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Trew Gear What happens when three kids from Michigan start a ski apparel company?


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Trew Gear


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Tripp Frey and twin brothers John and Chris Pew grew up skiing and snowboarding together on garbage-mound mountains just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Though life often took them in separate directions, they’ve recently found each other back in the snow. After Frey finished graduate school at University of Michigan, he landed a job at Shred Alert—a small, outdoors sport apparel company in Hood River, Oregon. Soon after, the idea of TREW Gear was born. As the ski apparel company began to formulate, the three agreed that the sports mecca of Hood River was a fitting environment for their business. The Pew brothers relocated to the area and they chose Vancouver, Canada, as the location for TREW Gear's manufacturing headquarters. “I really liked the idea of having it manufactured in North America, keeping it close to home, with less transportation back and forth from Asia,” says Frey, age 29. The company, which launches this fall, currently makes two pants and three different types of jackets. The Eagle Pant has a lightweight and roomy design made for all conditions on the mountain. The Trewth Bib is a mountaineering-style bib pant but is roomier and more progressive looking than a classic bib. For jackets, the Bellow’s and Pow Funk have the same cut, but the Pow Funk is a bit flashier with smaller pockets. Then there’s the Cosmic, which is a basic, lightweight jacket without the bells and whistles of the other two. “We wanted a line that was going to look stylish at the resort but something that you can take in the backcountry and it will perform and also look good there,” says Frey. The gear will be available in a number of stores within the states (check their website for a complete listing of shops) and you’ll be able to purchase the apparel at ( .

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submitted by flylowdan on august 10, 2009 - 2:45pm. (/skiing/users/flylowdan) We met these guys last season and they are awesome. There looked sweet and it is made in Canada, which is sick.

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Trew Gear  

What happens when three kids from Michigan start a ski apparel company?

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