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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Changes at St. Peter’s Sodexho Steps Up Renovations Uplift Atmosphere

General Manager Discusses Upgrades to Student Dining By Anu Joshi and Samana Bhatta


Photos BY Frank DeMIchele and Anthony Fiumidinisi

The campus looks very different this semester after many improvements.


By Anthony Fiumidinisi

ebster’s Dictionary has a variety of definitions of change. The one that applies to the Moon best captures the vibe going around Saint Peter’s lately. Change: to pass from one phase to another. Change has descended upon our prosperous Jersey City campus in a positive way. Renovations have been the symbol for this year, and with the new administration of Dr. Cornacchia’s presidency, Saint Peter’s is entering a new phase in the school’s growth. Coming back to campus for the fall semester was pleasant. Construction crews were working to help create this new look for our campus. Although noise was a bit intrusive on classes, the end product is clearly visible. Faculty and Administration also kept an eye on the progression. Professor Gerlach says, “Overall, I see these changes as very positive for the St. Peter’s campus. I especially appreciate the face lift that McDermott has received. It is brighter and really gives a

modern feel to the building. Perhaps we could enlist some students to provide some artwork to add a splash of color here and there to the walls and promote their work at the same time.” Signage has been the newest initiative on campus. Recent additions include larger signs marking academic buildings and residence halls. Between Pavonia Room and the book store, the newer fountain captures the eyes of any passerby. The Green initiative has also been incorporated into these plans with the installation of automatic faucets in bathrooms throughout campus. Change is a slow process, and although there are some hiccups like the soap dispensers in the restrooms not being conducive to the newer faucet style, the campus is coming together. Steps are clearly being taken, whether it is seen walking to class or simply milling around campus. See CHANGES- Page 5

Attention Community, Last semester, the then Vice President of Mission and Ministry, Fr. James Kuntz’s computer was seized by federal agents. Immediately thereafter, he resigned his position with the college. A few days ago, Fr. Kuntz entered into an agreement with the United States Attorney’s Office to accept responsibility of one count of possession of child pornography. There are no further allegations.

This community announcement was adapted from President Cornacchia’s e-mail to the students and the Jersey Journal’s article on the issue.

hristine Torio, the General Manager of the Sodexho Campus Services at Saint Peter’s College, has been with us for almost a year now. As a general manager, she takes care of the overall administration of Sodexho. A hotel and restaurant management graduate from New York Institute of Technology, she has been in the food service industry for the past two decades. She worked for Columbia University before joining SPC. “Sodexho has a strict guideline for quality food, safety and sanitation. Even the administrator has to undergo training to ensure to uphold its policies. All the recipes of the food offered are from the Sodexho’s own database. And the chef has to undergo online training before using the recipe,” says Torio and adds, “We offer a wide variety of food to cater to the diverse student body. We try to incorporate different flavors with different seasonings.” Many students often complain about the “Trayless Tuesdays” because it is inconvenient to make several trips to get the food. But Torio says, “Trayless Tuesdays is a program that we initiated to support the environment. The absence of trays also minimizes the food wastage because it discourages students from piling up unnecessary food. As a result there are lesser plates and no trays to wash, which means that there is lesser water and detergent consumption. It is just a program to raise consciousness about environment conservation. We also use recycled napkins in dispensers that prevents wastage.” When asked about extending the opening hours during weekends, Torio says, “Out of the 400

students, who are in the meal plan, most of them go home for weekends. It is not feasible for Sodexho to be open till late hours during the weekends to cater only a few students when we have to employ so many people.” The most recent activity that Sodexho has planned is the coffee cart in the library. This facility is to help those students who do not want to come over to the Hudson Room while they are studying. “This program is still in the planning stages and we hope that we can start that service from the next month,” says Torio. She is looking forward to the completion of the Student Center, which will allow the expansion of the hospitality service. Christine is excited and optimistic about the CINCH program. The CINCH program is designed to get students and faculty members who don’t have a meal plan to come and eat in Hudson Room. According to the program, the first meal is 50 percent off, and then one gets a Dining Card which gives one free meal for every three meal, up to three times. After that, one gets a card which gives a 20 percent discount for every meal. “It’s cheaper to eat in the Hudson Room. Moreover, the commuting students and the residents also get a chance to intermingle,” says Torio. She is very excited to see this program getting a positive response at SPC. “College is all about challenging yourself. Students should also try out new food items,” says Torio.

Christine Torio

Photo by Martin Sirakov

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The New York Times Thomas Friedman echoed the sentiments of many shattered idealists when he wrote in a recent article, “Our government is so broken that it can only work in response to a huge crisis.” When the House voted down the bailout bill, the scores of frustrated dreamers Friedman represents were confronted with a reality they could not wish away. Our Congress does function, albeit not in the way most would prefer. The complex system of legal graft perpetrated by interest groups, bureaucrats, and clumsily elected representatives, while deplorable, is currently unavoidable. This is the fact that the political philosophers and born-again believers in American democracy ignore while seeking after their “truth.” Complex social structures are based in two things: the impartial rule of power and man’s personal interest. Society endures while the perceptions of the powerful deem it in their interest. When incomplete understanding, a lack of compassion or the tyranny of new ideals intercede, see

