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February 2010

Priceless TM

PawPrints Magazine's Homeless cover modelS Make our hearts happy this Valentine’s Day by adopting one of us! I’m Season, the tall gray and white girl in the basket on the cover. Sitting next to me is my sister, Susanna. We were found as strays along with our other sister, Serenity, and our brother, Seth. They are pictured below, from left to right. We are 8-week-old kittens who love to play, cuddle and make our humans smile! While we are all affectionate and friendly, our personalities are unique. I’m curious and inquisitive, Susanna is cuddly and lap-friendly, Serenity is playful and active, and Seth is social and outgoing. We can be adopted together or separately, so please be sure to call Cat Tails Adoption Agency right away! Their number is 910-253-1375. We’d also like to thank Dick Parrott for taking our beautiful Valentine portraits. It’s the season of love, so our new families will be receiving lots of kitten kisses! Photos by: Dick Parrott

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I’m CoCo MoonPie and I’m a female Boxer mix who is 8-years-old. Six years ago, I was found wandering on Highway 17 by a kind lady who scooped me up and rescued me. I’ve been living at Paw’s Place ever since! Please, won’t someone take a chance on me and bring me home? I’m a truly wonderful girl. I enjoy chew toys and being around other dogs and people. I’m so very sweet - I love giving lots of delicious doggie kisses. If you have a 6-foot fenced in yard and a cat-free home, I hereby promise to be your loyal, loving, lifetime buddy. To find out more, or if you need driving directions, please call Paw’s Place at 910-845-PAWS. Let’s get to know one another, OK?

Hi! My name is Smokey and I'm a sweet bear of a guy. I was found in the middle of the road and about to be hit by a car. A nice lady rescued me and now I need a home! I am neutered, vaccinated, crate-trained and heartworm negative. They say I'm probably an Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd mix. I am quite a handsome guy! I have one brown and one blue eye, and I'm a large dog. I love belly rubs!! Please adopt me and love me forever. For more information about me or to inquire about the adoption process, please contact Compassion in Action at or 910-294-1589.

I am sponsored by Christine Watkins of A Pet Nanny. Thank you!

I am sponsored by in honor of Chris and Kim McKeeman. Thank you!

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4 February 2010

URGENT, URGENT! I’m Running Out of Time!! I appeared in the magazine last month and lots of people called about me, but no one actually came out to visit! I hope this month things will change. It’s easy to get here, I promise, and soon you’ll be standing at my kennel door, looking into my soft brown eyes. My name is Bacall (CF1782) and I’m a Lab/Shepherd mix. I was picked up by the side of the road...I was lost! The animal control officers wish I could talk and tell them what happened. I am such a sweetheart, so everyone thinks I must have been part of a family at some point. At just 1-year of age, I’m a little girl who walks well on a leash and I really enjoy treats. In fact, just check out my photo and you can see me sitting on command, waiting for that dog cookie to land in my mouth. I have a calm, friendly and affectionate demeanor and I get along with my doggie neighbors. (By that I mean the dogs in the kennels to the left and right of me.) Please, won’t someone come and take me home? Call Pender County Animal Shelter at 910-259-1349 or Officer Clewis at 910-279-3196 so we can get together soon!

Hey Everyone! My name is Bink. I'm a 4 to 5-year-old Golden Retriever who was rescued by the Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue. I had been hit by a car and not given veterinary care. Long story short, I have been in the hospital for a very long time, but I'm getting close to being released and am looking for a foster family or even better, my forever family! Due to severe pneumonia, I have had my right lung removed. I also had hip surgery as a result of the car hitting me. I have defied all odds and am doing great! I need to go to a home where there aren't any other dogs, or perhaps a single dog who is more laid back. You see, I'm not supposed to do a lot of rough-housing and get crazy exercise. I'm great with kids, other dogs and have the patience of a Saint! I would make the perfect companion for someone who wants a best friend to chill out with. What can be better than a Golden Retriever who doesn't need a lot of exercise? If you are interested in finding out more about me, contact the Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue at 910-791-5001 or log onto Everyone says I'm "special and one of a kind...AND awesome" so I know I won't let you down.

I am sponsored by Francesca Slaughter in loving memory of Casper and Lucy.

I am sponsored in loving memory of Sheldon Ponton, CFGRR Rescue.

Volume 8 - Number 11

PawPrints Magazine™ Publishers / Editors Kelly Wall & Diane Pour

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Cover Photographer Dick Parrott

PET OF THE MONTH “Homer” page 56

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Animal Shelters & Organizations: Adopt-an-ANGEL……………………..……….....….…….... 9 Brunswick County Animal Services...……….…….….…..11 Cape Fear House Rabbit Society………………………... 13 Cat Adoption Team………………………..………………. 15 Cat Tails…………………….………………………...…….. 17 New Hanover County Animal Control Services…..….…. 19 New Hanover Humane Society…………………………... 21 PAW’S Place………..……………………………………... 23 Pender County Animal Shelter…………………………… 33 Pender County Humane Society…..…………….……..... 35 Southport Oak Island Animal Rescue..…………….……. 39 Sunburst Foundation of Wilmington…………...……….... 41 Tails U Win…...………….……………………………….... 45 Various Local Rescues...……………………...………. 50-51 Breed Rescues...…...……….………...…………...……… 53




February 2010 7

URGENT, URGENT! I’m Running Out of Time!! It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been at the shelter since August 27. From my kennel, I watched summer come to an end and slide into fall. Fall turned to winter and I started to hear people talk about Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then New Year’s, but my life seems to be one endless day and night. When will I have something to look forward to? Could you be the one I’m waiting for? My name is Buttons (CF1476) and I’m a 2-year-old female Beagle mix with a kind and gentle personality. I was found as a stray with my sister. She used to be in the kennel beside me and that made me happy, but she was adopted two months ago and the Animal Control officers have noticed that I seem to have gotten sadder since she left. My human friends have grown very fond of me and want me to have a wonderful new life. I take treats very gently from their fingers, I get along well with other dogs, I keep my kennel clean and I’m quiet, rarely barking. They say I truly come alive when I go outside to play. It’s just so nice to be out of that kennel, even if it’s for a short time. I hope my future includes many more days in the sun, especially if they’re spent with someone like you. To adopt me, please call Pender County Animal Shelter at 910-2591349 or Officer Clewis at 910-279-3196. I’ll be forever grateful. I am sponsored in loving memory of Harper Williams.

Do you have a kind, compassionate heart? I’ve heard there are people like you out there, but so far I’ve met the cold-hearted ones. Can you see the scar above my nose? It continues under my mouth, too. Someone apparently wired my mouth shut. The reason behind it is impossible to fathom. I’m a sweetheart who wants nothing more than to please my humans. Luckily, I got away from my abusers because I was found on a dirt road and am now enjoying all the positive attention I’m getting at Paw’s Place. My name is La Roux and I’m a miniature female Red Bone Hound. I want to stress the ‘miniature’ part because I weigh just 29 to 30 pounds and am fully grown at 1-year. Despite the cruelty in my past, I adore people, love to be rubbed, and am friendly and affectionate. I enjoy playing with toys and other dogs and would be delighted to have a cat-free home with a fenced-in yard. I’m already spayed, vaccinated and on heartworm prevention, so I’m ready to go! Call Paw’s Place at 910-845-PAWS and tell them you’re coming for me. I am sponsored by Top Toad in the Cotton Exchange in Downtown Wilmington, NC.

Adopt-An-ANGEL Please call 910-392-0557 to adopt us! ◄My name is Bustus Wonthunt and I am a retired hunting dog. In fact, I was rescued on the last day of hunting season imagine that! I was skin and bones and completely worn out. I was wearing a collar with my owner's name and number but when the shelter called him, he never came to get me. I am incredibly sweet and friendly. I love to lounge around and be lazy. I am GREAT with other dogs and kids. Special thanks to Donna French and Bill Holland for sponsoring my adoption from Animal Control.

►WOW! What a gem I am and Adopt-an-Angel can hardly believe that they found me homeless at Animal Control like someone's discarded trash. Like they say, one man's garbage is another man's treasure. It goes to show you that you can find great animals at our Animal Controls if you just LOOK. My name is Cocoa and I am adorable with such an endearing personality. I get along with cats, dogs, kids, and everything else you could toss my way. Still, I ran out of time. Fortunately, Adopt-an-Angel had some room and Robert Sheridan had some money and that's how I got to be where I am right now. Special kudos to Mr. Sheridan! ◄My name is Brady and I am an active Shepherd mix. My owner turned me in to Animal Control because she couldn't keep me anymore. Then, I ran out of time. Fortunately, Adopt-an-Angel had room and Robert Sheridan paid my adoption fee. Boy, I like that guy! I like to romp, run and play. I am a real beauty, just look at me! I am neutered, heartworm negative and have all my shots. Come meet me and give me another chance.

►My name is Bobo and I am a sweetheart! I was found running loose as a stray around Christmas time. I probably had a home, and just slipped away and no one looked for me. Even though I was advertised, no one claimed me. I get along well with cats, dogs and kids and I am even house-trained. I am a little energetic, but that just makes me more fun! Special thanks to Donna French and Bill Holland for sponsoring my adoption fee so that Adopt-AnANGEL could take me when they had room. ◄My name is Buddy and I am a lotta fun. I like to run and play and I have some energy. I would do best in a fenced in yard with an active family. I spent Christmas at Animal Control, homeless. That is a bummer, but it was an even bigger bummer when I ran out of time in early January. It was hard to swallow that no one wanted me. Luckily for me, Adopt-an-Angel had room and Robert Sheridan paid my adoption fee. He's a great guy! I owe him my life. It's sad to see last summer's puppies back at Animal Control when they are teenagers because no one took time to work with us, but that's what happens. I am one happy go lucky teenager who wants a home that will last this time.

►Look at me! Check out these ears! My name is Pretty Girl and I am a very sweet Boxer mix with gorgeous blue eyes and brindle and white fur. I am very sweet and gentle. I love treats and I am very food motivated. Use it to your advantage and you could probably train me to do great things. I spent my Christmas at Animal Control only to run out of time in early January, too. Like Brady and Buddy, Robert Sheridan also came to my rescue! He paid my adoption fee and Adopt-an-Angel had some room. A lot of people thought I was worth saving so that YOU could come and adopt me.

P.O. Box 15095, Wilmington, NC 28408 February 2010 9

HEY, IS ANYONE OUT THERE?!? I just can’t figure out how I get overlooked every month. I am a really, really nice dog and I’m looking forward to enriching your life with my antics, love and just allaround good nature. I love to play, am very smart and obedient, too. You see, I was in a school called the Pawsitive Partners Prison Program over the past holidays and have graduated and am ready to leave, but I need a place to about your house? My name is Ralph and I’m about 1½years-old. They call me a flat-coated Retriever mix and I have a beautiful, shiny black coat. Every dog in this program has found a home except me! Can I be your valentine? Please call 910-297-0290 or send an email to You can also apply for me online at I am sponsored in support of the Pawsitive Partners Prison Program. Please visit their website at for more information.

Hello there! My name is Carla and I'm an 11-month-old girl who is looking for a true furever family! You see, I was adopted from Pender County Humane Society when I was a 2-month-old puppy. Just a short time ago, I was returned. I'm confused and so are my friends at the shelter. They tell me that it's sad, but sometimes people don't realize that a puppy grows up and is a lifelong commitment. Here’s the good news: I’m house-trained and leash-trained and I know how to sit, shake hands and roll over for a treat. I love going for car rides and I enjoy sleeping in the bed, if it’s allowed. I’ve never nipped or growled at anyone and I’m used to living indoors with the family. As for my health, I’m in great shape! I'm spayed, current on my vaccinations, and on heartworm prevention. Also, I'm as sweet and cute as can be! I'm optimistic that my furever family is reading this and will soon come visit. If you need directions, call the shelter at 910-259-7022 and they’ll be happy to help you! I am sponsored by in honor of Jason and Keely Jones. Thank you!

