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Rationale “A print-based investigation of branding and packaging with a focus on the cultural sector.” •

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Although the focus of my practice is to design particularly for printed media, I would want my work to have the potential to stretch out across digital media with this being something of a secondary concern with my work. My practice includes exploring both type and image and the relationship between them. Focussing on the cultural sector is a personal decision. I believe that it is important to be aware of and to indulge in culture whether it is in the arts or the sciences and graphic design is a fine method of engaging people with these things that essentially make the world work.

Subjects / Themes • • •

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Cultural & Academic Theme - I want to put an emphasis on focussing on subjects that share the common theme of culture with potential crossovers into academia. Music (Classical) – I am interested in designing for classical music. For event, concerts, record packaging, promotion and distribution. Music (Popular) – Much the same idea as classical music although I feel that there is a very clear distinction between the two. Specific genres would be, blues, rock, indie, electronic, dance and soul. Record design and methods of musical distribution is key here. Literature – Promoting literature (both factual and fictional) is an important part of culture. This includes book promotion, distribution methods and book cover design. Alcoholic Drink – High-end drinks such as wine, whisky, liqueurs, spirits as well as hearty, traditional drinks such as ale and stout. Art – Exhibitions, books and artist promotion. Science – Exhibitions, books, lectures and educational material. Philosophy - Lectures, events, books and other educational material.

Design Disciplines / Creative Development •

Primary skills – Packaging, image-making, creative typography (image-based), identity and branding. Secondary skills – Publications, website design, photography, concept building, vector illustration and drawing.

Not interested in – Detailed layout design, designing typefaces, web coding and motion graphics.

Practical Skills / Workshops – what, why and when? Skills to develop and gain •

Professional finish – Whilst I have generally been pleased with the work that I have been producing so far for portfolio purposes, I want to learn how to fully ‘finish’ a piece of design before it is sent to print. By ‘finish’ I mean detail. Detail such as the ingredients on food packaging and legal requirements for certain things such as alcohol and company stationary. Whilst learning how to create an aesthetically pleasing and conceptually sound design I want to develop good knowledge of the necessities that need to be included on certain designs for certain media. Research – Although I feel that I can competently research and have it affect my work necessarily, I am not great at documenting it. I want to push research further also which can result in interesting and unusual ideas and concepts that don’t instantaneously spring to mind when processing design ideas. People Skills – I have consciously made an effort to be a bit more easy-going and to keep up good spirits in the studio. I want to continue this and keep my sometimes-rampant cynicism to more appropriate surroundings. I have never felt like I have been bad with people, I am just learning that higher spirits just make work more enjoyable and it can ultimately lead to placements and good contacts if a good mood is kept with people you meet. InDesign – Specifically InDesign as publications can be an important part of branding or promoting something and I feel that I could be pushing my skills in the program further. Also, I want to push the skill for website design and layout (not coding) and extending my knowledge of grids and tips and tricks in InDesign is key to this. Meticulous layout does not interest me but having a sound knowledge of it is important to me. Photographing work – I’ve coped quite well with this so far this year. I have developed tips in photo editing which need refining and I would also like to learn how to get to grips with manual settings on a DSLR camera for when I can eventually afford one. Time Management – I need to start learning how to keep a track of what I am doing with some sort of degree of accuracy that isn’t always when deadlines are coming around the bend. Time management is an extraordinarily important quality of a professional design practice and I need to get the hang of it a bit more.

Brief 1: BA Photography Yearbook Brief (Collaboration)


Rationale: Producing the Leeds College of Art BA Photography yearbook. To be professionally printed for the end of the academic year. Working in a team of five.

