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Paul Vitale has become one of America’s most sought-out speakers and trainers by using his unique combination of excitement, energy, and experience to encourage and motivate others. The founder of Vital Communications, Inc., Paul is a native of Arkansas and acquired his degree in mass communications and journalism from the University of Central Arkansas. For almost twenty years, he has impacted individuals and organizations, imparting an understanding of the leadership and determination required to excel. Paul has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and the Minnesota Vikings Entertainment Network, and is a regular guest on talk shows sharing his insight and life strategies. Paul’s expertise, enthusiasm, and ability to encourage people to exceed their potential have been described by his audiences as extraordinary. Now, you can benefit from Paul’s unique talent through his various product offerings!

Paul’s selection of inspiring books, interactive curriculums, and motivational products offers something for everyone. From his new release of original photography and quotations, to his bestseller Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?, to his professional presentation coaching guide, to the dynamic, challenging curriculum, A Hero Within—Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders; Paul sets forth ideals and principles that are based on proven concepts, intended to encourage the reader to maximize their talents. Whether you’re looking for a book to assist in charting your course, a manual to strengthen sales skills, or a tee shirt that sends a message of empowerment, Paul has the appropriate item for you.

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Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? “I was once told that if an author, speaker or artist, through their work, ever caused you to pause and think, they were successful in reaching you. There is no doubt that Paul Vitale has been successful in reaching me with this book.” Glen Rook


Paul’s best seller, Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?, provides insight and encouragement into finding one’s niche. With personal anecdotes and the contributing thoughts of successful people such as Bonnie Blair and George Clooney, Paul’s book provides lessons for living, such as the importance of protecting one’s reputation, taking personal and professional risks, and nurturing relationships. Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? is a vital tool for anyone who is searching for a purpose or is in pursuit of a dream.

My Personal Journal Enjoy the richness of this hardbound journal featuring handsome thread-sewn craftsmanship and a divider ribbon, all wrapped in a beautiful black cover. Debossed with “My Personal Journal” on the front and one of Paul’s signature quotes on the back, the 5″ × 7″ journal contains 125 sheets of ruled 60 lb. writing paper, a pen port, and two blue and silver satin ribbon bookmarks. Perfect for recording travels, life events or personal meditations, this journal works well as a daily companion and is the perfect choice when searching for that special gift.


Discover the now— Reflections that Encourage During a time when our world is in need of more encouragement than despair, more radiance than gloom, the collection of Paul’s original photographs and quotations presented within the covers of Discover the Now is meant to stir a fury of inspiration. Embrace the delightful balance of vibrant images and fluent phrases offered on each of the 128 color pages as you loosen the grip of the past and release the anticipation of the yet to come, in order to live more in the moment.


A standout addition to your personal library or as a gift for any occasion, this beautifully presented signed first edition will delight the reader from beginning to end.

Pass It On Pass It On is a collection of inspirational and motivational quotes from a variety of individuals, past and present. The pages are full of ideals that leaders have passed on to their followers, that mothers and fathers have passed on to their children, and that we, as free spirits, continue to voice to those who are eager to listen. With powerful and uplifting words from Dorothy Day, George Bernard Shaw, Martin Luther King Jr., Charles Darwin, John F. Kennedy, and hundreds more, Pass It On will help turn the darkest days into days filled with an abundance of enlightenment. You will discover 365 unique quotes that have been passed on from generation to generation. If you find pleasure in reading quotes, collecting them, or teaching them to others, you can rely on Pass It On as a wonderful resource.


