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Communiqué of Co. K, Sixth Texas Infantry Living History Organization

  Volume 16 * December 2012 * Number 12 Captain Van was totally worn out and annoyed with the way his "Greyhounds" were drilling. So, after six hours of trying to get the troops to do it right, he decided to give them a break. He yelled out the order, "All you idiots, FALL OUT!" Everyone but Ord. Sgt. Gunn, fell out and wandered away. Captain Van noticed Sgt. Gunn still standing at attention, moved in front of Gunn and raised an inquiring eyebrow. Gunn commented, "Sure were a lot of them, weren't there!"

Annual Meeting: December 15th City of San Antonio Thousand Oaks Branch Library 4618 Thousand Oaks Drive 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Note the meeting starts at 1:00 PM, not in the morning. Directions: On I-35 between Loops 1604 and 410, take Exit 167B onto Starlight Terrace. Go west until Starlight Terrace turns into Thousand Oaks Drive. The library will be on your left as you drive west, so you must make a U-turn and turn around once you pass the library. There should be ample parking in the lot.

Co. K Annual Meeting Agenda December 15, 2012 Thousand Oaks Branch Library, San Antonio Presiding : Van Zabava Recorder: Phil McBride Reports: Treasurer’s Report: Phil McBride Quartermaster’s Report: Phil McBride Ordnance Sergeant’s Report: Pete Gunn 1st Sergeant’s Membership Report: Bubba Cheek Discussion and/Potential Voting on Proposed Amendments to the By-Laws Proposal #1 from the 2011 Annual Meeting Proposal #2 from the 2011 Annual Meeting Election Procedure Proposal from Phil McBride Setting of Dues for 2013 Setting of Calendar of Activities for 2013 Discussion of a Chartered Bus to the BGA 150th anniversary Gettysburg Reenactment in Late June, 2013 Nominations and Election of Officers and NCO’s Appointment of Non-elected Positions: QM; Ordnance Sgt; Treasurer; Newsletter Editor New Business from the Floor NOTE: In accordance with the original By-Laws of Company K, the proposed amendments to the Co. K ByLaws will be discussed and voted on by eligible members present at the annual meeting. All proposals are printed below. PROPOSED at the 2011 annual meeting, but not voted on: Add as Article V, Section 4: While general membership is open to civilian men, youth, and ladies, the primary purpose of the organization is to function as a Civil War military reenacting group. Therefore, only those members who function as military personnel, ie. soldiers, at two or more activities, one of which must be a living history program or reenactment, on the approved Company K annual calendar may vote in the annual election of officers and NCOs. PROPOSED at the 2011 annual meeitng, but not voted on: Add to Article VIII, Section 1, c: In order to carry and/or shoot a musket as a soldier, a member must be 13/14 years of age, and have parent’s or legal guardians’s written permission to handle and fire a weapon while reenacting with our organization.

Proposed Amendment from Phil McBride Remove Article V, Sections 1, 2 and 3 in their entirety. Replace with the following: Article V Section 1: Annual Elections of the commanding officer, second officer, first sergeant, and second sergeant will each be held as separate elections at the annual business meeting. Section 2 a. Nominations and seconds are to be only accepted at the annual meeting by members who are present and are qualified to vote. (ie, per the By-Laws as amended in 2010, members who have paid their annual dues, and have attended two activities that year that are on the Company K calendar, not including the annual meeting, and one of them being a living history or reenactment.) Section 2 b: Members qualified to vote, but not present at the meeting, may submit a written acceptance of a potential nomination of their name to any office prior to the meeting, via an e-mail message to the current commanding officer, or a signed note written on paper and delivered to the current commanding officer at the beginning of the annual meeting. All seconds to a nomination must come from the floor from a qualified member present at the meeting. Section 3: After nominations for the office of commanding officer are received and seconded, members qualified to vote will cast secret written ballots for the office. Votes will be collected and tallied immediately by reading aloud each ballot at the meeting. After the commanding officer is selected, the same process will be used to elect the second officer, then the same process to elect the first sergeant, then the second sergeant. All corporal positions will be elected on one ballot with each member qualified to vote writing the names of as many corporal candidates as the number of corporal positions approved for the coming year. The same process will be used to tally the votes by reading aloud at the meeting each ballot cast. Ties will be resolved by an immediate coin flip. Section 3a: Early votes may be submitted on a sealed paper ballot delivered to the commanding officer prior to the business meeting. E-mail, text, or phone calls will not be considered valid early vote ballots. They must be sealed paper ballots to be opened at the meeting with the voting member’s name signed on the outside of the sealed ballot. If an early vote is for someone who is not nominated during the annual meeting for that position, that vote, but not the whole ballot, will be considered invalid. Section 3b: Honorary members, like other members, are considered qualified to vote only if they have attended two activities that year prior to the annual meeting, one being a living history or reenactment.

