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Friday April 24, 2014

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New$safety$protocols$ to$$sweep$the$nation

FFA#makes#an#appearance#at# Nebraska#State#Convention# Schroeder, and Rhett O'Connor. Agronomy also competed on Thurs., but once again did not The Paxton FFA students place. The Agronomy team was traveled to Lincoln on Wed. April Will Babbitt, Emmit Rosentrater, 9, to participate in the state FFA Joel Schroeder, and Drake Luedke. convention. Six students left at Although many teams did not 8:00 a.m. Wed. morning, while the place, there were so many chapters rest of the 22 students left at noon. at state, so it is understandable The six students that left early had why they did not all place. the competitions that were on While students were not Wed. night. competing they were encouraged The state competition started to take part in leadership workoff with the Farm/Ranch Manag- shops. There were numerous worement competition as well as the kshops that took place that ranged Marketing Plan presentation. Bre- from building motocross tracks, to tt Storer, Kaylie Carlyle and Nic- being hypnotized. ole Keller competed in Farm/RanEvery night of state, there was ch Management, and did not place. a huge session in Pershing Center But Justin Hardwick, Alec Fox, where over 6,000 FFA members and Alex O’Connor received sec- met. The sessions started off with ond in the state for the Marketing a laser show, and then the National Plan. Anthem. After the National AnthEarly Thurs. morning the Live- em, the FFA State Officers condstock Judging team competed, and ucted the parliamentary procedure, did not place as an overall team. and the awards then took place. The Livestock Judging team consOn Fri. all of the events were isted of Mackenzie Walker, Cam done, and it was kind of a social O’Connor, Brett Storer, and Rhett day for the FFA students. Then Fri. O’Connor. Next Joel Schroeder night, ending the FFA convention, competed in Jr. Public Speaking, after closing ceremonies all of the and received a gold emblem. FFA chapters were invited to a The Ag Sales team competed huge FFA dance under a tent huge Thurs. afternoon, but also did not in the middle of South Campus, place. The Ag Sales team was Ka- which lasted until about 12:00 rlee Schow, Bailee Schow, Joel p.m..

by Shelby Conway Co-Editor-In-Chief

by Nicole Keller Hard News Editor

(photo by The song Roar by Katy Perry will be the song of choice during the 2014 lip dub at Paxton High. The lip dub date has not

Paxton'"Roars"'with'lip'dub' by Austin Hackney Sports Editor The Paxton journalism class and the independent film class will be creating a lip dub for all grades. The date for the lip dub is undecided but will be sometime at the beginning of May. The classes will start planning the lip dub on April 28. The dictionary said that a lip dub is "A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video. It is made by filming individuals or a group of people lip synching while listening to a song or any recorded audio then dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song."

Deb Meyer, school counselor said, "I think it's a fabulous idea. I think whenever you can bring everyone in the school together for one goal its a win win." The journalism class, independent film class, and Student Council is doing the lip dub to hopefully raise school spirit in Paxton Schools and the community. Meyer also said "I think it has the opportunity in impacting it in a positive way. I feel if everyone is included and welcome to be a part of the lip dub, it could be a powerful tool for increasing school spirit." Meyer also mentioned that she hopes that this will be something to show to people ranging from a grandpa to a preschooler,

“Making'the'Band” by Logan Anderson Social Media Promoter The elementary music concert grooved in on April 7th at the Paxton High School old gym. Kids pre-school through 6th grade did a play called “Making the Band”, a story about forming a garage band and the instruments involved. They even sang some familiar songs including “Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi and ended with “Home” by Phillip Phillips. Before the play actually started one group of 4th graders and one group made up of 5th and 6th

graders did a solo that was apart from the act. The 5th and 6th grade bands also performed at the concert. The 6th grade band is made up of 18 kids and 5th grade band had 14. The 5th grade played three songs and the 6th grade played two songs, one being a march. “The kids should be very proud of what they have accomplished this year. They performed difficult songs with harmony, and they sang their hearts out. Everyone enjoyed the performances, and we will only get better from here.” K-12 Music Director, Ms. Tara Maunder said.

