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“The forces are in perfect balance and hence the energy of a single thought may determine the motion of the universe” – Nikola Tesla. This same energy keeps us together or breaks us apart but always forces us forward into the future, which we are shaping every day. If you can’t wait for the future, please come and share your passion, knowledge and inspirations with the leaders of digital culture at Pause 2012. It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the second instalment of Pause Digital Festival Melbourne. With one festival under our belt we’re proud to say that this year’s program is bigger and better than we could have imagined! It’s jam-packed with current and cutting edge screen content from international independent artists and directors, the finest visionaries from around


the world who are driving innovation and change within their industries and industry partners who will share their knowledge and expertise. They all have one thing in common: passion! After only two years of running the festival it is by far the most loving and caring creative community and I’m proud to be part of it. I’m honoured for this opportunity to feel global love, to work and to get support from many online dwellers like myself, among them Andrew Diey, Jason White, Bret Heiman, Joana Uhlaczky, Andrew Maher, Erminio Putignano, Robert Stock, Kelli Keating, Hamish Curry, Joanne O’Harra, Mark Simpson and Konrad Spilva.

Pause Digital Festival Melbourne 2012  

This program is your guide to Pause Fest 2012. You'll find all the info you need to get around the festival, purchase tickets and read up on...