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Friday, Oct. 18, 2013

Layout by Emma Holz, Taylor Holzfaster, and Nicole Keller

Government causes   problems  with  the  F SA

Teacher conference   attendance  plummets

by Nicole Keller Hard News Editor

by Shelby Conway Staff Writer

Many local farmers are very worried about their farms with what is happening in the government at the moment. With the government shutting down, the FSA, or (Farm Service Agency) is one of the many things they had to cut from the budget. The FSA was created to support farmers in times of need by offering loans, payments, and disaster relief programs. Due to the fact that growing food depend on the economy, the government felt like it should protect the people who produce food. Without the FSA being funded, farmers no longer have this assurance of being reimbursed with money if the crops fail. Therefore, if the FSA offices are not funded again, farmers will be losing money and will eventually go broke. When farmers go into the FSA office, they record all of their acres. The reason why they record all the acres, is so the government knows how many acres there are of each crop. With this information they can figure approximately how much production and crop land there will be in different regions of the United States. If all the farmers go broke and sell their farms, not only will this affect the lives of farmers, but will also affect the whole rest of the nation as well. The nation depends on the food of the producers and without producers, there is no way we will ever be able to feed our country.

Communication between teachers and parents is a key to a successful educational experience, but in recent conferences fewer parents have attended due to new technology tools. Parent conferences are a tool teachers use to keep in contact with parents about a child’s behavior, and academic achievement. Today fewer and fewer parents are attending these important meetings, but does this necessarily mean they are not participating in their child’s education as much? It most certainly does not mean that. Teacher parent communication is much easier now that phone calls, emails or even text messages are so conveniently created and sent. Now contact between the two is almost unavoidable. But what about the parents who are not so technology savvy? “Sometimes technology can be overwhelming, especially to those parents that don’t feel as comfortable on a computer as our children are” Says Tania Fox a parent. “There is nothing like looking someone in the eye and being able to meet with them face to face” Said Fox. Fox also said “Power School and Edmodo and other technology helps us so that we can take care of things before they get out of hand” Either way the information will still be communicated just in different ways. Keeping both conferences and technology is a question of the future and a gamble for the present.

(photo by Taylor Holzfaster) Many local farmers are experiencing hard times with their farms, due to the government shutdown that caused local farmers stress.

Paxton Prowlers Next dance performace-Oct. 24 Football Parents' Night Taylor Holzfaster

(photos by Cheryl Schow and Alex O'Connor) The 2011 Pink Out, top, compared to the 2013 Pink Out, bottom, has about half of the crowd that showed up in 2011.

Pink out  left  short  during  the  2013  parents  night  game by Austin Hackney Co-Ediotor-in-Chief The Paxton Tiger volleyball team hosted a pink out for breast cancer awareness month on Tuesday, Oct. 15 in Paxton. The pink out is held annually for one game in October to raise awareness for breast cancer. According to the Nation Breast cancer website, one in eight women have breast cancer in a lifetime. An average of 40, 676 women and 400 men die every year from breast cancer. The volleyball team expected to be wowed by all of the cheers and outfits from the student section; however, they were disappointed in the pink out. Senior player Taylor Holzfaster said, “I think that more people can dress up and make the cheering section larger and louder because when we have an awesome student section that is loud and is into the game just as much as we are, it not only helps us get more pumped up, but helps us throughout the game as well.” In the previous years, the men have worn skirts, dresses, and pink volleyball jerseys. This year, the person that was most dressed up One-Acts Conference- Nov. 20 Districts- Dec. 3 State- Dec. 12

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 2:29:18 PM Mountain Daylight Time

was Ben Schow, 7th grader. He was wearing black basketball shorts, pink short shorts over them, and a black shirt with pink on it. Carrick Perlinger, Paxton High School graduate 2013, was asked to give a statement about how the pink out has changed through the last year he said, "Having seen the picture from this years Pink Out, I was slightly disappointed. Paxton has never had a problem with showing up to games and cheering on the team. I can say from personal experience that a rowdy student section and crowd can make the difference in a close game. I would like to see upperclassmen set the bar high for the student section. I would also like to see younger kids take on a bigger role. If the seniors and juniors won't step up, the sophomores, freshmen and even Junior high students have to step up." Alex O’Connor, senior at Paxton High School, was asked how has the pink out changed in time? She said, “The pink out definitely went down hill from previous years.” Some can say that the juniors and especially seniors need to “step it up” and be leaders in the school. Some students have said, that it

was because of the number of people that showed up or that the student section doesn’t have a leader, but whatever the case may be, the pink out student section left the parents, players, and spectators wanting more enthusiasm and excitement. The only thing that everyone can do is hope that a student will step up and help out the team.

(photo by Shelby Conway) Students ease their anticipation about conferences while the parents and teachers go over the verdict of this years grades.