Brand new safety precautions are taking Paxton Consolidated School by storm. This new safety implements are not only taking place in Paxton, they are sweeping the nation. New precautions such as locking all the doors during the school day to prevent unwanted dangerous intruders are important to all the safety of students, are a priority to all staff of Paxton Consolidated school. Preparing the staff and students is a top priority for Deb Meyer, a Crisis Team member. “Our crisis team has focused its energy for years on effectively trying to address the issues that typically arise during a crisis such as preplanned systematic way to organize an effective crisis intervention response. Probably what has changed the most this year is has been focusing more at working through various scenarios in order to be as prepared as we can possibly be for the unexpected and unpredictable. This means changing up the drills in response to different scenarios,” said Meyer. All staff members are put through different scenarios and work though them to insure that students stay safe in a large spectrum of different situations. “We feel we have all our basic protocols in place to be able to respond effectively to the wide variety of crises. However, these general protocols must be flexible enough that they can be modified to address the unique needs of special situations or circumstances,” said Meyer. All of the new fundamental safety precautions that are being managed by the Crisis Team will be the new building block of Paxton student’s safety.

FPS'makes'state'competition by Nicole Keller Hard News Editor

(photo by Sam O'Connor) The Paxton FFA traveled down to Lincoln to compete in the 2014 State FFA convention. The theme of the convention was "Ignite," and lasted from Wed. April 9, to Fri. April 11.

State FFA •Wed., April 9 •Thurs., April 10 •Fri., April 11 Nicole Keller

Track •Fri, May 2 -RPAC @ Bertrand •Tues. May 6- Best of Midwest @Sutherland

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 1:25:38 PM Mountain Daylight Time

The Future Problem Solvers headed off to Keaney on Fri. April 11, to compete in the state compitition. The team included Ryan Fox, Callie Kriha, Taylor MullenBeck, Mike Weber, and Darby O'Connor. The students competed Golf •Thurs. April 29- Garden County @Oshkosh • Thurs. May 1- RPAC @Curtis

on Saturday morning, and had to research the topic, produce challenges, think of solutions, select criteria, apply it to solutions, and then create an action plan. The students then gave a skit to the judges. Though they did not place for a medal, they got good scores on their skit and packet. Golf • Thurs. May 8- North Platte St. Pats @ Rivers Edge • Tues. May 13 @ Sutherland

(photo by

Paxton has new very important procedures to keep students safe, and to help them feel confident when they are faced with an unexpected situation within the school.

National Honor Society • Tiger pals •NHS Induction Thurs. May 1

OPINION Layout by Shelby Conway and Shyanne Hidalgo

Students interests considered for new course schedule by Emma Holz Feature Editor As the year comes to an end, students were asked what classes they would like to see the following 2014-2015 school year. There were a variety of answers from many people from adding a photography class or even a personal finance class. Beyond classes this would have to be passed the administration or by the Guidance counselor, Deborah Meyer. Meyer says, “I think it's a wonderful idea to question students to see where their interests lie. The opportunities that Paxton School offers are very extensive as we continue to look for new ways to get the best classes to our students. Those opportunities include dual credit and distance learning classes. As we strive to meet the needs of each and every student in our school. Students need to set goals for themselves regarding grades, stand-

ardized test scores, and involvements, and work on ways to meet them. Whether students plan on attending college or not, high school is a great time to begin to take inventory of their aspirations, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses and start to figure out what sorts of things they might like doing when they’re older.“ This opportunity gives the students to voice there opinion on what classes “they” want to take this following year. Before the school year ends there will be and informational paper that will be handed out to the students of Paxton High School for them to see what classes will be available the following year. By asking student what classes they would like the following year, this will help the administration see what classes the students are interested in. This next year will be very different with adding classes that our school hasn’t had in awhile. This will advance our school with even new kids.

