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The Brief


Design packaging for a range Christmas foods sourced by Sainsbury’s offering a solution to a more affordable Christmas that does not lack in quality. The resolution must reflect quality in the occasion of Christmas.

Traditionalist (not necessarily religious) ideas of Christmas should be kept within the designs. The tricky element is combining a sense of sophistication with the reasonability of the product range. This will have to be done with careful typographic selection for the language in relation to potential imagery used on the designs.


Examining how other products that tackle the problem of communicating quality with value will be absolutely essential. Not just for the designs, but for the language used.

The main consideration is communicating the nice time that the people purchasing this food will have at Christmas, regardless of the fact that it is not a high-grade brand. You do no need expensive food to have a nice time at Christmas. This will be prevalent in a design with a sophisticated edge that speaks of the quality of the occasion and not the food. Background

Mandatory Requirements

Sainsbury’s have become reputable for their schemes in helping people save money such as ‘feed your family for a fiver’. This brief is essentially a progression from this in helping the average family eat affordably with quality. Moreover, the current economic and social climate means that people want to eat more affordable food, and with Christmas around the corner it is very appropriate.

A consistent and relevant range of packaging for a good variety of Christmas foods that would be commonly consumed at the stereotypical British Christmas dinner.

Target Audience


This range of food is aimed at the average family looking to save money in tough times. There is no class-orientated target whatsoever. Money saving is an option for everyone. Tone of Voice

Various packaging for various foods Promotion – Billboards, Posters etc. Storyboard for TV advert?

An edge of sophistication is important to communicate due to getting across the aura of Christmas being a special occasion for families. There should be room for a touch of

The orange Sainsbury’s logo must feature on all elements. All research and development should be recorded on Design Practice and Design Context blogs.

Studio Deadline

down-to-earth language to help justify the reasonable price to the product.

This brief should be read in conjunction with the module brief. Please refer to module information at E_STUDIO for module brief, submission deadline, graded outcomes and further reading.

Sainsbury's Christmas Brief  

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