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remarkable job relating to our staff l dynamic and delivered with such zest l thought-provoking, humorous l It is amazing what an impact Paul can have in a young person’s life l His energy and enthusiasm are contagious l enthusiasm, passion, and connection l Paul did a


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smile when Paul takes the microphone.

His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and if someone in the audience hasn’t caught the wave, he finds a way to pull them in. INTRODUCTION Professional speaker and author Paul Vitale founded Vital Communications, Inc. in 1996 as an organization to assist people in the area of self-development. Since its inception, Paul has authored four books, developed several principlebased curriculums, and delivered his message of affirmation to scores of people around the globe. His interactive, dynamic seminars and keynote addresses enable individuals to rediscover key concepts and lessons that assist them in defining their own unique paths toward success and happiness. With extensive knowledge in the areas of leadership, customer service, sales, character development, and self-improvement, Paul not only brings experience and professionalism to your event, he will help make your gathering unforgettable. If you are looking for a capsule of energy, a speaker driven by integrity and enthusiasm able to motivate and inspire, you have found him in Paul Vitale.

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wisdom, energy, perception, love of life, and people!

PAUL VITALE’S AREAS OF EXPERTISE When defining or refining growth strategies for yourself or your organization, consider how Paul can assist in obtaining your goals. He provides specialized, innovative concepts that increase potential and help to achieve greater success. Paul’s proven track record and loyal client base demonstrate his effectiveness in propelling individuals and entities from marginal to memorable. Keynote speaking and breakouts—With a range of topics that includes leadership, character development, motivation, teamwork, time management, and community partnerships, Paul has an arsenal of concepts that will energize, educate, and empower your team. The return on your investment will not only be an infusion of encouragement, accountability, and improved morale, Paul will serve as an advocate to support the overall message that you instill within your team daily. Effective presentation coaching—Training individuals within your organization in the art of public speaking will allow for better representation of your company and an increase to your bottom line. By empowering your foot soldiers to win the ground game, the return on your investment will be significant. As an expert, Paul works one-on-one or in small groups, offering techniques and honing skills that can have a major impact in reaching one’s professional as well as personal goals. Strategic planning and facilitating—Every organization has to continually adjust their strategies in order to stay relevant. Keeping your group on task in identifying visions, priorities, mission statements, etc. will bring an immediate return on your investment when utilizing Paul’s services as a moderator during any one of your planning sessions. Customer care and sales training—Undoubtedly, customer satisfaction impacts the continued growth of any organization, regardless of the industry. In tandem with quality customer care, solid sales techniques are critical to success. Paul’s background and extensive experience are huge assets when training teams in these areas. The strengthening of necessary skills and attitudes that will increase your bottom line will be a major return on your investment. Consulting and advisement—In the areas of entrepreneurship, self-discovery, and career coaching, Paul has become a trusted ally for many. Providing professional and expert advice, his council has been utilized by athletes, educators, business leaders, parents, and students. As an adviser to you, Paul will bring strength and clarity to your mission of self-improvement and success.

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PAUL’S BIOGRAPHY Paul Vitale has become one of America’s most sought-out speakers and trainers by using his unique combination of excitement, experience, and energy to encourage and motivate others. The founder of Vital Communications, Inc., Paul is a native of Arkansas and acquired his degree in mass communications and journalism from the University of Central Arkansas. For almost twenty years, Paul has impacted individuals and organizations, imparting an understanding of the leadership and determination required to excel. Through his keynote presentations, seminars, and retreats, Paul helps his clients build strong teams and increase productivity. He speaks worldwide about the significance of optimism, a strong work ethic, and concepts vital to personal and professional growth, while reaching hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. Paul’s energetic and enjoyable presentation style has

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made him a favorite at countless universities, meetings, conventions, seminars, and training conferences. His diverse client list includes ESPN, Walmart, the United States Postal Service, Southwest Airlines, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Washington Redskins, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, ARVEST Bank, Landstar Global Logistics, the Georgia Department of Education, Tyson Foods, the Minnesota Vikings, Baptist Health, the St. Louis Rams, the Antiques Roadshow, the University of Kentucky, United Way, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and Dole Hong Kong. Prior to speaking professionally, Paul was director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Preceding his role at the CVB, Paul launched his professional career with the largest marketing firm in the State of Arkansas—Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods. His team was responsible for all of the Natural State’s tourism promotion.