Sell With Confidence Let Paul help you unlock your sales potential through the fundamentals found between the covers of Sell With Confidence. These pages were written with the sales professional in mind who strives to build quality business relationships and move from marginal to memorable. Each independent chapter examines the human factor of selling as well as the entire process of salesmanship. Take advantage of numerous keys found in the “Call to Action” segments that will challenge you to employ practical ideas, with outstanding results. Discover how to: • Handle objections gracefully • Transform leads into sales • Hone an effective approach • Enjoy the entire sales process


In addition to learning the essentials of salesmanship, Sell With Confidence gives you three books in one! Thirteen Habits of Pitching With Confidence and Twenty Tips to Providing Quality Customer Care are built-in bonus sections that give clear, concise information targeting often overlooked areas critical to the successful salesperson. Whether you are a professional or student determined to sharpen your skills and unlock your greatest potential, Sell With Confidence is the KEY to your success!

Sell With Confidence Instructor’s Guide The Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential Instructor’s Guide has been created as a valuable resource for training individuals eager to learn fresh and innovative approaches to the age-old topic of salesmanship. It doesn’t matter where a person falls on the employment ladder: whether they have yet to enter the workforce or are in the process of completing an internship program, beginning a career as a new employee or working diligently as a seasoned veteran; the content found within this guide is instrumental in learning the fundamentals of salesmanship, pitching with confidence and providing quality customer care. The companion instructional resource to the book Sell With Confidence, this guide encourages participants to recognize their potential no matter the product, service, cause or idea being promoted. From the first page to the last, this manual will assist instructors as they challenge students to take hold of the practical ideas that help polish sales methods and increase productivity, including how to handle objections gracefully, methods utilized to transform leads into sales and techniques used when honing an effective approach. Thought-provoking lesson objectives, discussion points, interactive activities, self-directed learning challenges and much more make the Sell With Confidence— Unlock Your Potential Instructor’s Guide an effective tool for both instructors and students determined to sharpen skills while unlocking their greatest potential.


Business Development Package The well-rounded professional will greatly benefit from this special package! With one copy each of the empowering Sell With ConfidenceUnlock Your Potential Instructor’s Guide, the 63-page Dazzle Them With Customer Service Teacher’s Guide and the valuable Professional Presentation Coaching Guide, you can develop and refine the skills necessary to flourish in any business situation!



Dazzle Them With Customer Service Teacher’s Guide From corporate trainings to career and technical education, the Dazzle Them With Customer Service Teacher’s Guide instills in each participant the many basic fundamentals of quality customer service. The interactive exercises within this course will assist trainers and educators, while teaching the importance of making a good first impression and meeting the expectations of each customer. The 15 units contained in Section I: Understanding the Customer, Section II: Your Impact on the Customer and Section III: Internal and External Customers will give participants a good understanding of the concepts presented, as well as a secure foundation on which to build a strong work ethic and excellent customer service. The 63page guide includes a PowerPoint presentation on CD, a customer service reference card and handouts consisting of short quizzes, puzzles and interactive exercises. The investment in this guide will be returned a thousand-fold by customer satisfaction and loyalty!

Professional Presentation Coaching Guide Since 1996, Paul has delivered dynamic keynote presentations and seminars to individuals all around the globe. His unique speaking style and enthusiasm captivate his audiences from beginning to end. The information compiled in the Professional Presentation Coaching Guide outlines which skills influence Paul’s presentation style, along with techniques from many other communicators and orators. You can expect to learn how to create a truly effective message, how to approach your delivery with ease, and how to gauge your audience’s response and involvement. In addition, tips on appearance, body language, voice quality, nervous energy and preparation are all discussed. With so many messages presented today, your ability to communicate a precise point while maintaining the attention of others is vital to the success of your presentation. Using the Professional Presentation Coaching Guide will provide you with the powerful tools needed to succeed in communicating your message!


Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? Teacher’s Guide


The companion instructor’s guide to Paul’s bestseller Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?, this guide is an invaluable aid in teaching life skills and character development while exploring the book. The interactive exercises found in the Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? Teacher’s Guide serve as reminders to the participants of the many basics in this complex world. This guide will assist professors and instructors while they reinforce concepts such as “all you have is your name,” “perception is reality,” “you only live once,” and “people are always watching you.” Class lecture points, summaries of each activity, take-home assignments, a final exam, and a number of additional exercises are all contained within this guide. As Paul shows, finding your purpose in life can be challenging, but it is definitely a journey worth taking. This guide will help enrich students’ growth in their character building process.