Brunswick County Animal Services Please call 910-754-8204 to adopt us! ►URGENT,



My time is running out! My name is Skyler (17843) and I’ve been here since November 23! I’m so friendly and affectionate why am I running out of time? I’m a 1-year-old boy who is slender and perhaps mixed with Whippet. I’m happy and loving and I’m eager to please. I know how to sit on command and I will also shake your hand with my paw. My tail is always wagging and I have the sweetest face and smile. Please come meet me! You’ll see what a darling boy I am in the playroom. How about today? I’m waiting here for you! ◄I’m a great kisser and a great cuddler - so why am I without a family? My name is Roxy (20304) and I’m a 7-month-old black and tan Shepherd mix girl. I’m a perfect size (not too big or small) and I have the kindest, most loving personality. All I want is to be close to you, whether sitting at your feet or snuggling. I make the cutest smacking sounds when eating a dog cookie and I’m so very adorable! ►Hi there! We are three Tortoiseshell sisters and we have one ebonycolored brother pictured below holding name is Abbie! My brother is Adam and my two sisters at top are Anna and Ashley (20589, 20590, 20591, 20593.) Our owner could no longer afford to keep us and brought us to the shelter with our mother. We are just 8-weeks-old and we are cuddly, playful and extremely kissable! Come meet us and choose the one you’d like to take home!

is running out! How can a friendly, Family Dog like me be running out of time!!?? My name is Holden (18474) and I hope someone reading this will decide to come get me. Once we’re in the playroom together, you’ll see why everyone is so surprised I haven’t been adopted! I was found as a stray, but someone obviously once loved me and taught me many good things. I know how to sit on command and will shake your hand. I walk well on a leash and am friendly to everyone. I appear to be an Australian Shepherd mix and am just 3years-old. I’m a medium-sized boy but I think I’m a lap dog. I sure do love to cuddle and I enjoy playing with toys. You’ll find I’m a super-sweet fellow with a loving heart. Adopt me! ►Gentle, loveable and made-to-be kissed, that’s me! My name is Taco (20305) and I’m a 7-monthold Shepherd mix boy who wants nothing more than a human to call my own. I want to be loved so badly, and will sit quietly at your feet, gazing at you with adoring eyes. I love to be massaged and I love to snuggle. I don’t ask for much at all and I promise to be your best friend for life. ►Hello! My name is Princess Sabrina (20243) and I just can’t imagine how I ended up here! I was found as a stray, but I’m so friendly to humans and so easy-going around them that everyone believes I must have once had a loving home. I really enjoy being petted and I have the most laid-back and gentle personality you could hope for. I’m just 2-years-old so I have a lifetime of memories to start making with you!

429 Greenswamp Road Supply, NC 28462 February 2010 11

Dineen Animal Hospital 1132 Floral Parkway - Wilmington, NC 28403 JEFF J. DINEEN, D.V.M. SAM SMITH, D.V.M. JAN BATTEN, D.V.M. ALISON HANSON, D.V.M. STEPHEN ANDERSON, D.V.M.

(910) 799-3400

Yappy Valentine's Day to All Our Furry Friends! Order your pet's personalized Valentine Cake $5.00 - deadline for orders: Feb. 11

Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. 5905 Carolina Beach Road #9 910.794.4014

Cats ~ Dogs ~ Exotics

Hello, my name is Melody! I was rescued at Animal Control with my four tiny kittens when my family moved and decided they couldn't take us with them. My kittens are all gone, so now it's my turn to find a home. I'm about 2-years-old and am a very quiet, mellow, black kitty with the most beautiful green eyes you've ever seen. I'm also polydactyl, which means I have extra toes. You can see them in my picture! I'm a very sweet cat, but just a little shy until I get to know you. I also get along OK with the other cat and the dog in my foster home. Oh yes, I’m up to date on my shots and spayed. If you can give me a second chance, please call 910-271-3101.

Hi there, my name is Truffles! I was a stray that was rescued from the parking lot of the local pizza place. I'm about 2years-old, and am a beautiful, fluffy, gray and white long-haired cat. I would really like to find a forever home. I get along with all the animals I meet and I especially like to follow my foster mom around and rub against her legs. I’m also spayed and up to date on all my shots. Please call 910-271-3101 for more information about me.

I am sponsored by Pet Friends of Duplin County. Thank you!

I am sponsored by Pet Friends of Duplin County. Thank you!

12 February 2010

Cape Fear House Rabbit Society Please call 910-798-0103 or email to adopt us! ►Can you see why my foster mom named me Princess? If you meet me you will want to take me home and treat me like a queen! I am as sweet and friendly as I look! I am a young, 5 pound, female rabbit who loves to explore and meet new people. I have lots of energy and would love to have an active household to be a part of. ◄Wow, what a bummer! Here I thought I had the perfect home – house in the suburbs, kids, dog, lots of love and attention. It was everything a bunny could want and then they said they’d become allergic to me and couldn’t keep me. After a taste of the good life, I know I can find the right family next time. They loved my sweet personality and how I entertained them with my dancing and my curious nature. I am a beautiful little 4 pound white rabbit with gray markings named Abby. I am about 2-years-old, spayed and littertrained. I sure would love that second chance.

February is Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month For the first time, Cape Fear House Rabbit Society will be at the Schwartz Center on Sunday, February 21 for the Monty's Home Pet Expo. We are looking forward to having displays on proper rabbit care, lots of good information about successfully living with a rabbit in the house as a companion pet and hope to educate a good portion of the public in this area about rabbits. Please come to this very worthwhile event and pay us a visit.

►Hi, my name is Punkin, and I sure am happy to be here! My time was up at Animal Control and I am here to make the most of my second chance. I am a tiny little female mini-rex mix with lots of personality and a very loving spirit. I am friendly and curious and will keep you entertained with my playing and dancing. I need lots of room to run in a bunnyproofed space with toys like cardboard boxes and wicker baskets - and of course, you, so I can shower you with attention! I am spayed and litterbox-trained.

Wilmington, NC

◄Hi! I’m Jenny, the multi-colored Rex rabbit on the left and my friend is Eli. We are a couple of very loving bunnies looking for a new home since our mom had to go back to work and cannot care for us any more. We promise to be very neat, always use our litterbox and not make messes with our toys. We do recommend you do a little bunny-proofing of your electric cords when you let us out to play! We enjoy playing, petting, eating our salads and just laying next to each other quietly. Please consider us if you are looking for a bunny companion or two. ►Hey there! I’m Ollie, and as you can see, I am pretty content, laying next to a couple of my favorite toys: my cardboard box and my phone book. This indoor life is pretty darn good after my previous days outdoors. I don’t get excited about much, except food, which always has me jumping for joy. I get along with dogs, cats and people, and have been neutered and litterbox-trained. I am about 2-years-old, weigh about six pounds and am a beautiful cinnamon and white color. I know, I am shamelessly bragging in hopes that someone will take me home with them! Are you the one? ►I’m Lola and I’m lonely. I really need a rabbit friend. Here in rescue they have me next to other rabbits, and I lay as close to them as I can because I want to be their friend. I think how special it would be if I could groom them and lay right next to them and be with them forever. People are okay, once I get to know them. They can pet me and I like to come out and run around and play, but life would just be so much happier for me with another bunny to love. I look just like the wild rabbits you see in the yard although I am the opposite of a wild bunny. I weigh 6 pounds, am perfect with my litterbox, and if you have a male bunny looking for a friend, I sure would like to meet him! February 2010 13

Love Connection

Where Is He Now? Peggety, re-named Mr. Kitten, featured in September 2009 Rescued at 2-weeks of age from children who were attempting to poke out his eye and run him over with bicycles, Peggety endured eye removal surgery and weeks of homelessness, but never surrendered his love for life or for humans. In September 2009, he was featured as a special-needs kitten in PawPrints, and made a plea to readers for a new start in life with kind, compassionate humans. Leanne Scalfaro answered his call. Today, Leanne tells how Peggety entered her life and how he’s changed hers for the better: “I was looking through PawPrints at Petsmart when I came across his photo and story. My heart just dropped to the floor. I could not believe anyone, let alone children, would hurt a 2-week-old kitten! I didn’t even think twice about it - I called The Purrfect Adoption to make sure he was still there, and to let them know I would be on my way after work. I felt like I had to help make up for what had been done to him. I knew I could show him the kinder side of people, and give him the love he truly deserved. After speeding to make it before closing and losing my way twice, I finally made it to the Surf City Animal Hospital, where The Purrfect Adoption is located. They knew who I was there for because I had called a million times, I guess they recognized my voice. They brought my little baby out and it was love at first sight! He was so little and fragile and I just wanted to comfort him immediately. When we got home, the dogs absolutely loved him. They were so gentle with him; I think they knew he was fragile. He then just curled up next to my boyfriend, “We love him so much,” says Leanne of Peggety, Matt, and went to sleep. now Mr. Kitten, pictured Matt and I tried to think of at home. “We’re glad that a new name for him and we PawPrints exists or we originally named him may not have found him!” ‘Trooper’ for being such a

Share Your Story With Us!

trooper when it came to losing his eye and recovering. But I just randomly started calling him my little Mr. Kitten and now that’s what he goes by. He knows his name and when you say it, he stops whatever he’s doing and comes to see you. It’s really cute. Mr. Kitten’s favorite thing to do, by far, is playing with the dogs. He is the only cat we have and he has definitely picked up on the dog’s playfulness. He plays with the dogs just like he IS a dog. They all sleep and cuddle together, too. Sometimes we swear he doesn’t know he’s a cat. He doesn’t let having one eye slow him down at all. Mr. Kitten has brought a lot of joy and love to my life, but he’s also inspired me to make life better for Mr. Kitten enjoys sleeping animals. Since adopting with canine brother Zeus, often him I have rescued two wrapping his paws around him. other animals and have started a career at a vet clinic. My life is about animals now. I would love to start a program where you go into schools and educate children on animal abuse. I would call it ‘Mr. Kitten’s Pawsitive Program’ and take him into classrooms with me. I am still trying to make it happen and have applied for scholarships and grants so that what happened to him won’t happen to other animals. You see things about violence toward animals on TV and it never really hits you until you see it in person. Because of him, I want to make it my life goal to help as many as I can. I love Mr. Kitten because he’s a prime example of how an animal can receive the most horrible treatment from humans and still show us love and affection.”

“He fit right in with our big, furry family,” says Leanne, in center, holding Mr. Kitten. From left to right is boyfriend Matt Esteves (holding Luna and Zeus), Koda and Otis.

If you’ve adopted your companion animal after seeing him or her in PawPrints, please call 910-264-3647 and let us know.

CAT: Cat Adoption Team Please call 910-792-9014 to adopt us! ◄If I look surprised, it’s because a peacock feather suddenly appeared in front of me! While I’m staring at it, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I’m Tori, a 1½-year-old girl who is vaccinated, litterboxtrained and spayed. I come when called and I enjoy being held and kissed. I get along fine with other kitties and would be a great family pet. Let’s go on home! ►My name is Mambo and I’m a gorgeous cat with a luxurious coat of hair. The mane around my neck makes me look like a regal lion. But don’t be fooled - I’m not ferocious, I’m as sweet as can be. I enjoy being held and have a gentle nature. I was once at Animal Control and was at first assumed to be a handsome boy. Well, they quickly found out I was a girl when I gave birth to kittens! My babies have all been adopted and now it’s my turn. I’m spayed, litterbox-trained, healthy and totally loveable! ◄I’m a 1½-year-old girl named Boo Boo and I’ve been through a lot in my short life. You see, someone dumped me behind a huge discount store and left me to fend for myself. Luckily, a retirement home was next door, and some kind seniors found me and got me help! I’m shy at first, but quickly warm up and enjoy being cuddled. I’m good with kids and other cats and would love to be yours!

Wilmington, NC

We’re at Petsmart 7 days a week.

