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The advantage of certainty. Computershare Overview

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Global technology and operational capabilities (per annum) Calls handled via Computershare call centres Transactions via electronic data capture Transactions via workflow systems Investor Centre members to date Web based transactions Documents produced and distributed Total eTree registrations to date*

11,600,000 14,300,000 13,200,000 1,706,000 15,000,000 500,000,000 755,077 (AU)

*e-communications environmental incentive program with Landcare Australia

1999 2000 2002 2003 2004 2005 2007

Founded in Melbourne, Australia Lists on ASX Enters UK market Enters New Zealand market Enters South African market Enters Irish market Enters Hong Kong market Enters US market Enters Canadian market Enters German market Enters Russian market Acquires Georgeson Enters Indian market Acquires EquiServe (USA) Enters Japanese market Consolidates global alliance with Thomson Financial

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Investors Investor register management Fixed interest & diversified registries Funds administration services Corporate actions and capital management programs Corporate proxy and meeting services Register efficiency campaigns Investor self-service promotion campaigns Investor document design and delivery Investor response and enquiry handling Cross-border listing and corporate actions solutions Depositary interest services Reporting and Corporate governance Capital markets advisory services

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Employees Equity plan design and management Targeted employee communication solutions Employee share trading Personal wealth management solutions*

Major milestones 1978 1994 1995 1997 1998

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Customers Communications consulting Customer profiling and segmentation e-commerce and e-delivery solutions Direct marketing campaigns and loyalty programs Essential document design, print and mail Business process outsourcing

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Members Targeted member communications Member meeting and voting services *offered in conjunction with Citi Smith Barney

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The advantage of certainty.

Within today’s complex and uncertain global market, organisations face increasing pressure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their relationships with their most important stakeholders – investors, employees, members and customers. To be successful, you need access to world-class services that remove the many barriers to attracting, retaining and servicing these valued and disparate groups. In Computershare you will find a single, global service partner who can help you navigate through regulatory and capital market structures with the flexibility required to meet your shifting business needs. Supported by our proprietary technology and deep expertise in the global economy, we offer you broader opportunities and better solutions without the risk and complexities of dealing with fragmented solutions, delivered by multiple service providers. With Computershare you gain the certainty, ingenuity and the advantage to maximise the value of your stakeholder relationships, wherever they are in the world.

Registry management and stakeholder servicing.

The ability to canvass motivations, predict activism and influence behaviour is key to unlocking the value of your stakeholder relationships, giving you the insight to make better informed decisions. As regulatory and capital market changes continue and our reliance on technology grows, the time and cost of successfully self-managing this critical information becomes unviable. With Computershare’s fully-outsourced registry solution, which takes a strategic view of your registry management and offers a portfolio of integrated online tools, enhanced contact centre and communication capabilities, you can maximise the value and long-term loyalty of your stakeholder relationships.

Complete registry management

World-class contact centre services

With over 100 million global records currently under management, Computershare is the only provider using a single proprietary registry system to maintain securities records, including ordinary and preferred shares, Depositary Interests, American Depositary Receipts and employee shares.

Handling more than two million enquiries annually from investors, brokers and other stakeholders, Computershare’s Melbournebased national communication centre also provides inbound and outbound campaign services in proxy solicitation, corporate action information and consumer help-lines. Where possible, we promote the use of web and phone based (interactive voice response) self-service options to improve cost and time efficiencies.

Through the integration of our registry and enterprise systems we offer you greater process efficiencies, increased accuracy, improved compliance, reporting and expanded investor analysis. Fixed interest and diversified registries The management of fixed interest and diversified registries requires customised processes and communications in accordance with the regulatory framework in which the assets are created and traded. Whether you are establishing a new asset type, centralising recordkeeping or considering an outsource agreement, we can offset the administrative burden and support you every step of the way.

Real-time reporting and self-service systems Instant access to information is critical to successful registry management and stakeholder servicing. That’s why we provide our issuer clients with online self-service capabilities that offer convenient access to a suite of standard, customised and query-based reports, including global top-holder and aggregate register reporting and global holder search functionality. Investors and employee plan participants benefit from direct access to an array of intuitive reporting, enquiry and update, self-service features and online trading.

Improved efficiencies in your stakeholder relationship management (SRM) By gaining a deeper understanding of your organisation’s investors or members, you can benefit through improved and more efficient registry management, by influencing investor and member behaviour and generating support for your corporate objectives. As a global leader in data management and analysis, combined with our expertise in stakeholder profiling and communication, we can help your organisation manage its investor and member relationships more effectively.