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Paul has written the best sellers Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?; Sell With Confidence; Pass It On; and Discover the Now. He has also written several curriculums in use across the nation and recorded Live Life Like You Mean It. Paul has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and the Minnesota Vikings Entertainment Network, and is a regular guest on talk shows sharing his insight and life strategies. Paul’s expertise, enthusiasm, and ability to encourage people to exceed their potential have been described by audiences as extraordinary. In his spare time, Paul enjoys volunteering with Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, the March of Dimes, the New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission, the H.I.K.E. Foundation, and the Arkansas Hospitality Association. He is a graduate of Leadership Greater Little Rock, currently serves on the St. Louis Rams Training Academy Leadership Board as well as the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Travel Council, and was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel. Recognized by Arkansas Business as one of its “Forty Under 40,” Paul was selected by its readers as Best Motivational Speaker and Trainer.

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WHY SELECT PAUL Paul’s unique combination of experience and energy will rejuvenate your organization. Whether inspiring, facilitating, or educating others, Paul brings his knowledge and professionalism to your group as he enthusiastically gives his presentation. He conducts over 100 seminars and keynote addresses annually for corporations, associations, universities, and school districts around the globe. Paul’s areas of expertise include: • Keynote speaking & breakouts • Effective presentation coaching • Strategic planning & facilitating • Customer care & sales training • Consulting & advisement Paul’s keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and seminars are ideal for: • Local, regional, or national conferences • Management and leadership retreats • School personnel professional development • Customer service trainings • Sales team gatherings • Award banquets and assemblies • Student athletic programs • Fraternity and sorority communities • College and university orientations • Resident hall assistant trainings • Substance abuse prevention programs

Choosing the appropriate speaker is a great responsibility. You and your organization’s reputations are as important to Paul as his own. Therefore, your investment not only secures a dynamic presentation, Paul and his team at Vital Communications, Inc. also pledge the following as added assets to ensure your complete satisfaction: • Paul will consult with you prior to your event to make sure the message found in his presentation includes the information and objectives you deem necessary. • He will supply and set up all computer equipment including an LCD projector at no additional cost to your organization. • Paul will immediately contact you upon arrival at the selected venue to answer any last minute questions prior to your event. • Paul pledges that he will conduct himself in an ethical and professional manner at all times and operate with integrity so as to be deserving of your trust. • If so desired, at the conclusion of your event Paul will make available a complimentary article relating to the information shared with your attendees, suitable for publishing in your organization’s publication. • After the engagement, you will receive a post-event consultation to ensure all goals and objectives were met. If you are looking for a speaker with enthusiasm for life, a youthful spirit, and the innate ability to relate to individuals through personal anecdotes and experiences—who will inspire and challenge the audience—we hope you will consider Paul for your next meeting, conference, or training. He and his team will do their very best to bring an added element of excellence to your event.


caring shine. l I have never encountered a speaker as dynamic as PAUL’S MULTIMEDIA KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS, BREAKOUT SESSIONS, AND HALF-DAY/FULL-DAY SEMINARS Enthusiasm—Your Secret Weapon – This dynamic presentation reinforces the importance of genuine enthusiasm for everyday life. Paul illustrates what an optimistic state of mind can and will do for one’s work ethic while providing concrete examples of moraleboosting ideas. The information participants take from this presentation will not only emphasize the importance of efficiency, a positive attitude, and a passion toward life, it will also provide them with an incredible advantage in their everyday lives. Keep It Simple – Maintaining simplicity in everyday life might sound like wishful thinking. However, keep in mind that we each control our actions and reactions. If we make a conscious choice to embark down a path, it is our responsibility to follow through with conviction. During Keep It Simple, Paul shares insights critical to being effective through straightforward strategies. With the many decisions required daily, it is easy to become overwhelmed. By concentrating on simplicity, individuals can acheive their goals, one step at a time. It’s Your Life—Dominate It – As life passes one day to the next, there is no better time than now to challenge and encourage individuals to maximize their potential to the fullest. Paul inspires attendees to make each moment of their lives count for something special. During this high-energy presentation, participants can expect to hear in-depth remarks and observations on several major points. The concepts presented will captivate and stir individuals to not merely exist, but thrive and excel in this constantly changing world. Energize the Enthusiasm...that Exists Within – Being able to define enthusiasm, determine where your particular passions lie, and what can be done to make those passions shine are keys to maintaining enthusiasm in the whirlwind of life. The ideas and principles rediscovered in this seminar will not only reinforce why