►I may be a girl, but I wear a very snazzy tuxedo each and every day. I don’t even have to get it dry cleaned - I can wash it myself! My name is Minnie Mouse, but my friends call me ‘Mee Moe’ for short. I’m an 8month-old spayed feline who is good with chidren, dogs and other cats. My favorite spot in the world is wherever my human might be, especially if I am cuddling in his or her lap. I’m a lowmaintenance, litter-trained darling who just wants to be loved. Would you give me a place to lay my head for now and forever? ◄Looking for a friendly, social and affectionate boy? Your search has reached an end because I’m all that and more! My name is Rudy and I was found at Animal Control. My teeth were infected and some had to be removed, but now I’m as healthy as can be and I eat just fine. (Wet or dry food is all delicious to me.) I’m an 11-monthold boy who gets along well with other cats, but my favorite species is human! I just love them. Won’t you adopt me? ◄Hello up there! Wow, you’re tall. How about picking me up and taking me home? My name is Edgar and I was born in May of 2009. I’m a neutered boy who is very sweet and playful. I love to cuddle with humans, and I get along with cats, dogs and kids. I would be a great companion to a single-person or to a big family! Come meet me today! February 2010 15

Hampstead Family Pharmacy 15489 US Hwy 17 N - Hampstead, NC

270-1077 We're Here For All of Your Prescription Needs

"Dreyfu s


For the Best Gourmet Cat Food Around... 1117 Yaupon Drive Oak Island, NC 28465

I was adopted from New Hanover Animal Control!

American Red Cross Pet CPR & First Aid Certified

910-620-9671 Bonded & Insured Free Consultations

Pet Feeding/Watering Pet Play/Cuddle Time Dog Walking Field Trips and More!

(910) 278-1234

Cat Tails Please call 910-253-1375 to adopt us! ►Tired of that same old cold cereal for breakfast? Why not have Waffles instead? Your breakfast could be so much more exciting with me, in fact, your whole day would be better. I am a beautiful black and white boy who will be celebrating his second birthday in March. Please make it special and take me home! If you have other kitties we can invite them too, as I like furry friends.

►Please consider a cat with a silly name. My name is Tater Tot and I am a 3½-year-old Calico who is very outgoing. I was adopted as a baby but my family could no longer afford to take care of me. My friend “Misty” was readopted last week, so don’t make me hang around this place much longer. Take me home and give me a beautiful name to go with my beautiful color. ►Unlike the writer, Agatha Christy, there is nothing mysterious about me. I am an 8month-old, sweet, gentle female. Unlike most Tabby cats I have very dramatic stripes, which is good, otherwise with my quiet personality, you might not notice me. So when you need a good book to put you to sleep, try me instead. With a few strokes on my head, I guarantee you’ll relax and we’ll both fall fast asleep.

▲I’m not really a Pilgrim, just a Thanksgiving treat! You see I was rescued on Thanksgiving morning, found under a bush in someone's front yard. I am a 5-monthold, female Calico Tabby. I am very sweet and quiet, which means I am often overlooked. If you take me home with you I will be “thankful” furever! ►I’m Sinbad the sailor cat! I live on an island in Ocean Isle. Please come rescue me! I am shy at first but I promise once you get to know me you will love me! I am just an adolescent, at 14-months, so there is plenty of time for us to make our own fairy tale. If you’ve been searching but unable to find that special “someone”, please give me a chance and I’ll prove to you they are out there.

►I am king of Cat Tails! My name is Emery and I am the biggest cat at the building. Being the biggest means I rule. But even though I am “BMOC” I am very sweet and love nothing more than to sit in the window and watch the world. At 18-months-old, I am done growing but still packing on the pounds. I am willing to succumb and play second fiddle to that special someone, you. I’ll make you king of the castle and I’ll be the little prince. ►Lucyyyyyyy where are you? My name is Desi and I am looking for my Lucy. Are you her? If you want a big, friendly, male Tabby with big green eyes, who won’t play the bongos all night, come visit me in room 6. I can be that perfect male companion, cute, cuddly, and quiet! But be prepared, ‘cause I am going to be a big cat!

6622 Beach Drive SW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

February 2010 17

Now is this the biggest smile you’ve ever seen? My name is Petey and I’m a happy boy who likes to have fun. Unfortunately, life hasn’t been too fun lately because my owners were forced to downsize due to the economy and I was brought back to the shelter. I’m getting a bit depressed because I’m used to living in a home and getting exercise with my family. At 9-years of age and 65 pounds, I’m a great companion. I am house-trained, leash-trained, and good at agility. I love swimming in the summer and taking family road trips. Obviously, I adore people and am also neutered, vaccinated and on heartworm prevention. I have so many wonderful years to give someone...won’t you please adopt me? Call Paw’s Place at 910-845PAWS and ask them how we can meet!

Simply gorgeous! I’m a long-haired Tortoiseshell kitten with green eyes and the most unusually colored fur. It’s like warm caramel, with fudge and butterscotch markings. My name is Chesapeake and, at just 10-weeksold, I’ve got a lot of growing up to do! Right now I’m a tiny ball of fluff, just perfect for holding and cuddling. I was found in a briar bush when I was a few weeks old. The thorns in the bush were holding me captive and I was meowing my little heart out! My rescuer took great care of me, giving me a bottle so that I could drink kitten formula. Because she held me during these feedings, I’m very comfortable with humans and enjoy being held. I’m a sweet and playful girl who likes to get belly rubs. I’m social, but I’m quiet and rarely meow. (Maybe I got all my meows out of my system while in that briar bush!) I am negative for FIV and FeLV, which is great news! I am also good with other kittens. If you’d like to make me yours, please call The Purrfect Adoption at 910-329-4700 today!

I am sponsored by Hank and Grace Harrington. Thanks!

I am sponsored by the UNCW Pre-Veterinary Medical Association. Thank you!

New Hanover County Animal Control Services Please call 910-798-7500 to adopt us! ◄Life is definitely worth living and I hope you’ll give me the chance to do just that! My name is Marley (A232891) and I’m a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever mix. I’m very happy and I’m already neutered. I’m a friendly and playful boy who is eager to please. I’m also motivated by food so you’ll be able to teach me lots of stuff. I’m a beautiful guy with a beautiful personality. Let’s love life together.

►Are you looking for a kitty to keep you warm on these cold winter days? My name is Argyle (A233088) and I’m just 2-years-old. I was brought in to Animal Control as a stray and I’m not very pleased with my current situation. I don't like being in a cage and here at the shelter with all of these strange kitties. I enjoy neck rubs, I like being held and I will purr as loud as I can to let you know I’m enjoying it. Adopt me before time runs out.

►Rescue me not only because of who I am but who I’m to become! My name is Wolfman Jack (A233051)and I’m a 1-year-old Schnauzer mix. I’m neutered, leash-trained and just a scruffy, cuddly Lap Dog. I’m also content being next to you if you don’t want me in your lap. Boy let me tell you, I can snuggle like no body’s business. I enjoy hugs and kisses and I’m eagerly waiting for the chance to go home with you. Are you looking for a perfect naptime cuddly companion? I certainly hope you’ll pick me. It’s lonely here without you. ◄Did you know that cats can’t live outside of North Carolina? That’s what my paperwork says! My reason for surrender is that my owners were moving out of state! Well, I wouldn’t want to live in such a place anyway! My name is Izzy (A233372) and I’m a terrific kitty. I enjoy playing in water and I’m good with other cats. Want a playful friend, I’ll deliver. Want to snuggle and feel loved, I’ll be there for you. I can play with the best of them and love with just as much determination. I’m a load of fun and I love to be held. I have lots of personality and I give sweet sandpaper kisses. Get the picture yet? Hurry on out to the shelter so that we can save each other.

180 Division Dr. Wilmington, NC 28401

◄My owners could no longer afford to keep me so now I’m here hoping for a second chance. My name is Chauncey (A163036) and I’m an 8year-old sweetie pie. I am neutered, declawed, littertrained and good with kids and other animals. I’m very affectionate and will rub up against your hand or your leg - whichever is closest to me! I’m a big purrer, I like to make biscuits when I’m held and I need to only be kept inside. I have no claws to defend myself so that last part is a must!! Love ya! ►I’m everything you could want from a canine companion. My ability to make you smile comes with a 100% guarantee. I am sweet and loving, funny and silly, and oh so cuddly. Everyone calls me Lilly (A232502) and I’m a 6month-old Boxer and Labrador Retriever mix. I was brought here to the shelter as a stray and have since been spayed. I know how to sit on command and I like to be by your side. I also LOVE to play with toys. Guess you could say I’m a toy-oholic. I like stuffed ones and ones that squeak and I will toss them and shake them in the silliest ways. My whole body exudes joy while I’m playing. If you like to love and laugh, you don’t want to miss out on a pooch like me. February 2010 19

Attention Veterinarians and Staff: We help you meet your patients' needs, providing custom medications, formulations and flavorings for that special dog or cat (or ferret, turtle, hamster or guinea pig) in your life. We love helping you help them. Elizabeth, Kelly, Coo, Carla, and Hal

2231 South College Road Wilmington, NC 28403 Phone 910-452-7098 Fax 910-452-7091

Hi, my name is Ms. Mina, which means "love, will, desire and protector". Why was I given such a name? In desperate hope of finding food and shelter for my beautiful baby, Tinkerbell, I was seen for days wandering the streets of Southport with her strolling behind. I had no home and being that my recently weaned baby was on the brink of complete starvation, I knew I had to find someone to help her! As Mother Nature had it...I finally did! My strong will paid off and finally some nice ladies took notice and nursed both me and my baby back to health. Tinkerbell found a wonderful home but now I need one, too! I am a healthy, sweet, quiet kitty who is spayed, tested (negative), vaccinated and approximately 1 to 2years-old at best. Some say I resemble a Torbie (Tabby/ Tortoiseshell). I have a gorgeous coat - a gray tabby with peach and cream around my legs and face. I love to curl up on your lap and will purr and rub my head against you. I like other cats and now that my baby is safe and sound, I would like to have a home where I can relax and play. Please give me a second chance by contacting Linda at 910-294-1589.

Hello there, my name is Ranger! I’m a 2½ to 3-yearold Hound mix, weighing in at approximately 53 pounds, and I love to snuggle! If you get too close, you may find me sprawled across your lap or trying to rest my head on your shoulder. I was found in a residential area and was very thin. I also had a broken leg and other medical needs. My compassionate rescuers took care of me and now I’m in excellent health and my leg is healed! I’m heartworm negative, crate-trained and neutered. I love to go on walks and play with other animals. You’ll find I’m a very loyal, playful and affectionate boy who bonds instantly with those who show me affection. I’m looking for a loving, permanent home where I will be part of a family. If you think you’re the one for me, please contact Bena at 910-367-8700.

New Hanover Humane Society Please call 910-763-6692 to adopt us! ◄I’ve lived in one home all my life, but when my owners moved away they said they couldn’t take me with them. I just don’t understand. My name is Raven and I’m a female Lab mix who is trying to make the best of a sad situation. I know how to sit on command and I get along great with children. In fact, I lived with a 4-year-old in my previous life. I’d like to be the only canine in my new home, though. Let’s meet!

►I’m a declawed girl named Zippy and I would love for you to take me home! I used to Spot belong to someone, but they moved away. I’m very friendly and I bet that you and I would be perfect living partners! Don’t worry if you have other felines - I get along just fine with other cats and have lived harmoniously with the ones here at the shelter. Because my front paws are declawed, I’ll need to be kept indoors out of harm’s way. At 2-years of age, I’m spayed, vaccinated and litterbox-trained. Let’s go! ◄Hey there, I’m Apollo! Need an instant friend? Because I’m friendly to everyone I meet. You’d never know I came from such sad circumstances. You see, I was once part of a family but my owner could no longer afford to keep me and had to move into a smaller house. I’m looking forward to the future with you, though! I’m a 1-year-old Lab/Terrier mix who is neutered, up to date on shots and on heartworm prevention. I am great with children and other dogs and I’m used to playing in a fenced-in yard while living inside with my family. I’m also house-trained and familiar with basic commands. Adopt me!

Open 10am-2pm Mon-Sat

◄My story is sad...would you provide it with a happy ending? I’m a mature girl named Kocoa and I’m a Yellow Lab mix. I recently lost my home when my daddy had to go into an assisted living facility. There was no one else to take care of me. I am a very sweet girl, although I’m bewildered by what’s happened to my once happy life. I’m house-trained, spayed and on heartworm prevention. I just want someone to hold me and keep me safe and warm for the rest of my days. How about you?

Please call about our low cost spay/neuter program.

