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Blog. Rationale (200 words) Research is extremely important in building grounds in any practice. Without contextual knowledge of the specialism in which I want to take on I would practically be shooting in the dark. I will regularly examine and evaluate companies or designers that specialise in contemporary branding and packaging to brush up on how the industry in progressing as well as to keep reminding myself of the standards that I wish to meet. I will not specifically evaluate branding and packaging. I have the intention to look into all areas of graphic design and potentially beyond in the arts world. Influence can come from anywhere. Other areas of graphic design can offer interesting ways to communicate that could be transferred to branding and packaging. Also, I find it helps to have an interest in all areas of graphic design and other ways of being creative. It just keeps the creative mind active. In the process of doing all this, I will be bookmarking all the companies that I have a genuine interest in sending my own work to when I am comfortable with doing so. Researching for these companies will keep my enthusiasm for graphic design alive with the reminder than I can be doing this for a living when I graduate if I do it right. Proposed research Areas & Themes - (400 words) Branding – I will examine the range of branding that there is in the graphic design world in order to gain inspiration for my own field of work. By looking at a wide variety of different styles of branding, I can pinpoint the direction I wish to take in this area of design as well as gaining contextual knowledge. I want to create interesting, exciting and non-corporate branding so I will refer to companies such as Music who specialise in this. I will also explore how branding relates to packaging. This ties with looking at how branding is simply not just a logo and how the essence of a brand is captured through the range of products or areas it revolves around. Packaging – Much like the branding, I will look at a variety of design for packaging to broaden my scope of knowledge in the field. However, I will focus much more around packaging with the main focus of the image and/or type it contains as opposed to format driven work. Subject Matter – I am particularly interested in design in branding and packaging for music, literature, the arts and food products. Working with subject matters that interest me will keep me enthusiastic as well as informing me of how this type of design works in areas I am interested in designing for. It will help me realise if I can either fit in with what is out there or whether I can offer something new. Typography – I will look at how typography presents itself in the above sectors of research. By doing this it will help me become much more aware of the decisions I am making with the type I use in my own work. I want to explore the visual limits that can be taken with type and what interesting images can be made with type. I will look at type such at that of House Industries to help me along.

Illustration – By examining different ways of producing an image through illustration, this will help me expand my mind in terms of appropriate style to my work. Also, more importantly, should I decide to direct packaging and/or branding through illustration, then contextual research in this field will be needed. Companies – Researching into companies that I am interested in will help me fit into the field of design I wish to produce. As well as informing me in relation to my Personal Professional Development, the work produced by these companies will inform my professional practice.


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I will try to arrange visits with studios that I am interested in. Possible trip to the Design Museum in London. Independent exhibitions by illustrators and designers that I hear about. General design-related events like the Leeds and Manchester book fairs. (Although I plan on taking part in these particular ones.) Books (including chapters where necesaary0

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‘Contemporary Graphic Design’ – Charlotte & Peter Fiell ‘Graphic Design Pocket Essentials’

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‘Top 20 Logos of All Time’, Creative Review, Tony Brook, April 2011 ‘Interview With Ken Garland & Richard Hogg’, Grafik, N/A, December 2008

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