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Colour Asia

Asia. Full–on. Amazing food. Hawkers markets. 24/7 vibe. Excitement. Heat. Skyscrapers. Traffic. Humidity. Views. Temples. People. Polyglot. A place hard to tire of; where bewildering colour, character and complexity come together. Let’s start in Singapore. It looks a bit like this:


Early. North Bridge Road.

Waiting to cross. North Bridge Road.

Surreal archtiecture.


Building cladding, Orchard Road.

Dating Asia; he plays, she talks.

At night, there’s floodlighting for everything.

Escalator, Orchard Road.

Hindu temple, Chinatown.

The old hasn’t entirely given way to the new.

Reflection; Singapore Management University

Shopping mall.

Fabulously fresh food.

Dried squid.


Dried shrimp.

In the food market.

Singapore’s botanical gardens.

Singapore’s botanical gardens.

Singapore’s botanical gardens.

Little India

Little India

The impossible is normal.

Old and new cheek by jowl.

Orchard Road cascade.

The old police station, now an art complex.

Shophouse signage.

Reflected sunlight

Glass faรงade.

Night time reflections.

Traffic light shadow.

The city’s history is still there if you look for it.

Building cladding.


Stone obelisk, Marina Waterfront.

Anthony Poon’s sculpture in Tanglin Road.

Morning shadows in Chinatown

Any colour you can think of.

Bike at the food market.

Not a clue.

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

Old town.


Why many people come to KL.

Petronas Towers.

Building kitsch.



Malaysia: Penang

Rescued dog, Georgetown.


110 Armenian Street.

Wash day in Lorung Lomut, Georgetown.

Shophouse, Georgetown.


Morning shadow, Georgetown.

Domestic shrine Georgetown.

Temple nazis.

Prayer favours.

Temple sculpture.

Bike and table.


A taste of history.

Odeon cinema, Georgetown.

Morning shadows.

Shophouse, Georgetown.

Too early for re窶田ycling.

Temple window.

Temple balustrade.

The Snake Temple.

Incense – Snake Temple.

Antique in Kopi CinĂŠ

Perannaken House, Georgetown.

Malaysia: Langkawi

Wooden house. Bon Ton.

Bench and chair. Bon Ton.

Weathered doors and louvres. Bon Ton.

Through the shutters. Bon Ton.

Thank you.

Colour Asia  
Colour Asia  

A collection of photographs taken during recent visits to Singapore, Malaysia and Penang.