910-763-6692 ►I’m a gorgeous female kitten with the sweetest personality you ever did see. I also enjoy playing with toys, snuggling with humans and eating good food. My pleasures in life are simple and I’m sure you could provide them with no trouble. I was found as a stray and haven’t been named, but I bet you could think of a good one, yes? I’m just 8-months old and want to spend my life with you! ◄I’m a big boy and my name is Thunder! I’m mixed with Great Dane and weigh in at 91 pounds. You could call me a gentle giant, though, because I’m so sweet and kind. I love children of all ages and I’m also good with other dogs and cats. I would be a wonderful companion because I already know so much: I can sit on command and am housetrained and crate-trained. I’m a young fellow who has many years ahead to spend with you!

2405 North 23rd Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

February 2010 21

Ready to hear a heartwarming story? Once upon a time, a man noticed a mother cat disappear into his car’s engine with three kittens. (One of them was me!) She quickly hopped out and ran away. Thinking she would come back, he waited a while..and waited...and waited. Finally, he jacked up his car and spent a long time looking in the inner machinery of his car until he found us. We were just a few weeks old! He got us to the vet, then bottlefed us until we were healthy and strong. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep us forever, so he put us on the road to adoption. My two brothers have found homes and now I’m all alone! All I can do is wait for you to walk through the door. My name is Sage and I’m 7-months-old. I’m a little girl who is spayed, vaccinated and litterbox-trained. I love to be held and am extremely sweet and precious. I’m also playful and a lot of fun. So what are you waiting for? Call The Purrfect Adoption at 910-329-4700 and let me be your lifetime buddy! I am sponsored by Phoenix Rising Agency, Inc. Thank you!

I hope the journey I’ve been on ends with you! My name is Addie B and I’m a Walker Hound who was found as a stray on Highway 211. I was little more than a bag of bones, covered in fleas, ticks and sores. My friends at SOAR got me to the vet immediately and now I’m flea and tick free, my sores are healed, and I’ve put on a good amount of weight. In fact, I’ve discovered that Chicken McNuggets are a nice little treat to have now and then! I’m a 1-year-old girl with a sweet and friendly disposition. I get along well with everybody: men, women, children, dogs and cats. I am spayed, vaccinated and on heartworm prevention. Everyone was delighted to find that I was heartworm free! If you’d like to give me a very Happy Valentine’s Day, please call SOAR at 910-457-6340 and tell them you’re interested in meeting Addie B. I’ll be waiting! I am sponsored by SOAR in loving memory of all their wonderful, furry friends who made it safely to the Rainbow Bridge.

FUNDS DESPERATELY NEEDED! Friends of Felines is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that is pleading for your help to raise desperately needed spay/neuter funds. Without these funds, Friends of Felines cannot continue its mission, which is to reduce the overpopulation of feral cats through a trap/spay-neuter/ vaccination and return program, essentially helping these cats live happier, healthier lives.

All donations are tax deductible and all money goes directly to the cats. PLEASE HELP THE CATS. Every penny collected is pledged to help feral cats of New Hanover County. Please mail your donation to:

Friends of Felines P.O. Box 475 Castle Hayne, NC 28429

Be Their Hope. For more information, visit or call 910-452-6721. Check us out on Facebook, too!

PAW’S Place Please call 910-845-PAWS to adopt us! ◄My name is Todd and I’m a great dog! My date of birth is April 1, 2004 and I weigh 55 pounds. I’m full of love and I’m also full of fun for you and your kids or grandkids. I’m housetrained and I have good house manners. If you already have a dog, please bring him or her to Paw’s Place and let’s see if we can become friends. I’m just aching to be some special person’s best friend and companion. Don’t make me wait! ►Hello! My name is Walker and I’m a very sweet boy! At 3-years of age and 65 to 70 pounds, I’m a Lab/ Hound mix who is neutered, vaccinated and on heartworm prevention. I love to play with other dogs, but would just as soon be hugged, kissed and brushed by a human. I LOVE my stuffed toys and will take them in my doggie house and play with them on my own. I’d be a perfect companion for an active couple or individual who likes to run or walk every day. Don’t miss the chance to adopt me! ►My name is Luna and I’m a 1½year-old Terrier mix girl. Folks tell me I’m awesome and that I have NO issues. I’ll play with anyone (except cats, they get me too excited) and I don’t mind sharing rawhides with any other dog. In fact, I love dogs and I love people, especially kids! I think everyone I meet is there to play with me or give me a hug. I hope 2010 will be the year that I am adopted. Please consider me!

(Call for a pre-adoption application and adoption fee info.)

◄My name is Wheelie and I’m a very happy, intelligent and loveable Hound boy who is friendly to every person and every dog I’ve ever met. I am 3-yearsold, neutered, vaccinated and on heartworm prevention. I’d love to be adopted by folks who will treat me like the wonderful fellow I am - I’d like to believe they will kiss me, hug me and show me what it feels like to be loved. Do you think you’re that person or family? If so, please hop in the car and come meet me! ►My name is Stella and I’ve been living at Paw’s Place for six of my eight years. It’s high time I got adopted, don’t you think? I’m a shy but gentle girl who is looking for a quiet home with one owner. I will come to you already spayed and vaccinated, and you can be sure that I faithfully take my heartworm pill every month. Won’t someone give me a chance? I’m ready to live with you. ►Hello, my name is Kohl! I’m a 5-year-old male Pointer mix who is sweet as can be. I love being around humans and would make an excellent companion for an active, energetic person. I’m housetrained, neutered, up to date on all my shots and my friends at the shelter make sure I get my heartworm prevention pill each month. Would you give me a wonderful new home? I’d be so grateful for you love!

3701 Boiling Spring Rd., Winnabow, NC 28479 February 2010 23


Amy S. Eutsey, D.V.M.

Welcome to Karyn West, DVM 106 Longstreet Drive Wilmington, NC 28412

Please visit our website:

(910) 799-4500 Proud to support PawPrints Magazine

Wishing You Warm, Fuzzy Hugs for Valentine’s Day! Adopt a Homeless Animal. It’ll Change Your Life Furever!

763-8476 110 Dock St. Downtown Wilmington Free Off-Street Parking

Hours M-F 8:30-5:00

Prayers do come true! In April of last year, I was standing in the middle of the road praying that an angel would come and rescue me from the hard, lonely world that I had been left to survive in alone. Thankfully, my prayers were answered and a kind stranger picked me up from the middle of that busy road! I was full of mattes, sandspurs, and the hair around my face was so overgrown that it covered my eyes and I could not see. My new life was about to begin with the help of a wonderful vet and a patient foster mom! My name is Libby and I’m a female salt and pepper mini-Schnauzer. I’m around 12years-old, but please do not let that deter you! So many adult animals get overlooked because people think that they won’t live long or that they are set in their ways. Just because we are older does not mean that we can’t love. We have just as much, if not more, love to give because we are being given a second chance! I love to be near or lying next to you. I’m very quiet and a complete attention hog. I’m not very active so if you are a laid-back person looking for a calm companion - I’m your gal! I’m a bit incontinent, but if kept on a schedule I do just fine. I have reduced vision but I easily adapt to new environments. A fenced-in yard is a requirement and another small dog for me to follow around would be nice, but not required. Cats do not bother me in the least. I require eye drops, but I let you put them in easily. I’m a true lady and just want to find a loving, forever home. If you have some time to share with a wonderful companion, please visit and fill out an application. If you need an application mailed or faxed to you, please call 910-264-8300.

Hi friends! My name is Sandy and I'm a 10-month-old female Shepherd mix. The person or family who adopts me will be so lucky! Want to know why? Well, I’m supersweet, playful and friendly. I know how to sit on command and I sure do love to be hugged and kissed. You’ll find I’m a great dog to cuddle with because I have really soft, poofy fur. Everyone loves to touch me! I’m also spayed, leash-trained, current on my vaccinations and on heartworm prevention. Do yourself a huge favor and come to the shelter to meet me. If you need driving directions, call Pender County Humane Society at 910-259-7022. They’ll be happy to tell you how to get here! They can also tell you more about me. I am sponsored by in honor of Jackie Settle.

I’m Heather, an 8-monthold Tabby with white markings. I’m one of those adorably sweet kittens who can get away with mischief because I’m so loving. One of my favorite things to do is snuggle your neck while you sit on the sofa. I will climb up behind you and move right in! I will wag my tail in delight when I know you are talking to me. I love cat toys and am very easygoing. I am dealing with a chronic eye condition and occasionally need eyedrops. I would make a great lap cat because I really adore people. Sometimes I get so happy that I even "roll over". It would be great if someone would adopt me and give me the love and little extra care I need for my eye condition. I do great with other cats as I’ve lived with several other cats for months now. Please contact my Operation Topcat foster mom, Margaret, by emailing or calling 910-619-7028.

Hey there, I’m Ella, a precious puppy looking for a brand new life! I was found wandering around the Walmart parking lot with another abandoned puppy. A local rescue took him in and SOAR rescued me! They believe I’m around 4 to 5-monthsold and that I’m a Hound mix. I have already been spayed and am up to date on my puppy vaccinations. I’m an extremely sweet girl. There’s no place I’d rather be than cuddling in your lap and feeling your kisses rain down on my face. And I’m smart, too! I’ve already mastered house-training. I’m great with kids, cats and other dogs and would be a wonderful companion for anyone. I’m very social and would have an awesome time at dog parks or other events with my new family. If you’d like to meet me, please call SOAR at 910-457-6340 and tell them you’re coming!

I am sponsored by Surf City Pet Hospital, which is working hand in hand with Operation Topcat.

I am sponsored by Top Toad in the Cotton Exchange in Downtown Wilmington, NC. Thank you!

PawPrints Magazine’s ♥ 8th Annual Cover Model Search ♥ If your furry family member was rescued from the streets or adopted from a shelter, we want to hear from you!

The Winners (one dog and one cat):

♥ ♥

Will be featured individually on the cover of PawPrints

♥ ♥

Will receive a high resolution photo CD of entire shoot

Will have a FREE private photo session with professional photographer Dick Parrott Gift basket for each winner courtesy of Aunt Kerry’s Pet Stop! NO Entry Fee!!

Just send us a picture and tell us in 300 words or less: Where you adopted or how you rescued your pet, How your life has changed since then, Why your pet should be on the cover, and most importantly how much you love them. Entries may be submitted via email:

or should be sent to: PawPrints Magazine, Cover Model Search P.O. Box 4834 Wilmington, NC 28406 Be sure to include daytime and evening phone numbers! First and Second Runners-up will also be featured in the magazine. Contest Rules: Deadline is March 5, 2010. Winner will be selected by judge’s decision. Photos will be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed. Judges and those employed by PawPrints Magazine are not eligible to win.

Winners must be able to transport the cover model to Dick Parrott’s studio on March 11th at 1:00 pm.






Joe Stoner, EA Road to Emmaus, Inc. Suite 3A, Building E 4006 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403

910-452-3009 Federal and All States Individual Business S-Corporations LLC’s and Partnerships Rental Property

Enrolled to Practice Before the IRS Since 1970

My name is Brandi and I’m a 2-yearold Collie and Shepherd mix. I’m current on vaccinations, spayed, and on heartworm preventative. I am a well-mannered young lady who loves attention from my humans. I’m good with children and like the companionship of other dogs but I can be touchy around other female dogs. I’m great on a leash, I enjoy walks, I like swimming, I like running in the woods and my favorite toys are stuffed animals! I’m totally house-trained and crate-trained and I have wonderful house manners. At times I get "Wanderlust" and try to escape from the fenced yard, so I need to be supervised when outside playing and I need to be kept indoors when my family is not home. If you would like more information about me or to inquire about the adoption process, please contact Carolina Animal Protection Society at 910-455-9682 or 910-382-4053. You may also visit us online at or at I am sponsored by my foster family.

