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To design for a new brand of real ale for the fictional Hyde Park Brewery that can be effectively and appropriately applied to a range of products and methods of distribution of the brand itself. The new ale brand must be ejected into the ale world as part of the recent popularisation of the drink amongst younger people.

Heavy consideration should be made in the contemporary portrayal of ale. Particularly in relation to keeping an essence of the traditional element of the drink. This can be done using traditional design elements such as serif typefaces in developing the design work.

The response should attempt to ‘modernise’ the image of ale through this particular brand by making it fit into today’s contemporary culture.

The context in which the ale will sit in society should be heavily considered in relation to the design. Research will be key. Looking at other alcoholic drink that have attempted to contemporise themselves in society will be very helpful and relevant.

Concept/Proposition Maintaining the popularity of real ale has recently been very difficult due to the stereotype of the older drinker shrouding the quality of the drink itself, resulting in a younger audience consciously avoiding it as a drink of choice down the pub. Nevertheless, the tradition of the beverage drives its current production and consumption; however, ale still seems to be evaded by the younger drinker. The concept is to utilise contemporary design to direct ale at a younger audience to hoist it up on the general popularity scale, keeping an often overlooked, traditional drink alive in Britain’s ever-changing pubs. Background

Mandatory Requirements

The branding of an alcoholic drink is absolutely key in communicating social context in which it is intended to be associated with. The style of the brand should reflect upon and take influence from the audience in which it intends to blend itself.

A solid brand for the new range of ales. This will include relevant material that justifies the ales standpoint in the alcoholic drink market making it an equal competitor against other popular ales in supermarkets as well as shops. All research and development should be recorded on Design Practice and Design Context blogs.

Target Audience


As mentioned, the goal is to get younger people interested in real ale. However, this does not eject the wider audience from consideration. Direction at a male audience would be most appropriate, however, females should not be dismissed.

Brand logo Ale bottle label designs for selection of ales Printed and made 4 pack set of ales Beer mats Pump clips for ale taps Stationary (Business card, letterhead and envelope) Delivery lorry design

An appropriate dimension of character to aim at would be the easy-going, pleasant, pub goer. The binge drinking market is to be strongly avoided. Tone of Voice

Studio Deadline

It is imperative to avoid the ever-increasing market of binge drinkers in the UK. Ale should be presented as a pleasant, enjoyable, casual drink not be ‘enjoyed’ belligerently in excessive quantity.

Wednesday 14th December 2011 – 1pm (Studio 4)

An element of sophistication would be appropriate, but generally an aura of the niceties in life would be relevant. Slick and contemporary should be constantly considered in relation to this.

This brief should be read in conjunction with the module brief. Please refer to module information at E_STUDIO for module brief, submission deadline, graded outcomes and further reading.

Real Ale Brief  

BRIEF TITLE NEW REAL ALE BREWERY The response should attempt to ‘modernise’ the image of ale through this particular brand by making it fit...

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