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the French Revolution, the deterioration of Imperial Athens, etc. ad infinitum. In France, the power rested with mob’s superior numbers; in Athens, the neglect of the upper classes civic duty depleted the treasury and the military; in contemporary America, many heads of corporate America put their personal profit over their business’ and nation’s solvency and, for whatever reason, the federal officials were complicit. There exists no real impetus for reform where it is needed most. Millions may be ruined, for the rest, its business as usual. While no credible power threatens the institution or the individuals of the Congress to enact long-term reform, none will be made. The same goes with the corporations. Our leaders will patch up the economy when it falters to serve their own ends. End of story. Of course, many claim to uphold the Founding Fathers’ convictions but as long as they remain powerless, or stand to gain more from our most deplorable democracy, inaction will rule the day. As one of those shattered idealists, I beg one ofa you to prove me wrong, but I won’t


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Iraq…Five Years Later…

By Mohammad Awadallah


ive year have passed since the invasion of Iraq. Let’s recap what the United States has achieved in maintaining an illegal occupation. In five years, our troops have managed to murder over 1.2 million Iraqis with state of the art weaponry. We have rained blazing destruction down on the Iraqis and their land. Some say that we have liberated Iraq. I agree: we have liberated this nation from water, electricity and security, and we have also liberated 1.2 million of its people from their lives. When the troops arrived in Iraq, the first things they secured were the Oil Ministry Building and its oil wells while the hospitals and museums were looted. What was the priority: liberation or oil? For as long as this illegal occupation continues, innocent Iraqis will lose their lives. With all of the death and destruction we have brought upon the Iraqis, it’s no wonder they continue to bravely resist the illegal occupation of their land. How dare any American

criticize the Iraqis for resisting the plunder of their land and livelihoods? I understand how many people feel about supporting their friends in the armed forces. I also have many friends who have joined the army. But I had to choose to support what I knew was r i g h t , which was supporting the Iraqi people. They are l i v i n g u n d e r an illegal occupation which American soldiers help keep in place. The American government decided to invade Iraq, which had nothing to do with 911, and we still have no conclusive evidence saying that Iraq did possess ‘WMD’s” that our government claimed they had. The Iraqi people did what anyone under an illegal occupation would do: they resisted it with all their strength. International law


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guarantees them the right to resist the occupation by any means at their disposal. Iraqi’s are watching their family and friends being murdered by American soldiers on a daily basis. That is their reality! It is only normal that they would resist the slaughter of their family and friends. Yet, some people persist in framing Iraq

I agree: we have liberated this nation from water, electricity and security, and we have also liberated 1.2 million of its people from their lives. in double standards: the Iraqis who resist the occupation are “terrorists” and the soldiers who menace them are “heroes.” Many people would argue that the occupation of Iraq is a smoke screen for stealing Iraqi oil. The United States has built 14 military bases in Iraq. This could be used to ensure that, once the physical occupation is over, the U.S. can maintain an economical

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occupation. As Americans we have a moral obligation to stand up against injustices. American soldiers have carried out countless war crimes in Iraq, ranging from raping teenage girls to shooting civilians. Americans in Iraq have committed m o r e

Accounting (M.S.) The Practical MBA Taxation (M.S.) Nursing (M.S.N., Ph.D.) Clinical Nurse Leader Nurse Practitioner Diplomacy and International Relations


injustices than they have prevented, with no end in sight. We have dropped tons of depleted uranium on Iraqi soil. As millions of Iraqis continue to suffer and die every day, it doesn’t matter if you try to label it “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” It is an American killing field. We have an obligation to stop this war because it has been all done in our name and with our taxes.

Would you be surprised to discover that it is normal people in Iraq who oppose the occupation? People with grade school aged kids. People who are simultaneously holding down (or trying to) jobs. Mothers and wives who support their families resist the presence of foreign troops. A resistance movement cannot be effective if it does not have at least the passive support of the population it fights among and ostensibly for. And to be effective, all the resistance group has to do to win is to not lose or continue being able to carry out attacks against the occupying forces. They don’t hate us because of our “freedoms.” They hate us because we are committing crimes against humanity daily. It’s plain to see, from my point of view, the so-called “war on terror” is a cover to steal Iraqi oil. In these times, remaining silent against these ongoing crimes is criminal!

Comic Corner


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peacekeeping Flaws

BY Jonathan Carrillo


he principle purpose of the United Nations, as outlined in Article 1 Sec. 1 of the U.N Charter, is to ensure international peace and security. Historically, the U.N has responded to breaches of, or threats to, peace by deploying peacekeepers, with mixed results. To understand its failures, however, one must understand its methods. First, it is important to remember that peacekeepers are not meant to assure permanent peace, but only to create a stable environment in which favored indigenous political and economic authorities can reassert themselves. The U.N. then trusts the preservation of peace to those authorities, which is clearly not always a wise move. What is needed is an expansion of peacekeeper duties that enables them to ensure that the incoming regime will not repeat the human rights abuses that necessitated their predecessor’s ousting. This expansion can only be achieved by an increase in financial resources and a revision of purpose. With many of member nations already complaining about peacekeeping costs and defaulting on their dues, this