Hi there! My name is Jessie and I'm a 3-year-old female Shepherd mix. I have a sorta sad story, but am hoping that someone will give me the happy ending I deserve! I was adopted from Pender County Humane Society when I was a young puppy, but was recently returned when the other dog in my family started fighting with me. Since he had been in the house longer, my family decided I had to leave. I'm still kind of frightened by this new environment, but I warm up quickly to new people and new doggie friends. Once I know someone, I'm super-cuddly and love to give hugs. And here’s more great news: I'm house-trained, leashtrained, spayed and current on my vaccinations. I’m gorgeous, too! Please come get to know me. Call Pender County Humane Society at 910-259-7022 and they’ll tell you how we can come face-to-face! I am sponsored by State Farm Rob Cutting Insurance Agency in honor of Molly.

Pender County Animal Shelter Please call 910-259-1349 or 910-279-3196 and leave a message to adopt us! ◄Here’s your chance to adopt a RARE orange Tabby girl! You see, orange cats are usually males. Not me, though! My name is Sunny Girl (FF1776) and I’m a 1 to 2-year-old feline who showed up at a man’s house in Burgaw. He thought I was a wonderful cat but was unable to keep me. That’s where you come in! I give loving headbutts to all I meet and I adore being rubbed. Let’s go home together! ►They’ve named me Cuddles (CF1981). Hmmm, could it be because I’m so cute and, well...cuddly? I think that’s it! After all, cuddling is my specialty. Take a look at my photo - I could have happily sat in this person’s hands all day! At just 6-weeks-old, I’m a baby Lab girl who was part of an unplanned litter. Our fate was to be abandoned at Animal Control. My brother is here and his name is Snuggles. (Guess how he got his name!) Adopt one of us! ►Hello! My name is Baby Cheddar (FM1825). I’m a 16week-old male kitten who has been living at the shelter since January 5th. Hey, that’s no way to start the new year! If you come adopt me, let’s pretend the year began in February. I’m an orange Tabby and I’m very social and friendly. I love to play with humans and I love to be cradled in their arms. Make me yours!

3280 New Savannah Rd., Burgaw, NC

◄Hey, how’s it going out there? To tell you the truth, I’d rather be out there with you instead of living in this cat cage. My name is Moo Moo (FF1821) and I hope you make my adoption wish come true! I’m a 1-year-old girl who arrived at the shelter with my feline brother. Our owner could no longer take care of us financially and brought us here. I’m a complete sweetheart who loves to be touched, kissed and cuddled. Please adopt me! ►I bet you’re wondering how an adorable puppy like me ended up at an animal shelter! Well, it’s the same old story. Our momma got pregnant and her owner didn’t want to keep us. My name is Buttercup (CF1954) and I’m a 6-week-old mixedbreed girl who is here with my baby sister. I love to be held and am playful and friendly. Hurry on over to the shelter and meet me. My puppy breath is divine and I bet we’ll fall in love! ►The humans who work here think I’m the greatest! They can’t understand why an affectionate and friendly boy like me hasn’t been adopted. My name is Sunny Delite (FM1803) and I’m a 2-year-old male who reaches out with my paws to touch you. I give headbutts to the bars on my cage, hoping you’ll open it. I flip over on my back to be rubbed. I was found as a stray but I’m a definite family cat! February 2010 33



Hi there, my name is Page and this is my best friend Coal. We’ve lived in a home together for many years and are so sad to be searching for a new place to lay our heads. It would be wonderful to be adopted together, but we can be adopted separately if we each go to a loving home. I’m an 8 to 9-year-old female Shepherd mix and I’m a 95 pound teddy bear. Coal is an 8-year-old male Lab mix with an easy smile and a loving personality. We are house-trained, obedient and eager to please. We love going for walks, playing with children above the age of six and we have lived harmoniously with a cat. We would be great companions for anyone. We are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and on heartworm prevention. Because we’ve lived in a home all our lives, we have great house manners and are well-adjusted, social, friendly dogs. Would you please consider adopting one of us? Or perhaps both? We promise to give you so much love and so much companionship! You’ll never be lonely again. Call the Sunburst Foundation at 910-622-0011 or email for more information. Hope to meet you soon! We are sponsored by the Karl Miller family. Thanks!

My story begins with quite a ‘shock’! You see, when I was found by a Good Samaritan, I had been zapped by an electric fence. I was just trying to climb over, and got the jolt of my life! The kind person rushed me to the vet where I was treated and put back on the road to good health. Just take a look at my photo - I’ve suffered no ill effects and am a happy, friendly, affectionate, orange Tabby boy. In memory of my introduction to electricity, I’ve been named Sparky. I’m a 4-monthold kitten who hopes that sparks will fly when you and I meet! I’m cuddly and kissable and I get along well with the other kittens in the playroom. I am already neutered, vaccinated and litterbox-trained. Would you adopt me? To find out how you can, please call Pender County Humane Society at 910-259-7022. I am sponsored by in honor of Jeff and Lynette Williams.

Pender County Humane Society Please call 910-259-7022 to adopt us! ◄Arfs from Amelia! I’m a flat-coated Retriever mix looking for a furever family. I’m very playful and friendly and I get along well with other dogs. When this photo was taken, I had just been spayed, so you won’t have to worry about doing that for me! You also won’t have to worry about having me vaccinated, as I’m already up to date! I am also leashtrained and would love to take a walk with you if you come visit me at the shelter. Hey, how about today? ►Hello there from Ozzie! It’s great to meet you. I'm a 2-year-old male Australian Shepherd mix who is looking for a new home. I had a wonderful time getting my photo taken because I was able to meet new people, eat some delicious treats and get a few shoulder and neck rubs. I was in heaven! I sure didn’t want to go back in my kennel. Hey, why don’t you come out and meet me? As you can see, I’m a gorgeous boy, but you can’t see how affectionate and cuddly I am. I’m also neutered, vaccinated and leash-trained. I’d be glad to tell you more but let’s do it in person, okay? ►My name is Bambi and I'm a female Hound dog looking for a great home. A nice lady rescued me from the streets where I was starving. Now I'm at the shelter and enjoying all the good food. I'm vaccinated, spayed and leashtrained. I'm extremely affectionate with every person I meet. You’ll be able to find that out for yourself if you visit me!

P. O. Box 626, Burgaw NC 28425

◄Hi there! My name is Micky and I'm a 2 to 3-year-old Shepherd/ Retriever mix. I'm neutered, current on my vaccinations, leash-trained, house-trained, and on heartworm prevention. I'm very sweet and get along well with other dogs, but I must go to a home without small children. I’d also prefer a home with a fully fenced in yard. If you're interested in meeting me, please come to the shelter real soon. I’m a wonderful boy! ►Hello! The nice people here have named me Gorgeous because that's what everyone says I am! I’m a longhaired, ebony girl with a mane of fur that frames my beautiful face! At 2years of age, I'm a super -affectionate girl who is spayed, current on my vaccinations and litterbox-trained. If you're looking for a new kitty to beautify your home and warm your heart, just choose me!

►Hey there! My name is Raccoon and I'm a young female kitty who is looking for a family to love. If you come meet me, you’ll want to dive into my crystal blue eyes. They’re beautiful and quite breathtaking. I got my name because the end of my tail is striped like a raccoon! So, as you can see, I’m quite unique. I’m also affectionate, playful and I love to be cuddled. If you're looking for a great kitty friend, adopt me! February 2010 35

Companies That Care In University Square



LIC. #24406

Materials for: Home • School • Church

910-470-1527 • 910-253-5868



831 S. Kerr Avenue Wilmington, NC 28403

Save lives…please spay or neuter your pets!

Open Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm

Say You Saw It In PawPrints Magazine! Portraits by Deborah McDuffie


7656 A-B Market Street - Wilmington, NC 28411


DOG & CAT BOARDING 706 Arendell Street #3481 Morehead City, NC 28557

+ 1 (0) 252-726-2963 Fax: + 1 (0) 919-869-1711

One Mile North of Grissettown, Off Highway 17 PROOF OF CURRENT VACCINATIONS REQUIRED Steven & Debra Somersett—Owners


Companies That Care

Coastal Engraving Full color pictures of pets or other photos on mugs, mouse pads, coasters and more.

Pet ID Tags Trophies & Plaques - Signs Pet Memorials - Rubber Stamps Name Badges South Kerr Business Center 118-A South Kerr Avenue Wilmington, NC


“IF YOUR DOG IS NOT COMING TO YOU… YOU SHOULD BE COMING TO US!” Classes begin March 15th $5.00 off with this ad Not for profit service organization since 1971


Visit our website at

Porters Neck Veterinary Hospital Family Owned and Operated Sharon Harris, D.V.M. • Ron Harris, D.V.M. 8129 Market Street - Behind Crystal Blue Car Wash Office: 686-6297 Emergency: 791-7387 Fax: 686-6299

Say You Saw It In PawPrints Magazine!

Bobby Jean & Woody

Bobby Jean Harvey Broker / Realtor


*each office independently owned & operated

RE/MAX Coastal Properties 2018 Eastwood Road Wilmington, NC 28403


Valentine’s Day “Puppy Love” Pancake Breakfast Feb 14 7am to 10am at Applebee’s in Leland Advance Tickets Available at Just Dogs & House Of Wine & Cheese (Waterford) $5 per person or Call Theresa at 910.232.1001 for more info

Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri. 7:30am - 5:30pm Wed. 5:00pm - 8:00pm Sat. 8:00am - 12:00pm

Dr. Deb Wicks


The Purrfect Adoption Rescued Animals Available

24 Hour Emergency # 352-1607

13775 Hwy 50 • Suite 503 Surf City At Treasure Coast Landing • PREVENTATIVE CARE • SURGERY • RADIOLOGY



Hello, I’m Kricket! I’m an 18 pound, 6-year-old, salt and pepper mini Schnauzer who came to the rescue from a retiring breeder. I’m a very friendly little girl and I just want to be as close as I can to my new forever family. I am not shy to let you know I want attention. I love for someone to pet me, and when you stop, I will nudge my head under your hand for you to continue. I am house-trained, can use a doggie door, and I’m crate trained. In fact, when I get sleepy and need a nap, I will go into my crate and lay down with my blanket and toys. When I’m all rested, play time begins again! I get along great with other dogs and would fit in well with a family that has older children who have love and respect for animals. I do need someone who will work with me on leash-training because I was seldom ever walked on one. I am spayed, heartworm negative, up to date on vaccines, micro-chipped, and I just had a dental. A fenced-in yard is a must in order to adopt me. If you are interested in giving me a loving home, visit You can fill out an application online and view other adoptable rescues. If you need an application mailed or faxed to you, please call 910-264-8300. I am sponsored by State Farm Rob Cutting Insurance Agency in loving memory of Mulligan.

My name is Delores and I am one energetic, fun girl! I love to play and I am absolutely starving for attention and affection. I am spayed and heartworm free which is great news! I am also cratetrained. I do well with some dogs but not others. I also have a strong prey drive so a home without cats is a must. I am approximately 1-year-old and am still full of puppiness. I was turned over to Adopt-An-ANGEL by a vet's office and I am not sure how I got there in the first place. It would be great if someone adopted me who had experience with my breed. If you want to know more about me or want to adopt me, please call Adopt-An-ANGEL at 910-392-0557. I am sponsored by the Miss Avis Davis Fund. Thank you!

SOAR (Southport Oak Island Animal Rescue) Please call 910-457-6340 to adopt us! ◄My name is Louie and I’m a young, friendly boy. I’ve been at SOAR a long time, so I hope you’ll consider adopting me! I would be an affectionate, entertaining companion for some lucky person or family. I love to play with toys and will keep you entertained for hours! Oh, I also have a scratching post and I love to use it. I am neutered, vaccinated and litterbox-trained, too. Please visit the shelter and take me home! ►I’m Billy Jack and I’m a sweet-hearted Hound mix. I wandered up on SOAR’s property in sad shape - I was barely more than bones and quite scared. Thanks to good food and loving hands, I’m a new boy. In fact, they say I’m an overgrown puppy! I’m about 1½-years old, and I’ve discovered that I love running around the yard and playing with any kind of toy. I love to be cuddled and am great with children, dogs and even cats. I’m also neutered, vaccinated and on heartworm prevention. ►I was fed from a bottle when I was just 2-weeks-old, so that makes me extra sweet and loving to humans! My name is Cereta and I was born June 30, 2009. I am extremely affectionate and playful and I get along great with other animals in my foster home: a big dog, big cats, and several other foster kittens! I’m an adorable little girl who is spayed, up to date on kitten shots and litterbox-trained. If you adopt me, I’ll even come wearing this fancy tuxedo! Please call my SOAR foster mom at 910-278-4437.