Friday, April 24, 2014

Students' motivation is lacking byAlex O’Connor Co-Editor-and-Chief Often times the question gets brought up, what is the biggest problem facing America today? Well this could be really anything but I think the biggest problem of all, is the lack of motivation in our generation. In today’s day and age technology is all around us and if we ever have a question we could just look it up on the Internet. When we sh-ould really try to work on finding answer to questions in a book, just like they did in past generations did. Also there is limited self motivation,

some people don’t want to work as hard for their life long goal, due to the fact that some think they can just get some things handed to them. People don’t want to work hard to get into the work force or certain areas where they want to be. Compared to past generations that had get good grades to get into college, they had to work hard to pay college off and they never would think about giving up . Another big problem that goes along with lack of motivation is eating habits. People think that obesity is all because of fast food and maybe it is but think about this. In this day and age we are all

always on the go and some parents come home and they are so tired they don’t want to make any food so they go to fast food. Just the effort to put in the work of cooking food anymore is just not there. Even though we aren’t make an effort to eat right, exercise for some of us is the worst and we don’t have the self motivation to get our bodies ready for our busy lifestyle and make sure they are healthy. Now I do mean weight has always been a problem with any generation but beside the point our generation needs to work on motivation overall.

(photo by Students should start striving to become more self motivated, in social, academic, and work situations.

To read or not to read by Shyanne Hidalgo Opinion Editor

As you well know there are countless movies that come out every year. But what you may not know is that many of these movies are based on books. This inevitably leaves fans to decide whether or not to read the book and then watch the movie, or to watch the movie and then read the book. Personally, I would rather read the book and then watch the movie. To me, being able to see how the

directors and producers perceived the book is exciting. If you feel the same as I do, then you’ll be pretty pleased to know that with in the next few years many book will be turned into movies. There are many people that are on the opposite side of the spectrum. Many others think that if they watch the movie first. They will likely not be disappointed by the book. From the end of 2013, until 2015 there will be over 50 books that will be turned into a movie, some of these books are: Divergent, by Veronica Roth, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, The giver by Lois Lawny, The Maze Runner, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and Heaven is for Real by Lynn Vincent and Todd Burpo.

The Paw Prints Staff Co-Editors-in-Chief: Shelby Conway and Alex O'Connor Front Page Editor: Nicole Keller Opinion Editor: Shyanne Hidalgo Feature Editor: Emma Holz Sports Editor: Austin Hackney Photo Editor: Taylor Holzfaster Social Media Promoter: Logan Anderson Advisor: Becky Zerr The Paw Prints is a student publication, and an open public forum. The Paw Prints staff decides what articles to cover and in what manner, with Mrs. Zerr advising where needed. Comments from other students and community members are encouraged, and letters to the editors will be accepted and ran, unless the letter is obscene or libelous. The Paw Prints staff has the right to choose which letters will run when. Shyanne Hidalgo

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 1:11:48 PM Mountain Daylight Time

(photo by Taylor Holzfaster) Lake McConaughy is a popular hang out spot for Paxton students.

Fun in the sun by Logan Anderson Social Media Promoter

With summer just around the corner, everyone is getting anxious to get out of school. It is important that students stay safe over the next three months we don’t have to be in school. So here’s a few tips and tricks on how to stay safe but still have a good time. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think summer is the lake. Everyone wants to go out to the lake to go jet-skiing, fishing, and start a bonfire. The basics for the lake are to get everything you need. There are

game wardens out there and they will catch you if you don’t have a boating or fishing license. Bonfires can be fun and exciting but sometimes people get stupid by pouring gasoline on the fire, which can be really dangerous, or bringing alcohol to the lake. Underage drinking is very common around here. It is also a common factor of deaths. If you are drinking, you will get caught. The police live to catch teenagers drinking, it gives them a thrill in this small area. Don’t give them the satisfaction when you can have just as much fun without alcohol. A lot of kids are turning or already 16 which means they can drive.

Don’t get it confused though, just because you are 16 doesn’t mean you don’t need a license to drive. Going the speed limit and being a defensive driver in the summer time is very important. There are a lot of drunk or crazy drivers out there and you need to be prepared for any situation. Ideas to consider for some summer fun while being safe could be going to baseball games, going for a dip at the local pool, Nebraskaland Days, county fairs, and don’t forget the lake. Just remember to be smart and make good choices while having fun in the sun.

