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Berthe Morisot     Born:  14th  January  1841,  Bourges,  France   Died:  2nd  March  1895,  Paris,  France.  Aged  54   Nationality:  French   Spouse(s):  Eugene  Manet  (married  22nd  December  1874-­‐1892)   Children:  1.  Julie  Manet   Father:  Tiburce  Morisot   Mother:  Cornelie  Morisot Siblings:  3.  Yves,  Edma  and  Tiburce  Morisot     1. Morisot  was  born  into  a  successful  bourgeois  family.   2. She  expressed  talent  in  drawing  and  painting  from  an  early  age.   3. She  was  apparently  very  pretty.   4. In  1868,  she  began  her  art  studies  with  Geoffery-­‐Alphonse  Chocarne  but   was  uninspired  so  switched  to  Joseph  Guichard.  She  also  enlisted  as  a   copyist  at  the  Louvre.  Prior  to  her  studies,  she  had  already  exhibited  at   The  Salon.   5. Also  in  1868,  she  met  Manet  and  Degas  for  the  first  time.   6. In  1869  she  expressed  sadness,  as  it  seemed  everyone  to  her  was  moving   on  with  her  lives  and  she  was  simply  aging  and  doing  nothing.   7. In  1870  during  the  Franco-­‐Prussian  war,  she  stood  by  her  father  in  Paris   and  did  nothing  more  than  play  the  dutiful  daughter.  She  eventually   moved  to  Cherbourg  to  visit  her  sister  Edma.   8. After  the  war  in  in  1873,  Edma  was  back  in  Paris.  She  was  introduced  to   future  husband  Eugene  Manet  and  then  went  to  stay  with  her  sister  Yves   in  Saint-­‐Jean-­‐de-­‐Luz  in  the  very  south  of  France  near  the  Spanish  border.   9. Whilst  in  Saint-­‐Jean-­‐de-­‐Luz,  Morisot  took  the  time  to  visit  Madrid  and  the   galleries  there.   10. In  1874,  Morisot  takes  part  in  the  first  Impressionist  exhibition.  She  sold   nothing.  However,  unlike  the  other  members  of  the  group,  she  did  not   need  to  make  money.   11. In  late  1874,  Morisot  travels  to  England  stopping  by  the  Isle  of  Wight.  She   becomes  frustrated  and  has  a  bit  of  a  creative  block.   12. Morisot  takes  part  in  the  second  and  third  Impressionist  exhibition  in   1876  and  1877  respectively.   13. In  1879  she  becomes  acquainted  with  Mary  Cassatt.  Although  there  is  no   conclusive  evidence  that  they  did  not  get  along,  it  seems  evident  that  they   were  not  obvious  soul  mates.   14. Morisot  goes  on  to  take  part  in  all  8  Impressionist  exhibitions.   15. In  1880,  Morisot  and  Eugene  have  a  new  house  built  in  Paris.   16. When  Manet  died  in  1883,  Morisot  was  upset.  His  death  affected  her  until   her  own  death.  She  was  very  close  with  Manet  and  owed  a  lot  to  him  for   her  progression  as  an  artist.   17. When  her  husband  Eugene  died  in  1892,  her  hair  turned  white  overnight.   Three  years  later  in  1895,  her  daughter  Julie  became  ill  and  whilst  caring   for  her,  Morisot  fell  ill  herself  and  died.    

Berthe Morisot  


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