enthusiasm works, but also provide the tools necessary to wake up each day and embrace it. Life is chaotic and it is sometimes easy to feel beaten down. Finding what motivates, what instills passion, and what drives one forward requires individual effort. By focusing on these areas, participants will learn to use the energy derived, channeling it into things they may be less enthusiastic about. Time Management—Harnessing Your Power at Hand – Insufficient time management has the potential of being one of the largest productivity deterrents in the workplace. Developing effective time management skills not only increasees efficiency, it lessens stress and improves the overall quality of life—both personal and professional. Effective time management is made up of a combination of good practices that Paul explores in this workshop. Learning to recognize and manage distractions, make continual adjustments, and discipline oneself to remain committed to proven habits are tactics that produce efficiency. Legendary Leadership in Action – Throughout generations there have been those called on to lead—courageous individuals who have taken great interest in the well-being of others. In Legendary Leadership in Action, Paul demonstrates concepts crucial to becoming a legendary leader. He outlines ideas that might seem basic at first glance, but are vital for the continued success of any organization. Succeeding in the Battle for Well-Being – As each of us continues striving toward excellence, we often neglect our own well-being. When this occurs, the consequences can be overwhelming and harsh. In a time when we are asked to achieve significant results—with or without the aid of ample resources—our physical, emotional, and spiritual states can be threatened. Throughout this thoughtful presentation, Paul establishes user-friendly strategies that are essential when moving toward a more balanced life. Learning to recognize and manage anxiety, make ongoing healthy decisions, and motivate oneself are strategies that equal positive results.

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multimedia presentation was incredible.

Resolving Team Conflict Effectively – Resolving conflict within a team is crucial for optimal results in the areas of productivity, growth, and morale. When continued struggles, animosity, or disagreements become the focal point of various individuals’ attention, the entire organization is affected. Properly executed, conflict resolution causes people to listen to and consider different perspectives, contributing to a positive culture rather than a hostile environment. The concepts put forth in this presentation will enable individuals to minimize negative behaviors, broaden their alternatives, and manage conflict constructively. Inspired Teamwork & Leadership – The strength of a team is centered on the individuals who comprise the group; the strength of a leader begins with the team. In Inspired Teamwork & Leadership, Paul details significant traits that bring cohesiveness to any team. Uniting for a common cause, understanding and respecting diversity, and encouraging individuals through positive actions are all elements of this empowering presentation.

You Choose Your Change – Making a change or an adjustment often produces a certain degree of discomfort. Studies have shown that in order to take action, the disadvantages of a current behavior must be strong enough to encourage an individual to recognize that a change needs to occur. During You Choose Your Change, Paul outlines seven important concepts that revolve around the idea of change, and challenges participants to consider each aspect of their lives and how beneficial making a positive adjustment can be. The WOW Factor—Presenting with Ease – As individuals, we converse casually on a daily basis. We become comfortable with our own presentation styles and the ability to persuade others to comprehend our messages. A distinct change takes place, though, when asked to transition from those many individualized conversations to sharing thoughts with an entire group. During The WOW Factor – Presenting with Ease, Paul reveals critical techniques that are essential when

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striving to become a more polished presenter. Regardless of the industry, learning how to successfully utilize body language, organize thoughts and content, understand group dynamics, respond to audience questions, and deliver what you have prepared in the most compelling manner are crucial in the attainment of achievement. Community Support & Partnerships – The infancy of successful programs, social movements, and partnerships begins with a shared vision that over time has the potential to breed greatness within the confines of a community, as well as beyond. For many, what begins as challenging the process is turned into a vision that develops into a greater idea, fueled by those who are encouraged to take ownership in the cause. It is critical that the most effective strategic plan is put in place at the beginning of any project, knowing the limitations of both manpower and dollar power. Participants will be challenged to focus on the small things that will help garner future success.