From Bubba Cheek:

Proposed Amendment to the By-Laws of Co. K, 6th Texas Inf., Alamo Rifles, I would like to amend the Amendment that Phil McBride has proposed by adding: Article V, Section 1: Annual Elections of the commanding officer, second officer, 1st Sergeant, 2nd Sgt., will each be held as separate elections at the annual meeting. All membership will be provided with a nomination list of all who's running for a office position, allowing a less two weeks before the Annual Meeting, so that all qualified early voters may have the right to vote, as per the 6th Texas By-Laws! Section: 2 (a) Seconds are to be only accepted at the annual meeting by members who are present and qualified to vote, and are at the annual meeting. Members who have not paid the yearly dues will not be allowed to vote on any business matters or office positions. To vote a member must be current on their dues and have attended two activities that year that are on the Company K calendar, not including the Annual Meeting, and one of them being a living history an reenactment. Section: 2(b) ok!

Section 3 ok!

Section 3(a) ok!

Section 3(b) ok!

Possible 2013 Schedule January 11-13, Galveston, Texas 150th Anniversary Reenactment as Yanks with RRB January 18-20, Arkansas Post, Arkansas 150th Anniversary Reenactment as Rebs – on our own February 9 or Feb 16 or Feb 23, Company Drill March 22–24, Port Hudson, Louisiana 150th Anniversary Reenactment as Yanks with RRB April 13 or April 20: Company Drill or Battalion Muster May 3 - 6, Port Jefferson, Jefferson, Texas Reenactment as Yanks with RRB May 11 or May 18 or May 25: Company Drill June 15: Bergesfest Parade MAXIMUM EFFORT: June 28-29-30, Blue-Gray-Alliance Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: 150th Anniversary Reenactment as Rebs July 13 or July 20: Live Shooting at LaCoste August 10 or Aug 17 or Aug 24: Company Drill MAX EFFORT: September 20 - 22, BGA Chickamauga, GA Reenactment 150th Anniversary as Rebs October 12 or Oct 19 or Oct 26: Company Drill November 22-24: Plantation Liendo Reenactment, Hempstead, Texas – As Rebs with RRB December 16: Annual Meeting

A Holiday Reflection from Your Kindly Editor: Today is Thanksgiving morning, and I’m certainly thankful for most of the things in my life. God blesses me every day. Naturally, there are a few crappy things I’ve experienced this year. After all, troubles are part of life for all of us and it’s usually best to not ignore them too long. But this morning it’s about those things that are good in our lives. For me… I’m thankful that I went to Shiloh in April along with almost all of my pards in the Alamo Rifles. Twentyseven of us, plus some guests, were there. What a mountaintop experience that was for me, a 15-year veteran of our outfit, who has literally dreamed of an event when so many of us were all there. I’m thankful that both my sons marched with us in the Boerne Bergesfest Parade last June. What a Father’s Day gift that was. And I’m thankful that son Ben, who doesn’t reenact very often, joined me in Maryland in September to campaign camp and re-fight the Battle of Antietam, touching elbows with his old man. Can you tell that I just can’t separate fatherhood from reenacting? I guess now that my sons are grown men, both fatherhood and reenacting have become all about doing enjoyable things with other men who are friends.