FEATURE Friday, April 24. 2014

Layout by Emma Holz and Alexandra O'Connor

Senior Spotlight: Senior Annie Wasserman by Alex O'Connor Photo/Video Editor Q: Full Name: A: Annie Grace Wasserman Q: Parents Name(s): A: Diane Christine and Douglas Alan Wasserman Q: Age: A: 18 Q: Siblings (if so name and grade): A: Mathew Carter (college senior 22) and Nichole Scott (28) Q: Activities/Sports that you are involved in: A: Cross Country, Quiz Bowl, and choir Q: What do you want to do with your life (college/career)?: A: University of Wyoming to become a graphic artist. Q: What is your most embarrassing moment?: A: When my jeans ripped at last year's track meet while everyone was looking. Q:1 fun fact about you: A: I am the human "gumby" Q: Favorite high school memory: A:"Playing "Sorry" in the hallway" Q: Favorite song: A: Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Ray Q: Favorite school lunch: A: "zombies" Q: What is one thing that you will

miss when you leave high school?: A: “my home girls ;)” Q: Who do you look up to the most and why? A: "Mr. White because he always expect more out of me than I think I can give :)" Q: Who is your best friend and why? A: "Gabby, she understands my random movie quotes." Q: What is your favorite quote of all time? A: "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

(photo by Emma Holz) This weeks senior window goes out to Tyler Cassell. Tyler's decorative senior window includes senior portraits, hat, and many memories. "I don't really have one favorite part. I like the whole thing, cross country, track, spending time with my friends, the whole year has been a great experience." "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." - Thomas A. Edison

(photo by Mackenzie Spurgin)


Senior Spotlight: Bradyn Wood by Nicole Keller Hard News Editor Q:Full Name: A:Bradyn Scott Wood Q:Parents Name(s): A: Tim Wood and the Late Lynett Wood Q:Age: A:17 Q:Siblings (if so name and grade): A: Dylan Wood Sophomore in college Q:Activities/Sports that you are involved in: A: "FFA, Track And Field" Q: What do you want to do with your life (college/career)? A: “Go to college in Fort Hays in criminal justice, then get on with the Union Pacific Railroad’s personal detective department.” Q: What is your most embarrassing moment? A: “When I was at a track meet Emma Holz


this year, and I went to push the tent spike into the ground and ripped my track sweats.” Q: 1 fun fact about you? A: “I was really tiny when I was younger” Q: Favorite high school memory? A: “Moving to Paxton” Q: Favorite song? A: “Hey brother by Avicii” Q: Favorite school lunch? A: “Orange chicken” Q: What is one thing that you will miss when you leave high school? A: “Seeing my friends” Q: Who do you look up to the most and why? A: “My mom because she was the toughest person I know. She fought through 6 years of cancer so she could stay with my brother and me.” Q: Who is your best friend and why? A: “Drake, Tyler, and Jerod because we always mess around with

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 1:19:27 PM Mountain Daylight Time

(photo by Emma Holz) Bradyn Wood pulls together a memorable senior window. Bradyn’s window is filled with lots of memories of his life, friends and family. His window also includes, senior pictures, personal achievements, and childhood memories. Bradyn will be attending at Fort Hays State University. Bradyn’s favorite quote is, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

each other and hangout.” Q: What is your favorite quote of all time? A: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin~

(photo by Emma Holz)

(Photo by Mackenzie Spurgin)


Coming up next is Justin Harwick's Senior Window. Justin's window is filled with lots of memories of his friends and family. Justin's window also includes, senior pictures, personal achievements, and childhood memories. Justin will be attending Syracuse University majoring in Information Management and Technology. "My favorite memory about Senior year was when I read the poems I made for the Cross Country team, and the whole school was waiting for me and they started the slow clap as I ran in. I felt like a celebrity for just a minute. It was awesome." Jusin's favorite quote is "You are who you were when you were ten." - Mike Bordogna

SPORTS Layout by Austin Hackney and Logan Anderson

Friday, April 24, 2014

Carlyle continues to triumph in the 100 meter dash by Shelby Conway Co-Editor-in-Chief

(photo by Austin Hackney) The Paxton Prowlers perform during a football game in 2013. The Powlers had try outs for the 2014-2015 dance season on Sat. April 12, 2014.

