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  City  of  Pawtucket  –  Mayor  Donald  R.  Grebien      

Dear  Business  Professional:     Thank  you  for  considering  the  City  of  Pawtucket.  Whether  you  are  the  owner  of  an   existing  Pawtucket  business  looking  to  expand,  someone  who  is  looking  to  open  or   relocate  your  business  in  our  city,  or  thinking  of  holding  an  event  here,  we  want  to  be  a   partner  in  your  success.  It  is  our  goal  to  provide  you  with  customer  service  of  the   highest  quality.     The  City  of  Pawtucket  is  committed  to  promoting  smart,  responsible  growth  within  our   city  that  respects  our  rich  history  of  economic  innovation,  our  cultural  diversity,  and  the   unique  character  of  our  community.  We  are  truly  here  to  help  you  in  any  way  we  can.   Our  team  is  always  just  a  phone  call,  email,  or  text  message  away.     Pawtucket  is  home  to  a  vibrant  business  community,  which  also  takes  an  active  role   throughout  our  community,  individually  or  through  partners  like  the  Pawtucket   Foundation.  These  leaders,  from  hundreds  of  diverse  industries,  possess  a  wealth  of   knowledge  and  a  keen  willingness  to  help  other  private  sector  ventures  succeed.  Experts   in  manufacturing,  design,  and  sports  and  entertainment  call  Pawtucket  home,  and  we   would  be  thrilled  to  have  you  join  them.     We  have  created  this  informational  packet  to  provide  quick,  convenient  access  to  the   numerous  City  resources  you  may  need.  From  the  permitting  process  to  bidding  on  City   projects,  from  licensing  to  tax  incentives,  we  are  here  to  help  you  do  business  in   Pawtucket.  You  can  contact  me  directly  with  any  questions  at  (401)  728-­‐0500  ext.  354  or   at     Thank  you  again  for  considering  Pawtucket.  We  look  forward  to  working  with  you.       Sincerely,         Mayor  Donald  R.  Grebien                 137  Roosevelt  Avenue,  Pawtucket  RI  02860   P:  728-­‐0500  x354  |  

City of  Pawtucket  –  Economic  Development      

INTRODUCING… The  City  of  Pawtucket,  Rhode  Island     Called  the  “place  by  the  waterfall,”  Pawtucket,  with  a  population  of  72,958,  is  located   where   the   Blackstone   River   runs   into   the   Pawtucket   River   and   the   tidewaters   of   the   Narragansett   Bay.   The   City   plays   a   special   role   in   the   history   of   our   country   as   the   birthplace   of   the   American   Industrial   Revolution.   In   1793,   at   the   Slater   Mill   Historic   Site,   power  from  the  Blackstone  River  was  used  to  spin  cotton  into  yarn,  beginning  a  new  era   of  prosperity.     Much   has   changed,   but   Pawtucket   remains   a   manufacturing   center   with   nearly   200   companies   producing   jewelry,   metals   works   and   textiles   in   the   city.   In   recent   years,   Pawtucket   has   also   become   home   to   a   growing   art   and   design   community,   with   more   than  1,000  creative  sector  companies  located  here.  Many  companies  have  been  drawn   to   Pawtucket’s   Arts   &   Entertainment   District   and   numerous   historic   mill   properties   by   various  incentive  programs  offering  tax-­‐free  art  sales,  grants,  targeted  loans,  historic  tax   credits  and  community  support.       Over   the   last   ten   years,   more   than   $184   million   in   private   development   has   occurred,   with   millions   more   planned.   In   addition   to   arts   and   history   centric   programs,   Pawtucket   offers   tax-­‐abatements,   flexible   financing   plans,   permitting   guidance   and   infrastructure   investments.   To   prepare   for   future   growth   Pawtucket   has   over   $128   million   in   transportation  infrastructure  projects  in  progress  or  planned  through  2014.      