NHS: Dress Up Days for Drug Awareness

Oct. 23- "Give drugs the slip" Wear slippers Oct. 24-"Turn your back on drugs" Wear clothes backwards

Oct. 29- "Wear red day" Red Out Oct. 30- "Put a cap on drugs" Wear Caps

Oct. 31- "Scare out drugs" Wear Halloween costumes

OPINION Layout by Megan O'Neail and Shelby Conway

Friday, Oct. 18, 2013

Sophomore class falls short by Emma Holz

could’ve put a little more effort into

Website Editor

selling. I feel that all the rise in the

Homework program benefits

social media we should turn to an   The class of alternative fundraiser that would 2016


the help fundraising for next year.”

fact that they fell short


b y T a y l o r

Joel Schroeder, class President

their says, “I was a little disappointed in

f u n d r a i s i n g the efforts of the class but was

b y A l e x O'Connor Co Editor-inCheif

project. Students happy of the fact that we had the were required to raise a total of 17 oppor-tunity to have a fund-raiser sales per student, which would for our class. I wish we could’ve make a class total of 200 sales.

done better but I understand all the

The sophomore class extra-curricular activities that are unfortunately deadline


didn't the


the also fundraising.”


Magazines these days are really

amounts for decorating for the 2014 hard to sell. With all the social graduation and 2015 junior prom. media people do go online and order Luckily the sophomore class has them. At Paxton High School magquite a bit of money in their zines have been sold for over three account.





Zerr, class sponsor says, “ I was getting old and we need something very proud of the kids that sold, I new that might sell better within the feel like the kids who didn't do so, school and the community.


Serving the community equals positive success

Community service should b e a requirement in order to grad-uate; it will benefit the person in long run. Doing a community service project not only helps the graduate prepare for life after high school, it helps the community and gives a greater appreciation for what a person has. As the result of having community service being required in order to graduate it really

broadens the horizon for opportunities also it can hopefully lay groundwork of helping others that they can carry out through their life. Further more when a student is applying to colleges, scholar ships, and even job it helps if they have a wide aspect of community service. Community service is starting to become more and more of a requirement, which is very import to give back. Teenagers often times now a days see the world only how it affects them. By doing community service for others it gives the teenagers an opportunity to see within the lives of others, which some have it worse than us.

Photo Editor In August 2012, a



beneficial idea took place in Paxton Schools. This new program was known









students the opportunity to improve their grades, get extra help, and even




understanding of the subject they were struggling in. At first, the student body was not too






homework program because they felt like it was unneeded and time consuming. To everyone’s surprise, the first year that the after school

Seat belts saves lives by Nicole Keller

responsibility and can be considered

Front Page News Editor.

very dangerous also. t o time





www.teendriverso vehicle, that they are putting their, only 30 life on the line. In a split second, percent of teens anything could happen. By not wear


seat paying




belts every single time they get into driving, and making poor choices in a





small general when on the road, it not

community like ours, making sure only is putting the driver that is that everyone wears their seatbelt being





when getting into a vehicle is everyone around that driver as well. crucial.

Accidents happen and that is Many communities around never going to change, but that

Paxton have dealt with losses of doesn’t mean that there is not a way loved




of to be safe during accidents that

knowing how the people died. It occur. People who don’t wear their Even though magizine sales were a bit of a dissapointment, some students still worked hard to sell them.

The Paw Prints Staff Co-Editors-in-Chief: Austin Hackney and Alex O'Connor Front Page News Editor: Nicole Keller Opinion News Editor: Megan O'Neail Feature News Editor: Shyanne Hildago Sports News Editor: Kourtney Robb Photo Editor: Taylor Holzfaster Website Editor: Emma Holz Staff Writer: Shelby Conway Advisor: Becky Zerr The Paw Prints is a student publication, and an open public forum. The Paw Prints staff decides what articles to cover and in what manner, with Mrs. Zerr advising where needed. Comments from other students and community members are encouraged, and letters to the editors will be accepted and ran, unless the letter is obscene or libelous. The Paw Prints staff has the right to choose which letters will run when. Megan O'Neail

Thursday, October 17, 2013 12:58:08 PM Mountain Daylight Time

cannot be stressed enough about seat belt are 30 times more likely to how not only teens, but everyone be ejected from a car than ones who needs to wear their seat belts. Cars have their seat belt on. are a very significant factor in

every progress report that was sent out showed that 50 percent less students were failing two or more

People always say that every According

homework program took place,

Of course seat belts can cause

today’s world, yet they hold great injuries, but in the long run those

classes than the previous year. People who don’t attend Paxton Schools may wonder how the after school homework program actually works. According to the Paxton Consolidated




School with

incomplete work will report to their teacher immediately after school to complete




Thursday.” It also mentions how due to the after school homework program,




sponsored activities begin at 4:00 instead of 3:40. Teachers are required during their planning period to send Mrs. Chittenden (High School Principal) a list of the students who are missing work in their classes and the exact assignment that is missing. Whether the students like it or not, it

(photo by Nicole has grown to be one of the most Keller)

positive and effective things in

A click is a good sign when it comes to seat belts. Students are being persuaded to wearing their seat belts, so our school becomes safe when friving.