Brief 2: Leeds Book Fair (Collaboration)


Rationale: Working in a group of five as a design collective with a stall at the Leeds Book Fair in March. Work to be sold will be mostly print-based material with a concept and theme that will be communicated across all our work as a collective. Brief 3: Competition Brief


Rationale: The compulsory competition brief. I am likely to take on another D&AD brief and perhaps draw my own take on it from the given brief in order to give me a bit of freedom. Brief 4: Range of wines (Branding & Packaging)


Rationale: To produce creative branding and packaging for a range of contemporary wines aimed at the young, affluent and cultural. Brief 5: Branding & Promotion for the Leeds Philharmonic Orchestra


Rationale: To rebrand and promote the Leeds Philharmonic Orchestra tying this with a series of concerts of famous and popular pieces of classical music. Contextual references / Designers / Studios / Companies (specific) Companies & studios - Design By Music (Manchester), Creative Spark (Manchester), Seismik (Nottingham), Checkland Kindleysides (Leicester), Beautiful Meme (York), Flywheel Design (Durham), I Love Dust (London), Big Fish (London), Designers Republic (Sheffield), The Consult (Leeds), Thompson Brand Partners (Leeds), Mill Studio (Krakow, Poland), Syfon Studio (Warsaw), Kiss Me I’m Polish (New York), Buro Uebele (Stuttgart), Homework (Copenhagen), New Future Graphic (London), Six (Leicester), Lume Studio (Brighton). Freelancers - David Pearson, Anthony Burrill, Christoph Niemann, Craig Oldham, Edgar Bak, Si Scott, Ric Bell,

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Contact the Leeds Philharmonic Society


Details: Contact the Leeds Philharmonic Society to ask about how they want to be viewed as a brand and to interrogate about their current methods of branding, promotion and distribution. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Contact Designers/Companies


Details: Compile a series of detailed and (importantly) interesting questions to talk to designers about in relation to the design context book for content for it. Interview at least 3. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Leeds Print Festival Deadline Details: Visit the Leeds print festival as an exploration of the potentialities of print in graphic design. This will involve going to talks by Anthony Burrill and Generation Press.

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Visit wine shops & contact wineries Deadline Details: Visit wine merchants as well as supermarkets that sell wine as research into the different standards of wine that is on the shelves. Examine how unusual wines reached their design concepts and contact wineries in relation to this. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Catch-up exhibition Deadline Details: Catch-Up exhibition set up by design company Catalogue promoting designers and illustrators. An event for good networking opportunities and design context research.

BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS / TEXTS - (Harvard Refernced) Heller S. & Anderson G. (2010), ‘New Ornamental Type: Decorative Lettering In The Digital Age’, London, Thames & Hudson Ltd. Heller S. & Anderson G. (2011), ‘New Vintage Type: Classic Fonts For The Digital Age’, London, Thames & Hudson Ltd. (Originally Published in 2007.) Charlotte F. & Peter F. (2007), ‘Contemporary Graphic Design’, Cologne, TASCHEN Germany. Ochs M. (2005), ‘1000 Record Covers’, Cologne, TASCHEN Germany. (Originally Published in 1996.) Gordon B. & Gordon M. (2010), ‘Graphic Design Pocket Essentials’, Lewes, The Ilex Press Ltd. Garfield S. (2011), ‘Just My Type: A Book About Fonts’, London, Profile Books. (Originally Published in 2010.)

MAGAZINES / JOURNALS / ARTICLES – (include publication date and details) Creative Review, The Logo Issue, April 2011 Creative Review, The Ones to Watch Issue, January 2011 Bearded, FFP. F April 09 Creative Review, Type and Typography Special Issue, April 2009 Creative Review, October 2008 Grafik, 182 Grafik, 169, 2008 Review

ON LINE REFERENCES / WEBSITES / ARTICLES (include specific urls)

OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL (Films, events, exhibitions, conferences) Films: Helvetica (2008), Died Young, Stayed Pretty (2008) Exhibitions/Events: Leeds Print Festival (Jan 27th – 29th), Leeds Artists Book Fair (March 2012)

ACTION PLAN – use this section to identify specific tasks that you need to complete in order to resolve the brief. Brief What do you need to do? 1












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