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soared above all of our expectations. l We appreciate the energy and c

Effective Meetings—Steps to Success – The business world today revolves around a productive exchange of ideas, practices, and goals, typically conducted in a properly facilitated forum. Organized procedures aligned with active and eager participation are often determining factors for a meeting’s effectiveness and success. During this engaging presentation, Paul demonstrates concepts crucial to being a successful facilitator. By following a few simple rules and not being afraid to change how things have been done in the past, meetings can once again become empowering and productive. Media Literacy—Achieving Measureable Results – A successful media campaign hinges on following tried and true methods for creating awareness while effectively harnessing all the tools at your disposal. Informing the press, keeping them interested, and positioning the information you want shared will all be explored during this enlightening presentation. It is crucial that the most effective plan be implemented to maximize exposure, knowing that relevance and timeliness matter.

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With this in mind, participants will be challenged by Paul on the planning, process, and persistence needed in order to achieve their desired results. Office, Email, & Social Media—Etiquette for a New Age – The evolving landscape of electronic tools has taken personal as well as professional communication to a new level. The opportunity to share information instantaneously with a client, colleague, or friend through email, social media, and texting not only broadens our possibilities for success; it exponentially expands the potential for a negative interactive experience as well, and quite possibly a faux pas that can end a friendship or career. In the thought-provoking workshop Office, Email, & Social Media—Etiquette for a New Age, Paul shares ideas and strategies to keep your persona and reputation intact. Staring Down Disorganization – If disorganization is hampering you and, as a consequence, a feeling of frustration and being scattered sets in, then it’s time to stare down disorganization and win. To achieve order on the outside,

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you must adjust your state of mind from the inside. During this essential workshop, Paul encourages participants to clarify priorities; decide what belongs and what must go; tackle a need versus want assessment; and simplify, simplify, simplify. These concepts, along with a variety of others, will be shared during the presentation, Staring Down Disorganization. Becoming better organized not only takes time but a committed attitude to change deep-seated behaviors. If you begin today, a year from now you will be glad you did. The Ultimate College Experience – Many have the opportunity to attend college, but not everyone has a favorable experience. Paul shows students how to make this period a defining chapter of life. He speaks from his experiences of being the president of his college fraternity, vice president of the student body, a baseball letterman, and a student orientation director. Students will be encouraged to make the best of each situation that is presented and to remember that a good education is extremely valuable.

