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.icommunicator is a system that crosses the boundary lines between the hearing world and deaf culture. With such a small amount of the hearing popula on being fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), it is impera ve that schools have systems that can integrate deaf and hard‐of‐hearing (HOH) students into both social and learning environments. 28 million individuals are either deaf or hard of hearing just in America alone. Icommunicator is a unique and effec ve way to translate real‐ me voice into the individual’s na ve language of ASL. It creates a seemingly simple and nearly fluent two‐way conversa on  without a human translator. This is a much less expensive way for schools to communicate to the deaf and HOH popula on and effec vely include them in the classroom se ng. More fluid communica on with increase both the academic level and the  social experience of these individuals. Icommunicator is an excellent form of assis ve technology that will drama cally improve communica on between deaf culture and the hearing world. It is ideal for a variety of situa ons and creates a fluid, conversa on– like atmosphere in which language is anything but a barrier. It would not only create cultural understanding and a form of universal communica on for the environment in which it is used, but would also be an asset for those aiming to educate themselves on the language of ASL. I would therefore highly recommend the system for any ins tu on that aims at cultural responsiveness and understanding. Informa on courtesy of Photographs courtesy of Google images and icom‐ Works Cited Smith, Deborah Deutsch., and Naomi Chowdhuri. Ty‐ ler. Introduc on to Special Educa on: Making a Differ‐ ence. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill, 2010. Print.

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Assis ve Technology “Equipment (devices) or services to help compensate for an individual’s disabili es” (Smith 501).  Variables such as sign language speed and

WHO:   DEAF & HARD OF  HEARING  Over 28 million individuals in the United States are deaf or hard‐of‐hearing (HOH), Of this 28 million, 4 million are considered profoundly deaf and 12 million are considered legally disabled. Of these 12 million individuals, the vast majority will exit America’s educa onal system with an educa on on a sixth grade level. This leaves the individuals incompetent for many career opportuni es. icommunicator will make communica on more simple in social situa ons, and will help increase the academic success of hearing impaired individuals.

fingerspelling techniques can be easily adjusted in the op ons menu. At this me, however, the system is only able to translate into English, and is available exclusively on PC computers. The system can also be shown over LCD projector. It also takes up 50 MB of hard drive space.

Bridging Barriers  Smoothing Communica on  icommunicator is an easy and effec ve way to bring WHERE:  EDUCATION,   two cultures together for simple communica on GOVERNMENT, HEALTHCARE, purposes

WHAT: ICOMMUNICATOR 5.0  The icommunicator is a transla on system that is able to fluidly translate real‐ me spoken language into American Sign Language and text conversa on. Typing on the device converts the words into vocal language for reverse transla on as well. With


a dic onary of over 30,000 words. icommunicator is both easy and effec ve. The translator, while not meant to replace a human translator completely, is a unique way for hearing impaired individuals to socialize, 

learn and work. The Assis ve Technology system provides English‐Word‐Order transla on, allowing for fluent two‐way conversa on.

WHEN: NOW  There has never been a greater need for such helpful Assis ve Technology. Installa on of the icommunicator so ware takes roughly thirty minutes. It was developed in March 2005 and has been transforming lives of people with hearing impairments ever since its inven on.

Icommunicator has been used in a variety of se ngs. Some of the more common environments icommunicator has been used in include: K‐12 classroom se ngs, post‐ secondary se ngs, governmental ins tu ons, healthcare establishments, corporate environments. icommunicator is used in a frequent manner in the coun‐ tries of America and Canada.

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THE HISTORY BEHIND THE PRODUCT  The company Interac ve Solu ons was approached by the family of a sixteen‐year‐old boy named Morgan Greene. Although Morgan had a sign language interpreter, he s ll read on a 4th grade level. The family asked for the development of a program with voice recogni on so ware. A er fourteen months of research and development, icommunicator was finalized and put on the market for sale.

WHY? It is vital that the popula on with hearing impairments receives an adequate educa on. Clearly, Assis ve Technology is an important resource for those with disabili es. icommunicator is beneficial  both academically and socially for those with a hearing impairment. With so li le people knowing American Sign Language (less than 10% of parents with hearing impaired children are proficient in sign language), having a tool that simplifies communica on for these individuals will be er their lives and communica on abili es tremendously.


Assistive technology that transforms lives


Assistive technology that transforms lives