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Strata Management Services Strata management is a specialist area of property management involving the day-to-day operations and management of a property that is jointly owned and comprises units, common areas and common facilities. It is our role to work with the Owners’ Association and any elected Management Board to assist in the success of the compliance, administration, maintenance, management and control, of the property and to create a harmonious and enjoyable community environment. We are leading Property Management Service provider in Sydney, Australia.

Services 1300bpo provides a selection of services in your total Strata Management and include:

Strata Compliance Services • • • • • • • •

A demonstrated understanding and proven ability to operate leading edge accounting software for financial reporting and budget preparation. Preparation and lodgment of taxation returns. Preparing and distributing minutes of the AGM meeting. Preparing annual statements of account for auditor. Maintaining the strata roll. Possessing and caring for the books and records. Possessing and supervising use of the common seal. Providing accessto records of the strata scheme and individual lot records for owners.

As well as.....

Strata Financial Administration • • • • • • • • • •

Keeping bank and other accounts for levy contributions. Providing a secure facility for levy payments by phone or internet via credit or debit accounts. Paying accounts and outgoings. Dealing with inward and outward bound correspondence. Preparing and posting notices of meetings and levies. Effecting insurance and submitting claims. Organizing the AGM held at either the location or a local venue. Providing financial advice. Arranging payment of day to day maintenance, repair and replacement of the common property. Performing the clerical functions in implementing the decisions of the executive committee.

The provision of emergency after-hours service phone numbers.

As well as.....

Strata Management Services • • • • •

Attending the AGM held at either the location, local venue or at our offices- as you chooses. Providing general advice and assistance to the executive committee members. Arranging routine day to day maintenance, repair and replacement of the common property. All the delegated functions of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Advising the executive committee in their decision making.

Benefits of Strata Management Services • • • • • • •

Offer’s an experienced team of strata professionals to provide you with the highest level of client service & expertise. Have a fully licensed agency with the necessary experience to provide the appropriate services to strata and community schemesof all sizes. Decades of experience and trained staff and we focus on performing the role and responsibilities as determined by our clients. Understand Council and local area requirements. We use the latest technology & are fully electronic are used for all, allowing our managers more time to deal with your issuesas they arise. Our experienced and qualified managers, provide effective communication and services to, and liaison with, the Executive Committee. Knowledge of OH&Sand compliance requirements and their applications and impact to strata schemes.

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Strata Management Services