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Blog. Dissertation Title ‘Examination of Apple Inc. and exploring the necessity of their products in people’s lives.’ (Working title)

Dissertation Tutor Richard Miles Rationale (200 words) My practice is a print-based investigation of branding and packaging with a focus on image and typography. I have the desire to create branding and packaging that fits in with current, contemporary design. I have an interest in approaching this by exploring how typography and image communicate with each other across various print formats. The challenge that I work towards with a brief is maintaining the nature of a brand whilst giving it new life through an exciting, noticeable design. Visual investigation of type and image is key. By exploring both in relation to a brief, the most appropriate direction can be found. That being type, image or both. I come to my conclusions through trying, testing and evaluating. This allows me to focus a brand identity down and spread it over a range of products and promotion, particularly using elements such as a common typeface, theme of imagery or colour scheme to unite the brand. Research helps define concepts in my work. Through gaining a sound knowledge of the subject matter of a brief and the context of design that surrounds it, it helps me to understand what feel a brand or product should be communicating. It helps to inform my decisions. An informed practice is a professional practice. Statement of Intent (SOI) – (400 words) PRINT WORKSHOP – By signing up to the print workshop I intend to develop my skills further on software, which will help me develop my professional practice as a designer. I intend to learn more shortcuts and technical methods that have to potential to reduce my designing time. This will be good knowledge to have that will assist me in meeting deadlines in the future. Meeting deadlines is great but documents need to be set up correctly. I particularly need to learn more about reducing PDF file sizes. PEER CONTACT – I intend on keeping close relations in the studio with peers so I can get constant opinions on my work allowing me to keep considering how I am approaching a brief. These ‘mini crits’ with peers on the whole can be just as useful as a formal crit situation. I particularly want to converse with peers with similar design related ambitions to share and gain knowledge of our desired specialisms in design. I plan to attend all organised crits and to evaluate thoroughly the issues raised in relation to my practice.

PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP – I plan to attend the photography workshops around Christmas to brush up on my photography skills in terms of photographing my own work. This will help me greatly in developing my portfolio. A good investment for the future. TIME MANAGEMENT – This year’s timetable is very different to the last two years. Organising time for work independently is a major factor. I need to allot time for certain projects accordingly in order to meet deadlines comfortably. Getting the hang of managing my own work will inevitably lead to a competent and professional practice. VISITING PROFESSIONALS – I plan to attend as many visiting professional seminars as I can. Not only will this inform me much more of how the professional industry works, it will give me kick-starts of enthusiasm which are very valuable, particularly if you are finding work difficult. SELF PROMOTION – The major thing that I feel that I am currently missing is a business card. I need to finish designing this so that I begin giving it out to any contacts I meet. Particularly people such as the visiting professionals. I intend to complete setting up my website on Cargo Collective which will be extremely valuable to me. Once I am on the internet, anyone can access my work.


Brief 1 New Real Ale Brewery •


To design for a new brand of real ale that can be effectively and appropriately applied to a range of products and methods of distribution of the brand itself. This idea is to boost the popularity of real ale and make it appeal to a wider, younger, audience. Brief 2 Penguin Books: Dystopian Fiction Box Set


Design a limited edition box set of novels, which share the common theme in their plot of the idea of a future dystopia. The book in the set will be 1984 – George Orwell, Brave New World – Aldous Huxley, A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess and We – Yvegeny Zamyatin. Brief 3 Sainsbury’s Christmas Food Range


Design packaging for a range Christmas foods sourced by Sainsbury’s offering a solution to a more affordable Christmas that does not lack in quality. This is a response to the poor economic climate and the fact that you do not need to have a lot of money to have a nice Christmas. Brief 4 D&AD Live Brief



Manchester Book Fair. Design an 8-10 page book containing my own illustrations with the common theme of ‘money’. Each illustration will be accompanied by an explanation. I will produce 5+ books to sell. I will also sell unsold books from last year’s Leeds Book Fair.

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Module Code OUGD301 Outcomes Dissertation Tutor Richard Miles Rationale (200 words) Module Title DESIGN PRACTICE 3 Doc. Code OUGD301tut01 Re...

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