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Grasstone II ™


Grasstone II ™

Grasstone™ II by Pavestone is a versatile product that is used as a surface stabilization product for both sloped and horizontal applications. This grid paver provides a sustainable solution to surface erosion allowing infiltration of water and the ability to establish vegetation. Grasstone™ II offers limited protection for erosion control of mild slopes and landscaping berms. Grasstone™ II reinforces grass areas by providing a concrete matrix support combined with topsoil and vegetative cover. Grasstone™ II has been used extensively for vegetated fire lane pavements when designed and constructed according to conventional pavement design. This layer of concrete and organic materials shall be constructed over a structural base course designed to carry the anticipated loads and repetitions. This system can provide substantial pavement strength to minimize rutting and create a suitable platform for intermittent vehicular use. Vegetation is recommended for maintaining environmental benefits. Civil engineering, according to local building codes and municipal requirements may be required. APPLICATIONS Emergency Vehicle Access Routes • Fire Lanes • Overflow COMPOSITION AND MANUFACTURE Parking • Permeable Pavements • Slope Surface Stabilization Grasstone™ II is made from a “no slump” concrete mix. Made Tree Protection • University Campuses • Golf Courses under extreme pressure and high frequency vibrations, ™ Grasstone II has a compressive strength greater than 4000psi, PRODUCT INFORMATION a water absorption maximum of 7%. ™ 1 INSTALLATION When installed as a pavement, unsuitable, unstable or unconsolidated subgrade material shall be excavated according to the direction of the Site Engineer/Architect/Landscape Architect and compacted. Backfill with minimum 4 in. (100mm) to 12 in. (305mm) or as otherwise directed by the above noted Site Authorities with compacted, dense, graded aggregate. The Grasstone™ II units are placed on a thin, compacted layer of not more than 1/2 in. (13mm) of sand. Erosion Control applications require the slope to be graded uniformly before bedding the Grasstone™ II units in a maximum 1/2 inch (13mm) layer of sand. In order to prevent the migration of subgrade material it may well be necessary to place a geotextile on the graded slope before applying the bedding course of sand. In order to support grass or plant growth, the voids must be filled flush with surface with suitable topsoil or mixture of soil and fertilizer. Then the openings are seeded, sprigged or plugged.

Grasstone II, 80mm = 3 /8"*

Grasstone™ II Nominal Dimensions 23 5/8 W x 15 3/4" L 596mm x 396mm Wt./Stone 56 lbs. Stones/Pallet 32 Approx. Wt./Pallet 1920 lbs. Sq. ft./Pallet 84 Sq. ft./Stone 2.6 Product Number 189 *Fractional dimensions are nominal.


Typical Cross Section of Grasstone™ II Residential Installation Grass Growth in Openings Grasstone™ II 1/ 2

in. Sand

Existing Compacted Soil

Typical Cross Section of Grasstone™ II Commercial Installation Grass Growth in Openings Grasstone™ II


1/ 2

in. Sand

6 in. Crushed Stone

Call for color availability.

Existing Compacted Soil

Typical Cross Section of Grasstone™ II Embankment Erosion Control Complete installation & specification details are available by contacting your Pavestone Sales Representative.

Plant Material on Crest Grasstone™ II Revetment

Note: Colors are shown as accurately as possible in brochures & samples, but due to the nature of the product, regional color preferences and variables in print reproduction, colors may not match exactly. For best results in maintaining color consistency, pave stones must be installed from several cubes at a time. Efflorescence, a whitish, powder-like deposit, may appear on concrete pave stones. This is a natural occurrence in any concrete product and will usually wear off over time.

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