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Introduction to maven training •


APACHE MAVEN TRAINING is an the software administration and the complete tool which is based on the POM concept which can regulate the project build, informing and the documentation from the central segment of the data. It is an build automation tool and it will use the convention over configuration. MAVEN rules to be followed with that remaining work it will do. Global Online Trainings will give demo on the APACHEMAVEN TRAINING with the real time examples. Best APACHE Commons MAVEN training will also available in our global online trainings with 24/7 servers.

Overview of maven training •


MAVEN TRAINING is an the project management and the build management. Basically the build should be compling the classes and preparing the packages out of this classes and deploying them to the servers all this are automate in the apache maven with the minimum convention. If we are creating the java project we want to follow some structure once the we follow that convention MAVEN will automatically complier our classes and automatically bundle our classes into jar files and automatically run under some folder. Then it will copy all the compiler classes placed in the target and does the rest of the bunding of classes into jars and creating the var files and this project is the web application. For the different projects we have the different templates and in the maven it have the central depository in that there are number of the templates and they have all the libraries

How MAVEN TRAINING makes the life of java developer •

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MAVEN TRAINING is a java application management. For example developer has written the java code this code have high dependency which the frame work are used in this project for developing the web application probably uses the springs like that and we connect to the data base. Every day developer has to maintain the dependency of the project and deployed the war files and also find web application working. These things are MAVEN TRAINING are enable to do very quickly and efficiency. Before the Maven tool there is an tool called ANT the problem with the ANT tool is manually want to write the code or script to do this activites but MAVEN will not required this. MAVEN have the future type are MAVEN Architecture which can be used to generate the web application in springs whole lot of projects. Beginners of MAVEN project should know the what is maven and pom.

Build life cycle of MAVEN TRAINING • • • •

In any project before we build the war file we have to compile the source file and test the file and run the jvm test then the packages and we create the jars then we head install it or deployed it. All this are available in the MAVEN. Plugin can be there for this. For example if we want to write the code in java or eclipse in that particular project we want need some couple of things like different api, libaries for java there should be jdk1.8 install in eclipse jdk should be there. If we writing in the selenium are anything we need selenium webdriver jar files need, in testing also we need different selenium, testing will not need the jdk we need the apache poi api, log4i we need to download, cucumber jar files also need so download and the sikuli jar files if we need another jar files we need to download externely. We go to eclipse we go to the project and then right click we go to the properties and then to java build path and then click on the add external jar and then add all jar files what we mentioned above will be added one by one and then all the jar files will be added.

POM ( Project Object Model) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

POM it is very simple and nothing but xml with defined structure. It contains the data about the maven build and here we can get the information about the plugins and the goals. It has the some following Name Version Packaging Dependencies Plugins Goals Name: In MAVEN POM model defines the what the name of the project and the other project make use of our project with the name only we can refered. Version: Version will defined the version number of our current project. Packaging: Packaging is nothing but how I would to deliver my project whether it is jar, web application. Packaging will define what kind of delivery what to give like var, jar like that. Dependencies: Dependencies define what are the different our project needs, for example our project needs springs and hibernate these are the dependencies of our projects. Plugins: We are creating a web application and deploy the web application, deploy to the tomcat so there is a plugin called MAVEN TOMCAT plugin which helps to deploy the war to tomcat. The plugin are help to do lot of things early plugin are called MAVEN COMPILE plugins which is used to compile the code, MAVEN SUREFILE plugin which is used to run the test and generate the report. Tomcat Maven Plugin e learning will also available. GOALS: Plugin is the collection of the goals. Goals will perform the actions in the MAVEN builds. Every work which is done in both the plugins and goals. they are called the part of the life cycle of the phases. Single goal which is bounded to the life cycle phase

Dependency Management in Apache Maven Training • • • •

• • • •

We should download the project dependencies from the repositories. It will resolve the problem of the libraries which required by the project dependencies. It has the dependency scopes. Basically the MAVEN project is an the pom file and the other it may be of the source code need to be produce an artifact. Dependency produce the artifacts replied upon the artifacts which is produced by the project. Dependency scopes are the compile it is an default, provided, run, test and the system. MAVEN Depenceny corporate Training we will provide In our global online training Where the Transitive dependency are there if the project b depends on the project a the dependency of the project a is transitive. Parent managed dependency are there where the children will inherent the properties of the parent.



MAVEN TRAINING will explain how to build the java project with the automation tools. APACHE MAVEN Online Training and Build tool training wi...


MAVEN TRAINING will explain how to build the java project with the automation tools. APACHE MAVEN Online Training and Build tool training wi...