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customization Paul put into his workshop. l Paul rocked our team. The Greek Influence – Making the decision to become involved in the Greek community is a major step. Opportunities to learn and exercise a variety of skill sets while developing and maintaining healthy relationships are just a few benefits of the entire process. To make your campus chapter more relevant and successful, Paul shares a number of his personal successes and failures as the president of his fraternity, while intertwining positive ideals and practices. The significance of the Greek experience has powerful implications for success beyond the campus. Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? – We all have dreams and ambitions; however, at times it is easy to become baffled and challenged by the jigsaw puzzle of life. Paul takes the precepts outlined in his national best-selling book, Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? and gives participants a user friendly roadmap for making sense of their life puzzles. Parental Involvement—What a Difference It Makes – When parents choose to be involved in their children’s education positive results occur. From improved student achievement to reduced absenteeism, parental involvement is critical for educational success. During this interactive presentation, Paul encourages open discussion and shares pertinent ideas and concepts. Enlisting the aid and support of parents provides a better chance to develop children’s social, emotional, and academic growth. Partners in Achievement—Strengthening the Future – Countless studies indicate that to help children reach their full potential parental involvement is a must. Improved academic achievement, a greater respect for the importance of education, and an eagerness to maximize post-graduation opportunities are only a few of the benefits realized when active parents model the way. During this presentation for parents, Paul shares a number of thoughts and concepts related to parents’ roles in academic success and reinforces ideas related to the importance between what takes place in the classroom and what takes place at home. Promoting the cooperation of parents provides a better opportunity for strengthening our children’s future.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OFFERINGS Peak Performance U—7 Essential Skills for the Workplace – Achieving peak performance on a consistent basis is often opposed by countless challenges, frustrations, and disappointments. The lack of thorough preparation, due diligence, and accountability are frequently the culprits. Many well-intended students create one strategy after the next, but fall short in the implementation process. The foundation of the content found in Peak Performance U – 7 Essential Skills for the Workplace is in response to the guidance and requirements of various businesses and industries eager to align, promote, and train students for viable future careers. Through role-playing, mock interviews, interactive videos, and energetic activities, Paul builds rapport with students that inspires steady, long-lasting results. Regardless of the career field or cluster, Peak Performance U – 7 Essential Skills for the Workplace speaks to critical skills that business and industry have identified as vital. Setting the Tempo for Achievement – Whether a student chooses to strive toward the attainment of a post-secondary education or enter the workforce directly, now is the time to continue challenging learners to set the correct tempo for career achievement. Following much research based on the proven character traits of those who have blazed trails before us, Paul developed the animated presentation Setting the Tempo for Achievement not only to encourage students to realize their maximum potential, but also to showcase individuals who have accomplished unforgettable success. Regardless of the career path one is setting their sights on, it is never to early to begin the preparation process. The more knowledge acquired about a particular occupation, the better equipped an individual will be when taking the next step. While preparing for the workforce, students should feel poised for success as they set the tempo for their own unique achievement! There is no better time than the present to once more instill a sense of self-pride and encouragement in the hearts and minds of students of all ages.

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impact PaulVitale can have in a young person’s life. l H A Hero Within—Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders was established in 2004 to provide today’s youth with the opportunities needed to take longer strides in learning, life, and legacy. This program impacts our youth by providing the many tools necessary to help shape their lives in the most positive manner, while challenging these future leaders to genuinely answer the question, “How do I choose to live my life?” Vision Today’s youth are tasked with leading our nation into the future. At the same time, they’re increasingly confronted with difficult issues such as suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, pregnancy, peer pressure, obesity, depression, cyber bullying, and domestic violence. These future leaders are in search of a message of affirmation and hope, and a program to provide each of them with the mechanism to choose a path that will positively define their life’s legacy. The opportunities for a constructive all-around outreach provided by this unique program can reverse the trend of growing statistics. The current numbers are alarming: 7,000 students each school day or 1.2 million each year drop out of school; 60% of identified bullies have a criminal conviction by age 24; and according to the American Psychiatric Association, suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24. Simply stated, more teenagers are dying from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, and chronic lung disease combined. To answer the need for a course of life-skills strength training, Paul Vitale has developed the unique program, A Hero Within—Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders as a life strategy for students to continue to grow and improve personally, emotionally, and intellectually. Anchored by four mutually supporting facets, the strategy set forth not only champions the positive growth of our future generation of leaders, A Hero Within also encourages today’s youth to answer this one incredibly important question: “How do I choose to live my life?”

Program Facets A Hero Within Complete Curriculum Kit This compelling and interactive curriculum, along with its integrated toolkit components, is intended to prepare students to succeed in this constantly changing world through utilizing its many rigorous lessons and resources. A Hero Within School Personnel Professional Development Through his program-enhancing professional development for school personnel, Paul equips instructors and administrators in using numerous means to successfully execute the program both in and out of the classroom. A Hero Within Student Assembly & Club Implementation Students challenged by Paul during assemblies and small groups sessions, coupled with their Hero club involvement, play a crucial role in the ongoing success of this compelling, engaging, and impactful program. A Hero Within Parent Assembly & Focus Group Countless studies indicate that to help children reach their full potential, parental involvement is a must. This important component reinforces the facets that comprise the overall program, promoting the cooperation and support of parents, providing increased opportunities for ensuring the success of students. Sustainability After the initial year of the A Hero Within—Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders program implementation, subsequent personnel trainings, student assemblies, and parent presentations are available to keep the program’s momentum at full steam. Realizing the flux of the student body, along with the importance of presenting fresh and exciting content to your school personnel, parents, and guardians, Paul is available to return to your school periodically to renew interest, generate excitement, and reinforce the concepts taught daily in your classrooms. In addition, existing curriculum kit components and future additions are available for individual purchase to supplement and replenish your supply. This dynamic program can be the driving force behind your school’s movement in championing our future leaders through its effortless implementation!


energy and enthusiasm are not only uplifting they’re contagious.

EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION COACHING Effective Presentation Methods & Fundamentals With countless messages shared continually, an individual’s ability to convey a precise point while building rapport and maintaining the attention of others is crucial to the overall outcome. As a seasoned presenter, Paul recognizes that being able to communicate a complete all-around message is vital; nonetheless, the manner in which it is delivered makes the message either succeed with the audience or plummet. Simply stated, “Understanding a subject matter well and being able to effectively communicate it are two vastly different things.” Whether coaching clients one-on-one or training in large group settings, Paul teaches fundamental techniques that he has personally implemented throughout his speaking career, proven to obtain positive results. The five areas of concentration Paul shares have each been scrutinized extensively and can be immediately implemented into your arsenal as an effective communicator. These areas include:

• Organization and creation of a complete message • Approach and delivery of a successful message • Audience participation and response • Effective vocal delivery and composure • Development of visual support and multimedia Other components of this interactive training include how to effectively utilize body language, organize thoughts and content, develop and employ visuals and illustrations, manage anxiety, understand group dynamics, respond to audience questions, and deliver what you have prepared in the most compelling manner. Once comfortable with the core methods introduced, you will be able to demonstrate them when entering into the “video evaluation” segment of the instruction. This incredibly important process acknowledges, quantifies, and further develops improvements that have been achieved. Research indicates that employers today are searching for those who possess the expertise to craft and deliver

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a memorable message. Becoming more empowered as an effective presenter will not only pay dividends in the short term, but also have a profound effect for years to come. Regardless of the occupation, this impactful training is valuable to all who are eager to reach new levels as successful orators!

STRATEGIC PLANNING & FACILITATING Strategic Planning Regardless of the size of any organization, incorporating a systematic process increases the odds of long-term growth. Business owners and managers are often so preoccupied with immediate challenges that they lose sight of their ultimate goals and objectives. Because of this, the review of internal processes along with the preparation of a functional strategic plan is vital. As the moderator of your planning session, Paul brings a forward-thinking approach that garners results. His six-step process entails the following:

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• Evaluate and define the current vision and mission • Conduct an in-depth SWOT analysis in pertinent areas • Create an improved future vision and mission based on the outcome of the SWOT analysis • Identify major issues needing to be addressed to implement positive improvements • Develop a measureable action plan for issues identified • Amass the appropriate content for distribution and implementation The outcome of Paul’s system will not only clarify vision, mission, objectives, core values, benefits, and key strategies, it will also detect the most critical strategic issues facing your organization while identifying relevant action plans as remedies for ongoing success. Facilitating Meetings & Discussions The business world today revolves around a productive exchange of ideas, practices, and goals, typically conducted in a properly facilitated forum. Organized procedures aligned with active and eager participation are often determining

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factors for a meeting’s effectiveness and success. A general rule of thumb is that efficient meetings are 80% preparation and 20% execution. Proper facilitation is one of the most important ingredients for productive, beneficial meetings and discussions. Understanding your clear objectives, helping you to achieve them, and expediting the process are keys to Paul’s effectiveness as your meeting’s moderator. As your facilitator, Paul will assume responsibilities that include: • Initiating agenda items or proposals • Presenting talking points, expectations, and questions • Facilitating discussion and objections • Maintaining focus and guiding the group • Encouraging brainstorming and open discussion • Capturing and delegating action items • Expediting a timely and orderly meeting • Preventing information overload • Following up on all action items assigned

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If needed, Paul will employ Robert’s Rules of Order through knowledge of Parliamentary procedure, conduct attendee introductions and expectations, and guide other meeting procedures as requested, while maintaining the focus of a timely and orderly discussion. Crucial to his success as a facilitator, Paul will engage your group through communication by encouraging practices such as: • Addressing others with respect • Mutual accountability between members & the facilitator • Minimizing or eliminating distractions • Keeping emotions at bay • Listening effectively versus speaking • Reading members’ gear changes • Encouraging feedback • Executing an effective question and answer session By encouraging individuals through positive actions, the participants will leave empowered with a greater understanding and respect for diversity, united for a common cause.

