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Friday, May 1, 2009

Union Protest Comes to SPC

Photo by martin sirakov

Local 78 placed a giant inflatable rat on JFK Blvd. in protest against the use of “substandard” companies for demolition on West Side Ave.

Local 78 protesters challenge use of non-union subcontractor for asbestos abatement on West Side Ave

By Gary Young and Martin Sirakov

Chief Ed. ‘09 and Photo Ed. ‘10 On Tuesday morning a giant inflatable rat doll was placed by two gentlemen on the sidewalk of John F. Kennedy Blvd as a protest against Saint Peter’s College’s contracting of PMA Construction for demolition and construction work. The two men were retained by the Local 78 union and were provided with flyers, which they

disseminated to passers by. The flyers alleged that Global Abatement Corp., subcontracted by PMA, provides substandard services and is a threat to “the environment, the public and its workers.” Global Abatement was contracted to provide asbestos abatement services for the demolition of college buildings on West Side Avenue. This incident caused a commotion on campus resulting in the presence of campus safety personnel, including director Arthur

Res Life Changes Housing Policy at Eleventh Hour Students Outraged by Lack of Communication

Photo by martin sirakov

Students wait in line to choose an apartment during the rescheduled room selection process in Pope Lecture Hall.

Youmans, Jersey City Police Department officers and Saint Peter’s College PR director Lorraine McConnell. They were dispatched to deal with the issue in a constructive manner. Ramon, one of the two union workers, provided little detail of the purpose of the protest. When approached for comment, Ramon stated, “One of the reasons we are here is because Global Abatement Corp. is not unionized.” When asked if Global Abatement Corp. had all of its licenses

and paperwork in order, he affirmed. Being asked if Global Abatement Corp. was in trouble with the local, state, or federal governments, he stated they were not. Then, when asked why the flier he was distributing said, “Destroys industry standards with its disregard for the environment, the public, and its workers,” he replied, “Just because a cop has a badge does not make him a good cop.” “This is not a union job, so we didn’t hire See RAT on Page 3

By Justin Roberts

who qualified to live in Veterans Memorial Plaza would be able to fill the new beds in 140, Res Life made no further accommodations for students unable to make new arrangements. While many students interviewed accepted the change itself as necessary, all took issue with the lateness of its announcement. Accountancy major Ashish Shrestha said, “Everything is so haphazard. I’m really disappointed.” In a subsequent e-mail, Dr. Poiani, Vice President for Student Affairs, apologized “for the timeliness of the announcement.” In an exclusive interview with the Pauw Wow, she said that the delayed notification was caused by the efforts that she and Director of Residence Life David Surratt were making to satisfy the student demand. After failing to find reputable hotels and apartment housing for students, Res Life sought and failed to place them in the dorms of other local colleges. According to Dr. Poiani, the decision to convert See HOUSING on Page 3

News Editor, ‘10

St. Peter’s students were shocked to discover that the Office of Residence Life had changed its housing policies the night before room selection, converting all 4 man apartments with living rooms in 140 Glenwood into 6 man apartments. As students with higher numbers scrambled to find two more roommates, set their sights on more humble four man rooms or split up in favor of two man rooms, students with lower numbers were forced to reevaluate their own options, releasing a wave of desperate confusion that spread throughout the student body. “We all knew that Res Life was disorganized, but this is something else entirely,” said Rhoda Severino an SPC sophomore. In an e-mail sent to the resident student body just 22 hours before Room Selection began, Res Life described the change as, “a response to the unprecedented number of upperclassmen housing applications.” While the e-mail stated that sophomores