City of  Pawtucket  –  Economic  Development    

ADVANTAGE PAWTUCKET   Unique  Qualities  that  set  Pawtucket  Apart  

The City   of   Pawtucket   offers   a   unique   economic   opportunity   for   entrepreneurs,   artisans   and   major   corporations   alike.   Whether   you’re   a   brewer   in   search   of   fresh   water,   a   designer  in  need  of  creative  space  or  a  major  corporation  frequently  servicing  clients  in   Boston   and   New   York,   Pawtucket   makes   for   an   ideal   location.   Businesses   already   located   in   Pawtucket   have   told   us   that   these   are   the   reasons   they   are   here.   We   think   these  advantages  are  worth  your  consideration  as  well.    

Transportation Access  –  Pawtucket  is  well  positioned  in  the  Providence   metropolitan  area.  We  are  just  10  minutes  from  Downtown  Providence  and  even   closer  to  the  East  Side,  home  to  Brown  University,  RISD  and  a  growing  density  of   young  professionals.  Because  we  are  located  just  north  of  Providence,  our  driving   commute  to  Boston  is  45  minutes.  Providence  traffic  can  also  be  avoided  via  the   South  Attleboro  MBTA  commuter  rail  station,  located  just  over  the  line  in   Massachusetts.  For  those  occasional  New  York  trips,  we  are  3  hours  by  car  or  train.      

Water Treatment  Facility  –  Installed  in  2008,  the  City  of  Pawtucket’s  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐ art  water  treatment  facility  is  capable  of  pumping  26  million  gallons  of  water   through  8  intake  screens,  4  up-­‐flow  clarifiers,  a  deep  bed  activated  carbon  filters   and  ultra-­‐violet  disinfection.  That’s  a  lot  of  clean  water!  Perfect  for  water-­‐intensive   industries  like  apparel,  biotech/pharmaceutical,  hi-­‐tech  electronic,  food  and   beverage  manufacturing.    

Tax Rates  –  Pawtucket’s  commercial  property  tax  rates  are  comparable  or  better   than  surrounding  communities.  Local  leaders  work  hard  to  hold  the  line  on  taxes   while  continuing  to  provide  quality  services.  Commercial  property  tax  rates  are   currently  3.088%,  well  below  Providence  (3.675%),  Central  Falls  (3.461%),  Cranston   (3.426%)  and  Woonsocket  (3.827%).  The  City  is  also  willing  to  negotiate  phased  tax   abatements  with  businesses  making  significant  property  investments.  These  price   advantages  as  well  as  affordable  land  prices  and  rents,  ensure  that  businesses  of  all   scales  have  a  chance  to  compete  in  Pawtucket.      

Creative Economy  –  As  Rhode  Island’s  original  creative  community,  Pawtucket  has   an  established  population  of  artists,  designers  and  creative  sector  businesses.  Since   the  creation  of  Pawtucket’s  Arts  &  Entertainment  district  in  1998,  the  City  has   worked  hard  to  attract  more  than  3,000  creative  sector  jobs.  Support  includes  a   dedicated  Economic  &  Cultural  Affairs  Officer,  arts  related  grants,  an  annual  arts   festival,  active  artist  organizations  and  the  ability  to  sell  unique,  hand  made  art   sales  tax  free  throughout  the  city.    