Prowlers hold dance tryouts by Shelby Conway Co-Editor-in-Chief The Paxton Prowlers began preparing for another smashing year of dance entertainment, with dance team tryouts Sat. April 12. 12 to 15 potential prowlers were expected to show up to show off their skills. The overall process of searching for the perfect prowler lasted about three hours. The prospecting dancers were prohibited from wearing jeans for tryouts and were strongly advised to wear “stretchy pants or leggings or shorts,” according to Kathy Jensen, dance coach. Tryouts can be stressful for any athlete to prevent any injuries or unnecessary stress Jensen provided the tip to the dancers to “Keep your composure and have fun.” During the three hours of audition the aspiring dancers needed to perform a number of different maneuvers for the judges.

“The tryouts will include basic dance skills, learning a new routine and performing it for the judges,” said Jensen. Even though the prowler team is beginner friendly, it was a bonus on the dancer’s side if they were aware of some basic dance skills. “They need to be able to do basic turns and leaps, do the splits both directions, be somewhat coordinated, be able to learn a routine,” said Jensen. After all the leaps, jumps, spins, and turns, Jensen is hoping to score 10 dedicated girls to complete next year’s dance team. Jensen also has high hopes for next year’s team, her goal is “To improve from last year and compete in the state competition.” When it is all said in done, in the end Jensen will put together a dance team, that will work very hard next year, to entertain Paxton, and compete to the best of their abilities.

Golf tees off by Shyanne Hidalgo Opinion Editor Paxton’s golf team played at their second golf meet Tues. April 7, at 10:00 A.M. at Dundy County-Stratton at the Benkleman Country Club. Dan Kluver, golf coach and science teacher was able to play six golfers at this meet, playing five on varsity and one on jayvee. Kluver describes this meet as a “success” being as every member shot scores much lower than their first meet at Stapleton. Joel Schroeder, led the team shooting a 91, and placing 7th individually out of 52 golfers. Justin Hardwick improved his game by eight strokes, shooting a 116. Leanne Gamet shot a 119 which is 7 strokes better than the previous week. Cody Hardwick Austin Hackney

improved by two strokes shooting a 124, and Kort Gartrell played in his first golf competition shooting a 161. Justyn Luedke, who played for jayvee this meet shot a 76 which was 20 strokes better than her previous round at SMC. “The most impressive part of Gartrell’s round was shooting 14 strokes better on the back nine. than he did on the front. "All in all it was a good tournament with all members of the team shooting better. “I have told the golfers the only thing I truly expect of them each weeks i that they get better. Play against yourself and make improvements in your game. "You can not control what the other guy (or gal) is doing, control what is controllable.” Golf Coach Dan Kluver said. The next meet will be on Apr. 29 in Grant at 9:00 a.m.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 1:41:49 PM Mountain Daylight Time

During the forth quarter at Paxton Consolidated School, things get a bit hectic. Students are frequently absent for various activities such as golf, track, and FFA. A leading cause of absence is track; students travel to the location of the meet early in the morning and stay all day for an action packed day full of events such as discus, pole vault, and high jump. Sat. April 5 marked the date of the Sutherland Booster Invite. Beginning at 10 a.m. Students geared up for a long day of physical activity. Placing in the 100 Meters Varsity Finals, Kolton Carlyle took home the fastest time with 11.50 seconds. Right at Caryle’s heels was Tyler Schimonitz with a time of 11.70 seconds. Schimonitz, Carlyle, Justin Corfield, and Connor Merrill all helped earn Paxton first

place in the 4x100 Relay, Varsity Finals. Not long after the Sutherland Booster Invite the Tigers were at it again Friday, April 11 at the Creek Valley Tri-sate Invitational. The Men’s Varsity overall team placed 3rd at this competition. Carlyle placed first again in the 100 Meter Varsity Men’s finals with a time of 11.20 seconds. Emma Holz placed second in Shot Put Varsity