expansion will not be easy. equitable alternative might from the most economically Their grumbles, though, be to seek funding outside of stable nations. Estimates are ridiculous. As the U.N. government contributions. show that an annual amount Department of Peacekeeping Alexander Kocks, a of at least $1.2 billion could Operations accurately reports: policy analyst at the Office be earned from this tax. “Peacekeeping is a highly of Development Studies, The scope of peacekeeping efficient means of placing United Nations Development operations must also increase. post-conflict societies on the Programme, has suggested In December 2001, the path to enduring peace and that public finance tools, such International Commission democratic government, and as taxes, user charges, fees, on Intervention and State the most efficient form of and levies be applied on an Sovereignty issued a report international intervention so international level. One of the entitled “The Responsibility far devised.” more notable proposals calls to Protect.” The report states The UN spends less per year for a tax on international arms that every nation state has a on peacekeeping worldwide transfers. responsibility to protect its than the City of New York Kocks points out that “such citizens, and if spends on the a tax would have two positive any state is annual budget of its police What is needed is an expansion of department. As peacekeeper duties that enables them of March 2006, to ensure that the incoming regime will the approved not repeat the human rights abuses that peacekeeping necessitated their predecessor’s ousting. budget for the year was over $5 billion. This unable to represented only 0.5% of effects: it would decrease do so, this responsibility global military spending (U.N (enhanced) international arms falls to the international Department of Peacekeeping). trade, i.e. it would internalize community. The report “takes But regardless of opposition arms trade as a negative a comprehensive approach to this expansion is necessary, externality (a public bad humanitarian crises, framing and solutions to making itself) of international public intervention as a continuum funding more enticing are bads such as war, and it could from diplomatic and economic obtainable. provide additional resources sanctions through to military The current system for UN peace operations.” intervention as a last resort. determines a nation’s dues In addition, because the Furthermore, it incorporates through a specialized scale. largest arms dealers are usually “responsibility to prevent” Many nations claim that the from the wealthiest nations and “responsibility to rebuild” scale is flawed and places the in the world, this proposal as essential elements on either bulk of the financial burden would guarantee that most side of intervention.” on a few countries. A more contributions would come The report also establishes



six tenets that must be satisfied before a forceful intervention takes place: Just Cause, Right Intention, Proportional Means, Last Resort, Reasonable Prospects, and Right Authority. The United Nations does not need to be changed in such a way that the U.N can take independent actions to deal with conflicts. In a state-centric system it is incredibly difficult to do things which affect the international community as a whole because of clashing national interest, and thus radically changing the U.N’s structure is an impossibility. The proposals noted in this paper are achievable under the present structure and the problems which arise out these proposals can be fixed under the state-centric system. Under current international circumstances, the U.N is the best organization possible for dealing with threats to peace and, using peacekeeping operations under the U.N can be very successful if properly reformed.

“Loose Change” for Loose Screws By Ed Hennessy


few years ago, a classmate mentioned to me that the U.S. Government was behind the 9/11 attacks, and that all the facts the press had covered-up are presented in a documentary called “Loose Change”. After doing some research, I discovered that the documentary is just one small part of a larger “9/11 Truth” movement. These brave souls, not satisfied with the ridiculous idea that international terrorists would destroy a center of commerce in the world’s financial capital, are committed to the truth: that the U.S. Government (and maybe Israel) set the whole thing up. Bravely, these crusaders of truth refuse to let the facts defeat them. In tribute to them, I offer you the following refutations of their dearly held theories. Sure, each one runs just a little more counter to reason than the one before it, but the only way to fully admire the tenacity of their delusions is to see how easily they are disproved. The most popular “Truther” claim is that the Towers were really brought down by hidden explosive charges (courtesy, of course, of the U.S. Government). The “Truthers” know this because the planes’ supply of jet

fuel could not burn hot enough to melt the towers’ steel skeleton. This argument has the advantage of being both true and completely irrelevant. Fire caused by the jet fuel burned at a temperature between 800 and 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to weaken the steel by as much as 50 percent. In addition, the fire’s intensity increased as flammable objects (rugs, paper, furniture) caught fire. With the buildings’ steel structure that compromised, the calamity that ensued was


that the Pentagon was in fact struck by a missile launched by the U.S. Military. Of course, physics tells us that a plane’s wings are not powerful enough to crash through the Pentagon’s concrete walls, but Wile Coyote never ran through a wall without leaving a perfect silhouette. Then there is Osama Bin Laden’s September 16, 2001 statement denying complicity in the attacks, accepted as irrefutable by most “Truthers.” Interestingly, while refusing to accept the

Bravely, these crusaders of truth refuse to let the facts defeat them.

