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Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013

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PHS:% Take% the% ACT…seriously

Students%perfrom%at% Winter%Concert by Shelby Conway Staff Writer

by Nicole Keller Hard News Editor Originally the ACT stood for American College Testing, but was shortened to ACT in 1966. The ACT was founded in 1959, and has been testing students ever since. The ACT was discovered by a professor from the University of Iowa named E.F. Lindquist. Lindquist, accomplished this by focusing on practical knowledge rather than intellectual reasoning. Today, more than 50 years after the first test was given, it is a non-profit organization that offers millions of education and career assessments, and also is given across the country as well as around the world. Many colleges around the country require an ACT score, therefore it is very important for high school students to go take the ACT. Students can take the ACT all around the country. Most Universities require an ACT score, but some colleges consider the GPA (Grade Point Average) or the rank of the student in the class as a whole. Ways to prepare for the ACT test is students can take pre-ACT test, like the PSAT, or other test mechanisms which shows students what they need to improve on, or what they don’t know at all. Other ways include taking the ACT more than once. If the student knows what the test is like, they are more likely to succeed in getting a better score than they did the first time. This helps students get into the college of their dreams, and succeed to higher positions in their life.

(photo by The ACT is an important test to have when applying to a college. Getting prepared is something that a high school student should be thinking about before even taking the test.

Paxton Prowlers •Next dance performaceDec. 13 •Wore new outfits for dance Taylor Holzfaster

(photo by Michelle Kluver) The Paxton One-Act team placed first in RPAC, Districts, and made it to state for the second year in a row with the hopes of winning.

One8Act%team%makes%it%to%State% by Kourtney Robb Sports Editor This years one act team makes it to state for the second year in a row. They went to Potter, leaving at seven in the morning. They competed against Potter-Dix, Leyton, Minatare, Hitchcock County, Creek Valley, Garden County, and Crawford. Paxton got the most honorable actress and actor awards out of everyone that competed at Districts such as Justin Hardwick, Cheyanne

Loeffler, Bailee Schow, Alex O’Connor, Taylor Holzfaster, Karlee Schow Alec Fox, Emma Holz, Joel Schroeder, Michael Weber, and Justyn Luedke. Potter-Dix was our biggest competition this year. As they called Creek-Valley for third place, PotterDix as second. As the whole one acts team of Paxton waited for the reading of first place, they all held hands. With the first place winning team of Paxton, as everyone jumps up and screams, also having some

tears as well. Paxton gets first place at Districts. The One-Act team then headed to state in Norfolk, Nebraska. With a long and stressful day of doing their best, Paxton made second place at state. This resulted in Paxton bringing something back ho-me from State One Acts for the first time ever. Wausa took home the first place trophy. The other schools that competed were Hampton, Loup City, Meridian, Osceola, and Wausa.

Members%of%FFA%qualify%for%State by Alex O'Connor Co-Editor-in-Chief

and the livestock Judging, which was held prior to this event. The team consisted of Cam O’Connor, Rhett O’Connor, Mackenzie Walker and Brett Storer, which got second overall. Along with that Rhett O’Connor got second overall and Cam O’Connor got third overall. Senior Cam O’Connor apart of the Livestock judging team., said,

“We had to prepare a lot for this contest ,we had practice on every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 a.m. for two weeks .” Only these five qualified for State FFA, but the Paxton FFA chapter still has one more chance at qualifying for state by competing in CDE’s (Career Development Event ) coming soon.