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our team’s attention. l Mr. Vitale’s presentation had a

phenomenal impact.



It’s Your Business, It’s Your Name – Everyone talks about providing quality customer care, but Paul shows you and your team how to make this precept the beating heart of your daily customer interaction. Each team member on the frontline of your business will learn the necessary skills and attitudes that make providing quality customer service more than a slogan. Participants will be encouraged to focus on key aspects of quality customer service that help ensure strong business relationships as well as the longevity of financial success.

Art & Business of Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship is, and should be, an exciting and rewarding endeavor for anyone who chooses to pursue it. However, regardless of the type of entrepreneur you are, there are pitfalls to maneuver. Based on his own experience as a successful small-business founder, Paul consults with individuals launching new endeavors as well as those who have been at the helm for years.

Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential – If you knock once and there is no answer, then knock again. Very few ideas define the spirit of salesmanship better than this one simple concept. In Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential, Paul will empower your field reps by providing strong fundamentals that refine proven methods and increase productivity. The essentials of salesmanship offered during this spirited presentation will help your team build quality business relationships while learning strategies and techniques to increase the bottom line. Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential Management Solutions – To insure your sales force maintains peak performance, Paul has developed a specialized program for sales managers. Utilizing the companion instructor’s guide for his book, Sell With Confidence, this intense workshop encourages managers to maximize their teams’ potential no matter the product, service, cause, or idea being promoted. Attendees will be coached on how to lead others to take hold of practical ideas, polishing sales methods and increasing productivity. Thought-provoking lesson objectives, discussion points, interactive activities, self-directed learning challenges, scripting, and role-play scenarios make this training an effective tool for those determined to sharpen their sales teams’ skills, helping your organization prosper well into the future.

Paul’s initial focus during this strategic advisement is creating and/or redefining a logical approach based on the results of an in-depth SWOT analysis conducted in order to achieve maximum results. Through an extensive evaluation period, Paul will offer structured support and guidance as all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are defined and discussed. As an adviser to you and your entrepreneurial campaign, Paul will work diligently to provide clarity, help you establish an attainable goal-set, outline the most effective business plan, inaugurate an appropriate call-to-action/accountability strategy, and help identify any impediments that may hold you back. Self-Discovery & Career Coaching – Whether you are planning to graduate from a secondary or post-secondary institution, are a seasoned professional, or fall somewhere in-between, Paul will assist you in identifying a rewarding career path, help maneuver your transition, & offer continued support and guidance throughout your progression. By drawing on his experience and that of the many others he has advised, you will be encouraged to embark on a mission of self-discovery that will help you pinpoint your interests, preferences, and passions toward a career. Through a detailed career assessment you will learn more about who you are, the abilities and talents you possess, what your vision of success is, and the most effective path to achieving it. This process produces enormous results when wanting to close the gap between your present situation and future ambitions. Regardless of your current circumstances, the instruction received will not only challenge you to take control of your future career path, but assist you in creating a plan that will help in the attainment of your objectives.

I’ve had so many

requests that he return next year. l Paul’s message was RESOURCES & REFERENCES Books & Products Paul’s selection of inspiring books, interactive curriculums, and motivational products offers something for everyone. From his bestseller Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?, to his customer service instructor’s guide, to the dynamic, challenging curriculum, A Hero Within—Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Paul sets forth ideals and principles that are based on proven concepts. Whether you’re looking for a book to increase sales potential, a manual to strengthen presentation skills, or a tee shirt that sends a message of empowerment, Paul has the appropriate item for you. Visit and see what motivates you today! Clients Averaging 100 engagements annually, Paul’s services are retained by associations, corporations, universities, and school districts around the globe. Since stepping out professionally in 1996, Paul’s audiences have ranged from the movers and shakers of the corporate world, to students just beginning to reach for their dreams. Paul’s message has been heard by people in locations as widespread as Hong Kong, British Columbia, Italy, and the United States. Having the chance to work with clients in arenas such as professional sports, corporate America, healthcare, and education has been a true privilege. His experience and knowledge gained from the diversity of his audiences is an asset to Paul’s ability as a speaker. You’re invited to browse through the entire listing of clients that Paul has had the pleasure of serving at