“With a large shareholder base we needed a registry provider with the technical knowledge, experience and processing capabilities to handle our service requirements. Computershare’s fully-outsourced registry solution and single point of contact was able to not only meet, but to exceed our expectations.”  Maggie Meagher - Share Registry Manager, Woolworths Limited

Corporate actions and solicitation.

A corporate action regardless of type, size or jurisdiction is a potential minefield for all parties. With a company’s market value and future often on the line, there is increasing pressure to complete transactions with the least cost, risk and impediments, whilst still deriving real value from the transaction. To help your company navigate through these challenges, Computershare provides the expertise and execution capabilities to cover a broad range of administrative, compliance and communication activities. No matter the size or type of your corporate action, the strategic alignment of our core services and that of our specialist company, Georgeson, work together to deliver maximum value and minimum risk facilitated through a single supplier.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Demutualisations and demergers

In a complex and often high-profile transaction such as a merger or acquisition, it is essential for parties on both sides of the transaction to ensure they meet their statutory and stakeholder communication obligations. Working as part of your team, and closely with all stakeholders involved such as lawyers, employees, investment banks and exchanges, we will ensure that your communication and compliance based administrative requirements are met. Our M&A offering includes Scheme meetings, project management, assistance in creating the merged register, the design and distribution of documents and a range of communication services for investors and employees.

As with other corporate actions, our complete outsourced solution simplifies your demutualisation or demerger, providing significant cost and time efficiencies. These may include registrable title creation, management of the Initial Public Offer (IPO) process, allocation of share entitlements and ongoing investor register management. IPOs, simultaneous multi-listings and capital raisings Computershare’s unique global capital markets position, direct links to local custodians and relationships with leading investment and banking entities, offers companies the ability to simultaneously list on multiple exchanges. We offer you the certainty that all aspects of the IPO process will be managed through a single provider, creating more opportunities to generate greater interest and uptake, and minimise inherent risks.

Proxy solicitation and vote projection As Australia’s pre-eminent and only global proxy solicitation and strategic securityholder communications specialist, Georgeson can partner with you to identify, locate and communicate with your investors to secure their support and drive your corporate action across the line. With proven methodology, expertise and proprietary research techniques, Georgeson can forecast stakeholder support levels for your transaction and benchmark voting intentions. Other services include telephone canvassing, opinion-polling and help-line services. Paying agent Computershare can act as your paying agent throughout the world, ensuring that your investors receive payments in a timely fashion in their currency of choice.

“Georgeson’s assistance in providing information agent and canvassing services greatly helped us achieve a successful takeover.”  Marc Budim - Director of Corporate Strategic Planning, Cemex SAB de C.V

Employee equity solutions.

Gaining and maintaining employee engagement is a key concern for all employers in their attempt to attract and retain quality staff. A well-structured and managed employee share plan can significantly improve employee retention rates by driving value, loyalty and ownership into the relationship, making it more attractive for employees to remain in the long term. With over 3,000 share plan clients and three million employee plan participants worldwide, Computershare is at the forefront of employee and executive share plan solutions. We work closely with you to create the right share plan solution to meet your needs and maximise your return on investment.

“This was a huge and complex project, and to have launched the plan within the time frame is a fantastic achievement. Every member of the Computershare team provided a first-class service and I have received positive feedback from employees.� Geraldine Pamphlett - Share Plans Manager, BHP Billiton

Whether you are implementing a new equity plan or looking to enhance your current offering, our expertise and global capabilities can assist with every aspect of your solution including strategic planning and implementation, global and local custodian services, Straight Through Processing of trades, tax withholding functionality, sophisticated employee communication and engagement campaigns to drive participation and promote self-service. As the demand for management and compliance reporting continues to increase, we will work with you and your advisors to agree on a suite of system generated reports for internal and external use.

Complete plan management

Straight Through Processing

We help achieve the success and value of your employee and executive equity strategy through full-lifecycle plan management across all jurisdictions in which you operate.

Computershare offers Straight Through Processing to optimise the speed at which transactions are processed, enabling employees to complete all trades electronically, without the need for re-keying or manual intervention. This will greatly benefit both you and your employees by significantly shortening the processing cycle, reducing processing and settlement risk, lowering operating costs and maximising convenience.