City of  Pawtucket  –  Economic  Development      

ECONOMIC TOOL  BOX   Pawtucket’s  Economic  Development  Program  

The   City   of   Pawtucket   works   to   attract,   retain   and   grow   businesses,   with   a   customer-­‐ friendly   approach.   Services   include   personal   guidance   through   the   zoning   and   permitting   process,   flexible   financing   tools   and   connections   to   business   services   offered   by  area  chambers  of  commerce,  the  Rhode  Island  Economic  Development  Corporation,   Small  Business  Administration  and  Small  Business  Development  Center.       If  you  lease,  there  are  a  variety  of  lending  programs  to  consider:       • Commercial  Ventures  –  Provide  matching  loans  to  retail  and  service-­‐sector   borrowers  including  start-­‐ups.  Eligible  uses  of  funds  include  inventory  and  lease-­‐ hold  improvements  (term  not  to  exceed  3  years,  maximum  loan  up  to  $10,000).       • Equipment  Loans  –  Providing  matching  loans  to  industrial  borrowers  working  to   purchase  equipment  or  upgrade  existing  equipment.  Borrower  is  allowed  to   borrow  up  to  90%  of  value  of  equipment  (not  to  exceed  5  years  and  $50,000).     • Working  Capital  Loans  –  Provide  working  capital  for  inventory  materials,   marketing  and  related  expenses  to  industrial  and  commercial  borrowers  (not  to   exceed  3  years  and  $50,000).  Relocation  loan-­‐related  expenses  for  businesses   moving  into  the  city  are  included  in  this  program.       • Restaurant  Loans  –  Providing  incentive  funding  for  the  improvement  and/or   expansion  of  restaurants  located  in  the  City’s  307-­‐acre  Arts  &  Entertainment   District  or  those  interested  in  relocating  to  this  area.  Borrower  is  allowed  to   borrow  up  to  $50,000.  The  terms  of  the  loans  are  determined  by  use  of  funds:   Working  Capitol  (3  years);  Real  Estate  (10  years);  Equipment  (5  years).       • Fire  Safety  Loans  –  Providing  building  owners  and  long-­‐term  lessees  with   funding  to  upgrade  existing  commercial  properties  to  meet  Rhode  Island’s  Fire   Safety  Code.       If  you  purchase,  the  City  of  Pawtucket  can  also  assist  you  in  purchasing  your  building:         • Real  Estate  Loans  –  To  enable  industrial  and  commercial  borrowers  to  acquire   and  rehabilitate  real  estate.  Borrower  is  allowed  to  borrow  up  to  90%  of  the   value  of  the  real  estate  (not  to  exceed  10  years  and  $100,000).        

Other Economic  Development  Services:    Whether  you  lease  or  purchase,  here  are   additional  economic  development  programs  that  your  company  may  be  eligible  for:       • Data  Base  –  Utilizing  the  Rhode  Island  Commerce  Corporation’s  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art   database  that  allows  the  City  to  quickly  respond  to  inquiries  for  information   about  properties  in  Pawtucket  that  are  for  sale  and/or  lease.  Detailed   information  about  each  property  is  made  available  including  characteristics  such   as  ceiling  height,  loading  docks,  utilities  and  asking  price  for  sale  and/or  lease.       • State  Tax  Incentive  Program  in  City’s  Arts  &  Entertainment  District  -­‐  Providing   state  income  tax  incentives  for  eligible  artists  residing  in  the  City’s  Arts  and   Entertainment  District.  Eliminates  sales  tax  for  artwork  purchased  from  eligible   galleries  and  artists  in  this  geographical  area.  (see  attached  “HUB  &  Enterprise   Zones,  Arts  District”)     • Enterprise  Zone  Assistance  -­‐  Providing  assistance  for  eligible  companies  in   applying  to  participate  in  the  state’s  Enterprise  Zone  Program.  (see  attached   “HUB  &  Enterprise  Zones,  Arts  District”)     • Pawtucket  Redevelopment  Agency’s  Commercial  Rehabilitation  Loan  Program  -­‐   Providing  assistance  to  commercial  property  owners  in  physically  upgrading  their   Pawtucket  properties.  Loans  from  $10,000  to  $100,000,  at  a  5%  interest  rate.       • City  Council’s  Tax  Stabilization  Treaty  –  The  City  offers  a  tax  stabilization  treaty   for  projects  that  create  employment  opportunities.  This  program  phases  in   increases  in  property  taxes  for  new  construction  or  rehabilitation  of  property.       • Streamlining  Pawtucket’s  Regulatory  Process  –  The  City  of  Pawtucket  works   together  with  developers  to  bring  their  buildings  up  to  fire  and  safety  codes.   Every  Wednesday,  from  2:00  p.m.  to  4:00  p.m.,  the  Zoning,  Fire,  and  Planning  &   Building  Departments  meet  together  with  developers  to  discuss  their  specific   projects.  Once  a  month,  a  meeting  is  held  between  developers  and  City   regulatory  officials  and  the  Mayor’s  Office  to  determine  how  the  City  can   continue  to  streamline  its  regulatory  process  while  ensuring  safety.  In  addition,  a   Building  Permit  Manual  has  been  compiled  codifying  the  City’s  permitting   process.           Contact:     Herb  Weiss,  Economic  &  Cultural  Affairs  Officer   City  of  Pawtucket,  Department  of  Planning  &  Redevelopment   175  Main  Street,  Pawtucket,  RI  02860   401-­‐724-­‐5200  |  