Quiz Bowl •Conference- Jan. 15 •Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday starting Dec. 17

National Honor Society •Second tiger pal activity was held on Dec. 16 •Handed out all greenery

The Paxton FFA chapter started off their season fairly well. They had dis-tricts livestock judging Nov. 20, at Curtis. Along with district LSE, (Leadership Skills Event) Dec. 4, in North Platte at the Quality Inn & Suits. Most of all of the team from the Paxton FFA chapter participated in LSE’S. Which LSE'S included speeches, agriculture demonstration, creed speaking, Co-op speaking, parliamentary procedure, Job interview and more. The day consisted of preparing and doing the events then head out to the college for activities to keep the participants occupied until the awards ceremony. At the award ceremony, they found out who was going to state. (photo by Alex O'Connor) The people that made it to state Rhett O’Connor, Cam O’Connor, Brett Storer, Joel Schroeder, and were Joel Schroeder in Junior Public Mackenzie Walker will be going to state in April along with other FFA Speaking, which got second overall members. One-Acts •Conference- Nov. 20 •Districts- Dec. 3 •State- Dec. 12

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 1:18:56 PM Mountain Standard Time

This holiday season started off with a musical start with the elementary winter concert Thursday, Dec. 12 and the high school winter concert Tuesday, Dec. 17 in Paxton High School. Both concerts were a full house of parents, teachers, staff, and students waiting to see the show. Each show started promptly at 7 p.m. Both concerts ran a little more than an hour and a half and ended with a festive Christmas piece. The elementary concert had a theme of Christmas Around the World, where students sang Christmas pieces from different countries around the world, including “Two French Carols” from France, “Rocking Carol” from Czech Republic, “Fum, Fum, Fum” from Spain, “Huron Carol” from Canada, and “Dedushka Moroz” from Russia. In between each song, students gave short informational speeches about how each country celebrates Christmas. Rebecca Fox, Juliana Rizo, Ales Kriha, Hunter Dunham were a few of the many speakers. Many soloists performed, “The Search for a Room” from Mexico and featured singers were Emily Welch, Corey Conway, and Damin Luedke. Tara Maunder, the Paxton music director, commented, “I just love hearing them succeed and hearing the passion come from them...Have fun, be loud, and don’t be scared.” The children in the elementary sang loud, while the high school and junior high concert was more of a professional setting. The 7-12 band wore matching polos and khaki pants with dress shoes, and the high school choir wore long blue and gold choir robes for a unified look. The junior high choir was also required to wear business attire. “Try to look like you are going to church,” Maunder stressed. The theme of the night was Holiday Carols, and the junior high choir sang, “Deck the Rooftop” with a large group of soloists. They also sang “The Christmas Tree,” as well as a few other pieces. After a quick transition, the high school choir took the stage in a professional manner performing songs like “All On a Cold Winter’s Night." The song, “Winter Wonderland” was sang by the junior high and the high school students together for a grand finale effect. Science Olympiad •Regionals- Mar. 25 •State- Mar. 29

OPINION Layout by Megan O'Neail, Shelby Conway, and Wade Warren

Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013

New kid starts his third new school by Wade Warren Staff Writer Its never been easy transferring schools for anyone. But for someone like me it’s become a part of my life so I always think I am ready to transfer schools. But after sixteen different schools, it has still not gotten any easier. There are multiple reasons

that it may seem hard to transfer schools. You may have friends, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or it can just be the fact that you don’t like the thought of change. Well, let me assure you that no matter the reasons you come up with to stay in one school, there will always be a better reason to go to a new school. You may not think that there is, but coming from my point of view, there are many reasons.

Car wreck kills star Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

I have always jumped from one school to another no matter what I tried to do to stop it. But, as I came to realize, transferring schools isn’t so bad. You can actually get a fresh start no matter what you may think. There is always multiple new starts you can get from transferring schools. You can get a fresh start on grades, you get new friends, you may even like your house that you and your family move into. Now it

by Kourtney Robb Sport Editor The famous American actor, Paul Walker, died Nov 30, 2013 at the young age of 40. He was very famous for his role in The Fast and the Furious as Brian O’Connor. The movies will be delayed because of the unexpected death. Walker was on his way to his charity event, only to cause him to slam into a light pole and have the car burst into flames. Reporters say that they found tire skid marks on the asphalt near the crash site, which indicate a car was doing doughnut spins. There was also another person in

