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Paul Thorpe Undergraduate Portfolio

“If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too;” “If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same;” Rudyard Kipling

Urban Museum of Architectural History

The brief invited the design of a new museum of architectural history in the town of Ramsgate, Kent. My scheme set out to encapsulate the essence of space, literal transparency and phenomenal transparency. The combination of which enabled a continual relationship to be struck between the interior and exterior, whilst preserving and encasing the phenomenal experience of the museum at its core. The artefacts were chosen and positioned to represent the journey taken by the eighteenth-century grand tourists. The location of the stairs between the glass facade and the museum’s core, encourage the public to undertake their own individual journey.

Raised composite floo 30mm Shirakawa ston 20mm screed 50mm FOAMULAR 600 Adjustable height pedestal 4mm perforated aluminium sheet Dampproof membrane 100 x 215 Blockwork Bracket to connect perforated sheet Drainage guttering Glazing channel fixed to blockwork

Thermally broken connecting plate 20mm rigid insulation

Double coarse load bearing w Peterson Kolu 528x37x108m mortar.

620 x 240mm concrete kicker

Pilkington Optitherm S4 Plus double glazing 150 x 300mm galvanised steel beam

Pedestal gasket

215 x 450mm blockwork

MVHR fresh air inlet showing filter and fan

Stringer Steel bracket fixed to hollowcore slab Bison 375mm Hollow composite floor. (300mm unit with 75mm structural screed)

Peterson Kolumba 50 brickwork. 528x37x108mm with an 18mm coursing.

60mm drilled hole for wires for lighting

Pedestal base glued and mechanically fixed to structural screed Bison 375mm Hollow composite floor. (300mm unit with 75mm structural screed)

Hung omni-directional halogen spot light

Dry pack mortar MVHR warm air outlet to cavity pipework showing filter and fan.


Sheet pile


ArcelorMittal steel fibre reinforced in situ concrete fill

ArcelorMittal steel fibre reinforce situ concre

RIW cavity drain fixed at 1000mm centres with sealed RIW brick plugs

Raised composite floor panel:

RIW Sheetseal 100 x 215 blockwork Rebars into steel fibre reinforced concrete floor Insula ThermConX load bearing 80x150x250mm thermal break

RIW cavity drain fixe 1000mm centres with se

RIW Shee

100 x 215 block

RIW aqua cha

In situ steel fibre reinforced

10mm transfer plate hot-welded to sheet pile

Celotex CW4000 100mm rigid insulation

18mm Gypsum board

Drainage g

or panel: ne / concrete panel

0 rigid insulation

e running bond wall. umba 50 brickwork. mm with an 18mm

brick tie

t pile

ced in ete fill

ed at ealed





Modular Student Halls of Residence

The brief invited the design of a series of accommodation buildings that would combine to create a halls of residents complex in Canterbury. Our group masterplan focussed heavily on serving the chapel as the focal point of the scheme. From the chapel, a radial form of zoning was created, starting with the public spaces, then to the private areas, service areas and so on. The main aspect of my accommodation block was the interaction and communication between students. The stairs to individual rooms overlooked the large common room space and interlocked with the opposing stairs at various levels.

Interdisciplinary The Nature of Artwork - A Foodscape of Paris

The Interdisciplinary option provided the opportunity to conceptualise design and architecture in terms of a related art or design discipline within a cultural and social context. Initially focussing my research on the economic climate of Dubai, I started to experiment with renewable systems for generating artwork. This eventually led to the foodscape of Paris. Scaled at 1:500, the scene is constructed using various elements of food, portraying a city with an established architectural development, rich in diversity and a stable economy.

Landscape Visitor and Exhibition Centre

This assignment challenged us to develop a centre for education and accompanying landscaping within the heart of a national woodland. My design focused on the appreciation of the wood from a multitude of viewpoints, challenging the viewers senses and perspectives through the ever changing seasons. A strong community aspect was implemented through the use of the Segal method of construction, with the predominant building material being locally sourced sweet chestnut timber. This in turn helped to lower the overall carbon footprint of the project.

Paul Thorpe e: t: 07947775084

Undergraduate Portfolio - Paul Thorpe  

This portfolio was put together for my MArch interview at the University of Westminster back in 2013 and provides a sample of the work I pro...

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