We may be a mixed-bag of nuts, but we really do become good friends during those weekends of driving together, camping together and re-fighting all those Civil War battles together. I’m thankful that Company K has steadily grown the past few years, a tribute to Van and Bubba’s boots-onthe-ground leadership. I’m thankful that we are planning a great trip to the big Gettysburg reenactment next summer. I’m betting that will be another mountain-top experience. Finally, I’m thankful that it’s almost Christmas, the day we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, our Savior. I’m thankful that I’ll be celebrating Christmas with my home family and my church family, but sad I won’t be sharing Christmas Day with my reenacting family. So, to my pards, you youngsters, and you old guys like me, Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, and May the Lord Shine His Light Upon You, and Give You Peace.

Editor Phil

The Alamo Rifles 2012 Treasurer’s Report Submitted by Treasurer Phil McBride

Beginning Balance: December 1, 2011


Revenue: December 1, 2011 – November 30, 2012


Members’ Dues

$700 $270


28 individual members at $25 9 families at $30 School Program KIPP Academy in San Antonio Town Skirmish at Wild West Days from Boerne Rotary Club

Powder and Arsenal Pack Sales


$100 $500 $1,169


Monthly newsletter printing Stamps for monthly newsletter

$213 $100

Cash payments to John Collins for making cartridges & arsenal packs to sell to members


Van Rental for Shiloh Reenactment


Company K share for battalion dinner at Raymond-Vicksburg: 100 apples & $30 toward ham


Surcharge to Raymond registration for supply wagons at $7/man x 11 men


Plastic storage bins for company uniforms and equipment


Website 5-year domain name registry fee


Case purchases of black powder and priming caps for resale to members


Boerne Berges Fest Parade Entry Fee - 2 entries


Balance as of December 1, 2012


Company K Roster: December 2012 Captain: Van Zabava Lieutenant: Stephen Chavez Orderly Sergeant: Bubba Cheek 2nd Sergeant: John House Corporals: John “Squeezebox� Collins, Robert Hayden, Jaymes Deluna Ordnance Sergeant: Pete Gunn Newsletter Editor/Treasurer/Quartermaster: Phil McBride Webmaster: Ian Straus PD indicates 2012 dues have been paid. H indicates honorary member PD Cerda, Marc (956) 781-2232 Email: PD Chavez, Stephen (210) 267-9282 Cell: (210) 310 8215 Email: PD Chavez, Richard (210) 509-7991 PD Cheek, Bubba (830) 336-2930 Cell: (210) 394-1176 Email: PD Cheek, Chris (830) 336-2930 PD Collins, John (830) 570-4847 Email: PD Emily Collins (830)-480-7784 Email: PD Cornett, Gary (361) 242-9485, Cell (361) 816 5672 Email: PD Curtis, Hugh (512)-608-1223 Email: Deluna, Jaymes (210) 240 -9676 Email: PD Dudley, Matthew (210) 656 9452 PD Eddins, Billy (512) 300-8990 Email: PD Forrester, Steven (210) 290-3319 PD Flanary, Devlin (830) 481-4077 Email: PD Green, Jackson (210) 478-2118 Email: PD Gunn, Mark (Pete) (210)490-0143 Email: PD Hayden, Robert (210) 482-0815 or (210) 487-9698 Email: PD Hayden, Travis (210) 482-0985 PD House, John & Peggy (512) 554-6331 Email: PD Martinez, Rey (210) 439-5016 Home (210) 374 6556 Email: PD McBride, Phil (512)398-6229 Cell (512) 217-0978 Email: PD McBride, Todd (512) 393-4159 Email: NEW PD McCammon, John (830) 249-9468 Email: PD McFadden, Michael (512) 906-9030 Email: PD Millican, Jessie & Sandy (210) 852-8116 work cell (210) 710-9193 Email: PD Moore, Robert (512) 395-5654 Email: PD Rapp, Brandon 830) 612-2479 Email: PD Reece, Sean (210) 265 1360 Email: PD Reeves, Raymond (210) 663-4794 Email: New Recruit PD Reynolds, Mike & Family (210) 680 7120 Email: PD Straus, Ian & Donna (210) 637-7063, Wk (210) 362-2376, Cell (210)413-1995 Email: PD Stroud, Levi (830)-688-3906 Email: Teniente, Edward (956) 724-4335 Email: Torres, Damaso (210) 621-5948 Email: Vega, Manuel (210) 452-2898 Email: New Recruit PD Vice, Michael (210)-683-7323 work (210) 221 6358 Email: PD Wait, Bob (512) 268-2786 Cell (512) 633-5234 Email: PD Winkler, John (210) 471-8736, Cell (210)883-7321 Email: PD Wintters, Brandon Cell (210) 389-5131 Email: PD Wilkerson, Rob (210) 422-1591 Email: PD Willy, Ed & Matt (210) 659 3313 Email: edwawil8@aolcom PD Wong, Mark (830) 609-0307, Cell (210) 288-7758 Email: PD Zabava, Van, Ryan & Mary Cell (210) 383-5529 (210) Home: 210 233 1976 Email:


Honorary Members Cavanaugh, Phil Kling, Larry Krisch, Rudy Snell, Dan

Email: (210) 698-0283, Wk (210)771-6264 Email: (210) 736-0924, Cell (210) 232-6577 Cell: 210-279-7864 Home: 210-462-1799 Work: 210-342-9455 Email:

Greer, Roman PD Mouser, Benjamin

(210)473-6772 (512) 297-6789

Members On Education & Military Leave Email: DETACHED DUTY AT TEXAS TECH Email: DETACHED DUTY US ARMY

Inactive: No Dues, and No Contact So Far in 2012 Burke, Marty


Schroeder, Ryan

(210) 326-0649


150th Anniversary Battle of Galveston Reenactment On the Strand --- Galveston, Texas January 12 – 13, 2012 General Information: The 150th Anniversary Battle of Galveston reenactment is hosted by the 1st Texas Infantry and the Galveston Historical Foundation. The reenactment portrays the attempt by Confederate Major General John Bankhead Magruder to retake the Federal occupied City of Galveston early on New Year’s morning of January 1, 1863. The event will he held on some of the same urban streets where the actual battle was fought. The Confederate forces will portray the 20th Texas Volunteer Infantry of Elmore’s Regiment and the Federal forces will portray the 42nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Additional event information can be found in the Galveston Historical Foundation’s website at, under the Events menu. Information updates will also be posted on the Red River Battalion website at as such information becomes available. Registration: Registration is the responsibility of each individual. All participants must register with the Galveston Historical Foundation. A registration fee of $10.00 must accompany each signed registration form. Pre-registration is NOT required, but is HIGHLY encouraged and appreciated so that the event organizers can have an accurate count of anticipated participants. Pre-registration forms may be downloaded from the website listed above and should be mailed to: Galveston Historical Foundation 502 20th St. Galveston, Texas 77550 ATTN: JAMI DURHAM Onsite reenactor registration and check-in is at the 1861 Customs House, located at 502 20th St. (Corner of Post Office St. and 20thSt.). Please see the schedule above for onsite registration and check-in times. Amenities: Firewood, bedding hay, and Port-a-Johns will be available on site. Rations will be issued. There are also numerous restaurants and other establishments located in The Strand area. No sutlers will be in attendance at this event. Battles and Other Activities: There will be two battles during the weekend; one on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and one on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Both battles will take place on Strand St. between 20th and 23rd Streets. Reenactors not camping on site should plan on arriving in camp at least one hour before each battle, so as to ensure participation. A “disembarkment” of the Federal troops from the tall ship Elissa, and subsequent march to the Customs House, will take place both days sometime in the late morning; exact time yet to be determined. Those wishing to participate in the Elissa scenario should plan on arriving in camp at least by 9:00 a.m. There will also be numerous other nonreenactment activities taking place throughout the weekend in the Strand area, including lectures, walking tours, Segway tours, and demonstrations, all related to the Battle of Galveston. Please visit the Galveston Historical Foundation’s website (above) for more information regarding times and fees. Company Assignments: Co. B 4th TX, Co. F 9th TX, Co. K 6th TX, and the Texas Rifles will portray Federal troops of the 42nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Co. C 1st TX and Co. L 1st TX will portray Confederate troops of the 20th Texas Volunteer Infantry of Elmore’s Regiment.