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Austin Hackney and Alex O'Connor Front Page Editor: Nicole Keller Opinion Editor: Megan O'Neail Feature Editor: Shyanne Hidalgo Sports Editor: Kourtney Robb Photo Editor: Taylor Holzfaster Website Editor: Emma Holz Staff Writer: Shelby Conway Staff Writer: Wade Warren Advisor: Becky Zerr The Paw Prints is a student publication, and an open public forum. The Paw Prints staff decides what articles to cover and in what manner, with Mrs. Zerr advising where needed. Comments from other students and community members are encouraged, and letters to the editors will be accepted and ran, unless the letter is obscene or libelous. The Paw Prints staff has the right to choose which letters will run when. Megan O'Neail

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 12:14:22 PM Mountain Standard Time

Christmas Story (12), Christmas     This survey was a total success! With The Kranks (5), and finally , Thank you for all the people who the "Other" category. participated!

As students greet their Holiday break. The students rec-eived a survey that asked them “What is your favorite Christmas movie.” Students had the choice of Christmas Vacation, Santa Claus (Series), The Grinch (Drew Carey/Cartoon), Christmas Story, Christmas with the Kranks, Other.     High school Spanish teacher Michelle Kluver commented, "I thought the Christmas survey was fun, different and unexpected. It was a unique way to let the students express their opinions in their own way."      Deborah Meyer said "I thought it was great. It makes people feel good to be asked what they like.   By seeing what other people like, you might also get an idea to watch a movie you’ve never seen before. Super survey!!!"     Christmas Vacation, had a total of (photo by Emma Holz) 9 votes along with, Home Alone (5), Student selects what their favorite Christmas movie is. This Santa Claus Series (5), The Grinch survey was very successful. It had a total of 62 people. Thank (Drew Carey/Cartoon) (10), A you for all who took "Your favorite Christmas Movie" Graph.

the car, the driver, Roger Rodas. Many family, friends and even fans are very devastated by Walker’s sudden death. Him dying made a lot of people remember him from many of his movies that he has appeared in. Seeing many, many posts about the tragic death of Paul Walker on Twitter, Facebook and many other social networking sites having them all very depressing and sad. At first, people went around saying that Walker’s death was a hoax, which also made people upset and confused. Walker was very loved in his movie by his fans, and his death will be one of the most by Austin Hackney memorable in 2013 to all friends, Co-Editor-in-Chief families, and fans.

The Paw Prints Staff

bad as it may seem. Basically when you transfer schools, you really don’t need to worry about transferring because no matter what you have been told, transferring schools is a good thing for everybody. If you ever get home one day and your parents tell you that you have to transfer schools, just remember that it is a better chance than anything you may think.

Christmas is apparoching by Emma Holz Website Editor

photo by ( Many people will mourn over the deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas after their horrible car accident on Nov. 30 2013.

may take awhile to realize these new changes. You may realize them right away, or it could take a month to realize the changes, but either way you will see changes. I really never made friends until I went to Big Springs and then came here to Paxton. I realized that the smaller the school system, the easier it is to make to friends. If you have any worries about transferring schools, let me assure you that it is not as

CHRIST taken out of CHRISTmas

Christmas is known as the "most wonderful time of year". People hang up lights, make hot chocolate, sit by the fire, and go to christmas concerts, however the past few years the christmas concerts are now "winter concerts". Christmas is suppose to be a time of year where we gather with our family reme-mbering the birth of Jesus Christ. While everyone may not celebrate christmas, it is in the first amen-dment that we have freedom of religion. It is not so much a big deal in elementary as it is in high school. This years high

school "winter concert" theme is "holiday carols", as apposed to Christmas carols. Ms. Maunder was asked to give a statement.."Rules and regulations surrounding public schools try to regulate a lot of things that could be associated with any religion.  While I personally believe there is a time and place for a concert dedicated solely to Christmas music, I prefer having "winter themed" concerts. "Not for the reason of being politically correct, but because our ensembles can broaden their musical range and aren't narrowed down to a handful of songs. There is plenty of beautiful music out there that isn't specifically associated with Christmas.  We (our ensembles) are not trying to be

religious nor anti-religious; we are musicians performing for the sake of the music." Paxton does not have as big of a problem as some schools around the United States has. Brooklet Elementary School in Bullock County Georgia have had a tradition for years about putting homemade Christmas cards outside their class rooms. The reasoning was because "Some of the cards had the word 'Christmas' and some had Nativity scenes." The board of Education decided to "crack down on religious expression in their schools-for the children"  Sheri Chittenden, high school principle, says that it has been called the winter concert "the 10 years since I have been principle" 

