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PAVI Website FAQ’s How do I start making use of the website? The first thing to do in order to start making use of the website is to register for an account. In order to do so, one would need to click on the Create Account link located in the top right section of the Home page. Doing so will enable you to enter your details which will be used for checkout and even delivery purposes. While the website will allow you to start shopping without registration, the checkout process cannot be performed without a valid registered username. To sign in, it is simply a matter of navigating to the Home page and selecting the Sign In link located next to the Create Account option where you are expected to enter your username and password. Users whose accounts were used for the previous PAVI website will still require registration to the new website. I forgot my password. What can I do? It may be the case where one happens to forget his or her password. In order to be able to log into the website, navigate to the Sign In link and select the Request a new password option. On doing so, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail address (which is also your username) so that a new password will be e-mailed to you on that address. Once the e-mail is received, simply use your existing username and the newly supplied password in order to be able to access your account once more. I would like to change my password? What are the steps needed? To be able to change your password, simply sign into the PAVI website in order to be able to access your account details. Upon successful login, a new menu named My Account appears in the upper menu. Selecting the Change Password option will allow you to change your existing password by supplying the old one and entering the new one. Some of my personal details have changed. How can I update my information? Should you want to change any of the information pertaining to yourself, simply sign into the website and navigate to the My Account section. Selecting My Details will allow you to view the existing information you have supplied during registration. If you wish to update any of the information (e.g. a change of address or telephone number), simply select the Edit button located at the bottom of the page and after performing the necessary changes, click on the Save button to store your new details. Searching for items on the website. There are a number ways to search for particular items on the website. The first method is to enter a word or words into the search textbox and selecting the search button. The website will attempt to match the words supplied to the relevant items. To narrow down the list of items to search, one may also select a particular department from the dropdown list. Another method of searching is by navigating to the Online Shop. Doing so will display a new menu which is split up into a number of departments. Clicking on the topmost value will display all the items pertaining to that particular department. Furthermore, one may also refine the search by selecting one of the available links in the Refine by section which will further narrow down the required items by whatever the refine by criteria selected was. At any point, one may type into the description field in the product grid in order to narrow down the items displayed.

There are too few/many items displayed in the grid. Can I change this? The grid displaying the product will allow you to display either 10, 20 or 50 records at a time, depending on the amount of items you are comfortable working with. I would like to save my shopping list for future use? Is it possible to do so? Yes. In order to do so, you might either opt to save each item one by one by selecting the Add To Favourites button which is made available for each and every item or prior to the checkout, save the entire list to your favourites by selecting the Add all Shopping Cart items to Favourites button. By default, you are automatically assigned a favourites list named Default list onto which you may add or remove any items you please. The name of the list may at a later stage be modified in order to suite your needs and help you better identify it. Is it possible to add, remove or change an existing Favourites list? Yes. To do so, simply sign into the website using your credentials and navigate to the My Account option. Select the Favourites option and you will be presented with a list of favourite lists you have assigned to your account. By default only one will be present. Nevertheless, you may feel free to create as many Favourites lists as you need as well as name them accordingly. As an example, you may want to have a list containing a set of items for daily needs, another containing a number of items which you might need to buy on a weekly basis whilst at the same time having yet another one containing a huge list of items which say you might want to but on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The Add option allows you to create a new list. The Delete option will delete the list name and all its contents. The Edit option allows you to change the name of the list whilst the View option will allow you to view the items stored within the Favourites list. How can I add the entire contents of my favourites list to the shopping cart? In order to do so you may either select the Add all Favourites items to Shopping Cart button located at the top of the Favourites page which will go through the list of items and add them to the shopping cart. The quantities entered in the shopping cart would be the original quantities found within the list. Alternatively, you may opt to selectively enter a subset of the items in question and modifying also their quantities. Simply modify the quantity value and select the Add to Cart button next to each item. I would like to have my order delivered to a different destination than my currently supplied address. How can I do so? From the Shopping Cart page, which you may access either by selecting it from the uppermost menu or when selecting Checkout in the small shopping cart found on the right hand side of the page, select the Checkout button. Upon doing so you will be presented with a number of options. The Delivery Address section is used to enable you to enter a different address than the one supplied upon registration. Fill it in accordingly and in the Delivery/Pickup Instructions section, remember to select the Delivery option. After selecting the appropriate payment method and entering the preferred delivery/pickup date and time, ensure that you have read and accepted the Terms and conditions and proceed by selecting the Send Order button.

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