RECENT REVIEWS “Your enthusiasm, passion, and connection with the anglers did not go unnoticed. It doesn’t matter the length of time one speaks, but the message. Your message of passion, dedication, honor, and skill was well received. I hope that we can work together again.” – Janet Bell ESPN Outdoors

“It was indeed our honor to have you as a speaker to our Dole Hong Kong Ltd. office and address the topics of teamwork and motivation. Your message that each of us is important and that we all partake in the success of the business is enlightening. Thank you for the workshop and we look forward to seeing you again.” – Ian Ng Dole Asia “Your presentation was thought-provoking, humorous, and provided valuable insight on approaching change. Thank you for your wonderful ability to inform and inspire our QWL family. You and your staff are wonderful to work with. Keep up the excellent work!” – Cynthia Wilson United States Postal Service “Watching Paul drive home the concepts we try to instill daily in the students’ lives was awesome. My students came up to me after hearing Paul and said ‘Now I get it Coach.’ It was amazing to see their response. I hope Paul has the chance to return in the future. Our students would enjoy it.” – Dave Kiehn Washington Redskins Coaches in the Classroom “You can’t help but smile when Paul takes the microphone! His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and if someone in the audience hasn’t caught the wave, he finds a way to pull them in. They relate to him and in turn, to what he is saying.” – Laura Cripple Fraternity & Sorority Life, The University of Kansas “You hit a home run! There was positive feedback from everyone, including those not on my immediate team. I appreciate you taking time to meet with me, learn and understand my goals and the message I wanted communicated, and then to weave the components together for a seamless day. The flow was perfect!” – Dan McFadden Arkansas Children’s Hospital


powerful. l Mr. Vitale’s commitment to detail was impressive... “I’ve received nothing but wonderful remarks from the associates complimenting your enthusiastic message and the way you connected with them. You definitely hit the mark in helping us reach the goals and objectives for our Year Beginning Meeting.” – Brandi Joplin Walmart Inc. “Your sessions rated among the highest we had in our program. Some comments from participant surveys included: powerful, relevant, engaging, enthusiastic, inspirational, great role model.” – Jodi Hoynoski Holstein Foundation “Your tremendous energy and way with words is undoubtedly a strength in great measure. However, the encouragement and hope you awaken will be your lasting legacy and is your greatest gift.” – Jeremy Goss March of Dimes

“Thank you for making our event truly top-notch and such a value for all involved. We have received multiple compliments on the uniqueness and high-energy level of the event and applaud all you did to deliver 110%.” – Shannon Norfleet Mount Pleasant-Titus COC “After extensive research for someone we felt would invigorate and challenge our group, the decision to bring you in as our keynote address was a great one. You took the time to understand our company, our goals and objectives, and our audience. Not only did you meet our expectations, you soared above!” – Diana Shackelford Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield “We were blown away by what a great speaker you are! Your message tied in perfectly to what our organization is all about. Thanks for making a trip to the Twin Cities.” – Brad Madson Minnesota VIkings

Former Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

“Your ability to artfully kick off the event with a highly motivating as well as poignant opening address was critically important in making the meeting the overwhelming success that it was. You were able to read the audience, enabling a connection that was emotionally significant and essential to motivate and inspire this new high-performance team to deliver to their full potential.” – Pamela Lewis Tyson Foods “I was impressed with your commitment to learn our organization and to tailor your presentation to meet our specific needs. Your attention to detail and passion to connect with your audience makes you one of the best. Numerous employees have commented on your ability to connect with Baptist Health’s mission and vision to improve our customer’s experience.” – Julie Allison Baptist Health

University of Arkansas R.O.C.K. Camp Students

American Idol Kris Allen


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Paul Vitale Brochure  
Paul Vitale Brochure  

Professional Speaker & Author Paul Vitale's brochure contains information on his professional services available including keynotes, seminar...