FEATURE Thursday, Dec.19 2013

Layout by Shyanne Hidalgo and Alexandra O'Connor

Senior Spotlight: Taylor Holzfaster by Emma Holz Webiste Editor Q: Full Name: A: Taylor Ann Holzfaster Q: Parents Name(s): A: Tim and Deb Holzfaster Q: Age: A: 17 Q: Siblings: A: Spencer Holzfaster, senior in college and Jordan Holzfaster, sophomore in college. Q: Activities/Sports that you are involved in: A: “I am involved in volleyball, basketball, quiz bowl, One-Acts and letter club.” Q: What do you want to do with your life (college/career)?: A: I plan to attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, studying either communications or special education. Q: What is your most embarrassing moment?: A: “My most embarrassing moment would have to be when I was a server for a Sunday mass, and I fainted in front of everyone.” Q: One fun fact about you:

A: “One fun fact about me is that I loveeeeeeeeeeeee to take baths.” Q: Favorite high school memory: A: “My favorite high school memory would have to be winning Conference One-Acts all four years and making it to State OneActs 3 out of my 4 years of high school.” Q: Favorite song: A: “My favorite song is That's My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan.” Q: Favorite school lunch: A: “I love breaded pork!” Q: What is one thing that you will miss when you leave high school?: A: “The thing that I will most the most when I leave high school is One-Acts and volleyball.” Q: Who do you look up to the most and why?: A: “The person that I look up to the most would be my mom. She has been there for me through everything and has never failed to put a smile on my face when I'm having a bad day. Without a doubt she's my best friend, I love her to death.” Q: Who is your best friend and why?:

Senior Windows

A: “I have a lot of really good friends, but there isn't one specific person that I would say is my best friend.” Q: What is your favorite quote of all time? A: "She is clothed with strength and dignity; She can laugh at the days to come." -Proverbs 31:25

Taylor Holzfaster (below) PHS Senior

(photo by Nicole Keller) This senior window features Coby Quinn. His window includes senior photos, pictures of friends and family, and certain interests of his. "I wasn't really stressed out, I had an idea what I wanted to put in it. Coby feels the most important part of his window was "probably the picture of me with my family because without them my life wouldn't be great." Coby's favorite quote is "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again this time more intelligently." by Henry Ford.

(photo by Deb Holzfaster)

Senior Spotlight: Justin Hardwick (photo by Nicole Keller) by Taylor Holzfaster Photo/Video Editor Q: Full Name: A: Justin Tyler Hardwick Q: Parents Name(s): A: Troy and Laura Hardwick Q: Age: A: 18 Q: Siblings: A: Kristina Hardwick (College Freshman) and Cody Hardwick (High school Junior) Q: Activities/Sports that you are involved in: A: Football, One Acts, FFA, Student Council, Letter Club, Class President, Speech Q: What do you want to do with your life (college/career)?: A: “I want to be an Officer in the United States Army.” Q: What is your most embarrassing moment?: A: “Sophmore year when I sang Eye of the Tiger in front of everyone was honestly pretty embarrassing, but I’ll admit it worked out in the end because it helped me get out of my shell and become more apart of the school.” Q: One fun fact about you: A: “I have a good sense of humor and am always looking to make somebody laugh.” Q: Favorite high school memory: A: “All of the different pep rallies I have done since the one Sophomore year have been really Shyanne Hidalgo

