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I’m naturally impatient, but i’ve learned to wait. I’ve learned that it’s ok to be late if you do it with style. I grew up in one culture and live in another. I grew up speaking one language but I dream in another. I feel a heavy influence threatening to crush my love for winter sports and snow. Every other year I trade snowmen for sandcastles, gravy for slasa and pine trees for piñatas. I adopted a Mexican culture when I fell in love and married a Mexican girl. I love crossing the continent and spending every other holiday season south of the border. Living in two worlds has opened my eyes to a new set of possibilities, emotions and passions. It has introduced me to a new kind of diversity. A kind of diversity that is invisible to the untrained eye, it is an adopted diversity, a foreign way of life that seems more domestic to me every day. with my new hybrid-culture comes a new way of looking at life. it has given me the ability to read and understand people and it has fine-tuned my intuition. It has added a new dimension to my love for excitement and people. It definitely hasn’t replaced who I am; it has added to and enhanced who I am.


Butterball wanted to expand from just thanksgiving turkey to a number of different turkey products for breakfast, lunch and dinner. our challenge was to come up with a campaign that would help them to break free from the seasonal trap and into the everyday market.

I led my team by organizing assignments and coordinating meetings. I also sorted through the ethnography videos to pull specific insights. I was in charge of writing and assembling our creative brief, brand model and final presentation.


Move Butterball from a thanksgiving only brand to an everyday household name


To find our insights we chose to do interactive home and in-store interviews. Jan was our participant. She is a mother of 5. We visited her at her home, accompanied her to her childrens’ sporting events and then finally to the grocery store.

We got a good glimpse into her buying habits as well as a sneak peek at what factors influence her decisions and attitudes about food and family in general.

We later invited Jan and both her sister and her mother to participate in a friends group. The multi-generational insights gave us an idea of how habits and preferences progress and change in an individual as well as a family depdinding on what is going on around them.

insights 1.Since old favorites are hard to beat, moms need to be convinced that substitutes for chicken, beef and pork will taste good and satisfy the family. “I’ll try it once and if it tastes good, i will buy it again.” 2.Recommendations from blogs, magazines and trusted friends are important when trying something new. “People’s recommendation matters. If you say butterball is the best then i will try it.” 3. moms want healthy alternatives

“ I’ll try it because it has less fat.”

The Big Idea

Provide Moms with a low risk alternative. Butterball is that alternative. Easy to try, healthy and tasty,

brand model current position - the kleenex of turkey; everybody knows it and loves it... around the holidays objective - change butterball from a holiday only brand to an everday name that mothers trust target -

meal making moms

core desire - because dinner is one of the core contributions i make, i want it to be fresh and original. promise - butterball has a lot of different products that will make dinner time something that the family will look forward to. big idea - the great american turkey swap

The turkey swap button - marks blogs, recipes and menus where consumers can swap turkey for chicken, beef or pork.

Make a Wish Foundation has been brightening children’s lives by turning dreams into reality since 1980.

I researched bucket lists and questioned people about thier best memories in order to cross the two and create a concept that would touch people on a personal level and help them connect with the children. I also designed the ads and came up with the visual concept.


get people to connect with the children and donate to help their make thier dreams become a reality.

Bucket Lists

through interviews we tapped into people’s fondest memories and bucket lists to find out what kinds of activities would overlap between our potential donors and the children who would recieve the donations. by appealing to those memories, experiences and desires, the audience would identify with the children in the “make a wish program� and realize that the wishes are not out of reach but are simple and attainable human desires we all long for.

insights 1. Thier desires aren’t outrageous. They are things we all want to do. “the saddest thing is that they won’t get to experience so many things we all take for granted” 2. people support the idea behind the program but feel disconnected on a personal level. “I think the program is great, getting thier minds off the everday and into a place where they can be happy. but i personally don’t know anybody like that. It is hard to connect.”

The Big Idea

“Remeber when...”

help create a personal connection by reminding people of the simple and fondest memories they have, then turining that into a motivation to donate to the charity.