inevitable and required no imaginary hidden explosives. The tragedy at the Pentagon is also fodder for 9/11 conspiracy theorists. The gaping hole left from the impact of American Airlines Flight 77 into the building was not shaped like a plane, leading “Truthers” to argue


word of terrorism experts, the “Truthers” have no doubts about Osama Bin Laden‘s credibility. Well, that’s not quite true: they know better than to trust Bin Laden’s subsequent multiple admissions of guilt. With all the evidence to the contrary, why do 9/11 conspiracy

theories persist? They do so because they are driven, like Martin Luther or Woodward and Bernstein, to look beyond commonly accepted facts and get to the heart of the matter. Would the hardened and well educated soldiers of a religious death cult, having already successfully attacked numerous American military installations overseas, really try to attack a major, largely unprotected civilian target? Maybe. Or, maybe, the U.S. Government manufactured evidence that would support this conclusion so it could blow up one of its own largest economic centers, thousands of its citizens, and its military headquarters. As previously stated, the “Truthers’” arguments are not perfect. For instance: why would the government choose such an implausible cover story, and why, if it is so willing to take innocent American lives, would it spare people who pose it a threat? Knowing what I do, I have to conclude that the 9/11 Truth movement is utter nonsense. But, you cannot help but admire their tenacity.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jesuit Spotlight: Fr. Robert McCarty, SJ Tantalizing Historical Tidbit By Jacob Hayden and Peaches Dela Paz gives tremendous freedom to professors who wish to explore the innumerable ways of discussing and enjoying English and literature. Fr. McCarty has a passion for William Shakespeare’s works, especially the plays Hamlet and Othello. He says about the famous literary genius: “(Shakespeare) had a tremendous understanding



r. McCarty has been no stranger to the Saint Peter’s College Community for the past thirty years. For all of those years, he has been a beloved member of the English Department on campus. Fr. McCarty became a Jesuit shortly after his first year at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York, another Jesuit institution. He became a Jesuit for intellectual and spiritual reasons. Previously he had observed and admired the Jesuits and noticed the extents to which they enjoyed carrying out their vocations, particularly teaching. After experiencing the Spiritual Exercises (a 30 day retreat made by all Jesuits), Fr. McCarty knew he made the right choice and wanted to become a more intimate disciple of Christ. Fr. McCarty finds it difficult to pinpoint an exact favorite memory of his life as a Jesuit because there have been many good memories to choose from, one of which was his 30 day retreat. When asked about his favorite part of teaching, he says that his least favorite part of teaching is grading but loves everything else about it, especially the interaction with students. He considers this aspect to be the most important part of teaching. As a professor of English, his favorite classes to teach are poetry and prose fiction and he is grateful to work for a department chair who

t r cCa



Photo by rozen Pradhan of people, both comic and serious, and a tremendous sense of what people can do that makes them interesting and surprising. His characters had a life of their own. One of the books McCarty recommends to readers, whether or not they are

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Michael DeJager, Coordinator of Operations, says, “I think the aesthetics committee as well as the contractors who did the work, have given Saint Peter’s a nice face lift. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.” Saint Peter’s has acclimated itself to the ongoing revamping of Jersey City, and the college administration is embracing the opportunity to better our school. The campus is being structurally transformed, new academic programs are being implemented and new instructors are being hired. The progress up to this point has been nothing short of remarkable.

Walking from Rankin Hall to Millennium Hall, one can see the parking garage being renovated to suit parking needs, fences put up, signage created and new lockers in the hallways of academic buildings installed. It doesn’t stop here. Much like the faces of the Moon, more change is on the way, plans for a new student center behind Millennium Hall are in motion. The new center will include additional dining areas and various recreational spots for Saint Peter’s students. Although some of us may not see all the changes and renovations of the future, it cannot be denied that the progression is moving forth smoothly.


Wed 8 Blessing of the Fountain - 1:45pm  Thurs 9 Puppet Theatre: Arm of the Sea (Roy Irving Theatre) - 11am Indo-Pak October movie night (Pope) - 4pm  Sat 11 Trip to Statue of Liberty  Mon 13  Columbus Day - College Holiday  Speaker Series (Pope Lecture Hall) - 11:50am Coffee House (Pavonia Room) - 8pm  Tues 14 S.E.B. Movie Night (Pope) - 8pm Wed 15 Englewood Cliffs Campus 2008 Michaelmas

familiar with Shakespeare, is A Year in the Life of Shakespeare: 1599 by James Shapiro. This book offers the background of Shakespeare’s world and gives readers a chance to gain a better understanding of him. Fr. McCarty also enjoys William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. However, when choosing a book, he advises students to read on topics that interest them. In his doctoral dissertation, Fr. McCarty chose to apply Kierkegaard’s philosophy and nonphilosophy to Hamlet. A little of what Fr. McCarty told us about this philosophy was how actions are what define us and not words. He looked at how Hamlet can be used as support for Kierkegaard’s philosophical positions. Outside of the academic world, Fr. McCarty enjoys visiting and traveling with friends, both at Saint Peter’s College and Fordham University. He also enjoys golfing with his fellow Jesuits and, of course, reading. He is active in his duty as a priest, saying masses for various religious communities including Caritas, a center for retired nuns. Fr. McCarty has given a great deal to Saint Peter’s College for the past thirty years and we hope he will continue to be an active member in the community.

Convocation - 7pm Student Senate General Meeting (Degnan) - 7pm Thurs 16 Study Abroad Info + Soda, Pizza, Conversation (Degnan) - 1pm Irish-American Movie Night (Pope) - 7pm Mon 20 Speaker Series (Pope) - 11:50am Coffee House (Pavonia Room) - 8pm Tue 21 S.E.B. Movie Night (Pope) - 8pm Wed 22 Career Fair (McIntyre) - 8am ADVANCE NOTICE April 2 - Communications/History Conference

Taken from the Pauw Wow (October 21, 1949) Discovered by Michael Massey

All freshman students were required to memorize the following, and repeat at the will of any upperclassman.