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Friday, May 1, 2009


hoices with significant implications should always be made with adequate time for thought and reason. When choosing a roommate, you agree to share a common living space for at least two semesters. The students of St. Peter’s College, who pay for on campus housing, were not given that adequate time to chose roommates for their living situation. The Pauw Wow acknowledges that finding housing for an unexpected extra 172 resident students presented a substantial problem. We also realize that a larger resident population will create a greater sense of community among students and allow for productive studies. However, their course of action and timeline for handling the changing housing policy was mediocre at best. It is reasonable to assume that sometime after the initial March 5th deadline for housing applications, Residence Life became aware that demand exceeded capacity by 172

applications. The accommodation made for those without housing was to add doors to 11 living rooms in 140. Details were not disclosed and little insight could be provided in regards to the evaluation of the housing expansion process. Unfortunately, these facts were disclosed with less than twentyfour hours notice to the selection process. Our main contention is that the office of residence life did not communicate their intentions in an effective and timely manner. For twenty of the twenty-one day postponement period, all students planning to live on campus the following year were left in the dark. The changes were not announced with enough time for those affected to adjust their living situation. Students who had been making roommate plans for months were forced to make last minute changes that caused a ripple effect. Sophomores were encouraged to move into 140 and those desiring

a living room were encouraged to move into VETS. This is a major shift in resident tradition with not enough notice or justification. As a private institution, how much information is the school obligated to provide to those who pay for resident accommodations? The Pauw Wow feels that the common period to make the necessary adjustments, which had been established in previous years, was ignored in favor of a last minute change that failed to solve the larger problem. Students deserve more concrete facts through reliable communication channels. As the college continues to grow and the internet age makes information sharing easier, there is no excuse for lack of communication between administration and students. We hope that this quick fix email does not set a precedent and that the administration shows more respect to students in the future.



Friday, May 1, 2009

Union Rat RAT from Page 1 a union company,” said Mike Ambrosio, PMA Construction superintendent, who was also at the site. He reiterated the sentiments of SPC’s PR officer saying his company was outstanding in this line of work. Ambrosio, when reached for comment later, told the Pauw Wow that both his company, and Global Abatement had all of their documents in order. Documents recovered from the Department of Labor and Workforce Development show Global Abatement perpetrated violations of the Asbestos Control and Licensing Code on August 14th, 2008 and December 4th, 2006. The fines of $50,500 were incurred for one count of “failure to have license available at work site” and two counts of “failure to ensure that all asbestos work performed conforms to accepted engineering practices.” When reached for comment, Global Abatement Owner Dominic Tringali told the Pauw Wow that those documents were not the finalized penalties. They were the initial penalties, but through meetings with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the fines were reduced to $1,000. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development could only confirm that Global Abatement had been fined in the past, but could not tell the Pauw Wow the nature of these fines by press time. Asbestos abatement is licensed by the state of New Jersey, and as such is regulated by the Department of Labor and workforce development. Asbestos was used as a fire retardant and reinforcement in construction, but was banned in 1989 by the EPA. It is a carcinogenic substance. Frank DeMichele and Rojendra Pradhan contributed reporting from Jersey City, NJ.

Excess Demand Causes Last Minute Housing Changes Application Breakdown By Class

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HOUSING from Page 1 the apartments in 140 was made after maintenance and Res Life employees determined that no building but 140 would lend itself to renovation. Although notification of these renovations has not yet been provided to the students, Dr. Poiani assured the Pauw Wow that the converted rooms would be altered to ensure each of its 6 residents privacy and comfort. When asked why the policy change was announced so late given the fact that Res Life already had an extra 20 days after delaying Room Selection from April 4th to the 22nd, Dr. Poiani attributed the delay to the options the school had explored. According to her, construction workers had confirmed that the rooms in 140 could be converted a week before room selection. She said that the decision to convert 140 was made by her and David Surratt on April 21st, the day it was announced. Not even Michael De Jager, the Coordinator of Residence Life, knew of the change before then. De Jager told this reporter at 9:50 that morning that no changes in policy had been made. Dr. Poiani and Res Life are continuing to seek alternate housing options, as 150 students seeking to dorm remain unplaced. Both Mr. Surratt and Dr. Poiani asked the residents to remember the 22 students who were assured housing by the conversion in 140. While some students have agreed with that sentiment, many more continue to wonder how the school’s decision makers spent the 20 days between the original delay and their change in policy.