Schedule of Events Friday, January 11 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Onsite registration and check-in opens and camps open for reenactor setup Saturday, January 12 6:30 a.m. Reveille 8:00 a.m. Onsite registration and check-in opens 10:00 a.m. Camps open to the public TBD (late a.m.) Federal “landing” at the Elissa and march to Customs House 2:00 p.m. Battle of Galveston 6: 00 p.m. Camps close to public Sunday, January 13 6:30 a.m. Reveille 10:00 a.m. Camps open to the public TBD (late a.m.) Federal “landing” at the Elissa and march to Customs House 1:00 p.m. Battle of Galveston 4:00 p.m. Camps close to public Uniform and Equipment: This is a Texas mid-war event. Impressions of each side should reflect such. Federal impression is standard Western (no Zouave uniforms). Any member of the battalion participating as confederate will fall in with one of the 1st Texas companies for the battles. A minimum of 80 blank cartridges will be needed for the two battles. Camping and Parking: All camps will be static for the duration of the weekend. The Federal camp will be located adjacent to the Galveston Historical Foundation (The Custom House) at 502 20th St. The Confederate camp is at the corner of 25th St. and Market St., close to the train station. Parking for both camps will be in parking lots across the street from the camps. It’s asked that no one park on the streets directly next to the camps, so as to preserve as much a period setting as possible. “No Parking” signs will be posted. Campfires will be allowed. The Galveston Fire Marshal requires that a fire extinguisher be kept near each campfire. Each company is responsible for providing fire extinguishers and concealing them in some manner. As always, all modern items should be kept out of sight; concealed in your shelter, stored in your vehicle, or left at home. Please refrain from bringing any unnecessary items. Tentage: A-frames, tent flies, and shelter halves are all acceptable for the weekend. Please be prepared for any type of weather. Rations: Rations sufficient for all meals will be issued to all troops by the event host. Suggested Reading: Battle on the Bay: The Civil War Struggle for Galveston, by Edward Cotham, Jr, the University of Texas Press, 1998.

Driving Directions: The battle and camps are located in The Strand Historic District of Galveston. Take I-45 to Galveston Island. I-45 turns into Broadway St. in Galveston after crossing the Galveston Causeway Bridge. Stay on Broadway until you reach 20th St. Turn left onto 20th St. and continue on until you reach the Customs House, located on the corner of Post Office St. and 20th St.

LOOKING BACK 2012 Company K Schedule January 13-15 – Reenactment - Battle for Galveston. Attendance: 5 military; 2 civilian ladies February 17-19 – Battalion Muster at Camp Mabry in Austin . Attendance: 23 military members Mar 29- April 1 – Reenactment - 150th Shiloh, TN – Attendance: 27 military members; 5 military guests; 5 civilian ladies April 21 – Company Skirmish at Enchanted Springs Ranch. Attendance: 12 military members, May 4-6 – Reenactment at Jefferson, Texas. Attendance: 6 military members; 1 civilian lady May 18-20 – Reenactment at Temple Junction. Attendance: 7 military members; 5 Co. E soldiers, 1 civilian June 16 –Bergesfest Parade, Boerne, TX – 18 military, 1 civilian July 4 – Independence Day Parade at Leon Valley, San Antonio – 8 military members July 21 – Company Drill at Sgt Cheek’s Casa – 12 military members, 2 recruits, and 1 civilian lady August 18 – Company Live Shooting Drill at La Coste, TX - 16 members, 2 dads, 8 civilian ladies October 19 -21