The Freshman Creed

“I, Sir, am a Freshman, and as such recognize my rights to be few and my duties many. I must act in a manner which will do credit to myself, my class, and Saint Peter’s. I will do all in my power to comply with all the rules and regulations governing me as a Freshman, and do further promise to take part in as many extra-curricular activities as my time will allow. I shall do all in my power to further the spirit and camaraderie which is so much a part of college life. Thank you, Sir, for listening.” FROSH RULES I. The members of the Freshman Class, excluding all veterans, are responsible to strictly adhere to the following rules: A) Freshmen are not allowed to criticize any aspect of their Alma Mater. Even constructive criticism is the prerogative of the Upperclassmen. B) Freshmen are not allowed to form cliques based on Prep School acquaintance but are to forget promptly their old connections and before “Saint Peter’s conscious.” Freshmen are not allowed to wear Prep school insignia on rings, sweaters, etc. Nobody cares where they came from or what they did when they were there. Everyone is interested in his present and his future. C) Freshmen are to take the initiative and greet all upperclassmen when passing them in the College, addressing them always as “Mister.” D)Within 3 blocks of the school wear a “beanie”, colored blue, with the letter P and their class year in white. E) Know the names and location of every building on the campus. F)Know the names and functions of all societies and activities of the students. G) Memorize and repeat on demand the Freshman Creed and the Alma Mater of the College. H) Refrain from entering or leaving via the front door of the Arts building. I) Wear a legible sign, at least 2” x 3”, bearing their name and class section, while on the campus. J) Students must at all times carry matches for the use of the upperclassmen. K) If a Freshman should have a seat in the cafeteria while an upperclassman is forced to stand, the Freshman must offer his place to the upperclassman. L) Freshmen must always have with them a copy of these rules. N.B. Infractions of the rules will be referred to the Vigilance Committee which is elected by the Sophomores and approved by the Student Council. II. Members of the Sophomore Class are entitled to challenge any Freshman at any time, at any place on the campus and required that he meet any obligations set forth for the Freshmen. Sophomores, in order to qualify for Challenging, must be wearing a badge with their names and sections legibly written on it. III. Physical violence of any kind will not be tolerated from either class. Any man or men, found instigating any violence will be subject to severe disciplinary action. IV. Both classes are expected to accept their responsibilities and carry them out to the best of their abilities. V. The above rules will be in effect October 17, 1949, and will continue until the Christmas holidays, with the following exceptions: Beanies will be worn throughout the Freshman year, refrain from using the front door of the Arts Building through the year. Should, however, the Freshmen win a basketball game to be played against the Sophomores after the Christmas vacation, this last restriction will be dropped.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Silent Panic,




by Carmin Aguiles

It’s 3 a.m. and I’m walking to my aunt’s house. She lives about two blocks away. Normally, I wouldn’t be out this late, or is it early? But tonight is not an ordinary night. I’m glad I decided to wear my sweat pants to sleep instead of my thin Betty Boop pajama pants. It’s really cold, although, maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference. Usually I walk with my head tilted up, so that I can see the constellations. But, once again: usual, normal, ordinary are words so alien to me right now. I’ve looked up! Shining down on me, I see Orion. I smile, for a second, at the familiar group of stars. But my serenity is disturbed by the flashing red and blue lights. I get this overwhelming feeling; I want to run away. But I can’t, at least not tonight. I have to make it through those doors. With so much dread, I climb up the interminable steps to the front door. The knob turns without any hesitation. I continue to walk straight to grandma’s room. The bedroom door is open, and there on her bed she lays.  “She looks like she’s sleeping,” someone says. I don’t dare touch her.   As I walk into the dining room, I am greeted by familiar faces. They are uniformed in pajama pants and heavy sweaters. Their eyes are red and puffy. Some hold on to tissues, others to their sweaters. I wrap my arms around my own orange sweater. Shortly after, two men come in carrying a big gray bag. They go into her room. All is silent. The silence is distressed by the sound of a very stubborn zipper.         

t has been brought to my attention that a lot of people don’t know how to cook. I, an expert Food Network watcher, have decided to save you all from starving by giving you a recipe for some tasty food to make that you can only mess up by setting it on fire. My favorite dish is a stir fry, mainly due to an unhealthy obsession with woks. You really can throw in whatever you want into this thing, but all that you really need is some rice, onions, and some salt and pepper. Then, simply add whatever food you have laying around. Really anything will do. Chicken Stir fryIngredients • ½ onion • ½ red or green pepper • 1 clove of garlic • 1-2 heads of broccoli • 1 cup of rice • 1 egg • 1 chicken breast • Some salt • Some pepper • Some soy sauce

Crossword and Sudoku The first person to deliver ACROSS 1. System of beliefs a successfully completed 6.10.Wainscot Lyric poems 14. Detection device Dry crossword puzzle to Gary 15. 16. Bun Fruit of the oak Young will receive a free 17. tree 18. Deceptive ma$25 VISA gift card! neuver