Class of 2009 Graduating Glance Collected by Paul Lazaro and Photographed by Martin Sirakov

Laura Slaiman

Chris Deabreu

Chris DePizzo

Meghan Ellerman

Christopher Zullo

Ludi Nsimba

Conrad Habijan

Gamal Breedy

Vanessa Mendez

Davide De Pierro

Communication Major Graduate school for Broadcast Journalism

Economics Major Studying for the GRE’s and working

Political Science Major Pursuing a professional Soccer Career

Biochemistry Major Pharmaceutical research

Political Science Major Attending the Univ. of Pennsylvania Law School

Business Mgmt Major Working for Allied Mortgage Company

Criminal Justice Major Kean Univ. grad school, Secret Service internship

Political Science Major Working, applying to law school

Spanish Major Graduate school at the University of Perusia, Italy

English Major Law School

Arts Dylan Releases 33rd Studio Album Together Through Life

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Friday, May 1, 2009


By Stephanie Danis Arts Editor, ‘11

Bob Dylan’s latest album, Together Through Life, is now officially on the shelves of your local record store! The album, released on Columbia Records, hit stores on April 28, 2009. The album has a 50’s vibe that sounds like something that could have been released before Bob Dylan became popular on the 60’s folk scene in the West Village. Though the big bass sound and the spectacular tone of quality of the production on the new album clearly marks it as a 21st century work. The songs on the album are a collection of a brooding mix of jazz, blues, big brass sounds, and Dylan’s grainy vocals and guitar. Though Bob Dylan’s voice has always had a granular texture and warbled tone, on this new album you can hear how his voice has aged. The irony is that Dylan is recording the music he was influenced by as a young man, 40 years after being influenced by the deep soothing southern sounds of his youth. For more information on Bob Dylan and the new album check out www.; on the website you will also find an interview with Dylan about his new album, an interactive game, and streaming music from his earlier albums. Log in and enjoy the Bob Dylan experience!

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Bob Dylan, hesitant image of the counter culture.

This Sizzling Summer Offers Outdoor Movies and Live Music

INVITES OUR CLASS OF 2009 GRADUATES TO PURSUE THEIR ADVANCED DEGREES Apply now and begin your coursework in our graduate summer sessions that begin as early as this May. (Fall courses begin in September.) Simply visit us online at to submit the graduate application. We will make it easy for you to be on your way to earning your graduate degree!

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Bryant Park Summer Screenings Between 40th and 42nd Streets & Fifth and Sixth Avenues. NYC, NY (212)-512-5700. You can catch Dr.No, The Man Who Came to Dinner, and the original Superman film this June! Go to for a full screening schedule.

All Points West Music & Arts Festival

July 31-August 2 Liberty State Park Jersey City, NJ You can spend 3 entire days watching bands at Liberty State Park in Jersey City or just come in the evenings for the Beastie Boys, Tool, and Coldplay headliners. Either way you’re guaranteed to have a great time right along the Hudson River, and it’s a short bus ride away from the school dorms! Check out www.apwfestival. com for tickets, and the full list of performers!

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For more information visit the Graduate Admission Office or call 201.761.6474/email

GRADUATE EDUCATION PROGRAMS Two summer terms: May 26–June 24 AND June 29–July 28 •

Master of Arts in Education (MaEd) Concentrations in Teaching, Administration and Supervision, Reading Specialist, Special Education and NEW for Fall 2009: School Counseling

Certification Programs Concentrations in Teacher Certification, Supervisor of Instruction, and School Business Administrator NEW for Fall 2009: Director of School Counseling Services and Licensure for Professional/Associate Counselor

GRADUATE BUSINESS PROGRAMS Summer session: May 15–August 3 •

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Concentrations in Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Management, International Business, Management Information Systems, and Risk Management.

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