fun. I enjoy standing in front of everybody and having a good time.” Q: Favorite song: A: “It's always changing, but at the moment it is "10 Mile Stereo" by Beach House.” Q: Favorite school lunch: A: “I really like chicken nuggets.” Q: What is one thing that you will miss when you leave high school?: A: “All of the friends I have made in the last few years will be tough to leave behind.” Q: Who do you look up to the most and why?: A: “I look up to my parents a lot because of how hard they work for my family to make sure we can be successful. If it wasn't for them none of my siblings or I would be anywhere.” Q: Who is your best friend and why?: A: “Tyler Schimonitz is for sure my best friend. When I first moved here we didn't really like each other, but we started to hang out with Austin Wheeler together and that gave us a chance to really get to know each other. Ever since Austin graduated it has just been the two of us and we have a ton of crazy memories together and we always are just there for one another, through thick and thin.” Q: What is your favorite quote of all time?: A: "’You are who you were when you were ten.’ It is something my

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 1:27:11 PM Mountain Standard Time

mentor always told me, and it is true because no matter how much you try to kid yourself, anything you thought was important when you were ten years old is important to you for the rest of your life. Honesty, love, family, money, all of that. Your values are true no matter what age you are. Any time I've ever found myself slipping up or about to make a bad decision I've wondered, ‘What would I think about myself if I met the 10 year old version of me’ and it has helped me a lot through life.”

Justin Hardwick (below) PHS Senior

(photo by CPT Joseph Beckman US Army)

Alex O’Connor’s senior window is unique in its own way. Alex’s window include pictures of friends, family, and lots of bling. Alex said, “No I was not stressed at all because I have been collecting things for a while now. The most important thing in my window is probably all of my crowns because no one here at Paxton has belongings like those, especially my Miss Northwest crown.” Alex’s favorite quote is “Its kinda fun to do the impossible.” by Walt Disney.

Senior Spotlight: Drake Luedke by Megan O'Neail Opinion Editor Q: Full Name: A: Drake Douglas Luedke Q: Age A:17 Q: Parents A: Jerri and Douglas Luedke Q: Siblings A: Justyn (9th) and Damin (4th) Q: Activities/Sports you’re involved in A: Football Q: What do you want to do with your life A: “I want to go to University of Utah for Agronomy” Q: What is your most embarrassing moment A: “I don’t get embarrassed” Q: One fun fact about you A: “I have red hair” Q: Favorite high school memory A: “My football pink out” Q: Favorite song A: Gas Pedal by Sage the Gemini Q: Favorite school lunch

A: Calzones Q: What is one thing you will miss when you leave high school A: “I will have to state, paying my own bills” Q: Who do you look up to most and why A: “My dad because he is a hard worker and doesn’t quit until the job is done even if he doesn’t like the job” Q: Who is your best friend and why A: “Levi, because he is my cousin” Q: What is your favorite quote A: “Don’t cry cause it’s over, Smile because it happened.” Dr. Suess

(photo by Sara Schimonitz)

Drake Luedke PHS Senior

SPORTS Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013

Layout by Kourtney Robb and Austin Hackney

Junior Tigers start season by Shyanne Hildago Feature Editor The Junior High played their first game on Tuesday Dec. 10. The boys and girls both played in the west gym against South Platte. “Overall I was very please with the way the girls adjusted as the game progressed. This was our first real look at things going game speed and it was great to see how well the

girls adjusted” Scott Jorgenson said about the girls’ basketball game. The girls played an “A” and a “B” game. In the “A” game the girls lost 10-23, and in the “B” game the girls tied to South Platte 0-0. When the boys played against South Platte they won 62-2. The boys only played an “A” game (photo by Austin Hackney) Cody Blackwell, no. 12, goes in for a layup against Eustis Farnam on Dec. 7, but gets called for a charge. (Photo by Taylor Holzfaster)

