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uffered Battery Betrayal? Here’s What You Can do


We often see people with their cars parked along the road or highway with the hoods open, trying to figure out what’s stopping their cars to start. We may have faced such situations ourselves as well. Mostly these kinds of problems arise due to a faulty battery which cannot provide enough current to start the vehicle. If you are stuck in such situation in the middle of a city, it is easy to find to find help. However think about being stuck with a stubborn car battery in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization?

In situations like these, you should become your mechanic. But first you need to have basic knowledge about your car battery location. With a little knowledge and smart thinking you can easily start your vehicle without anyone’s help. This 2|Page

simple procedure can start your car without the need of battery jump starters. You only need a few tablets of aspirin. Yes! With a few tablets of aspirin you can bring back your dead battery to life.

All you got to do is to open your hood and locate your battery. Simply open the caps of the fuel cells one by one and put half of the aspirin tablet in each fuel cell. Close the caps making sure that they are securely in position and start the car. If you are lucky enough, the car will start up immediately and will be able to go take you to the nearest workshop. There, you can properly charge the battery and head back to your destination. Note that this kind of DIY remedy only works with wet cell batteries. If you have a sealed lead acid battery, then you cannot apply


this strategy. Good news is that with a sealed battery you won’t face such problems because they are much efficient as compared to ordinary batteries.


Suffered battery betrayal here’s what you can do  

If you are stuck with a problematic battery in the middle of nowhere, then this article is surely for you.

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