Computershare can maximise the return on investment in your employee share plan through effective plan communications, specifically designed to increase employee uptake. Our experienced team will manage all compliance obligations of your plan including financial reporting, global tax withholding and annual tax statements. Our service is designed to offer a fully outsourced solution for most variations of employee share purchase and option plan management, alleviating the risk and cost of self-administration. Tax and holding statements Computershare prides itself on the ability to provide customised employee plan statements, and in particular, Australian tax statements, presenting a user-friendly, convenient and timely summary of all taxable income received from plan participation.

Specialised employee communications The success of an employee equity plan often lies within its ability to educate and engage employees. This is particularly important as a plan increases in complexity or alters its terms or structure. Our award winning communication campaign services will help you realise the full potential of your communication channels and messaging. This expert approach drives greater uptake and motivates each employee to selfmanage their ‘total reward’ position.

Online employee self-service and support

Broad-based wealth management solutions

We offer your employees a sophisticated range of self-service and support services to help manage their equity plans more effectively, wherever they are in the world. Employees have direct online access to their share portfolio which includes trading facilities, Global Tax Calculator, Performance Tracker, real-time holding information and reporting functionality. We also offer convenient, low cost, secure share trading programs for unrestricted share or option plans.

Today’s financial challenges and pressures are becoming more complex for individuals to comprehend, resulting in the potential loss of opportunities to improve their personal financial wellbeing.

Paperless share plan offering Computershare can offer you a completely automated paperless employee share plan, utilising digital forms of documentation, innovative email broadcasts, automated telephony and user friendly online functionality. Employees are able to quickly and easily transact and manage their share plan electronically, minimising risks, costs and reducing the environmental impact in the process.

Computershare have partnered with Citi Smith Barney in Australia to create a unique employee wealth management service providing employees with expertise and advice relating to savings, tax management and wealth generation strategies. Realised plan value can be effectively tax planned and managed by tapping the financial planning and wealth management services of our joint venture partners. Trustee services Maintaining accurate trust records, holding meetings, producing minutes and complying with regulatory requirements are all issues associated with trustee services. We offset the administrative and compliance burden by preparing annual accounts for audit, the distribution schedule for tax return purposes, as well as maintaining statutory accounts and ensuring compliance with the Financial Services Reform Act.

Communications and engagement services.

Quality communication is regarded as the secret behind the success of all corporate activity. Whether initiating a direct mail campaign, employee share plan, membership drive, or simply informing superannuation members or securityholders of the balances of their holdings, clear and consistent communication is vital. To deliver real benefit, a well-structured, purposeful communication strategy balances the traction of traditional methods, such as print and mail, with the cost-efficiency of electronic communications to extract every opportunity to connect, influence and engage with your audience. Our communication services and expertise will help you develop comprehensive, yet flexible, strategies that maximise the impact of your message by utilising multiple, interconnected communication channels. Through our superior distribution capabilities, we make it easy for you to get the highest return on your investment and the most out of your relationships with stakeholders. “Apart from being well equipped to deal with all our processing and fulfilment needs, what I like about Computershare is their desire to find new and improved ways to service our business, as if they were a direct part of our organisation.� Rick Jackson - Marketing Manager, Metropolitan Ambulance Service

Maximise the impact of your transactional communications

e-commerce and e-delivery solutions

Optimised document design, print and mail

Transactional communications such as invoices or statements can be used to create valuable business opportunities. As recipients are more likely to keep transactional receipts, they represent a largely untapped opportunity to reinforce your brand and important messages or market new products. By working together, we can transform your transactional communications and processes into new revenue channels and create compelling, segmented campaigns to drive uptake.

Broad consumer familiarity with electronic media means that organisations must now create continuously engaging experiences that drive competitive advantage. Computershare is at the forefront of transactional, e-communication and billing technologies. We offer innovative tools such as our online archive and retrieval system which enhances customer service, and our electronic broadcast service which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your statutory (product disclosure statements, annual reports) and ad hoc (catalogues, company announcements) communications.

With experience in producing and distributing more than 500 million documents annually worldwide, Computershare can offer you a streamlined and simplified total print management solution. Whilst also delivering procurement value and environmental consideration, our solution includes offset print purchasing, from artwork and design (direct mail, statements) through to sheet fed, web and specialty print production as well as quality assurance, logistics and warehousing. Postage discounts are also available through our status as an Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner.

Strategies to understand your stakeholder customer profiling and segmentation Gaining insight and understanding of your audience is vital to increasing the return on each interaction. With access to proven research and data mining methodologies, you can gain a more comprehensive view of your customers, market segmentation, prospect profiles and behavioural models. This insight will help you develop more effective, targeted direct mail campaigns to increase revenue, reduce costs and drive loyalty.