Tigers start out the season right

Darby O'Connor (Left) struts the old girls white uniform, while Mackenzie Walker (right) sports the new girls uniform. On top of the girls new uniforms the boys got new basketball warm-up tops. Nicole Keller, sophomore said "The new uniforms make Paxton look classy, and modern. Compaired to last year, the new jerseys fit better and we have a wider range of sizes."

by Austin Hackney Co-Editor-in-Chief The Paxton men's basketball team started their 2013-2014 season on the right foot winning both opening games against Medicine Valley and Eustis-Farnam. The Tigers swept their opening weekend against the Med-Valley Raiders and the Eustis-Farnam Knights.  They played the Raiders on Friday, Dec. 6. while playing the

knights on the 7th. They won their first game of the 2013-2014 season winning 56-33. Connor merrill, senior said, "Friday's win against Medicine Valley was definitely a good win for us. It definitely gives us some confidence that we can compete with all the other teams. The Eustis-Farnam game was a tough one though. No one really played well in the first half putting us behind. The second half was a game changer though. Us being behind put the team in a tough

Lady Tigers win opening game (photo by Alex O'Connor) Saturday 14, 2013 Paxton played Potter Dix. Karlee Schow a junior from Paxton throws in the ball to score against the Potter Dix Coyotes .

Out with the old in with the new by Taylor Holzfaster Photo/video Editor

With basketball season starting, there is nothing like an exciting purchase to start off the season. In the last few years, the Paxton school board has made many decisions that have not only made the coaches and players happy, but the community as well. Throughout the past 3 years, the school has not only provided the boys’ basketball team with new jersey’s and warm-up’s, but has also provided the girls’ basketball team with new jersey’s, practice tops, and team gym bags. One thing that Paxton Consolidated Schools is very good about is that the school board and staff stays on top of things and is always prepared for the next big thing. Paxton Has had the same white jerseys since the 2007-2008 year Austin Hackney

and the navy jerseys the 2005-2006 before being able to upgrade to newer jerseys. Without a doubt the student body, parents', and community of Paxton are proud to announce the apparel that is helping out the sports teams of Paxton. There are always fun, exciting, activities happening throughout Paxton Schools and no matter what the activity or sport event it might be, the school board and staff members don’t even hesitate to improve each and every thing. Now that both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams are upgraded to all new stuff, they not only are prepared to have an amazing season, but they all are looking fresh and ready to go in their new apparel as well. The season starts on Dec. 5 JV tip off is at 4:00 MST.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 1:44:19 PM Mountain Standard Time

situation, and being able to fight from behind only means that we have some great potential for the rest of the season." The Tigers continued their weekend on Saturday, Dec. 7, winning 46-39. The Tigers continue their season on Dec. 13, against the Brady Eagles they won 56-35. The Tigers then played the Pottor-Dix coyotes and in a thrilling last two minutes of the game pulled off a win 62-57.

by Alex O'Connor Co-Editor-in-Cheif

played as a team, executed the ball, and had fun while doing it. Overall, I thought that the whole team did The games begin as the lady really good.” Tigers start off their official season Then the next day the lady Tigers with the first game being a win played against Eustis-Farnam which against Medicine Valley, last Friday, was a close game but ended up December 6. falling short with the score being 21 In the first game in the official to 28. season the lady Tigers won with a Junior Leanne Gamet said,”We score of 48 to 22. Senior Taylor played pretty good defense against Holzfaster said, “With Med-Valley Eustis-Farnam. They were a being the first season of the game, I physical team and we weren’t as thought that we played extremely prepared as we should have been the well. first half. After half time we came There has already been out ready to play OUR game and we improvement from last year. We were able to keep the score close.”

Then the lady Tigers played Brady Friday 13. and lost with a score of 45-55. Senior Austin Hackney said, “Playing Brady was a great experience. They are a tuff, aggressive team. We may not have come out on top like we wanted but I was very impressed by the way we played. The only thing that we can improve on is rebounding and boxing out. If we play like that the rest of the season we will have a great season!” The girls then played a game on Saturday 14, they played Potter Dix loosing 34-41.

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