Reenactment at 150th Raymond, Vicksburg, MS – 9 military, 1 civilian lady

November 16-18 – Reenactment at Plantation Liendo,– 13 military Co .K; 1 drummer recruit; 10 Co .E; 2 civilian ladies

A Fifteen Year History of Co. K, 6th Tx– The Alamo Rifles Year


1-Day Drills


Living History & Specials

Total # of Activities

2 3 5 1 3 4 6 5 2 5 4 2 2 1

Battalion or Company Weekend Musters 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 2 1 2 1 0 1 1

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

5 5 6 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 6 7 4 5

5 7 8 6 5 6 3 4 4 3 3 7 2 4

2 3 1 2 3 3 4 3 2 2 2 1 3 2







14 18 20 13 18 19 20 18 14 16 16 17 12 13

Active Men = 5 or more events 19 20 20 15 11 19 12 15 10 15 17 19 17 18

SemiActive Men = 2 to 4 events 6 6 11 7 9 6 5 12 14 10 8 12 16 17

Total Active & SemiActive 25 26 31 22 20 25 17 27 24 25 25 31 33 35












Plantation Liendo 2012 - #13 Not Bad At All Attending: Brevet Major Van Zabava Private Mike Reynolds Lt. Stephen Chavez Private Richard Chavez Brevet Lt. & QM Sgt. Phil McBride Private Todd McBride 1st Sgt Bubba Cheek Private Gary Cornett Ordnance Sgt. Pete Gunn Private Devlin Flanery Corporal Squeezebox Collins Private & Drill Master Ian Straus Corporal Damaso Torres Drummer Mike Malloy Good Woman Emily Collins Good Woman Reynolds Ten young men in Company E In 1999, Co. K had a thirty man roster and eight of us including a chaplain, a drummer, and six riflemen, took part in the very first Plantation Liendo reenactment. In 2012, with a roster of forty men and several families, sixteen of us were at Plantation Liendo, including a drummer, two civilian ladies, eleven riflemen, and two officers. And we cannot overlook the ten good high school fellows from Company E who were there. Ian Straus and Phil McBride are the only two current members of Co. K who took part in the Plantation Liendo reenactments both in 1999 and the 2012 Our own Trail Boss Van drove the battalion both days. Yup, the whole battalion. Both days. With four companies and about 80 rifles in the ranks. Van is now a “go-to” company captain in the battalion when all of the battalion staff officers cannot attend an event. As past company commanders, Ian and Phil have served as breveted adjutant officers at a few events, but Van is the first of Company K’s commanders to serve as wing commander or command the whole battalion. This is a very nice feather in Van’s cap, and a compliment to Company K. Ian Straus is a past first sergeant and past commander of Company K, and is still our “go-to” drill master. In that role, he put Co. E through an early morning School of the Soldier and School of the Company. Later in the morning, Major Van put us all through a good battalion drill. We were Co. K-E and served as the Color Company all weekend. As a company, we had our moments of excitement since over half our riflemen were experiencing their first reenactment, and their first drill that same morning. But we all got where we were supposed to be, and nobody shot their own foot, or anybody else’s. On Saturday we attacked the earthworks with gusto, and on Sunday we defended them until we were rather rudely evicted from them by the loyal Texas Secesh. The plantation hosts served sausage, biscuits, butter and jam, and hot coffee bright and early on both chilly mornings, and a fine fried catfish dinner and all the trimmings on Saturday evening. Well worth the $5 registration fee. There was a lively dance in the yard of the plantation house after dark, and many living history demonstrations going during the day in addition to the battles.

The Right Wing of the Battalion on Saturday Morning at Plantation Liendo

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Alamo Rifles Telegraph - December  

Organization Newsletter for Co. K, 6th Texas Civil War Reenacting Group

Alamo Rifles Telegraph - December  

Organization Newsletter for Co. K, 6th Texas Civil War Reenacting Group