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Payroll ProcessOutsourcing 1300bpo’s outsourced payroll solution brings you the benefits of market leading HR/Payroll systems, experienced and dedicated payroll practitioners and ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements without having to invest in and maintain the required resources. Some can offer salary packaging services and some can offer outsourced payroll processing. 1300bpo is in the rare position of being able to assist anyone in Australia with both. You make one transfer to 1300bpo for your “total cost of payroll” and we handle the rest. Services We Offer You • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Weekly, fortnightly & monthly payroll calculations. We pay Every Day. Automatic or variable input payroll methods. Leave management calculations. Superannuation. PAYGWithholding and all individual tax requirements. Workers Compensation. Public Liability. Professional Indemnity. Health Funds. Complete benefits management. Salary Packaging – including employee expensesand novated leasing. Each package is tailored to the individuals needs. EFTPayments. FBT Management. GSTManagement (where applicable). PAYGPayment Summaries (Group Certificates). Management Reporting Services. Emailed payslips.

Employee Self Service Employees can: • • • • • •

Log in to a secure environment over the internet. Modify their own personal details. Review their salary and/or package details. Review their pay history. Input their timesheets (where applicable). Review their leave entitlements and apply for leave.

Your manager has the same facilities, as well as the capability to: •

Approve timesheets (where applicable).

• •

Approve expense claims. Approve leave applications submitted by their staff.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing with 1300bpo • • • • • • • • • • • •

Our payroll processing services are Confidential and secure. One transfer per period covers all payroll disbursements for your employees, regardless of how complex their salary packagesmay be. No payroll administration – we manage all components of the payroll on your behalf. Resourcescurrently committed to payroll processing can be free for other more productive functions. Employee Self Service relieves HR staff of a large number of routine (but time consuming) inquiries, such as leave entitlements, pay details etc. HR staff can now focus on the true human resource function with employees, without being bogged down by payroll processing. You are assured of ongoing compliance with Superannuation, ATO,payroll tax and Workers Compensation legislation. No ongoing maintenance costs for payroll software systems yet you still benefit from the latest technology enhancements. No downtime from software upgrades with the attendant risks to producing pay on time. No exposure to loss of intellectual capital with the departure of key pay staff. Part of the overall businessapproach of focusing and investing in core business activities rather than overheads or administrative cost centre. Specialist knowledge and expertise-salary packaging and payroll processing are our core activities.

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Payroll process outsourcing  
Payroll process outsourcing  

1300bpo outsourced payroll solution brings you the benefits of market leading HR/Payroll systems, experienced and dedicated payroll practiti...