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4280 H ac i e n da

4280 H ac i e n da

Hacienda Business Park enjoys one thing above all else – undeniable convenience. Nestled in Pleasanton’s temperate valley, the 4280 Hacienda building enjoys access to two major interstate freeways – S80 and 680, a straight shot into San Francisco. More over, the recently renovated BART line is just a short walk away providing seamless communication to a wealth of resources across the Bay Area.

While location is always the forefront of any real estate conversation, it’s more than where this building is … it’s where it’s going. It’s occupants will be visionaries who aim to compete with the ones who literally stand beside them.

4280 Hacienda Drive was designed as a 141,000 square foot, two-story facility incorporating various operational use components for a medical device company. The building benefi ts from:

• Four existing entrances for separate operations or multi-tenant alternatives

Street Entry Parking


• Parking ratio of four stalls per 1 ,000 square feet surrounding the building • High profile client entry and secured main lobby • Executive board room with adjoining private offices


• Distribution of large open plan office areas Entry

• R & D, labs and conference rooms around service cores on each floor of each building wing • Warehouse component designed with two 12 ft. roll up doors and truck dock access


Parking Truck Doors

Dublin Livermore San Ramon Danville Castro Valley Walnut Creek

1 mi. 4 mi. 5 mi. 9 mi. 11 mi. 13 mi.

Fremont Hayward San Leandro Oakland Milpitas Tracey

15 mi. 15 mi. 16 mi. 17 mi. 22 mi. 27 mi.

Floorplans 1.

2,000 sq. ft. elevated deck


Cafeteria & Dining Area


Side Enterance (1 of 6)


Security Cameras


Research & Developmnet


Demo Lab


Open office space (2nd Floor)


Loading Dock


Conference Rooms

10. Warehouse

Move on up




4. 6.


7. 9.




First Floor


Second Floor



5. 3.








Structural Frame

Walls & Ceilings

Continuous concrete perimeter and interior pad footings,

Windows atthe project are typically single-glazed aluminum framed, fixed units.

Flre Suppression

4280 Hacienda is a fully sprinklered building, and includes partial chemical fire suppression at its internal data/server room.

Demising walls constructed of wood-stud framing and gypsum board with painted finish. Suspended acousticalceiling systems or painted drywall are typical in tenant interiors.

Internal Data Center

The exterior walls are composed of precast, concrete, tilt-up wall panels with painted or textured surfaces.

Conveyance Systems

Emergency Systems


Heating Vent and AC.

Construction Type lll, load-bearing concrete tiltup walls and interior steel columns supporting wood roof framing systems with plywood decking.

Exterior Walls

The roofing consists of gradient sloped, built up bituminous roofing with mineralized capsheet as a surfacing material. Roof drainage is provided by internal roof drains or through-wall roof scuppers. Overflow drains are of similar design. A new membrane roof was in stalled in 2011.

State-of-the-Alt Solar System

In 2006, a 222 kW (AC) solar system was installed on the roof of the 4280 Hacienda building. The solar system consists of an array of 1,497, 175 W, single-crystal modules manufactured by Sanyo. Through on-site power generation, users have the opportunity to save between 5 - 10% on their annual electricity expenses.

4280 Hacienda has three (3) hydraulic passenger elevators of 2,5000 pound capacity.

VAV-type HVAC system, with four gas broilers and eight large AC units, all rooftop-mounted Trane and Mitsubishi dedicated DX cooling system exist for on-site data/server rooms.


Utility-company-owned transformers provide main electrical feeds to the building at 227/480volt, three phase, four wire service. The building also has a 4,000 amp main. The main service feeds 2 ea. 2,000 amp pannels, each of which has its own transient voltage surge protection.

Approx. 2,400 sf facility located on site with 12� raised floor, dediated cooling, and Halonfire protection system.

Emergency lighting via battery-powered fixtures. A tenant emergency power system is provided at 4280 Hacienda, with batteries and a diesel-fire generator that is exterior pad-mounted and has an integral belly tank.

Truck Access

Two powered roll-up doors, one at grade level, and one served by a dock leveler.

Cafeteria and Kitchen

Existing on-site kitchen and cafeteria sized to suit previous full-building user.

Gas Lines

Both floors are plumbed with medical-grade piping, system with oxygen, nitrogen, and compressed air lines distribution to lab rooms.

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