Standardised investor communications The majority of investor communications are governed by strict regulatory and security requirements and statutory deadlines. Computershare’s industry standard statements, forms and securityholder packs ensures full compliance, while delivering numerous benefits including quicker speed to market, costreduction strategies and the mitigation of data risk.

Connected stakeholder communications Our tailored, connected communication solutions allow you to maximise your communications strategy by taking a holistic view. We can assess and help refocus your entire strategy – from best practice design of your statement, annual report or direct mail piece (printed and online), through to a range of online self-service options to help control costs and improve engagement with your stakeholders.

Cross-border solutions.

To maintain optimum investment and a competitive edge, many companies are seeking to expand their reach beyond their domestic market and gain access to international investment channels. At the same time, both institutional and individual investors are searching for means to diversify their portfolios by investing internationally, without incurring unnecessary risks and costs. Computershare has built its global solutions on the principles of removing barriers for global issuers and other capital market participants, offering more effective conditions to attract, retain and connect with potential investors. Despite the uncertainties and challenges within the capital markets, issuers can take comfort that global, purpose-built solutions are available to give them efficient access to these global markets, while simultaneously easing the burden of administration and eliminating the need to employ multiple service providers.

Global register solution

Global payments

Our global register solution offers an integrated securities registration service spanning multiple jurisdictions, usually encompassing two or more major time zones. With interlocking components including depositary services and self-service tools, our global solution can be streamlined and managed from the country of your headquarters, and is fully supported by local service capabilities and a global relationship team.

Providing a sense of ease, empowerment and security is at the heart of ensuring the prosperity of securityholder relationships. Our global payments solution enables securityholders to nominate their currency of choice, including British Pounds, Euros, Yen, or U.S. Dollars, for dividend payments or proceeds from sales. Securityholders enjoy faster, easier access to funds, better understanding of entitlements and the elimination of foreign currency exchange hassles and costs.

Depositary services Computershare can connect you to many of the world’s leading capital markets via our portfolio of sophisticated security structures. For example, our UK Depositary Interest service enables foreign companies to expand their international reach and raise new capital in London, thus enabling their intermediaries and investors to trade in the issuer’s securities while settlement is effected electronically. In addition, through our strategic partnership with Citigroup, we also offer an integrated, streamlined American Depositary Receipt (ADR) service for foreign companies wanting access to US capital.

Seamless cross-border strategies Whether the challenge is undertaking a multi-jurisdictional corporate action, understanding how to adapt to new legislation or simply entering a new market, our global capital market experts help companies and their intermediaries develop strategies that meet the demands of today’s business and provide a platform for future growth. The scale of support can range from the provision of innovative, proven solutions that leverage Computershare’s capabilities and technology, through to advice in bestpractice and long-term strategy.

Influencing global capital market structures Computershare actively contributes to core industry matters across the globe. Working with governments, market regulators and other market participants in numerous countries, we are committed to improving market efficiencies. These improvements offer benefits to both our clients and their investors through the establishment of best and fair practices, stronger corporate governance controls and improved register transparency and the equal treatment of investors.

FUND Services.

In recent years, the funds management industry has been subject to major changes largely due to an increasingly sophisticated investor base, innovative investment products, and a developing regulatory framework. The rapid increases in e-business transactions, due to their greater efficiency and the ever-growing service expectations of customers, are also creating opportunities for fund managers to take advantage of this new environment. Computershare provides an independent, flexible operation to support (mutual) fund managers who are seeking differentiation in this evolving space. From unit registry to portfolio valuation, daily unit pricing and fund accounting, we have the expertise together with the technical knowledge and processing capabilities to help you run your business more efficiently in today’s highly regulated environment. Our streamlined process flows, web-native platform and our communication services capabilities, deliver an end-to-end solution for fund managers, friendly societies and custodians seeking large-scale outsourced administration services. Computershare’s systems and processes provide you with the certainty that you need in order to allow you to focus on what matters to you most – growing your Funds Under Management.