◄Need a buddy? My name is Bubba and I’m an expert when it comes to making friends. I love all people, especially women. Can you blame me? After all, they love to hug and kiss me. I’m a Rottweiler mix who is smallish in stature and I’m already neutered, vaccinated and on heartworm prevention. I’m looking for a catfree home, but other dogs are A-OK. I’m a sweet guy, ready to melt your heart. Come visit me!

►Hello there, I’m Dixie! I’m a young girl, about 2-years of age, and I’m a complete sweetheart. There’s not a mean bone in my body. I’m 100% house-trained and will sit and stay on command. In fact, you can see from my photo that I am sitting very patiently, waiting for a tennis ball to be thrown. I’m a Terrier mix who is great with children and other dogs (but no cats, please.) I’m also spayed, vaccinated, and on heartworm prevention. Come on over and meet me! ►Why do people pass me by? Could it be because I’m blind in one eye? If so, I just don’t understand. My loss of sight doesn’t diminish my capacity to love one bit. My name is Akasha and I’m a 3-year-old girl who adores neck rubs and massages - I just love to be loved on! Sadly, I was abandoned when my former owner’s home was foreclosed. I’m already spayed, vaccinated and litterbox-trained. Your love and kindness is all I need now for a happy life.

3376 St. Charles Place Southport, NC 28461

February 2010 39

More than 20 years

over County of service in New Han

Hi, my name is Kincade and I’m a gorgeous, 9-month-old Great Dane. I already weigh in at 112 pounds so I’m going to be a large female. I was surrendered by my owner and came in with a mild case of demodex mange. I was treated with 2 rounds of Ivermectin and have no more mites. I do have a sensitive stomach and am currently on a prescription diet that I will have to stay on. I’m still waiting on blood work results, but it appears to be either Colitis or Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I’m doing fine as long as I stay on special food. I’m currently living with 5 other dogs, male and female, medium and large in size. I would probably do best in a home with another large dog as I can play very rough at times. My foster home also has 2 cats which I chase, so it would be best for me to find a home without cats. I’m almost crate-trained and do best in my crate for small amounts of time, 4 hours or less. I’ve been around kids and do fine, although due to my high energy level and large size, I would probably do better with older kids. I walk nicely on a leash and am learning basic commands in my foster home. I’m a very special girl looking for a forever home. To adopt me, please contact the NC Chapter Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League by calling Terri at 252-566-8934 or visiting their website at I am sponsored by, thanks!

4140 South College Road Wilmington, NC


4 N. Lumina Wrightsville Beach 910-256-8585

West Coast Flavors...East Coast Fresh!!

Hey there! My name is Sunny Girl because I’m a bright and sunny little beam of light and…my tail is always wagging! I was abandoned and left to fend for myself in a camp ground until my foster family took me in. I was so thin and hungry, but now I’m regaining my girlish figure. I just love people, hugs, kisses, and cuddling. I am about 2-years-old, a petite 40 pounds, spayed, vaccinated, on heartworm prevention, and I’m SO obedient. I’m great with kids and larger dogs. I love to be inside with you in the evenings and I like to hang outside during the day when it’s nice. I would love to melt your heart forever! I’m also housetrained, crate-trained, and I know sit, stay, and come commands. I’m pretty lazy during the day, but wouldn’t mind at all to play, walk, or run when you get home from work. I would love to love you! Send an email to me at or call 910-232-1772 if you want to make me forever yours!

Sunburst Foundation of Wilmington Please call 910-622-0011 or email to adopt us! ◄I’m Rosie, a mediumsized Pug/Spitz mix and, at just 3-years-old, I’m a smart, friendly girl who would be a great agility dog. I adore children and am friendly to adult humans as well! I am doing fine in getting along with other dogs and have been working with an obedience trainer. I would love to continue obedience training with my new family. Let’s share life together! ►My name is Jasper and I’ve been homeless for over four years. I just can’t understand why? I’m such a wonderful boy and have so much love to give a lucky person or family. I’m 6years-old and I look like a mix between a miniature Husky and a Shiba Inu. I love people and am very affectionate. I’m housetrained, crate-trained, and am sweet and friendly to dogs my size. I’d prefer a home without cats, small dogs or ferrets because they get me a little too excited. I’m very smart and I’ve been to obedience school so I’m quite familiar with commands such as ‘sit’. My favorite outdoor activity is playing ball - I love it! I also love going for car rides and meeting new people. Adopt me! ◄Could you Help With

My Medical Care? I’m Lola and I’m a sweet and loving girl. I’m a 2 to 3-year-old Shepherd mix and all I want is to please and be loved. Unfortunately, I was found to have a torn cruciate ligament. At this point, it is not able to be repaired surgically, and I will need to stay on supplements for the rest of my life. I also require special exercise with a pool. Any donation, no matter how big or small, would be greatly appreciated. They’re tax-deductible, too! Please make your check payable to the Sunburst Foundation and send to Sunburst Foundation, P.O. Box 7527, Wilmington, NC 28406. In the memo line, please indicate that your contribution is for “Lola” Thank you so much for wanting to help me!

◄Hi everybody, my name is Sam! I’m a 6-year-old Basset Hound and Dalmatian mix who is sweet and cuddly and loves to be given attention and love. I get along fine with the 6-year-old child and dogs in my foster home. I sleep in my crate at night like a champ. I’m also neutered, vaccinated and on heartworm prevention. If you’d like to see my adorable face every day, email my foster mom at for more details.

Check out the upcoming fundraiser at Blue Hand Home... See page 43, Shelter News, for details. ►Hi there, I’m Julian! I’m a Whippet/Yellow Lab mix girl and I’m extremely sweet. At just 7-months of age, I am learning basic obedience skills, crate-training and leashtraining. Presently, I weigh around 30 pounds and am vaccinated, spayed, and on heartworm prevention. I’m in a foster home with three large dogs and we get along very well. Call today to make me yours! ◄My name is Dawson and I love people, especially children! I’m a 3year-old, flat-coated Retriever mix and I’d dearly love to belong to your family. I am house-trained, crate-trained, neutered, vaccinated, and on heartworm prevention. I play well with other dogs and I’ve had no problem with cats. I can also sit on command for treats. I’d love to belong to you!

P.O. Box 7527, Wilmington, NC 28406 February 2010 41

Voted Best Pizza & Best Late Night Eatery Largest Tequila Selection in Wilmington Dine in or Take out Lunch Dinner & Late Night 11:30am until 3am 7 days a week - 365 a year! 122 Market Street - Downtown Wilmington 251-9444

Check out our new location 1437 Military Cutoff Road - next to PT's Grill 256-2229

My name is Rosemarie and I am a one-of-akind, very beautiful Snowshoe Siamese. I have gorgeous blue eyes, angel-soft brown and white hair, plus I have the cutest markings on my face! If you like Snowshoe Siamese cats, you'll adore me! The only thing is, I am shy and I need someone who is familiar with my breed who will work with me. You see, I was very badly abused over a year ago by a mean person and after that I became very withdrawn. Luckily I am being fostered by a nice lady who picks me up, pets and holds me. I will come out and play, and if you get to know me, you can win my trust. I am so playful and fun and I want to be loved! I am curious, sweet and I like other cats and even dogs! I'm healthy, spayed, tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia. I have had my vaccinations, I have been examined by my vet, and I feel great. I am fed a high quality food, and I currently live with other cats. I've been found snuggling and napping, curled up with the cool dog who lives here. Don't you want to love me? I'd probably do best one on one with a loving person, or with just a few other animals. I do need a loving, understanding, indoor-only home, so I hope you contact Compassion in Action soon for an adoption application. You can email or call my foster mom at 910-294-1589 for more information. Thanks! I am sponsored by Phoenix Rising Agency, Inc. Thank you!

Hi, I'm Duffy. I'm a 1-yearold, deaf Boxer boy. I'm a really good dog and I love life. I love other dogs so I would love to have a brother or sister in my new home. That way I can follow their lead since I can't hear. Don't let that worry you though, I am very much a normal dog. The only special need that I have is that I need a fenced yard. I'm house and crate-trained, and I also know common commands like sit and lay down. I love to play with toys, and I will entertain myself for hours, but I would also love it if you wanted to play with me, too. I am a healthy, happy boy waiting for my forever family. For more information on me, visit the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue website at You can look at more pictures and find out more about me and the many other Boxers up for adoption. You may also call Sonya at 864-419-5198 to find out how you can give me the forever home I deserve. I am sponsored by Phoenix Rising Agency, Inc. Thank you!

Shelter News & Events Golf Tournament Benefits Animals, You Could Win a “Hole in One” Car!

Don’t miss the biggest indoor pet event in Wilmington! Besides all the great booths with a huge variety of pet related products and services, visit the Silent Auction with hundreds of items such as: weekend getaways, gift baskets and certificates, golf packages, home and garden accents, autographed collectables, original art, plus much more! It’s a day of fun for the entire family and kids under 12 are free! Games and prizes in a “Kiddie Korner” have been created just for them! The event will be held from 11am-4pm, Sunday, February 21, 2010 at the CFCC Schwartz Center in Downtown Wilmington. Vendor booths are still available and silent auction items are still being sought. For more information, visit the website at, call 910-259-7911 or 910-2594663 or email

Event to be Held at Blue Hand Home Blue Hand Home at The Forum will be hosting an event in late February 2010 which will benefit Sunburst Foundation Canines. It will be a night of live music, refreshments, and lots of fine furnishings and artistic creations. Cheryl Snyder of Snyderneff Dog Art will be present to transform your favorite pet photos into digitally created works of art using hand drawn lines to immortalize your pet on a gallery wrapped canvas. 100% of the proceeds from the Snyderneff Dog Art creations will benefit Sunburst Foundation. The photo shown is a sample of the type of art created, and the dogs featured are with Sunburst Foundation and Pender County Animal Shelter and have either found homes or are adoptable. Email or call 910-622-0011 for more info and watch for more updates on this gala that you won't want to miss.

Pender County Humane Society is having its first annual Golf Tournament on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at the Castle Bay Country Club in Hampstead. Format is Captains Choice. Shot Gun Start is at 9:00am. Goodie bags, breakfast items and snacks will be available and lunch will be served after the event. Sponsor a Hole for $100. A 4 Man Team is $75 per person - please RESERVE your foursome today! Call Judith at 910-270-2473. Checks can be made payable to Pender County Humane Society and mailed to Judith Scott, 551 Castle Bay Dr., Hampstead, NC 28443. The deadline for reservation is March 10, 2010. A “Hole in One” car is being sponsored by Safeway Chevrolet of Burgaw. The model is to be announced at the event. All expenses related to winning the car will be the responsibility of the winner. Good Luck!

The Peanuts Gang is In Training! Another five great dogs have been chosen to enter the Pawsitive Partners Prison Program in the Pender Correctional Facility. The Peanuts Gang, including Charlie Brown, are enrolled in the nine week obedience class. After graduation on April 8 they can be all yours! Take a peek at the cuties by visiting For more information, please call 910-297-0290 or email February 2010 43




New Ownership! HIGH QUALITY DOG AND CAT FOODS PLUS TREATS, TOYS AND MORE Vicki Barrett, Master Groomer Dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles are welcome for grooming.

8258-107 Market Street - Porters Neck Located in Oak Landing Shopping Center next to the Harris Teeter

20% OFF Any Product or Grooming Please present coupon

910-681-0510 Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am-7pm Closed Sundays Dog Adoptions Held on the Second Saturday of Each Month.

I Need a Foster Home and Help for My Heartworms! Hello! This happy face belongs to me, Ming Ming! I’m a 1-year-old female Boxer/American Bulldog mix who needs your compassion. The Sunburst Foundation is looking for a foster home where I can undergo heartworm treatment. You see, I have those icky heartworms and I sure would like to get rid of them. A foster home would be a great place for me to rest and recuperate as the treatment does its work. Donations are also desperately needed to pay for the treatment. Once I am healthy, I can find a permanent home. I am a sweet, house-trained girl and I get along just fine with other dogs and people. You can mail your tax deductible check to Sunburst Foundation, P.O. Box 7527, Wilmington, NC 28406. Please indicate that it is for Ming Ming's medical care. Thank you! If you’d like more information on becoming a foster home, or have any questions about my medical care, email or call 910-622-0011. I am sponsored by Hank and Grace Harrington. Thank you!