8 2

3 1

7 1



5 9



4 6 4






5 2

5 7


Medium Sudoku from


19. Pelvic bones 20. Tumbling 22. Gunk 23. It is (poetic) 24. Garments of the torso 26. A morsel of corn 30. Secure or fasten 32. Shivering fit 33. Tall woody plant 35. Needs 39. Yearns 41. Forelimb 42. Make amends 43. Sword 44. Types of hats 46. Smell 47. Armored weapons 49. Expose to the air 51. Dog 54. Not at either end 55. Capital of Western Samoa 56. Absurd 63. Accord 64. An empty space 65. Coconut meat 66. Reflected sound 67. Anagram of “Neat” 68. Something that happens 69. Fortune teller 70. Backtalk 71. Detect

DOWN 1. Cliff 2. Sexually naughty 3. Ancient Biblical kingdom 4. Repair by sewing 5. Elaborate 6. A pub sport 7. Wild African sheep 8. A thin flat circular plate 9. City in south central Ukraine 10. Creator 11. Painful grief 12. Poet T.S. _____ 13. Smacks 21. Mud or clay deposited by a river 25. Anagram of “Hail” 26. Cabbage 27. Psyches 28. Small person 29. Intermediary 30. Gills on a mollusk 31. Used to make rope 34. An instrument of torture 36. Closing section of a musical composition 37. Nautical mile (speed) 38. Withered 40. Glance over 45. Ketch 48. State of anxiety 50. Evokes 51. Short cloaks 52. Rapidly 53. Alcove 54. The golden touch 57. A very small amount 58. Loud noises 59. Adoration 60. Not closed 61. Vases 62. Satisfy

Chicken Stir fry -First you have to prepare the rice, just boil 2 cups of water and add the rice in it. Keep it on low heat until all water is evaporated. - Next, you have to prep the onions, peppers, and chicken. Chop up the onions and peppers into little pieces and cut the chicken into bite size pieces. - Put everything that was just cut into a pot or a wok and cook on medium high heat until the chicken is done. Add salt, pepper, and soy sauce according to your desire. - Once the chicken is done, throw in the cut up broccoli and cook everything together on low heat until the broccoli turns bright green. - Next, dump the cooked rice onto the veggies and chicken and mix them all together, add some more salt and pepper. - Finally, crack the egg and drop it in. Then stir it until the egg covers everything. That’s it. You are done. You can now enjoy a home cooked meal. Until next time, keep cooking. ~Chef Tom Cleary

Tom Cleary at work

photo by Frank DeMIchele

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Movie Preview


AR rts eviews

By Stephanie Danis

Jack’s Mannequin - The Glass Passenger

By Gabriella Sciavicco


ook adaptations are permeating through the box office during the months of October and November. Works of fiction and non-fiction are stepping off bookshelves and onto the screens at cinemas throughout the country in many of the films slated to premiere this fall. Here is a sampling of the next installment of books to hit the silver screen. October’s opening weekend offers moviegoers with Nick and Norah’s Infinite Play List and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, both opening Friday, Oct. 3. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Play List is based on the 2006 novel by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. It stars Michael Cera and Kat Dennings as the title characters. When the pair embarks on a surprise escapade through New York City to find a band’s secret show, they discover there may be more to their relationship than a shared love for music. In How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, a British

journalist travels to New York City, and learns the consequences of the actions he took on his way to the top. Kirsten Dunst and Simon Pegg star in the film, which is based on the memoir of Toby Jones, a former Vanity Fair contributor. Body of Lies, which is based on the 2007 novel by David Ignatius, opens on Friday, Oct. 10. The film features Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, and it follows the story of a CIA member, who is looking to capture a terrorist and finds himself receiving the aid of the head of Jordan’s intelligence agency. Also opening on Oct. 10 is City of Ember, which stars Saoirse Ronan and Bill Murray. The film is adapted from the 2003 novel by Jeanne Duprau, and it tells the story of two children who search for clues to uncover the mysteries that lie in their hometown, the City of Ember. The Secret Life of Bees, which is based on the 2002 novel by Sue Monk Kidd, hits theaters on Friday, Oct. 17.

Set in 1964, the film follows a young girl and her stand-in parental figure – a worker on her father’s peach farm. The girl and the woman escape the girl’s abusive household, and find themselves in the company of beekeeping sisters. Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Hudson star in the film. Singer Alicia Keys also joins the cast. Stephenie Meyer’s highly popular Twilight series makes its way to the big screen on Friday, Nov. 21. The film, which shares its title with the first book of the vampire series, features Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The story follows a teenage girl named Bella Swan, who finds herself in Forks, a Washington suburb, surrounded by unfamiliar sights. She catches the eye of a handsome, mysterious classmate named Edward Cullen, whose secret identity is eventually uncovered. For more information about these films, as well as others hitting theaters this fall, visit Yahoo! Movies or the Internet Movie Database.

