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Gustave Caillebotte     Born:  19th  August  1848,  Paris,  France   Died:  21st  February  1894,  Argenteuil,  France.  Aged  45   Nationality:  French   Spouse(s):  None.   Children:  None.   Father:  Martial  Caillebotte   Mother:  Celeste  Caillebotte Siblings:  2.  Rene  and  Martial  Caillebotte     1. Caillebotte’s  father  owned  a  military  textile  industry  and  was  also  a  judge   at  the  Seine  departments  Tribune  de  Commerce.  He  was  from  a   significantly  wealthy  background.   2. Although  he  never  married,  he  had  a  very  close  relationship  with   Charlotte  Berthier.   3. Caillebotte  is  certainly  recognised  for  his  painting,  and  artistic  ability,   however,  he  is  generally  more  recognised  for  his  role  in  helping  the  group   financially  and  helping  them  exhibit.  Without  him,  the  Impressionists   would  have  found  things  a  lot  more  difficult.   4. His  brother  Martial  was  a  gifted  pianist  and  composer.   5. In  1868,  Caillebotte  earned  a  law  degree  and  was  licensed  to  practice  law   in  1870.  He  also  practiced  as  an  engineer.  However,  his  real  passion  lied   in  art.   6. Caillebotte  was  a  sailing  enthusiast.  He  frequently  visited  Argenteuil,   which  is  where  he  first  met  Monet  in  1872.   7. He  studied  at  the  Ecole  des  Beaux  Arts  in  1873  but  soon  became   disillusioned.   8. Caillebotte  did  not  participate  in  the  first  Impressionist  exhibition  in   1974,  but  he  did  attend  it.   9. After  visiting  the  1974  exhibition,  he  began  purchasing  Impressionist   work  and  began  to  build  a  collection.  As  well  as  funding  the  artists,  the   helped  them  to  get  noticed.   10. Caillebotte  took  part  in  the  second  Impressionist  exhibition  in  1876.  He   exhibited  8  paintings.   11. He  exhibited  in  the  third,  fourth,  fifth  and  seventh  exhibitions.   12. Caillebotte  is  responsible  for  keeping  Monet  financially  alive  by  giving   him  doses  on  money  and  buying  his  paintings  occasionally.   13. He  is  also  responsible  for  helping  Pissarro  out  with  his  funds.   14. In  1879,  Caillebotte  began  to  experiment  with  printmaking.   15. Caillebotte  appeared  in  Renoir’s  Luncheon  of  the  Boating  Party  in  1880.   16. Caillebotte  died  of  a  cerebral  haemorrhage  at  45  whilst  gardening  at  his   recently  purchased  house  in  Argenteuil.  He  died  the  untimely  death  he   always  feared.    

Gustave Caillebotte  


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