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ASTD-OC Is My Home By Denise Lamonte, CPT President

What brought you here? As the 2011 Board gathered for orientation a few months ago, I asked, “What first brought you to ASTD-OC?” For most of us, someone either asked us to attend or we were attracted to the topic of the meeting. Then I asked, “Why did you return for a second meeting?” Some of us came back for more interesting topics, and most of us returned because of a positive encounter with one or more people at our first meeting. What brought you back? During our ensuing discussion we acknowledged that the content we

provide at our meetings is not the only resource for professional development these days. Compared to the first 40 years of our existence as a chapter in Orange County, there is an unprecedented amount of content available to training and development professionals. There is free content on the web, a proliferation of free webinars, e-newsletters, and online communities, to name a few. So we asked ourselves, what is it that we have to offer that these virtual resources don’t? And it all came down to those personal, face-toface interactions that help us grow and connect us to each other and the wider

training and development community. What keeps you here? At a recent monthly learning event someone asked me if I attend meetings of other local professional organizations that affect our field. I said I do, periodically. Then I paused and pointed out that I have chosen to focus on ASTDOC as my primary organization in order to not spread myself too thin. I said, “I’ve chosen this organization to be my professional community. ASTD-OC is my home.” I had never verbalized it before, but as I said it, I realized how significant this community is to me.

Come for the Content, Stay for the Community


s a chapter we are poised at the beginning of a new era. In 2010 we celebrated our 40-year anniversary. As we plan for success in the years to come, we recognize that people, initially, will have a variety of reasons for attending an ASTD-OC event. Many will come for the content. But the people who stay, will stay for the community. Our in-person, face-to-face community connection is what we uniquely have to offer in this day and age. And yet, as most local professional organizations are discovering, the recent changes in the economic landscape are presenting unique challenges in supporting our chapter. The 2011 Board has chosen six strategic imperatives with which to address these challenges.

As president of ASTD-OC in 2011, I look forward to supporting the pursuit of our strategic imperatives in order to strengthen our position as a significant and impactful community of training and development professionals in Orange County. And the best part of it will be serving and interacting with all of you, our members, throughout the year. Here’s to you and a vital 2011.

2011 ASTD-OC Strategic Imperatives In the graphic you can see that bottom five imperatives support the top imperative to provide member benefits. These include a variety of offerings including our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), monthly learning events, mentor program, continuing development courses and mix & mingle socials.



OrangeSpiel - Winter 2011  

The Winter 2011 edition of the OrangeSpiel

OrangeSpiel - Winter 2011  

The Winter 2011 edition of the OrangeSpiel