City of  Pawtucket  –  Economic  Development      

HUB &  ENTERPRISE  ZONES,  ARTS  DISTRICT   Pawtucket’s  Economic  Development  Program  

  Enterprise  Zone:   Firms  that  file  their  federal  tax  return  as  a  “C”  corporation  that  are  located  in  a   state  enterprise  zone  

and grow  full-­‐time  employment  base  by  5%  with  Rhode  Island  residents  may  be  eligible  for  the  Rhode  Island  Enterprise   Zone  Business  Tax  Credit.  The  tax  credit  is  equal  to  50%  of  the  annual  wages  paid  to  new  employees  up  to  a  maximum  of   $2,500  per  employee.  For  new  employees  who  reside  within  any  Rhode  Island  Enterprise  Zone  by  December  31,  there  is   a   credit   of   75   percent   of   W-­‐2   wages   paid,   up   to   a   maximum   $5,000   credit   per   new   employee.   To   determine   if   your   business  is  eligible,  call  New  England  Economic  Development  Services,  Inc.  at  (401)  658-­‐0665.    

HUB  Zone:   The  Historically  Underutilized  Business  Zones  (HUBZone)  Program  helps  small  businesses  in  urban  and  rural  

communities gain   preferential   access   to   federal   procurement   opportunities.   The   federal   government   has   a   goal   of   awarding  3%  of  all  dollars  for  federal  prime  contracts  to  HUBZone-­‐certified  small  businesses.  Some  benefits  offered  are   competitive  and  sole  source  contracting,  and  10%  price  evaluation  preference  in  full  and  open  contract  competitions,  as   well  as  subcontracting  opportunities.  For  more  information,  visit    

Arts  District:   Rhode   Island   exempts   sales   tax   on   all   artwork   sold   statewide.   Artists   living   and   working   in   the   Pawtucket   Arts  District  are  also  exempt  from  state  personal  income  tax  from  the  sale  of  artwork  (as  outlined  in  RIGL  44-­‐30-­‐1.1).  For   more  information,  visit    



in progress

Growth Center Investment 24 31

23 13 21






















4 5

transit projects

17 proposed commuter rail station 18 planned street improvements 19 planned street improvements 20 completed I-95 bridge/street improvements






3 blackstone valley bike trail 4 1-acre river park 5 18,500 sq. ft. site, medical office 6 10+ acre mixed-use site 7 100,000 sq. ft. commercial 8 126,428 sq. ft. mixed-use 9 10,440 sq. ft. live/work 10 3-acre brownfield redevelopment 11 39,556 sq. ft. mixed-use 12 19,023 sq. ft. residential 13 1.2 million sq. ft. mixed-use 14 13 units residential, 630 sq. ft.commercial 15 $2 million recreational redevelopment 16 56,000 sq. ft. retail and office




21 mixed-use, 33 units affordable housing 22 33 units addordable housing 23 14 affordable condo units 24 10,219 sq. ft. mixed-use 25 90 apartment units 26 25 condo units 27 8,428 sq. ft. commercial 28 124 apartment units 29 21,000 sq. ft. mixed-use 30 32,000 sq. ft. medical office 31 82,162 sq. ft. mixed-use 32 43,011 sq. ft. commercial 33 150,240 sq. ft. mixed-use 34 60 live/work condos 35 13,199 sq. ft. office 36 blackstone valley bike trail