Live Life Like You Mean It Audio CD


Live Life Like You Mean It is a theme that urges each of us to take full advantage of the time we have been allotted on this planet— no matter where we’ve been, where we are and where we plan to go. From start to finish, Paul encourages the listener to take action through the introduction of his five straightforward principles. It has been said, “Man reveals himself not in his thoughts, but in his actions.” There is no better time than now to make a positive change, introduce an innovative idea, change your lifestyle or rebuild a relationship. This 40-minute recording by Paul will help you do just that! Remember, no matter what it is….it’s your life, to live like you mean it.

Motivational Notecard Series Enjoy and share the profound photos and quotes found in the Pass It On Motivational Notecard Series. This versatile set includes 10 full-color cards with envelopes—two of each design. These high-quality cards are perfect for special occasions or dropping someone a quick line of encouragement or inspiration. With quotes from individuals such as Helen Keller, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Les Brown, these cards relay messages such as “Shoot for the moon; even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” Continue the time-honored method of personal communication by reaching out to others through these beautiful notecards!


Motivational Magnet & Wristband


As hectic as today’s society has become, every now and then it is important to stop and take a deep breath. This quote coined by Paul is a good reminder for each of us just how important this concept really is. Place this motivational magnet on your filing cabinet, in your locker or on your fridge to prompt you on those fast-paced days to stop, rest and then continue... inspiring those you meet along the way.


Inspirational Tee Shirts We all leave a mark on those we encounter; it is up to us to determine what that mark will be. As Paul demonstrates in his speeches and seminars, we only get one chance at life, and therefore we have to “make today count” and “be courageous.” Paul’s tee shirts affirm these ideals of passion and determination. Available in three sizes, these high quality shirts are great for gift giving!


For a daily reminder of how much you can achieve, wear one of Paul’s “MAKE TODAY COUNT” wristbands and never again let your day slip away without leaving your mark! This 100% silicone, custom debossed yellow wristband will last for years. One size fits all.

The Autograph Collector’s Package Paul believes that a book and its success are the result of a team effort between the author and his readers. In appreciation of you who have made his books successful, Paul offers a special collector’s package! Enjoy one autographed copy of each of Paul’s paperback books consisting of Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?, Pass It On, and Sell With Confidence, along with Discover the Now, the beautifully bound hardback collection of Paul’s original photographs and quotes, all sure to be added assets to your personal library! The Encouragement


$63.00 $57.60 The Encouragement Package contains items sure to inspire individuals across the generations! Enjoy one copy each of the beautifully bound hardback book Discover the Now, containing original photographs and thoughtprovoking quotes, the best seller Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?, the inspirational quote book Pass It On, one package (consisting of 10 full-color cards with envelopes) of the encouraging Pass It On Motivational Notecard Series, Paul’s motivational quote magnet, and a “MAKE TODAY COUNT” wristband.

The Pass It On Package Quotes that share wisdom and ideals are meant to be passed on to those who are willing to listen. The Pass It On Package contains everything you need to share your favorites with those around you, including one copy of the inspirational quote book Pass It On and two packages (each consisting of 10 full-color cards with envelopes) of the encouraging Pass It On Motivational Notecard Series.

The Reflections package



The Reflections Package is the perfect answer for your gift giving needs; whether you enjoy having items on hand for client and employee appreciation, or for other occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and the holidays. This package contains five copies of the beautifully bound hardback book Discover the Now, a collection of original photographs and quotations meant to provoke reflective thoughts and stir a fury of inspiration.