Women’s finals, with a throw of 34-01.50 Lastly Thu. April 17 Paxton competed at the Sutherland HS Invite. Carlyle once again placed first in the 100 Meters Men’s Varsity finals with a time of 11.30, and Schimonitz was not far behind with a time of 11.40 in second place. Merrill placed second for Paxton in the triple jump with 40'4.50”.

(photo by Austin Hackney) Connor Merril, Tyler Schimonitz, and Kolton Carlyle all make finals in the 100 meter on April 17 in Sutherland.

(photo by Audrea Welch) Brylie Hahn hurdles her way to the finish line on April 9. The boys team finished third at the meet while the girls finished ninth.

Junior Tigers take home medal by Austin Hackney Sports Editor The Paxton Tigers placed third at the Wallace track invite at Sutherland on April 9. The boys placed third out of ten with 67 points just behind Wallace with 69 points. Sutherland got a whopping 111 points. The Paxton girls placed ninth out of ten with 13 points. The winner on the girls side was Hyannis with 84 points. On the girls side, Callie Kriha, 8th grader, placed sixth in the 100 m dash with a time of 14.78 right behind Marlee Taylor of SandhillsThedford with a time of 14. 76. Kriha also placed first in the 100 m hurdles with a time of 20.79. The 4x100 m relay team consists of Kriha, Brylie Hahn, 7th grader, Taylor Mullen-Beck, 8th

grader, and T.J. Baney, 7th grader. The 4x1 team placed fifth with a time of 1:02.30. The forth place team from Sandhills-Thedford had a time of 1:01.28. On the boys side Brandon Modrell, 8th grader, placed 5 in the 185 hurdles with a time of 32.94, while Damola Akinnigbagbe, 8th grader, placed 2nd with a time of 30.62. Roper Chandler, 8th grader, placed 3rd in shot put with a throw of 34'-8". Mason Schimonitz, 8th grader, placed 4th in high jump with a jump of 4'-10". The 4x400 m relay team that consists of Ryan Fox, 8th grader, Kaden Schow, 7th grader, Treyton Hebblethwaite, 8th grader, and Orey Fricke, 8th grader placed 1st with a time of of 4:23.90.

Bennett Perlinger, 8th grader, placed 3rd in the 800 m run with a time of 2:38.90. The Modrell, Schimonitz, Fox, and Fricke 4x100 m relay team placed 3rd with a time of 53.10. The Tigers also made a statement in the 400 m dash with Fox placing 6th with a time of 1:02.97 and Fricke 3rd with a time of 1:00.00. Modrell also placed 4th in the 110 m hurdles with a time of 22.04. Akinnigbagbe also made a splash in the 100 m dash placing 5th with a time of 13.91. Bennett Perlinger placed 4th in the 1600 m run with a time of 5:42.00, while Schow placed 2nd with a time 5:36.90, just shy of first place. First place in the 1600 m run was Justice Stutzman from Stapleton-McPherson County with a time of 5:36.68.






Bailee Schow Post High School Plans: “Attend the University of Wyoming majoring in Art and minoring in Business.” Advice: “Do everything once and the things you love twice. Give the extracurricular activities that sound interesting to you a shot and if you don’t like them, finish out the year, and don’t do them the next. Spend time with your friends and family, they’re the most important in the long run. Get your work done, ask questions, and take it all in because it goes by fast.”


Cheyanne Loeffler Post High School Plans: “Attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) for Visual Communication and Design and Minor (maybe) in Studio Art Comprehensive: Photography.” Advice: “SCHOLARSHIPS. SCHOLARSHIPS. STUDY. Yep.”