Paxton Schools and will continue to be used in the years to come. Paxton is a bright, well-rounded school and by having a simple after school homework program, it has caused the students of PHS to walk the halls with their heads held high, and ready to take on the world.

FEATURE Layout by Alexandra O'Connor

Friday, Oct. 18, 2013

Being healthy is the new craze by Shelby Conway Staff Writter Today staying healthy is the most important thing for someone who wants to live longer, feel better, and think more clearly. People are bombarded with the thought that staying healthy is very important, while television ads convince the U.S population that the cheaper greased up goodies are a better choice. Eating healthy food is one of the easiest ways to maintain health. Eating healthy is the number one most important thing to remember. When someone fuels their body the proper way, it can improve immune systems, maintain weight, and produce energy. Thinking about eating better can be intimidating but a small adjustment like grabbing an apple with a granola bar instead of donut can go a very long way. Right along side eating right is exercise. Many people think this is lifting heavy weights, or running long miles. It truly is not that excruciating. A simple 30 minutes a day of brisk walking can help out tremendously. Another easy way of getting in a good 30 minutes of exercise can be playing tag, or throwing the tennis ball for the dog. Those may sound childish but, who doesn’t want to be a kid again? With these simple and small changes feeling healthier, looking better, and breathing easier can all be adjustments that modify lives and thoughts.

(photo by Alex O'Connor) Senior windows kick off with Jerod Corder being the first senior then along with Cameron O’Connor being the second. Cam’s window really shows his personality, interests and hobbies.

Spotlight on seniors: Tyler Cassell by Kourtney Robb Sports Editor Tyler Cassell, 17, is the son of Brian and Dana Cassell and the brother of freshman, Megan Cassell and 20-year-old graduate, Jessi Cassell. Some activities and sports that Tyler is involved in is Cross

Country and Track. Tyler is not 100% sure what he wants to do with his life yet, but he is thinking of going along the lines of physical therapy or an athletic trainer. Tyler doesn’t have a most embarrassing moment because he doesn’t get embarrassed “all that much.” The school lunch that Tyler will miss the most when he graduates is breaded beef. One fun fact about Tyler is that he absolutely loves shoes and hats as well. Tyler’s favorite television show is Family Guy and his favorite movie is 21 Jump Street. His favorite song is Demons by Imagine Dragons. Some things that Tyler will miss when he leaves high school is the environment and most of the people here in Paxton. Tyler looks up to his dad and grandpa. He said, “They are both two of the hardest working men I’ve ever met in my life.” Tyler has a couple of best friends. They are Jerod Corder and/or Coby Quinn because they have been there for him anytime he needs them and any of his good stories or memories involve them too. Tyler’s favorite quote is said by Henry Kissinger, “Accept everything about yourself. I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end -- no apologies, no regrets.” Tyler Cassell, left, loves shoes and hats.

Alex O'Connor

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 4:19:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time

Fall Fashionista Is the Paxton student body ready for fall fashion? by Taylor Holzfaster Photo/Video Editor

sheer scarf. Whether a person is strutting down the runway or down Is the Paxton student body ready the sidewalk, fall fashion is for fall fashion? approaching, and in order to get a With the fall season approaching head start on all of the new fashion, soon it is extremely important that start looking now! both men and women are looking their best. There are many different styles that people can rock, but the most known style for the fall season is mixing some fun riding boots, leggings, a light sweater, and an occasional scarf to complete that “fashionista” outfit. When looking through closets, people tend to wonder if a certain sweater goes with a patterned scarf or if a new brand of leggings that just came out is going to go with some fall styled boots. After going through many different combinations of outfits, a decision has to be made. Simply take a deep breath, start putting different colors together, and voila! A new fashionista is born! There are many “no no’s” to fashion also. When putting outfits together, NEVER mix two busy patterns together. If this is done, it causes the outfit to look way to busy and sometimes even makes a person look larger than actual size. This style is the perfect example for the fall season that is This season's fashion is approaching! composed of riding boots, a It not only accents the brown sweater, and a cute scarf. boots and matching gloves with a Pinterest shows many fashions, long, cream, trench coat, but throws including the style shown above. in a burst of color with the long, (

