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Ok, close your eyes and imagine that it’s December 21st and you’ve just opened your inbox to find this appropriately timed Christmas newsletter. Forget that its already January of 2008 and just when you think you’ve read your last “Peace-on-earth-reason-for-seasonfrozen-maple-leaf-adorned-christmas-card” your friends Paul and Christa get off their... donkey and ask if there’s any more room inn 2007 for them.

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Give us a break! This season was way busier than either of us anticipated! Our friends at Joyco Multimedia asked Christa and I and Stella to help them on a video project they were doing for Awanas International. The three of us will be seen in a youth leader video resource available in July. Before that project was finthat the new website helps ished I was contacted by our friend Sanne MacCarthy who us find new friends that connected me to Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church the torn curtain newsletter. will pray, support and in Lakewood, CO who wanted a nativity retelling from Joseph’s perspective. I worked with the pastor on writing an believe in us. original piece and performed it at their Christmas Eve Service. However, before I began working on those two projects I was asked to step in as a guest worship leader with the church at “The Ridge” in Northglenn, CO. I’ve been asked to help develop a new vision for the worship arts there. Christa has finished her semester teaching theatre with the home-school co-op called the HOPE program and is gearing up for the for the next season of second half of her first year there. events.(dare 2 share, I’m excited to announce that the new Torn Curtain website will be online by end of the month. I’ve been looking Club Live) and that peoforward to showing you all the fantastic work of Shawn Porter, the designer of the site (also a co-worker with a green ple see Jesus because of apron), I’ve been so blessed to find another artist whose work can truly represent the style of Torn Curtain. The site will them. feature our most recent videos and two free scripts for ministries to use. Check it out at


In other news, I’m totally stoked to begin working on this year’s “Club Live” Event with my friends at “Outside the Box” ministries and Clint Bieri in Fairfield OH. This event is performed and produced by students. I also begin the very busy spring leg of the Dare 2 Share tour with our third stop in Columbus OH at the end of this month.

That God makes a highway for the new love in our life and gives us courage.


I think 2007 was easier than 2006. in many ways we’re still holding on to a seen the evidence of several people and, dare I say it, things have gotten ing about our journey so far and remembering who is us here in the first place, I think we’re going to pull through.


Although it seems like thread, we’ve also who are holding us easier. So, after thinkresponsible for bringing I love you guys.

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Our house is cold. Winter is not kind in our home on Iris Street. I spend my days bundled up against the cold, wearing multiple layers, and my cool new house shoes (thanks Mom & Dad!). But, as I sit here, trying to focus on writing my part to our year end newsletter I’m not focused on the cold. I feel it, yes, but there is something bigger in my life. I believe that I have true community. I have a family that is related by something thicker than blood. I have laughter, tears and everyday living, soul-knowing experience that relates me to these people in my life. And I cannot think of a better place to bring another child into this world than this community. Another child! Paul and I have done some creating outside of theatre this fall and a new baby has a beating heart and waving arms and we’ll meet him or her sometime around June 21st! I’m terrified of all the stuff a new baby brings. No sleep, dirty diapers, no sleep, breast-feeding, no sleep, the challenge of learning about an entirely new human being and did I mention no sleep? But, I look forward to holding this child for the first time. There is no learning to love this baby as she/he has my heart completely, and I cannot wait to hear his/her voice, laugh, song and breath. I get to experience Christmas and snow and dogs and music and cheese with another person. Children are the hardest thing. You make this person. A physical extension of yourself. And the biggest responsibility is to enable them to be themselves with or without you. Aahh, my heart aches knowing that my babies one day will not cuddle in their Christmas pajamas on my lap while watching Disney Princesses sing. But, hopefully I will have the strength, thanks to my own community, to have created at least 2 people(who knows our future?) who can engage in their own everyday living, soul-knowing life within their chosen community. And I will be able to breathe with or without Disney Princesses because I cannot feel the cold of this house or this life. Love and lovely people warm me from the inside out and I don’t want to ask for more.

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please the torn curtain newsletter. look who’s coming! for the next season of events.(dare 2 share, Club Live) and that peo- ple see Jesus b...

Torn Page_December_07  

please the torn curtain newsletter. look who’s coming! for the next season of events.(dare 2 share, Club Live) and that peo- ple see Jesus b...