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Database: Ryc|NFO I Journal Article ]

The pet as an anxiolytic intervention. Wilson, Ondy C.

Journalofl{ervousand]t/entalDsease'Vol179(8),Aug1991,482-489.doi:@ Aasrnlct 1. Tested the hypothesis that a pet could reduce psychological consequences of stress by naking the environnrnt less threatening, as part of a larger study of the effect on 92 undergraduates of interacting w ith a friendty but unfaniliar dog. State and trait anx'ety levels w ere exanined under 3 conditions: reading aloud, reading quietly, and interacting w ith the dog. Results indicate that interacting w ith a pet aff ected both physiological and psychological responses by low ering response levels in sone Ss. Fbw ever, a parallel eff ect w as also seen in the quiet reading condition. Given the effect of pet interaction on selected social support indicators of health in well college students, data suggest the inportance of exanining this treatnBnt w ith "at-risK' student groups. (RyclNFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)

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The Pet as an Anxiolytic Intervention  

Pets are seen as making an environment more friendly.

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