SPORTS Friday, Oct. 18, 2013

Layout by Kourtney Robb and Austin Hackney

Cross country team places at RPAC T

by Austin Hackney Co-Editor-in-Cheif

On Thursday, Oct. 10, Tyler Cassell placed 5th at the Republican Plains Activity Conference cross country meet at Cambridge against 9 other schools. The Paxton Tiger cross country team showed the "RPAC" what they were made of on Thursday. The boys team finished 3rd overall. The girls team only had one runner due to Annie Wasserman getting injured and Gabby Perlinger having surgery on her knee two weeks ago. The boys' cross country team (photo by Sara Schimonitz) is consisted of 5 members, Connor Tyler Schimontiz running the ball against Morrill. Merrill, sr., Tyler Cassell, sr., Jordan Loeffler, sr., Kolton Carlyle, jr., and Joel Schroeder, so. While the girls' team consists of Annie Wasserman, by Megan O'Neail end up winning this game, but only fast team, the boys played their best sr., Gabby Perlinger, sr,. Brooke Opinion Editor by a two point conversion! and didn’t get the result they Beckius, so,. and Audrea Welch, so.

coach of the girls’ and boys’ cross country team since cross country has been a sport at Paxton. The Tigers have had a great season so far competing at Cozad, Imperial, Ogallala, Gothenburg, and Cambridge. The Paxton tigers compete in districts on Oct. 17. Good luck

Boys of fall get some W's

the best game the boys have

The game against Maxwell wanted. The game ended with a Senior, Tyler cassell has been was by far the coldest game of the score of 71-0 leaving Tigers on the involved in cross country since his (Photo taken by Cheyanne year. Not only was it raining, but bottom. The boys aren’t going to let 7th grade year, one of the first years Loeffler ) that they started cross country at the field was extremely muddy, this lose bring their spirits down, Paxton. Dale Schroeder has been the Senior, Tyler Cassell, striding to which meant the boys would have to they’ll still give it their everything the finish line.

played all year. The ending score

play harder to get what they wanted. in the game against Sutherland.

to Saturday’s game was 50-20

The final score of the game was

with the Tigers coming out on top.

8-38 after the 30 minute rain delay

The Leyton game was a

that occurred. The boys played their

Morrill travels two hours and 40 minutes on Saturday, October 5th. This game, by far, has been

surprise for our boys. They didn’t


play very well in the first half, but

ended up on top for the night.

after half time the boys stepped up

even The





and brought their “A” game. The

wasn’t the best one the boys have

game resulted in over time, with a

played. Hemingford is a tough and

final score of 40-42. Leyton did

Junior Tigers take the court

by Shyanne Hildago Feature Editor

The Junior high football team has been undefeated since the beginning of the season. While the junior high volleyball team has not been doing very good; winning only one B game. The cross country team has been doing very well this season. This season the Junior high football team has been undefeated. During their first game of the season, they won against Brady 54-8. The boys won against Wallace 54-24, and again against Maxwell with the shocking scores of 6-63. In their most recent games two of the boys have been out for concussion. Joshua Jenkins, eighth grader, has been out for two weeks, due to memory loss, and low scores in the concussion test, he Austin Hackney

will not be returning to play the last game of the season. During the volleyball games this season, the girls have been having fun; and that’s what the game is all about. Others might say that playing is the sport, is playing for the competition. This season the girls have been led by eighth graders Taylor Mullen-Beck, Callie Kriha and Alexis Augustine . Kriha says “We have improved throughout the season.” The girls have This years cross country team is having better luck than the volleyball team. Brylie Hahn, 7th grader, got 2nd place at the girls Jr. High division of the “RPAC” meet. While Dalton Drews, 8th grader, got 11th in the boys Jr. High division. When Hahn was asked What was it like getting 2nd at your first RPAC meet? She answered with “It was pretty cool and fun!”

Thursday, October 17, 2013 11:24:28 AM Mountain Daylight Time

(photo by Alex O'Connor) The Paxon Lady Tigers celebrate after a win against Creek Valley High School on Tuesday, Oct. 15 at home.

Lady Tigers dominate on the court by Shyanne Hildago Feature Editor In the past three weeks, the Lady Tigers have been on fire! Since the September 24 tournament, the Lady Tigers have won eight games out of ten. At the Paxton Tourney, the Paxton girls lost to WaunetaPalisade and won against Potter-Dix earning second place. The next game the girls played

was against South Platte, beating them in the final set, 25-17. Two days later, the Lady Tigers played in the Perkins County Triangular winning against Perkins County and South Platte. They won again in the Paxton Triangular against Maxwell and Hayes Center. Unfortunately, the Lady Tigers went 1-1 at Medicine Valley Triangular, losing to Arapahoe ending their sixth game winning

streak. However, they picked it up the next game and won against Medicine Valley. During the game against Dundy County-Stratton, the Lady Tigers went into five sets. The girls started out with winning the first two sets, but then things got rough. The Tigers battled it out the last three sets and the Paxton Lady Tigers won.

The Paxton Paw Prints: Oct. 18 Issue  
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