Isn’t it sad that at 6years of age I lost my home and family? It makes me sad, too, because I was so good at being a cherished family companion. My name is Benji and I owe my troubles to the economic downturn that has affected so many people and so many animals. I’m a male gray and white Tabby. They tell me I’m very handsome. I was actually adopted from Cat Tails several years ago and impressed everyone at the time with my ability to make friends with other felines. I used to curl up with the orphaned kittens and hold them close. They called me ‘Uncle Benji’. I still like other cats to this day, so if you have another feline I bet we could become great buddies. I’ve got excellent house manners and am extremely affectionate. I am already neutered, vaccinated and litterbox-trained, so I’m all ready to come on home with you! Please call Cat Tails at 910-253-1375 and tell them Benji is your boy! I am sponsored in loving memory of Speckles.

Tails U Win Please call 910-250-3004 or email to adopt us! ◄Hey there, my name is Roxy and I’m a happy girl! Just a happy girl! Ain't it good when things are goin' your way? My Tails U Win foster mom took me in when my former family couldn't keep me anymore. She says I am an absolute total love bug. I love to play with my other foster doggies, I seem to be totally house-trained, I'm all heartworm negative and now all I need is a happy, loving family who wants just a happy girl! I would probably do best without very small children - not because I'm alpha or anything, just because I am so exuberant and playful. I may not realize how fragile they are. ►Haruumph! Doesn't my face look like that's what I'm saying? My name is Daisy and I was found running around in the woods, just trackin' and sniffin' and having a good ole time. I was so skinny and emaciated, like I hadn't had anything good to eat in forever! I'm about a year old, I only weigh about 35 pounds, I just love to run around and sniff and play and be a happy doggie-girl. I'm all crate-trained and house-trained, and I'm having a blast playing with my other foster doggy friends. ◄Hi, I’m Linus. Am I a lucky boy or what? A nice guy saw me on the interstate, all skinny and hobbling so bad! He took me to the vet and oh no...I had a broken leg. The good vet has treated my leg and it is healing so nicely. I only walk with a teeny-tiny limp now. Then, that nice guy who saved me said he could keep me safe at his house until I found my new perfect home. There are so many good people in the world, aren't there? I'm a very happy, affectionate boy and I don't seem to bark hardly at all. I WILL chase a kitty-cat though, so it would be good for me to go to a home with none of those furry beasts. I'm only about 35 pounds too...perfect size, huh?

Oak Island, NC 28465

◄My name is Splash and my brindle coloring and black 'mask' make me look so stunning! I was rescued along with my puppies. I've nursed them and made sure they had a good start in life, and now it's time for me to find a forever home. I'm leash-trained and crate-trained! I tend to chase kitty cats, but I don't want to hurt them - I just think it's fun to chase the little buggers! I tend to want to be the dominant female, so a home with a male, non-dominant doggie or a home where I could be the only doggie would be best for me. ►I was dumped at the Animal Control where a nice lady saw me and brought me to Tails U Win. One look at my face and you can understand why! My name is Rosie and I'm a Black and Tan Coonhound mix girl. I’m a little bit shy but I warm up to folks pretty quickly. I'm only about 30 to 35 pounds and about 12-months-old. I’d love nothing more than to sit at home with you and get me some good old ear and belly rubs. ►My name is Buddy and I'm a gorgeous, just-oh-too-sweet, purebred Beagle boy. I was found running around trying to find a safe place to hide. I really didn't want to come to the people who saved me but now at my foster home, I've learned that being with people means love and security. My head is high now and my tail is all wagging when I get my ears scratched. I'm about 12-months-old and only about 15 to 20 pounds. I love to play with other doggies and I like to play with the kitty cats, too! I'm all crate-trained, I'm heartworm negative and I am just oh-so-ready to find a home to give me security and love for all my life. February 2010 45

It’s not easy being all alone in the world! My name is Savannah (CF1875) and my story begins at a local business. Someone dropped me and my sister off there in a box. This person probably didn’t want puppies but had neglected to get our mother spayed. It’s sad that our lives are treated so carelessly by irresponsible humans. Luckily, we got help before we could escape the box and are now waiting for new homes at Pender County Animal Shelter. I’m a female Spaniel/ Retriever mix, just 12-weeks-old. My sister is named Charlotte and she is patiently waiting for a home as well! I’m a precious puppy who loves to get attention from humans. When I had my photo taken, they gave me lots of delicious treats and my tail just wagged and wagged! I sure was sorry to go back into my kennel. I hope you’re the one who will take me out of there permanently! I promise to be your very best friend and grow into a very beautiful girl. Please call Pender County Animal Shelter at 910-259-1349 or Officer Clewis at 910-279-3196 and let’s meet!

I was making such a ruckus that the police had to be called! Um, wait…actually, it was the police who called for help. You see, when I was a tiny kitten, just a few weeks old, I somehow lost my mother and was living alone outside. I wandered up next to a building and saw people. I started to meow, louder and louder, hoping they would hear. Well, what I didn’t know was that the building was the Police Department and yep, they heard me all right! They called Animal Control and soon I was being cradled by a very kind Animal Control officer. He called The Purrfect Adoption and they agreed to take me in. It sure is nice how everybody looked after me! My name is Antoinette and I’m a 12-week-old female Tabby. If you are looking for an affectionate kitten who can’t be held or cuddled enough, I’m your girl! I was bottle-fed as a baby and that has made me quite fond of humans. You could hold me in your arms forever and I would be perfectly content. I also get along well with the other kittens here. To take me home, simply call The Purrfect Adoption at 910-329-4700 and let’s meet!

I am sponsored by Pine Valley Animal Hospital in memory of Maggie Sims.

I am sponsored by Cindy Meyers in loving memory of Harley and Murphy.

Are you tired of driving to the store to buy dog food? Are you breaking your back lifting heavy bags of dog food? Are you wasting time doing errands rather than spending time with family and pets? Simplify your life with free home delivery of Nature’s Select pet food.

Simplify your life with free home delivery of Nature’s Select pet food.

For more information visit us on the web at or call 910-270-5117 (877-618-3647 toll free) Sign up for free home delivery in February and receive a complimentary bag of dog treats.

I’m a Beagle boy named Alvin and I can’t help but wonder why I’m still homeless! At just 1year of age, I should be cuddling with a family and making happy memories. I spent the Christmas holidays and the first month of 2010 at the shelter, so I hope Valentine’s Day finds me in a new home. I’m a very friendly boy who is neutered, up to date on shots, and on heartworm prevention. I weigh just 27 pounds and I think that’s a great size - not too big and not too small. I like other dogs and I really love people, children included! I also ride well in the car, so I hope to take a car ride with you soon. Please come visit me at the shelter - I promise you’ll find me completely adorable! If you need directions or more info, call the New Hanover Humane Society at 910-763-6692. I’ll have Beagle kisses ready and waiting! I am sponsored by Levi Donovan. Please consider adoption.

Calendar of Events

FEBRUARY Valentine's Day Raffle Pleasure Island Paws will be raffling off a one hour Massage or Applebee’s Dinner for two! Tickets are $2 each or three for $5. Please stop by Carolina Beach Animal Hospital or call 910-458-3000 for more info on how to get your tickets! Adopt-an-Angel Adoptions at Pet Supermarket Seven Days a Week!! Cats and kittens will be available for adoption at Pet Supermarket from 9am to 9pm Monday-Saturday and 10am to 6pm on Sundays. All cats and kittens are spayed and neutered with shots. Please call 910-392-0557 for more information. Cat Tails Adoption Facility February 3, 6, 7 ,10, 13, 14, 17, 20, 21, 24, 27 & 28 From 11am to 1pm on Wed., 11am to 3pm on Sat., and 1pm to 3pm on Sun., cats and kittens are available for adoption. For directions or more information, please call 910-253-1375. Cat Tails Adoption Fairs at Petsmart February 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 & 27 From 7pm to 9pm on Fridays and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays, cats and kittens will be available for adoption at Petsmart in Wilmington. All cats and kittens are spayed and neutered with shots. For more information, please call 910-253-1375. Paw’s Place Saturday Adoption Fairs at Cool Dogs & Crazy Cats February 6, 13, 20 & 27 Every Saturday, from 11am to 2pm, Paw’s Place will have dogs/puppies for adoption at Cool Dogs & Crazy Cats in Southport. For more information, please call Paw’s Place at 910-845-PAWS. Columbus Humane Society (CHS) Adoption Fairs at Petsmart February 6, 13, 20 & 27 Every Saturday from 9am to 4pm, Columbus Humane Society will have wonderful dogs, cats, puppies and kittens for adoption at Petsmart. For more information, please call 910-840-5435. Saturday Adoptions at Brunswick Animal Services February 6, 13, 20 & 27 From 10am to 4pm, the shelter (429 Greenswamp Rd. in Supply) is open Saturdays for dog/puppy, cat/kitten adoptions. Call 910-754-8204 Monday - Friday for more information.

P.E.A.R Adoption Fairs at Petsmart February 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 27 & 28 Pender Endangered Animal Rescue (P.E.A.R.) will be at Petsmart, 4715 New Center Drive in Wilmington, from Noon to 4pm with dogs available for adoption. For more information, contact Alice at 910-675-0867, via email at or visit shelters/NC551. Adopt-an-Angel Adoption Fairs at Petco February 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 & 28 Adopt-an-Angel will have puppies/kittens, adult dogs and cats on Saturday and Sunday at Petco from 11am to 5pm. Cats and kittens are there seven days a week. For details, call 910-392-0557. Tails U Win Adoption Fairs at Petsmart February 6 & 20 Tails U Win will be at Petsmart on New Centre Dr. from Noon to 4pm with young adult dogs and puppies - kitty cats, too! Tails U Win is at Petsmart additional weekends. Call 910-250-3004 to find out specific dates. SOAR Adoption Fairs at Zeetlegoo’s February 13 & 27 From 10am to 2pm, SOAR will have adoptable dogs and cats at Zeetlegoo’s, 1635 North Howe Street in Southport. For more information, please call 910-457-6340. Monty's Home Pet Expo at CFCC Schwartz Center February 21 From 11am to 4 pm, join in on the largest indoor pet event in the Wilmington area! Free goodie bags to the first 300 families. Free kiddie kaps to the first 50 children. Door Prizes, vendors, Silent for the whole family! For more information, visit or email You can also call 910-259-7911 or 910-259-4663. P.E.A.R. at Pet Expo February 21 Pender Endangered Animal Rescue (P.E.A.R.) will be attending the Monty's Home Pet Expo at the Schwartz Center at CFCC in Downtown Wilmington. Drop by their booth and say “Hi” and come out to support all the other rescue organizations in this area. Microchipping 50% OFF February 27 Now is the time to have your pet microchipped! Saving Animals During Disasters will be holding a $30 microchip clinic at A Country Vet Clinic (6205 Market Street) from Noon to 2pm in Wilmington. Please call Jeannie at 910520-6810 or email to make an appointment. All proceeds benefit Saving Animals During Disasters. February 2010 49

Various Local Rescues We are all from different Animal Rescues. Please read our stories! PAWSITIVE PARTNERS PRISON PROGRAM Hi there! My name is Ralph and this is me on graduation day from the Pawsitive Partners Prison Program. Notice my nifty graduation cap? I am back in the program for a refresher course while waiting for the right someone to adopt me. I am full of energy and fun, and will be great for a very active family to call my own. I am a neutered, 1½-year-old male flat-coated Retriever mix. I love everybody, play well with other dogs and am working very hard on my obedience skills. Please come and meet me! I’m sure you’ll just fall in love with me and want to call me your very own. I come with my own crate, heartworm prevention and a week’s supply of food, not to mention being up to date on all my shots and microchipped! To find out more, call 910-297-0290 or You can also apply for me online at I will be the best Valentine you’ve ever received, I promise!