Unit registry Computershare’s proprietary system and our processes, designed to provide an efficient service in a high-volume environment, can provide you with the certainty of getting the right results for your unit registry business every time. Computershare’s flexible and functionally rich unit registry platform, is web-native and developed in-house using Service Oriented Architecture by a team of experts in funds administration and management. We will provide you with greater control over your data, access to real-time reporting and the ability to link to a variety of other systems in a seamless manner. The ease of development facilitated by the software architecture enables you to not only respond quickly to market needs, but also to innovate. Backed by our significant and continual investment in research and development and as the leading unit registrar in the world, Computershare is always on the lookout for new technologies and process improvements that will deliver advantages to our customers. By implementing operational changes seen in the equities industry into

fund administration, Computershare is significantly reducing costs to fund mangers by integrating with our imaging, workflow and automation systems, and by driving industry acceptance of Straight Through Processing. Spurred on by high rates of online uptake and connectivity, Computershare has also developed a web interface that will continuously evolve to include expanded customer self-service options. Investment administration and unit pricing In addition to our core unit registry services, Computershare offers an investment administration service integrating valuation and daily unit pricing. We record all transactions and corporate actions and reconcile against the records held by your custodian and fund managers. Our team of professionals then calculates and validates unit prices for your funds and generates instructions based on your daily liquidity requirements. We further value-add to these services by providing the extensive fund reporting needed to support your operations.

Fund accounting Computershare provides a full spectrum of fund accounting services including preparation of monthly management accounts, semi-annual draft statutory accounts, distribution calculations, and BAS and draft taxation returns. These services are further complemented by receipt and payment functions and are supported by a full suite of daily reconciliations. We have established relationships with the major accounting firms and will liaise with your auditors as required for distribution and account reviews. Risk management The funds management industry operates in an increasingly regulated environment. Computershare has a risk management infrastructure designed to ensure that compliance requirements are met – from Corporations Act to Privacy, Anti Money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing, Business Continuity / Disaster Recover Planning and industry standards. Our control framework includes a dedicated Risk and Compliance Manager, internal audit, AGS1042 assurance, logical and physical security and authentication, and an incident reporting and review process.

“Through our continuing partnership over the years with Computershare as our outsourced fund administrator, we are delighted with the technical knowledge and processing capabilities they provide us.” Andrea McCarthy - Funds Administration & Risk Manager, Over Fifty Group

Specialist Services.

In a world of complex regulatory requirements, rapidly changing technology and increased global competition, a partner who can help you turn everyday challenges into ideas and opportunities can be the difference between competitive advantage and mediocrity. Computershare’s extended service and globally integrated systems and processes together with our first hand experience and execution capabilities, make us an ideal partner for any organisation wishing to drive further value, cost savings and efficiencies into their business.

Technology Services

Governance Services

Technology is the backbone of all Computershare operations. In recent years we have invested over $40 million per annum in the research and development of our proprietary systems, ensuring the services and solutions provided to clients are of the highest standard and delivered through the most trustworthy and functionally rich platforms.

As the regulatory and corporate governance burden increases, data integrity and compliance with local and global regulations becomes vital to a company’s continued growth and success in the marketplace.

Our 700 strong global technology workforce is dedicated to the design, development and maintenance of data management systems created or adapted to suit our clients’ needs.

Computershare’s governance services have the ability to significantly reduce that burden, helping companies to manage critical corporate data and to comply with legal, tax, financial and regulatory agencies through the use of our Global Entity Management System. Designed with the flexibility to grow with your company, the Global Entity Management System provides multiple departments with the functionality to extract relevant reports and ensure sensitive data is protected through designated levels of access.

Meeting, voting and audience response services

Business process outsourcing solutions

With companies facing an everincreasing emphasis on transparent voting processes at key meetings and ballots, we can help you control costs and risk, and ensure accountability with our full suite of meeting management services including venue logistics, voting, advice on resolutions, printing and distribution of materials, full reporting and web-casting.

In addition to our tailored communication solutions, we also draw on the strength of Computershare’s operational and technology strength and capabilities to cater to a diverse range of business process outsourcing requirements. The integration of our national contact centre, scanning and electronic data capture technology (with a capacity of 150,000 items per day) and our online archive and retrieval system, allows us to tailor cost-effective, accurate and low-risk solutions for inbound and outbound communications, such as customer acquisition and traffic infringement notices.

Our award-winning interactive IML keypad improves audience engagement and participation by enabling instant responses for a range of requirements, including meeting registration and voting, delegate interaction at conferences and silent auction bidding at charity events.

A world of experience.

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Whether undertaking a multi-jurisdictional corporate action, proxy solicitation campaign, or attempting to navigate complex capital market structures; or whether you are looking to improve efficiencies in managing your stakeholder base, retain customers, or recognise and reward your employees, you can draw on our world of experience, whenever and wherever you need it.

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