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I ndependent Executives & Consultants Accountants CEO’s CFO’s Compliance Managers Financial Controllers General Managers Management Consultants Marketing Directors Project Manager Quality independent financial executives prefer to operate in a more professional way and to share their experiences amongst a number of clients, but still maintain some independence to be able to advise the business, unfettered by the internal influences that can be set an employee. They have operated as company directors for listed and other public companies for many years. This professional has expanded their reach over the past decade to service the Small Medium Enterprise ‘SME’ as well as the public company on a consulting basis. It is a trend that will only increaseover time as both the executive and the client business want it. Most companies would like to hire an experienced CFOor Financial Controller to guide them, but salaries on an annualized basis and employment responsibilities have been an impediment. As a consequence, businesseshave suffered from a lack of timely financial information and good advice. We understand the needs of this professional executive as we have been putting them on assignments with clients for in excessof 12 years. We support our team of financial consultants with training and administrative support. Our consultants can either work through our company or contract direct to the client with their own company. We also provide outsourcing resources they can deploy at their clients to make a substantial difference to their clients. This allows our executives to concentrate on providing the best service to their clients – and grow their consulting businessin the process. Chartered Accountants, CPA’sand others now seek roles as consultants to industry. This provides them with a variety of experience, independence, autonomy, and the challenge of being a consulting professional.

There are an increasing number of businessesthat want a part-time CFOor Financial Controller. Our Financial Consultants generally have these attributes in common: • • • • • •

Membership of professional bodies such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Society of CPA’s. Experience in private practice or as a businessexecutive. A need to be independent An ability to introduce change management to their clients Confidence to make a decision and move a businessforward Professionally rewarded by seeing the improvements they bring to a business

To chat about our Independent Executives or Consultants. Apply Now To chat about joining our Consulting Team. Contact Us Small & Medium Enterprises ‘SME’s’ generally cannot afford a full-time CFOor Financial Controller with sufficient experience. However we know that having a person with the right experience and qualifications in these positions will make or break a business. It may be that you need a Management consultant to get your businesson or back on track. We represent our professional Consultant Team of CFO’s,Financial Controllers, Management Consultants, Accountants and others.

Benefits to your business • • • • • • • • • • •

Management Team is immediately improved with the experienced financial consultants who will stick at it to make your businessgrow and succeed. Assignment lengths to suit. They can be Permanent or temporary say 2, 6 or 12 months and say, one, two or three days a week. You have none of the onerous employment responsibilities. We train & update to keep your consultant the best We can document your businessprocedures to ensure you stop losing tribal knowledge Our consultants meet high standards of education & experience and continually maintain their professional education. We provide your consultant with personal administrative support so they are not distracted from concentrating on you. We provide a massive resource that your executive can draw upon to improve your business. It can save you hundreds of thousands a year in salary and overheads compared to a full time employee. You turn what is or may have been, a fixed overhead into a variable cost that you only pay for when you use it Having an experienced & qualified accountant in-house will save you expensive fees to an external practice accountant.

• •

Your standing & negotiating ability with your businessrelationships with the tax office, banks, lawyers and suppliers will go up a notch. Your staff will be motivated by their leadership.

Why 1300bpo? • • • • • • • • • • •

You don’t have to pay any upfront recruitment fees for the consulting assignment, which can be over 30%of their annual salary! Fast establishment! Our principals are Chartered Accountants with commercial & private practice experience. We understand your needs and what and who it takes to satisfy them. Candidates to choose from. You are not liable for additional employment related on-costs including statutory superannuation, paid annual leave, paid sick leave and termination and redundancy benefits. Range of skills to choose from to fulfil multiple disciplines. No full-time cost and not necessary to be permanent to attract the right person. The Executives are content with a part time or project basis. Experienced & qualified personnel. Multiple Resourcesavailable. No Employment hasslesof superannuation, PAYGwithholding, payroll, redundancy, wrongful dismissal and many other employment related issues Benchmark contracts may be arranged Available for part time, full time, or project needs.

