grill or Baked in the Wood Burning Oven. Well worth the extra wait.— Kettle Chips and a Pickle included, unless otherwise noted Corned Beef Reuben Roast Chicken or Turkey Panini

1/2 Sandwich and a small soup $8.00 Full Sandwich and small Soup $9.75 * Just for Build Your Own Sandwiches

Beer & Wine

are available at the counter.

Coffee & Tea

cups available at the counter.

Pastrami sliced thin, with fresh sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing and Swiss cheese, on marbled rye $7.99 Substitute pastrami made here in Dubois by Wind River Meats for 50¢

Turkey & Corned Beef Reuben

Turkey & corned beef sliced thin, with coleslaw, 1000 Island dressing and Swiss cheese, on marbled rye $7.99

Roast Beef on Flat Bread

Thinly sliced roast beef with green chilies, grilled onions, Swiss cheese and horseradish cheddar on flat bread with dijon and mayonnaise. $8.25

BBQ Pork

Shredded pork and BBQ sauce with Swiss cheese, and grilled onion on a flat bread $7.99

Turkey, Ham & Bacon

With lettuce, tomato, and smoked gouda, craisin onion relish on a flat bread $7.99

Oven roasted chicken breast or turkey, with avocado, shredded apple and brie on ciabatta bun with honey mustard. $7.99

Ham & Cappicola Sandwich

Ham and Cappicola with provolone, mushrooms, onions and tomato sauce on a ciabatta bun and baked in the wood oven $7.99

Grilled Cheese

On white or wheat bread with lots of yellow mild cheddar and swiss cheese $4.50

Veggi Wrap

Lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, sprouts, sunflower seeds, avocado, black olives, cream cheese and Italian dressing. Your choice of tomato or spinach wrap. Lightly grilled. $8.25

Chicken or Pork Quesadilla

Shredded chicken or pork with green chili strips, tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, and chiplote mayo served with a side of salsa. $7.99 — Sour Cream .50¢ ** Chips are not include with this**

Vegetarian Quesadilla

Green chilies, tomatoes, roast red peppers, feta cheese, pepperjack cheese, and chipolte mayo, served with a side of salsa $7.99 — Sour Cream .50¢ ** Chips are not include with this**

Ask about our desserts in the display case !

Paya Deli Menu  
Paya Deli Menu  

Our Menu of Pizza's and Sandwiches