Moleskine provides a notepad for the creative mind that thinks beyond the limits of everyday. These people push expectations and defy the rules.

i observed creativity from a unique perspective. by both talking to people and looking at blogs I was able to find the frustrations cramping these people’s style. those insights were directly involved in developing the strategy and concept. I also came up and built the layout for the ads.


position Moleskine as the creative notebook that inspires creatives to defy the rules and think outside the box.

Observations, Behaviors and Insights

by observing creative people we found a number of intersting behaviors that led us to some pretty important insights.

1. inspiration is everywhere. these people see the world through a different lense

2. ideas come and must be captured in the moment. a napkin, a paper cup or even the back of a crumpled reciept will do.

3. they stick to what works for them. old favorites may be outdated but they stick to what works.

The Big Idea

Defy the Expectation Position Moleskine as a creative tool that allows the user to break free and go beyond any limitations. a tool to stretch the imagination.


This campaign was designed to surround the target in everyday life. The ads were positioned in public transportation, in and around the office (ie. elevators, bathrooms) and on tv.

office space ads

30 second tv spot

Calle provides a durable ball for the serious soccer player. A ball that turns the everyday into a playing field.

by talking to, interacting with and observing passionate soccer players i was able to see what made them tick. after learning more about the calle brand I designed the street play concept and created the ads.

the objective

spark a buzz with soccer players and get them to interact with the product by providing opportunities and motivation to play.

Our Target - passionate players

1. these people are more than just players. they live breath and sleep soccer 2. they always have a ball handy. in the car, backpack or wherever.

3. they feel like they are missing something without some type of soccer present during thier day.

Calle - Current Trends

Along with each and every soccerball, calle packages a bunch of small round stickers that can be placed around town on ped xing signs. these stickers make it look like the guy on the sign is playing soccer and they represent the calle spirit of street soccer

The big Idea

Turn everyday objects and locations into calle sponsored hot spots. by using the current trends and calle culture, everyday items and locations will be marked and transformed into interactive guerilla ads.

ex. empty dumpsters, street corners, alleyways...

Guerrilla Marketing/Outdoor interactive play spots

sprint larry h miller north central university the advocates


for hispanics being connected means a lot. because they have family, friends and passions that extend beyond the border they need a local and reliable mobile service that will keep them connceted. by labeling sprint in west valley “tu punto de contacto� we linked the store with a familiar symbol used in latin america as a meeting point for family and friends.

I analyzed the hispanic market, their attitudes and passions to come up with the idea behind staying connected with...whatever. I tied that connection into the meeting points that are commonly seen on street corners in latin america. I also designed the ads.

Brand Model Current Position

just another store. se habla español

Desired Position

la tienda favorita for hispanics


Hispanics who need a low cost cellphone service that is reliable and where they can get help in spanish.Family is of uttermost importance to these people. They keep in contact despite the long distances and borders. They are looking for a phone service that offers all of this in an easy to use and understand package

Core Desire

keep connected with the family and everything i love from back home

Role of the Brand

offer a complete and easy to use cellphone service in español

compelling truth

sprint has the staff and the location to provide hispanics in w. valley with the phone service they are looking for

selling idea

conéctate... (get connected...)



Stay connected to life and everything in it. Sprint is the consumers’ local “Punto de Contacto” (meeting point), leveraging the common “meeting points” found all over latin american cities. These meeting points are used for hang outs, a place to group before going to eat or to a concert, or any other social event. by labeling Sprint as a “punto de contacto” people will link the store with staying connected to what they love.

for hispanics a vehicle is a status marker. by playing on the stereotypical social spheres, the cars realated to each group and very common but characteristical phrases used by each group, we came up with a campaign to highlight those groups and the cars they drive. “PARA TI� makes larry h miller the dealership with a car for every style to help your image and reflect your success.