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What burdens will a CFO or Financial Controller relieve for you? A Chief Financial Officer ‘CFO’controls the financial management of your company. They coordinate, manage and administer the financial functions. The CFOmay also be responsible for management of IT, human resources, company secretarial, corporate governance or administration. The role of a CFOin each organization depends on its size, the complexity of its businessand the size and responsibilities of the executive team. Key Responsibility Areas may include: Accounting

Asset Management


Cash Management

Contract Management

Financial Management

Information Management

Profit Management


Risk Management Strategic

Planning & Analysis

Taxation Planning & Compliance

We have draft standard Position Descriptions to assist in finalising your specification for the position. To chat about our Independent Executives or Consultants. Apply Now To chat about joining our Consulting Team. Contact Us Accounting Management of accounting staff including payroll Financial process& procedures design & maintenance Policies design and management Accounting software maintenance Treasury Cost accounting Asset Management Businessacquisitions & divestment analysis Organising finance e.g. bank lending, factoring & leasing. Due diligence Management of asset & businessdisposals Succession planning advice Business relationships bankers, external auditors, advisers, taxation authorities, insurers, lawyers and professional accountants. Cash Management Cash flow management Development & implementing internal controls Funding & bank Management Contract Management Contract negotiations Employee contracts Client contracts Supplier’s contracts Financial Management Strategic businessadvice Financial market analysis Management team contribution and membership Information Management Provision of financial and other information to the Management Team and/or Board of Directors

Design and implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Design & Implementation of Key Workflow Indicators Profit Management Profitability analysis Businessimprovement advice Cost cutting & control Businessprocessre-engineering Competitor assessment Reporting Financial Reporting Statutory Reporting Management Reporting Key Performance Indicators Performance Reporting Stock Exchange Reporting Schedules Accounts To shareholders, stakeholders, owners, government, bankers. Risk Management Insurance coverage Workers compensation OH&S Claims management Risk assessment Risk management Strategic planning & analysis Preparation of budgets and forecasts Preparation of BusinessPlans Businesscaseanalysis Project analysis Taxation Planning & Compliance Taxation Planning of Income Tax, FBT, GST,payroll taxes International Tax Planning including transfer pricing. Taxation Compliance

Independent Consultants Team Membership We are a team of top-of-the line independent professional consultants. What are the common attributes of a team member?

• • • • • • • • • •

A desire to run your own consulting businesscollaboratively with us. Work in with our systems and processand contribute to their improvement for the ultimate benefit of our mutual clients and yourself. 5 years membership of a professional association like the Institute of Chartered Accountants, or Society of CPA’s. At least 5 years experience in a professional practice or as a Businessexecutive. An ability to experience change and introduce change management to our clients. Ability to listen to clients but the courage of your convictions to introduce change for the better. Desire to not accept second best where sound judgement can avoid it. Ability to consult to one client or multiple clients at times. Confidence to make a decision and move a businessforward Professionally rewarded by seeing the improvements they bring to a business

We provide CFOs,Financial Controllers, Management Consultants, Accountants and Other Professional Executives for Part Time and Project Roles. To chat about joining our Consulting Team. Contact Us Other Resources We also provide your businesswith accessto consultants experienced in other skills: Accountant CEO’s& General Managers Company Secretary Compliance Manager Management Consultant Marketing Directors Project Manager Treasury Manager To find out more Contact Us now Read more nsultants.htm

F requently Asked Questions I ndependent Executives & Consultants 1. Will this suit my circumstances? The cost-benefits apply no matter what the size of your business. However the size of your

businesswill dictate the frequency that you engageour executive and the necessary experience level of the person involved. 2. Are you recruiters? No. We manage and support a team of Professional Executives & Consultants and provide them with the facilities to improve their capabilities and to make a significant impact to the benefit of their clients. However if there is no one who meets your specific criteria, then we will actively seek them out on your behalf through our professional network. 3. Is there an upfront fee? No. 4. What do we charge clients for their services? A fee is negotiated with the consultant and may vary depending on their expertise. 5. How do you choose your Consultant Team members? Those wishing to join provide their resume. We then check their references, educational history, professional membership(s) details and those that passare accepted into the team. 6. What do they do besides consulting? It may vary from full time consulting, working in a private business, advising clients in an accounting practice, study or managing their investments. 7. What is the process in getting started? • • • • • • •

You enquire now and set out the position, assignment term, and rate and hours per week they are required. We define the role with you & agree the Position Description We undertake a search of our Consultant Team member’s databaseand our professional network for suitable candidates. We check their availability and then provide you with a shortlist We arrange the interview with you When you have chosen your Consultant, we assist in the documentation. After commencement, we provide administrative support to the Consultant and outsourcing services to the client where required.

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Independent Executives Consultants  

We support our team of financial consultants with training and administrative support. Our consultants can either work through our company o...

Independent Executives Consultants  

We support our team of financial consultants with training and administrative support. Our consultants can either work through our company o...