from his original project, Something Corporate. The album is a much less poppy venture than Everything in Transit. The song “American Love” is about going to college and testing adulthood. “You leave for college at the turn of autumn,” laments McMahon. The album ends with a seven-minute photo courtesy of acoustic piano song called ack’s Mannequin’s “Caves,” which is unique for follow up to Everything a band of this genre. But the in Transit is proof that composition of the song hints emo piano rock songs can at the deeply sad themes that tug at the heartstrings as were touched upon in this if you are fifteen years old album. The Glass Passenger again. The lead single, “The Resolution,” reassures all ultimately ends up being a Andrew McMahon fans that good collection of bubblehis band is still following the gum rock, but with a dark and same formula of infectious depressed [a.k.a Emo] twist. I piano melody and, of course, recommend this album as the crooning about love. On The guilty pleasure album of the Glass Passenger, though, fall for any sensitive teenager. the songs are deeper and It’s perfect for blasting through darker than those on Jack’s your car stereo, and singing along as you cruise down the Mannequin first album. McMahon’s lyrics are more highway.


inspiring. The lyrics remind me of the poetic mastery of those teenage love songs

T.I. - Paper Trail

Fast Times at Barrington High By Alexis Kallert


he Academy Is… are back with their third studio album entitled Fast Times at Barrington High. Though it has only been a little over a year since the band released its sophomore album Santi, it seems like it has been much longer. Though I wouldn’t say the band has changed its sound, the tone of this album differs from the others. Fast Times at Barrington High is the band’s most light-hearted album to date. The Academy Is… burst onto the scene in 2005 with their debut Almost Here. The album had a fresh sound and was full of youthful energy. The lyrics told troubled tales, but not in a way that made you feel like lead singer William Beckett was whining or complaining. Two years later, the band followed up with Santi. Though a solid and catchy album, it did not receive as much praise as Almost Here. Fans were left slightly disappointment with the direction the band seemed

to be taking. Fast Times at Barrington High should hopefully ease fan fears. The album seems to have an overall theme and never strays from the “pop” sound. The album opens up with lead single “About a Girl.” The track is without a doubt catchy, but the message is very unclear. On the surface it may seem that the song is, indeed, about a girl. Looking a little closer, however, it seems as Beckett is trying to cover up his true feelings as he belts out in the chorus, “I’m not in love, this is not my heart, I’m not gonna waste these words about a girl.” “About a Girl” is followed up with “Summer Hair=Forever Young.” An interesting title to say the least, the songs is a perfect summer song and sounds like it belongs in a John Hughes movie from the 80’s. The lyrics are simple, but not in a bad way. The song has a clear message and really embodies the feeling of summer. “Crowded Room” is a standout track that is reminiscent of the band in

its Almost Here days. Beckett is quoted to saying that this track “is a call to arms for me and all my freaks and geeks.” “After the Last Midtown Show” is one of the few ballads on the album. The song has a sad vibe to it, but goes along well with the summer/high school theme of the album. The track deals with coming to terms with the end of something. Additionally, the track ends with recognition to Almost Here. The song ends with the line “We’re almost here again, right here right now.” Fast Times at Barrington High seems to be a memoir of the band’s high school experiences. The album touches on the topics of love, endless nights, and growing up. Lucky for listeners, the band’s past experiences provide for an upbeat and catchy album to enjoy. The album’s simplicity and youthfulness is what makes it so easy to listen to. Though summer is over, the album’s summer vibe will still be refreshing for the month’s to come.

photo courtesy of


aper Trail is hot! Three out of the five great songs you will hear on the radio these days are from this latest T.I. album. Paper Trail is an album that you’re going to want to buy and proudly display on your CD rack. On the opening track, “56 Bars (intro),” T.I. raps, “My swag need a bodyguard.” With such a collection of hit songs as those on Paper Trail, I might concede that swag like that is of a certain rarity. The album is a collection of tracks that feature collaborations with hip-hop’s biggest names, including Rihanna, Swizz Beatz,

Ludacris, and Usher. It even features pop and R&B stars such as Justin Timerblake and John Legend. What else, you ask? The infectious radio hit “Swagga Like Us,” featuring heavy hitters Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West is on this album. It is impressive to see the number of big stars that appeared on this album, but I don’t think the success of Paper Trail relies on the all-star line up of collaborators. While the collaborations undoubtedly strengthen the album, the real gem is the production. The tracks include elements of pop and R&B well integrated into hip-hop that they become their own special creation. This album is an enjoyable and well-executed fusion of dance hits and contemplative rapping. The songs “Whatever You Like,”“Slide Show,” and”Dead and Gone” have such infectious qualities that they made me want to dance and cry at the same time. In “You Ain’t Missin Nothing” T.I. advises, “Put on your headphones and rewind this song,” but I advise that you rewind the whole album and keep listening.