City of Pawtucket ‒ Testimonials

DOING BUSINESS IN PAWTUCKET Business Community Testimonials

Pawtucket leadership continually demonstrates its commitment to improvement. Mayor Grebien and staff have always gone the extra mile to help my businesses, while civic organizations like the Pawtucket Foundation further enhance the City’s growth prospects. - Scott Davis Owner, Rhode Island Antiques Mall

Pawtucket is a fantastic place to work and to do business. The City leaders and everyone on their team go out of their way to make every interaction with City Government easy, streamlined and productive. It really is extraordinary and has to be experienced to be believed. - Jonathan N. Savage Partner, Shechtman Halperin Savage, LLP

People involved in the City of Pawtucket were very helpful in helping me find a studio space. I feel lucky to be working in this expanding city. - Gretchen Dow Simpson Artist

The assistance and encouragement we received from the city administration was invaluable in completing the rehabilitation of the former T.K. Club into our new office. We’re proud to call the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution our home and look forward to another 30 years of doing business in Pawtucket! - Stephen A. Olausen Executive Director, Public Archaeology Laboratory

Pawtucket was a natural when we considered opening our Forget-Me-Not Gallery on Park Place. Artists, historic preservation, culture and the one-on-one guidance from Pawtucket’s economic development staff is all in one place!

- Denise Panichas Executive Director, The Samaritans of Rhode Island

City of Pawtucket ‒ Testimonials

DOING BUSINESS IN PAWTUCKET Business Community Testimonials

For more than a decade, since The Gamm Theatre decided to move from the capital city to Pawtucket, the company has received an extraordinary level of assistance from the city, its leaders and employees. In the past several years, Mayor Grebien and the City Council have demonstrated in many ways that they recognize how The Gamm contributes significantly to the quality of life in Pawtucket. - David M. Wax Managing Director, The Sandra Feinstein Gamm Theatre

The cooperation between Pawtucket city and business leaders is unparalleled in my experience. I appreciate the collective spirit to improve our community economically, socially and aesthetically. - Kathleen A. Bartels Principal, LLB Architects and developers, The Design Exchange

In 2003, we made the decision to relocate our Company to the City of Pawtucket. Since that time, we have found a partner in City Hall. In our experience, the City of Pawtucket has been an active participant in the growth of the business community. We are more than satisfied with our decision. - Armando Nieves

President Armando & Sons Meat Market Group

Pawtucket’s emphasis on development and their customer friendly focus helps in our efforts in updating mill space and placing new tenants in our projects. - Len Lavoie Principal Broker and Development Coordinator, RICIR

Market Outlook: Pawtucket, RI Uncaptured Retail Potential SUPERMARKET





Uncaptured retail spending

$182million $61 M $23 M $34 M $14 M $50 M Estimated local capture potential

49,000 ft2 retail space •1 grocery store

30,400 ft2 retail space

32,100 ft2 retail space

27,900 ft2 retail space

68,900 ft2 retail space

• 4 full-service • 6 limited-service

• 2 furniture stores • 2 appliance stores • 3 electronic stores • 2 computer stores • 1 camera store

• 5 clothing stores • 1 shoe store • 2 jewelry stores • 1 luggage store

• 1 hardware store • 3 health stores • 2 sports stores • 1 book store • 1 news vendor • 1 office store • 2 gift stores • 1 nursery • 4 misc. stores

The estimated uncaptured retail expenditure for Downtown Pawtucket is $182M across the five listed sectors. The dollar amount represents the amount of money that local residents and businesses are spending outside the area. New retail stores opening in the downtown are likely to capture of portion of the identified gap. Estimated local capture potential is listed above.

Absorption of Market Rate Housing

The riverfront corridor is expected to continue to absorb 60-80 units of market rate housing per year on average. Absorption could increase to 100 - 120 units per year with continued public support of such projects.


Current 80 60 Absorption

Potential 120 100Absorption

Market data collected and prepared for the Pawtucket Foundation by FXM Associates, September 2012

City of Pawtucket Economic Development Packet  

An informational packet created by the Pawtucket Foundation in partnership with the City of Pawtucket to advertise and promote the Pawtucket...