The Empowerment Package There is something for everyone to enjoy in The Empowerment Package! Take pleasure in receiving one of each of Paul’s inspiring products: the paperback books Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?, Pass It On, and Sell With Confidence; the Live Life Like You Mean It audio CD; one set of Pass It On Motivational Notecards; one copy each of the Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? Teacher’s Guide, the Dazzle Them With Customer Service Teacher’s Guide, the Professional Presentation Coaching Guide, the Sell With ConfidenceUnlock Your Potential Instructor’s Guide; a Motivational Magnet; one each of the “be courageous” and “make today count” tee shirts, a “MAKE TODAY COUNT” wristband, and Paul’s beautifully bound hardback collection of original photographs and quotes, Discover the Now.


The Putting the Pieces Together Package Character development begins early and continues throughout our lives. With the Putting the Pieces Together Package, educators and trainers alike are armed with the basics to assist individuals through the challenge of finding their purpose in life, while recognizing it is definitely a journey worth taking. Enjoy one copy of the interactive Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? Teacher’s Guide and 30 copies of the Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? paperback book.

$432.65 The Unlock Your Potential Package


Unlock sales potential using these valuable resources for training individuals eager to learn fresh and innovative approaches to the age-old topic of salesmanship. The Unlock Your Potential Package contains one copy of the dynamic Sell With Confidence-Unlock Your Potential Instructor’s Guide and 30 copies of the Sell With Confidence paperback book. Increase the productivity of your team today with the Unlock Your Potential Package!

A Hero Within® Complete Curriculum Kit A Hero Within® – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders Complete Curriculum Kit is a compelling and interactive curriculum intended to prepare students to succeed in this ever-changing world. From the classroom to the workplace, the lessons found in this curriculum engage, challenge and encourage students to leave an everlasting mark. (See the following page for additional core curriculum information.) Each of the three interactive units in this rigorous curriculum can be used independently. These units – “The Inner Workings of a Hero,” “Providing Heroic Customer Service” and “Presenting a Heroic Message” – offer favorable amounts of learning materials, activities and resources for the instructor, counselor or administrator. The seven powerful components found in this curriculum kit include: • A Hero Within® ring-bound master manual • PowerPoint correlated to curriculum units • Teacher’s Resource CD • Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? paperback book (30)* • Pass It On paperback book (30)* • Live Life Like You Mean It audio CD (30)* • The Pass It On activity notecard (30)* Also included are the following complimentary items: • “I’m Committed to Be a Hero” pencils (30) • Four-color circular bookmarks (30) • “MAKE TODAY COUNT” wristbands (30) • Full-color program posters (6) • Glossy stickers (100) *For use with lessons scattered throughout the curriculum

$1985.00 “Thank you for coming up with so many activities and scenarios that teachers struggle to find time to develop themselves. This is an excellent guide and resource for instructors!” Crowley’s Ridge Educational Service Cooperative Instructor

If you are searching for an effective across-the-board curriculum, A Hero Within® – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders Complete Curriculum Kit has been developed for you!

A Hero Within® Core Curriculum With Technology Bundle As an addition to the complete curriculum kit, A Hero Within® – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders Core Curriculum with Technology Bundle is now available. The Core Curriculum with Technology Bundle includes: • A Hero Within® ring-bound master manual • PowerPoint correlated to curriculum units • Teacher’s Resource CD All activities and additional resources are designed to incorporate academic skills, while engaging multiple intelligences throughout. A Hero Within® – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders is not only an excellent coaching guide for STAR or other student organizations’ competitive events, career and technical education classes as well as ELL students will also find great benefit in the materials.





Note: The core curriculum with technology bundle can be secured for use within the The A Hero Within® Student Playbook is a resource designed to provide same school after an high school students with a vehicle to consider real-life issues and events in a initial curriculum practical, unintimidating manner. The user-friendly, 40-page workbook encompasses kit purchase. in-depth questions, facts, and self-analysis designed to assist students in strengthening

necessary skill sets with an emphasis on improving overall well-being, decision making, setting objectives, character development, and increasing achievement during the process of self-discovery. The Student Playbook is an independent component of the program, A Hero Within® Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders.

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Paul Vitale Product Catalog  
Paul Vitale Product Catalog  

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