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Assignment 3.2: Familiarize yourself with the research tools in & on the Net (due date: 6/08) Find Information, Spend enough time to understand the concepts introduced in this site. Remember to click on all hot links on this page. They will be helpful in the future for your Social Media Portfolio and even Senior Thesis project. Post a few paragraphs on what new information you found on this site may help you doing research on “RC3: Research Tools 1” Discussion Board: First off, it was interesting to learn about the difference between Yahoo! and Google and Bing. I primarily use Google nowadays, but before that I would constantly use Yahoo!. I did not know that Yahoo! was a directory, as opposed to Google and Bing which are index-based search engines that use software programs called spiders and robots to scour the Internet, making it possible to identify searched terms on individual pages of a website. It seemed odd to do a practice search exercise such as the “Cable Cars to the Stars” one listed in the article because I regularly use search engines everyday for a variety of purposes and curiosities. It was also interesting to learn about the differences when doing searches with the words and, or, and not. Personally, my favorite search engine to use is Google. Previously I thought that all search engines functioned identically. I did not anything about capital sensitivity, the use of quotation marks for phrases, the use of an asterisk for truncation, or Boolean logic. I thought I already knew a lot about search engines and the internet, but clearly there is a lot I did not know about. These types of things were never taught or addressed in any of my classes throughout high school or college until now. I think a majority of use teach ourselves the basics of typing in a keyword into the search box of a search engine, clicking the “search” button, letting the browser do the rest of the work, and finally choosing the best option from the list of results. Additionally, I think the date capability tool will be a really useful feature to use in Senior Thesis. New information is constantly being added to the web, so using this feature will allow a researcher to narrow down what new information has been added since his or her last search. Furthermore, I liked that the article pointed out that there are times when the internet does not hold the answer. It is the easiest place to begin researching but sometimes the important information we need may not be available or reliable on the internet, depending on what we are looking for and how much information is needed.


Assignment 3.2: Familiarize yourself with the research tools in & on the Net (due date: 6/08) Find Information, http://www.learnthenet.c...

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