16 16

Megan O'Neail Post High School Plans: Advice: “No matter how hard school gets never give up. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

4 14


Wacey Campbell

Austin Hackney Post High School Plans: "I want to go Chadron State College and become a Kindergarten teacher." Advice: "Don't say that you want it to be over because once it's about to be over you will wish you had more time!"



Coby Quinn Post High School Plans: “Attend Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte for Auto Mechanics.” Advice: “Always make the most of what time you have as being a kid because it doesn’t last forever and it will be the most memorable time of your life, even if you don’t get involved with everything, dont let other people tell you what to do and just do what the best thing you think you should do.”


Tristan Brott Post High School Plans: “Attending University of Nebraska at Lincoln to study Agronomy.” Advice: “Do things on time. It makes a huge difference.”


Mackenzie Walker Post High School Plans: “Attending University of Nebraska at Kearney, majoring in Veterinary Medicine.” Advice: “As easy as it is, don’t procrastinate get the opportunity to get things done ahead of time. Stay ahead of your school work. It all will pay off in the long run. Enjoy every second of the extra-curricular activities, the friendships, and the memories because as slow as high school may seem to go, before you know it, you're graduating."

Logan Anderson Post High School Plans: “Attending Central Community College in Hastings for Communications.” Advice: “What you do in high school, isn’t going to define who you are in the real world. This is just practice. Learn something.”


Tyler Cassell Post High School Plans: “Go to college, major in Athletic Training and Exercise Science.”Advice: “Get all your homework done on time. If you have study halls use them, or free time after school use it. Study for your tests. Pay attention in class. But have fun while doing it, don’t take everything deathly serious. You are here to learn, and can have fun while doing it. So do both.”

Taylor Holzfaster Post High School Plans: "I'm going to attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln majoring in Business Communications." Advice: "Don't be afraid to be yourself. Be unique. Push through the tough times, have fun, and don't wish it away. It goes by so fast."


Bradyn Wood Post High School Plans: "I plan on attending Fort Hays State University in the fall of this year and plan on major in Criminal Justice." Advice: "My advice to the underclassmen is to make sure you work hard to get good grades. Make sure you study a lot. Also take the ACT as many times as you can. Scholarships are very important, so work hard on those as well."

17 9


Alex O'Connor



2 11


Tyler Schimonitz

Connor Merrill Post High School Plans: “Attend Hastings College with a baseball scholarship.” Advice: “No matter how good it feels to have day off, if there is work that you could get done ahead of time, do it. It will pay off in the long run. For me, when I had weeks and sometimes months of homework to get done all at once I knew I should have started ahead of time. However, I know that when I put my faith in God, I am capable of doing anything, and that stressful time was only another challenge that God had planned for me to overcome.”

Justin Hardwick Post High School Plans: "Attending Syracuse University majoring in Information Management and Technology, and enrolling in ROTC." Advice: "Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to question your teachers, your parents, your friends, or yourself. Nothing is quite what it seems, and the more questions you ask, the more you’ll realize that nobody has things figured out, and the people who act like they do, don’t."


Gabrielle Perlinger Post High School Plans: “Going to attend Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte to study Pediatric Nursing.” Advice: “Strive to do your best in all that you do. It all pays off in the end. Doing your best can help your self esteem. Follow your dreams!”

Jordan Leoffler


Bethann Gartrell Post High School Plans: “Going to Wayne State College and majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education.” Advice: “Just do your homework kids.”


Kordell Stroup Post High School Plans: "Undecided." Advice: “There’s a lot of great thing's that go on at this school that are to help you make your time here the best times of your life and a lot of really great people that will help you do just that. Make sure that you realize how good you’ve got it here and that you don’t take it for granted.”


Annie Wasserman Post High School Plans: “Attending the University of Wyoming, majoring in Studio Arts and minoring in Entrepreneurship.” Advice: “Don’t focus so hard on the future that you forget to have fun while you can.”

13 by Taylor Holzfaster Photo/Video Editor 121:21:11 PM Mountain Taylor Holzfaster Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Daylight Jerod CorderTime

Lacey Green

Drake Luedke



Cameron O'Connor



This page contains the responses of students who met the deadline on April, 11 2014.

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