PENDER ENDANGERED ANIMAL RESCUE Hello there, my name is Titus and I am in need of a home. I was turned over to Pender Endangered Animal Rescue (P.E.A.R.) when the Wilmington Police contacted them. I had been found tied to a tree on a residential property and there was no one living there anymore. They had just left me...however, P.E.A.R. got me and now I am doing really well, not tied to a tree anymore, that’s for sure! I love to run and jump. I am up to date on all shots and am about 2 to 2½years-young. I have been neutered and am on heartworm prevention. It is great to be free and full of life! I am very active and would love a home where I’m the only dog. Also, I’m a big fellow so I’d probably do best with older kids, rather than little ones. I might jump on them and knock them down. But otherwise I am an American Bulldog and that is all I am. If you’re interested, call 910-6750867 or email or visit the website at My other friends in the rescue can be viewed there, too!

50 February 2010

NORMAN P. WIGGLE HOME FOR WAYWARD DOGS Want to fall in love? Come meet me! My name is Freddie. My plain black appearance may not stand out among the crowd but my personality most certainly does! I am a stand out because of my always sweet, always calm demeanor. I am about 5-years-old, neutered, house-trained, up to date on my vaccinations and current on heartworm prevention. I absolutely love people and I am great with small children, other dogs, and cats. I even know how to sit on command! If you have questions or would like to meet me, please email or call 910-617-2818.

CAPE FEAR RESCUE RANGERS Hi, my name is April and I’m a female, Flame Point Siamese who was surrendered when my owners moved away. A kind soul took me in and I am now looking for a new home. I am a sweet but shy little girl who is fun to have around. I am litterbox-trained and very well behaved in the house. I love to be petted and I’m spayed and ready for a new home. I am hoping to get a home of my very own for the New Year. Could you grant me that wish? If so, please contact Cape Fear Rescue Rangers at 910-259-3502 or visit for more info.

A SHELTER FRIEND OF SE NORTH CAROLINA Virginia is my name and they tell me that I am a lovely girl. I am shy but I am sweet and will return your love tenfold. I am a Hound mix and love people and other dogs, but please don’t ask me to share you with a c.a.t. I am already spayed, up to date on my vaccinations, plus I am heartworm negative and on preventative. Most importantly, I am house-trained! My foster mom, Denise, is waiting for your call at 910-8621728 to tell you all about me and how we can meet. Add a little sweetness to your life, adopt a hound today!!!

Various Local Rescues We are all from different Animal Rescues. Please read our stories! OPERATION TOPCAT My name is Susie and I was found at the beach with an injured tail. I had to have it amputated but it isn't bothering me. I am a dark Calico about 1-year-old. I am shy but I love attention. I will even let you rub my belly if you approach me quietly and gently. I don't know about dogs. I don't think I would like a big dog as a pal and I haven't met any small children. Loud noises scare me but with your love and trust I know I would be alright. I would love to have a forever home - maybe you could give me a try. To find out more about me, please email or call 910-200-0612. I so hope you will consider taking me.

COMPASSION IN ACTION My name is Georgia, and I'm a very good girl. My foster mom named me Georgia O'Keefe because she thinks I'm as beautiful as one of that artist’s amazing paintings. You will melt when you meet me. I'm approximately 3-years-old, spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative, microchipped and bursting with love. I weigh around 45 pounds and am a "medium" sized dog. They say I'm some sort of Beagle/Bulldog/ Mutt mix. I'm very smart, house-trained, crate-trained and I love going for long walks. I also really love to snuggle in bed. I love belly rubs and hugs, too. I'm as sweet as pie and enjoy giving kisses. I like other dogs but need a home without cats. Adopt me and love me forever! To adopt me, contact Compassion in Action at 910-264-5455 or by email at for an application.

PET FRIENDS OF DUPLIN COUNTY Hi, my name is Louie, I'm a young Lab mix who needs a forever home. I'm a quiet, friendly dog. They tell me I have a wonderful personality and I love meeting new people. I get along well with the dogs and cats in my foster home and I'm vaccinated, neutered and heartworm negative. I've been working with a trainer, learning to walk nicely on a leash and simple commands. My favorite part of the day is when I get to go for a long walk. Do you need to exercise more? Would you like a companion? We could have a great time exploring together. Call 910-271-3101 to find out how to adopt me.


PLEASURE ISLAND PAWS Hi, we are Holly and Noel. We are looking for someone to love us this Valentine's Day! We are around 9-weeks-old and Feline Leukemia/FIV negative. We are also current on vaccinations. So why not stop by the Carolina Beach Animal Hospital and take a look at us. One glance and we'll capture your heart! If you would like to know more about us or would like to consider opening your heart to some furry love, please contact Pleasure Island Paws at 910-458-3000.

My name is Button and I’m a 9-month-old Persian who is very much the lap cat or shoulder cat. I have a great purring motor and I’m spayed and vaccinated. I don’t mind dogs or cats and I enjoy being groomed. Requirements of my new home: vet reference, someone who has lots of time to spend with me and love me (I love human companionship), indoor home and previous Persian experience a plus (since I have a very smooshed-in face and long hair high grooming needs). I am orange in color and have beautiful large golden eyes. To adopt me, contact my Pender Animal Rescue foster mom, Tonia, at or call her at 910-285-7663.

February 2010 51

My story has a sad beginning, but with your help it can have a happy ending! My name is Rusty and I’m a 12-year-old Chihuahua mix who once had a happy life with my human mommy. That all ended when she died and I was dropped off at Animal Control by a family member. Pender County Humane Society saw me there and immediately brought me into their shelter. They could see that I wanted to belong to someone so badly, and they’d like you to know that I’m too good to be true. I sure don’t act like a senior pup. I walk by your side with or without a leash, I come when called and I’m house-trained. I go into the yard to potty and come right back once I’m done. I jump in the car when you tell me to go “bye-bye”. I want to cuddle all the time and I sleep all through the night. I love other dogs, cats and children. I don’t have cataracts and can move around quickly! For those of you who have never thought about a 12-year-old dog, think about this: small breeds can easily live 18 years or more. That means you have lots and lots of time to love me! I am so easy-going and you won’t have to go through any of that puppy foolishness! If you want a darling, quiet cuddlebug to make your life complete, please call Pender County Humane Society at 910-259-7022.

Woofs there! My name is Pup and I'm a 7-year-old female black Labrador Retriever. After having a family all of my life, I was recently surrendered to Animal Control. The nice manager at Pender County Humane Society picked me up and brought me to the shelter where I'm now looking for a new home. Just listen to all my wonderful qualities! I'm housetrained, leash-trained, spayed, current on my vaccinations and on heartworm prevention. At the moment I'm a bit timid since I've never been in a shelter before, but I warm up to new people almost immediately. I enjoy being hugged and rubbed, especially since I can’t figure out what happened to my family. Would you give me a second chance at a happy new life? Call Pender County Humane Society at 910-259-7022 and tell them you’d like to meet me!

I am sponsored by Top Toad in the Cotton Exchange in Downtown Wilmington, NC. Thank you!

I am sponsored by George and Brenda Harriss in loving memory of Miss Scarlett, a special friend.

Breed Rescues We are all from different Breed Rescues. Please read our stories! SCHNAUZER RESCUE OF THE CAROLINAS


If you are looking for the perfect companion for you and your other 4-legged family member, then look no further. Meet me, I’m Kipper. I’m a 3year-old, 12 pound, salt and pepper mini-Schnauzer with a docked tail and natural ears. Before coming into the rescue, I lived outside and was scared of most anybody but I’m slowly learning to trust now. I am great with dogs of all sizes and I’m even good with cats. Since I’m still learning the ways of family life, it will be best for me to go to a home that has the company of at least one other dog so I can gain confidence. A home with love, patience, and a calm environment will be great! A fencedin yard is also a must and I’d prefer a home with no children under age 10. I’m heartworm negative, neutered, dewormed, microchipped, and crate-trained. My housetraining is coming along nicely! To find out more about me, please visit so you can fill out an application and view other adoptable rescues. If you need an application mailed or faxed to you, call 910-264-8300.

Hi there! It’s me again, Jasmine. Yes... still looking for that perfect fit of a home for me. I'm 2 to 3-years-old, love other dogs, love to go for walks, and of course hang out with my foster family. I'm a little shy at first, so someone with patience and understanding to give me some time to adjust would be best. I'm really a good girl and will prove my love for you if you just give me a chance. If you are interested in me, contact the Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue at 910-791-5001 or log onto to find out more about me and others like me that need a forever home.

MID-ATLANTIC GREAT DANE RESCUE My name is Stewie and I’m a 3 to 4year-old Dane mix with natural ears. I am a cuddle bug and would lay in your lap all the time if you’d let me. I’m good with big dogs but I’m not sure about some little dogs. I think it is their high-pitched bark. I’m good with cats and kids, I know basic commands, I walk nicely on a leash and I’m house and crate-trained. I’m a quick learner and I like to sleep in the bed with the little boy in my foster home. I will do “the wave” when you feed me. I’ll stand on my hind legs and throw my front paws in the air (without jumping on you). I’m such a good boy except I do snore like an old man. To adopt me, please contact the NC Chapter Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League by calling Terri at 252-566-8934 or visiting their website at

NORTH CAROLINA ROTTIE RESCUE Hi, my name is Cupcake and I am approximately 1-year-old. I get along well with cats and I love other dogs. Unfortunately, I an not fond of the little kids, but I do love to get belly rubs from the older ones. My mom is pregnant and due in March so I am looking for a new family or adoptive family as soon as possible. I was rescued from a shelter on Christmas week, and I pray that I never have to go back there. Thank you for reading! To adopt me, contact North Carolina Rottie Rescue by emailing, calling 732-648-5619 or visiting

CAROLINA BOXER RESCUE Hiya, Hiya! Taz here, waiting on you! Come on, hurry up--adopt me, adopt me, please! I so want my own home for 2010! I'm a young boy, but oh so good! I learn fast! I'm working on my house-training and they say I have a super duper personality. All I know is that I love everyone I see and want to kiss on them, play with them and snuggle up next to them. My foster home has great grandkids that play with me bunches. There is another Boxer girl here who’s pretty nice. I like her but I sure would like a family of my own to grow up with. Carolina Boxer Rescue can give you even more information on me. Their phone number is 910-7995638, email is and website is

February 2010 53

Adoption Celebration

We’ve All Been Adopted!

54 February 2010

Instruction for People… Training for Dogs Office Hours: 9-6pm Tues-Sat Classes: 9-9pm Tues-Thurs 9-6pm Fri-Sat

1038 S. Kerr Ave. Wilmington, NC




Can you hear me purring? My name is Rosie and I’m a super-affectionate kitten who is looking for a good home. I was brought to Pender County Humane Society by a nice lady who had been feeding me when I was a stray hanging out by a storage unit. I get along great with the other kitties at the shelter and I love getting attention from humans! I'm spayed, current on vaccinations, litterbox-trained and under 1year-old. I’d be so grateful to have a furever home! Come to the shelter and get to know me. It’s a cage-less environment, so you can play with me and watch me interact with the other kitties and all the toys that are laying around. If you’d like to get things started, please call Pender County Humane Society at 910-259-7022 and tell them you’re on your way!

Woof woof, my name is Owen and thanks for stopping to read about me. I am an older Sheltie boy, very laid back and don't demand much. I am more than content to lay at your feet. I came into rescue as a stray and a little emaciated but "good groceries" work wonders! I am quieter dog, but will let you know when it's mealtime or when I first greet you in the morning. Oh, and I am a bigger Sheltie boy, I came to Sheltie Rescue via Collie Rescue because everyone thought I was a Lassie dog. To make me a member of your family, please call Triangle Sheltie Rescue at 919-306-5148 or 910-558-6963. You can also visit

I am sponsored by Christine Watkins of A Pet Nanny. Thank you!

I am sponsored by State Farm Rob Cutting Insurance Agency in honor of Dingo. Thank you!

"Woo-hoo! There are NO Fleas on me!" FleaMaxx breaks the flea life cycle in your carpeting for ONE full year, Guaranteed! HULA enjoys a flea-free home environment.



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