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Recently I’ve been trying to further myself as an actor and director and by consequence as a Christ-follower. I’ve come to believe that in a play, as in life, a character is defined by what he does. This, of course comes from what he feels and thinks but this really has no meaning to the audience until he undertakes some action with those thoughts and feelings. That is what makes a story. So I have thought about our actions as TCA. You have been so kind to read all about our thoughts and feelings in these letters and some of you even send us money because you also believe in this dream with us. However, I wanted to tell you some of the ways that these dreams are moving into action. In my acting study, I’m trying to make my actions simpler and more grounded in reality and based less on who I pretend I am. I thought that part of what drives me to continue my work in TCA is changing the standard of quality that Christians produce dramatic art, and secondly, that theatre is something anyone can participate in. So I am taking steps to releasing all of my scripts via the torn curtain newsletter. our website on a “pay-what-you-can” model so that any group of any size or budget can use our material to bring people closer to Jesus. So many people have given us so much that I wanted to transform their hopes for us into action. One of the ways I wanted to do that is by giving what I can to draw attention and support to a cause that goes to the heart of the gospel. On Saturday May 16th I’m performing a con- cert of my music to benefit “Stop The Traffik” an international organization that seeks to end the slavery of the 2-4 million men, women and children world-wide. I find it unacceptable that right now God’s children (and by inference, our children) are being sold into the sex-trade, tortured in sweat shops and murdered as child-soldiers. I don’t really know what to do about this but I can sing my songs and share ideas for how our daily choices can make a global impact and that is what this event is about. As the Dare 2 Share tour comes to a close and I begin working on next year’s scripts, this summer seems to look pretty different for TCA. Some of the projects i was most excited to work on didn’t pan out but what has emerged it a simpler, more focused direction based in who we really are not who we think we should be. Like everyone, we’ve had to get used to big changes in the way we live and re-evaluate what is really important and what can be let go, the result i think is more honest and intentional action.

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please. pray.

For Christa as she continues discovering her unquine contribution and role as a co-pastor at The Refuge.

For wisdom as for how to best use our resources. Like should we: Buy a 2nd car? Buy a computer for Christa? Rent house? Buy one?

For a great response to the “Stop the Traffik” benefit concert.



I’ve moved. I’ve moved physically. To a new home. I packed boxes, painted walls, filled a storage unit, cleaned refrigerators. And now my address is different. The path to my home is full of new streets with new names and a much slower speed limit that is surprisingly difficult for me to adhere to. I’ve moved emotionally. Through the first anniversary of doctors appointments with bad news and days filled with horrible questions and even more horrible answers. Through the 3 hour life of my tiny son. Through the day we buried him wrapped in a quilt made by Meme, surrounded by letters his family wrote to him. I’ve moved spiritually. I traveled to Georgia to spend precious time with precious women who love Jesus in ways that inspire me. I was able to listen and speak with beautiful people during a very beautiful spring weekend in Atlanta and feel at home and full of peace. I traveled to California to witness a wedding between two people who love Jesus with an intensity that I’ve never seen and because of this intense love have made some incredible choices. Seeing so much Jesus in very different ways is exciting and confusing and good for my heart. All that “Jesus” made Jesus feel very close to me which is exciting and confusing and good for my heart. I’ve moved on...forward...east...across the highway... I shop at a different Target. I found some new parks and the nearest swimming pool. I discovered that our favorite, local Mexican food restaurant has a location not far away with the same sweet service and amazing food. I have moved. But then, I’m always moving...running after Stella, reading people’s Facebook updates, cleaning, cooking, driving, loving, fearing, working... I’ve moved around...and will continue to move...I thought maybe I was going to get settled and now I’m not so sure...I don’t think God wants that for me...I want it, more often that I admit, I want security, safety, the known, but somehow I just don’t think I’m going to get it in the ways that I’ve been seeking. Moving means my surrounding are different...the trees out my windows aren’t the same...there are new neighbors to meet...but I know my house is warm, I know Jesus is somehow near and I have a table and food to put on it and people to sit around it and really I think that is most of what I want.


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Christa please. pray. the torn curtain newsletter. For Christa as she continues discovering her unquine contribution and role as a co-pastor...