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GOD BROUGHT US HERE The building you are sitting in now is testament to the miraculous work of God through our church. When we discovered this property, it was the perfect size to reach more people with the life-changing message of Jesus in Hattiesburg. But there was just one problem - it was located on the outskirts of town. People would have a hard time finding us. Do you know that old song that says, “God will make a way when there is no other way”? Well, that’s exactly what happened. One week after our church took a leap of faith to buy this land, the state of Mississippi announced it was going to build a major road right through the front of our new property. Time and again, we have seen God call us to his purposes and then reward our obedience with his provision and favor. Maybe you’ve been a part of First Hattiesburg for a long time. Maybe you’ve attended for just a few

weeks. Either way, you are part of an exciting adventure that is unfolding even now. Praise: Take the month of June to praise God for his provision and blessing. Tear out this card and keep it in a place where you’ll be reminded often.


FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS Jesus came “to seek and to save what was lost.” Several years ago, we as a church made some significant changes to align our activities with the mission of Jesus. We were no longer interested in reaching religious Christian superstars, but rather people who are far from God. You can see the results every single weekend at First Hattiesburg. People come from all over the Pine Belt to experience the message of grace and forgiveness through Jesus Christ at First Hattiesburg. Their marriages are being mended; their children are being taught the Word of God; and people who would have never stepped foot in church are coming alive in their faith. • • • •

Over the last year, we’ve seen: Over 300 kids in preschool ministry Over 500 kids in children’s ministry Over 220 teenagers in youth ministry

• • • • • •

64 children and students baptized Over 100 adults baptized 1200 adults in 70 different growth groups Worship attendance grow to 2200 people Nearly 5,000 people at Easter Over 1,900 people giving $3.8 million

And this is only the beginning. What God wants to do through our church over the next decade is more than we could ask or imagine. Acknowledge: Take the month of July to acknowledge God’s work in our church and our lives. Tear out this card to remind yourself each day.


WE CAN’T STAY HERE There’s no question God has brought us here. But if we’re not careful, we’ll stay here. We’ll get comfortable with each other and complacent in our purpose. Nothing could be more dangerous to a church like ours. When we take our eyes off reaching lost people, we miss out on the blessings that come from being aligned with God’s heart.

the seems. And we lack sufficient resources to train-up campus pastors who will launch satellite congregations. We simply cannot reach the state of Mississippi with the Gospel from here. Confess: Take the month of August to confess our tendency to safety and comfort. Ask God to help us go where he calls us to go.

God calls us to places we wouldn’t otherwise go. Where he leads us, we must follow. That’s what Abraham did when God asked him to leave his hometown and go to an unknown place. That’s what Moses did when God asked him to speak for the Hebrew people in Egypt. And that’s what David did when he challenged the mighty Goliath and won. We can’t stay here. Our facility is running out of space. Our auditorium is packed. Our children and youth need more room than we have to offer. We’re busting at



THIS IS OUR CALLING First Hattiesburg is not a place to be served, but a place were we prepare ourselves to serve others. This is why we’re planning to build a new multi-purpose environment on the campus of our church. It will be a ?????-square foot facility with movable seating and walls for any number of purposes. It will make our church smaller as we grow larger. • • • • • •

This new addition will allow us to: Host a video simulcast service to accommodate more people on a weekend Train new campus pastors who will launch satellite congregations throughout the state Arrange the room for youth events, banquets, ministry gatherings, and other needs Create more seating for unchurched guests at the optimal times on a weekend Steward our resources in the best possible way, rather than building a whole new auditorium

This coming October, we’re launching The Uprising - a movement to raise-up the people in our church to accomplish God’s great purposes. The campaign will not only help us prepare our church for what God has in store, but also help us raise the needed $6 million to build this extension. This is what God is calling us to do. Thank: Take the month of August to thank God for the vision and purpose he’s given to our church. This happens once in a lifetime.


RISE UP CHURCH! Jesus never said the Christian life would be safe, secure, and without risk. In fact, the life of a follower of Christ feels reckless at times. What else do we expect from a faith that asks us to abandon everything and follow Jesus? The people of First Hattiesburg have done this in the past. They left their security and preferences behind for the sake of following his call. The question is - what will we do? In this season when God is asking us to abandon our comfort and security for the sake of reaching more people, will we risk everything and follow him? This is our time. This is our generation. This is our calling! Will you rise up and answer his call? There is an uprising happening at First Hattiesburg. We must continue to rise up, risk everything, and reach forward for the sake of the gospel. This is the road we have been called to travel. It is the end of church as we

know it and the beginning of something even better. This is His story unfolding right before us. What role will you play in it? Pray: Take the month of September to pray for The Uprising. Ask God to do a mighty work through you and our church.

The Uprising Booklet  

The Uprising Booklet