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Pump system in basement based on Crestron MPC-M5 Crestron® MPC-M5 is a family of 2-Series control systems designed for installation in a wall or podium, delivering the industry's best control technology in a convenient, space-saving design. MPC-M5 provides a fully-programmable user interface featuring an attractive and intuitive layout of pushbuttons with customizable backlit labelling and wireless remote capability. Available in white or black, the MPC-M5 is constructed to handle the rigors of everyday use in a corporate. An assortment of programmable control ports provides for interfacing with room devices. The onboard e-Control® Web server provides for complete integration as part of a facility-wide managed control network.

Program was written for Crestron MPC-M5: - There are two options to control the pumps - "AUTO" and "MANUAL" - Auto set is an automatic option, so you don't need to do anything - Manual set is an option that allow you to control two pumps manually or for maintenance purposes. - Pump one is on the standby mode for 12 hours, after that time it switch off, and pump two switch to the standby mode for next 12 hours, so both pumps work on a 12 hours shift in turn, on a 24 hours cycle. - When sensor recognise high water level on one pump, the system will switch on to a standby mode on a second pump. Client will receive a text message: ''HIGH water level''. When the water level go back to the norm. Client will get a message: "Water level back to normal'' - Client will also get a message when there is no power on a pump system: "No power on pump system" and will get message when the power is back on: "Power is back on pump system" - Please note that a GSM Communicator has been used for texting Client and at the moment is running on a pay us you go SIM card from Vodafone. We recommend for our Client to sign up for a contract between i.e. £7 and £15 (contract is only for sending text messages) per month so there is no need to remember to top up the SIM card. - Below is the photo of the front control unit Crestron processor MPC-M5

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Pump system  
Pump system