I reserched hispanic car buying trends and attitudes before coming up with the idea of targeting each individual group with the type of cars that represent thier success and style along with common phrases that would fit thier personalities.

insights The Hispanic market is very critical for automakers, being the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. Cars generally reflect personality & style people want something that shows who they are **“americans use a car until it dies, latinos want the newest, flashiest car to show off who they are�

**latinos and status markers

latinos come to the united states to succeed and live the american dream. Part of showing who they are and what kind of success they have achieved is by driving a nice car that reflects who they are. they link cars to success as seen in music videos and tv shows. here in the US they are finally free to move up and buy that car. but that car must match their personality and style.

after all, it is a reflection of who they really are and what they’ve done.



use cliche sayings unique to each hispanic social group to get the hispanic marekt’s attention and remind them that thier success and image is just as important to lhm as it is to them.

Titles are important in the hispanic world. so is family. Having a better education also means a better job, better pay and ultimately a better lifestyle. With North Central University we targeted educated, bilingual Hispanics looking to further thier education and better thier lifestyle.

I reserched online universities and their current advertising strategies before applying them to the hispanic market. I chose to focus on the benefits that higher education bring to the family. I also created the ads.

insights the number of educated hispanics in the united states is growing rapidly they are both first and second generation in the united states, but they maintain strong ties to home and a mindset unique to thier native countries. these people are looking to further thier education, better thier lifestyle and recieve the recognition they deserve family is very important and as providers, they want to give thier families the best life possible. that is why most of them came to the u.s. to begin with titles and names are greatly recognized and respected in latin american cultures. people are proud of who they are and what they do.

the big idea: titles emphasize the degree and the title, the benefits will follow.

The advocates had a hispanic approach similiar to all the other injury lawyers in the area. but speaking spanish isn’t enough to reach the hispanic market. certain barriers exist due to cultural misunderstanings, fear of authority and different legal systems between countries.

i researched the local injury lawyer market and advertising strategies. i then looked into the hispanic culture to find out what types of barriers were stopping hispanics from looking to lawyers for help. I then designed a strategy to help the lawyers connect with the hispanic market. I also designed the concept behind the ads and created the spanish logo.

insights hispanics are scared of the legal system in the united states due to the fact that many of them entered the country illegaly or know people who have been deported. there is a misunderstanding when it comes to divisions in the law. most hispanics don’t understand that immigration is separate from everything else. while americans make logical connections first, hispanics look for an emotional connection first. if that emotional tie is absent, nothing gets through.


we are your friends

because the hispanic market looks for an emotional connection before making a decision or even listening to the message, the advocates needed to launch a campaign that would help them to build trust and friendship between hispanics and the firm. the local market was using a logical connection: “se habla español” and waiting for the people to come. it was Logical for the americans, “we speak spanish, we can take care of you.” however, hispanics missed that connection because there was no personal tie or experience backing it. they were lacking an emotinal factor. community involvement would be key for the advocates to tap into the hispanic market. partnerhsips with hispanic media, local hispanic community leaders and free community health clinics would be a start for breaking barriers, earning trust and forming friendships.

EXECUTION - 3 phases PHASE 1 - INTERNAL PREP the advocates needed to train thier lawyers to be culturally sensitive. understanding the hispanic minset, fears and worries would be key to building trust.

PHASE 2 - PARTNERSHIPS & COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT by partnering with hispanic media and community health clinics, the advocates would have the opportunity to connect with the hispanic market on a personal level. free consultations via hispanic radio stations would allow hispanics to interact with the lawyers personally and begin to build trust. if the caller has a case he will naturally seek further help at the firm. community involvement/clincs and seminars in conjunction with local hispanic centers will help hispanics learn about the legal system, differentiate between immigration and personal rights.

PHASE 3 - IN THE OFFICE EXPERIENCE cultural sensitive lawyers will make the experience comfortable and easy. the voice will then begin to carry through out the community.

Other Media in addition to the friendship and trust building, outdoor media around work sites reminds hispanics that the lawyers are aware of what they are doing and what kinds of hazards they face.

OUTDOOR / WORK PLACE ADS tagging potentially hazardous locations around town and at work sites will help people remember who to trust in case of an accident.

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