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Peahens Salty Over Loss



BY Jonathan Fernandez

photo courtesy of department of athletics

Kate McFadden


he Saint Peter’s College Peahens were defeated Saturday, September 27, against the Manhattan Jaspers. What was a back and forth battle, ended up going in favor of the Jaspers with the final score of 3-2. The score was close during the whole match because the peahens proved that they were a worthy opponent to the ladies of Manhattan. “Last Saturday against Manhattan was a game that we should have won,” says player Katherine Sura. The Peahens got off to a fast start, but failed to finish off the Jaspers. Sura says, “This is a good example of a goal we are still working at, which is

to finish teams when we are ahead. I think our team played well and although mistakes are inevitable, I think some of ours just happened at costly points in the game.” The realization to finish off teams was one of the positive things that came out of the loss on Saturday. After that loss, the Peahens went to Marist the next day and defeated them. As with the game against Manhattan, the Peahens went into a fifth set with Marist, and this time finished them off. Kim Mendoza was upset about the loss to Manhattan, but that will not affect her mindset for the season. Mendoza says, “The game against Manhattan was a very big game for us because it was our first time playing on center court, so we felt we had to prove it to everyone that we deserved it. It was a hard fought match but we just weren’t able to finish it and we let our nerves get the best of us.”  The team still has the goal to finish first in the conference this year and to win the MAAC. Sura also says, “My goals for this season are to make it the absolute best season I’ve had here at Saint Peter’s College. As a senior, I would love to leave at the peak of all my volleyball years. I want to have great memories and lots

of success with my team.” The season has just started, so there is enough time to learn and grow in order to be ready for the MAAC tournament. The team is currently sitting on a record of eight wins and nine losses. So, they are in the middle of the pack right now, but hope to improve and finish the season with a great record. Time will tell how the lady Peahens of Saint Peters adapt to the season. Coach Joseph Agrest has come in this year and done a great job with the team’s chemistry and developing.

Peacocks Defeat Blue Hens By Mahmoud Awadallah


he men’s soccer team of Saint Peter’s defeated the University of Delaware on Tuesday, September 30. The peacocks battled through the whole game until they pulled it out in overtime. The game winning goal was scored by Dmitri Pelts on an assist from Gamal Breedy. The win puts the Saint Peter’s Peacocks at a record of 3 wins, 3 losses and 2 ties. The Peacocks struck first early in the game and contained control until very late. With less than twenty minutes to go, Delaware evened the score at one-one, which led to overtime. Gamal Breedy had a goal and an assist in the game. He scored the first goal for the peacocks to give them the early lead. The Peacocks had three less shots on goal than Delaware, but that didn’t matter in the end. Chris DeAbreu contributed with an assist of his own to Gamal Breedy for the game’s first goal. Forward Andrew Engelhart was a busy man with four shots and a goal. Delaware was outclassed by the Peacocks in the first half, but they played better in the

photo courtesy of department of athletics



second. The shots on goal were Monmouth this Sunday. even in the second half with The peacocks do not have Delaware being the only team an easy road ahead of them. to score in that period. The After Monmouth, they play goalies for Saint Peter’s were Siena, Marist, Fairfield, and Hernando Santamaria and Iona all in a row. The men Matthew Lawlor. Hernando will take it step by step as played the majority of the the season goes on. Looking game recording four saves ahead is usually a mistake while giving up only one goal. teams make, and the peacocks Lawlor played under twenty will try and avoid this. As minutes recording one key always, the team’s main goal save. is to advance to the MAAC and Delaware’s win the championship. Conrad Rusnak Last year, the peacocks played the had a great run into entire game the NCAA for them. tournament Once, the and will game went try to into overtime, build on it ended very that. quickly. In about nine seconds, Gamal Breedy found Dmitri Pelts down the field for the winning goal of the game. The Peacocks gained a lot of confidence from this win and will try to keep it up when they play photo courtesy of department of athletics

By Mahmoud Awadallah


ate McFadden is a fulltime student athlete at Saint Peter’s College. McFadden, who has been playing the sport since the age of eleven, is a sophomore this year. Playing volleyball has been a long time tradition in her family, and Kate has kept the tradition alive. Kate’s mom, dad, and sister are all long time players in the sport and they all encouraged her to join the sport when she was younger. Being a full-time student athlete can be very demanding. McFadden says, “My freshman year was hard at first, but then I got better at time management and that really helped.” Kate takes both schoolwork and volleyball one step at a time. Growing up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, she spent a lot of her time playing volleyball and preparing for college. Coming to Saint Peter’s wasn’t a tough choice for Kate for many reasons. Saint Peter’s was close to her home in Pennsylvania. McFadden says, “I wanted to play for a division 1 school, but not a big university.” Saint Peter’s also offered Kate a scholarship which sweetened the deal a lot more. She has been enjoying her first two years at the school so far and hopes to keep it up. McFadden has developed a strong bond with all of her

Kate McFadden

teammates since joining the team last year. Last year the Peahens didn’t do as good as they hoped, but they have worked on their problems and hope to change that this year. Her biggest goal is to reach the MAAC finals with her team. The team generally consists of the same girls from last year, but they have a different attitude than last years’. McFadden says, “We are a totally different team than last year, just the same people.” Also, the team has a new coach who has taught them a lot more. McFadden mentions that the team’s biggest goals this year are to defeat Siena and Fairfield. Once they defeat them, the team will gain a lot of confidence. Contributing to the team’s success is the key for the whole team. “Everyone needs to contribute a little bit in order for us to be successful,” says McFadden. She is currently undecided with her major but is leaning towards Business Marketing. McFadden wants to go into that field because she likes advertising and hopes to find a career in advertising. Her main focus is her school work, and then comes the team, and then the rest. Aside from volleyball and school, McFadden likes to shop, go on vacations, and to the beach.

photo by shannon doheny

Pauw Wow Issue 3 (10.8.08)  

The third issue of the Pauw Wow.