2017 Pokfulam Report 薄扶林報告

Page 12

瑪麗醫院 QUEEN MARY HOSPITAL 今年年初,環保署邀請公眾人士就瑪 麗醫院新大樓天台直升機坪的環境影 響評估報告提供意見。薄扶林居民普 遍支持醫院重建計劃及明白有實際需 要興建直升機坪。當局預計使用率屬 於低水平。政府同意盡量避開民居, 以墳場上空作為建議航段,減低噪音 對居民的滋擾。 Earlier this year, the community was consulted over the environmental impacts of a proposed helipad. The Pokfulam residents generally support the redevelopment and understand the need for an emergency helipad. The utilization is expected to be low as it is on the rooftop. Government has agreed to limit the approach paths to a route over the cemetery to limit noise impacts for residents.

數碼港商場 CYBERPORT ARCADE 數碼港於2016年底委託獨立房地產顧問公司萊坊研究如何改善商場的店舖種類及 吸引力。我們與萊坊合作進行了問卷調查,共收到超過600份回覆。萊坊已向數碼 港提交報告。我們於10月份與數碼港管理層會面,他們的董事局正在研究報告的 多個建議方向。 Late 2016, Cyberport commissioned Knight Frank to study the tenant mix and need for structural changes at the Arcade. Residents took part in the exercise with over 600 responses to our online survey. Knight Frank has provided Cyberport with a final report. We met with the senior management in October. The board of directors are reviewing different options.