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counting................. between numbers & lives destroyed by The Money you, uncompleted, created

About THE NUMBERS AND “THE FUCKDMEN” (History of a foreign, this languages)

“epigraph” Music to hear, why hear’st thou music sadly Sweets with sweets war not, joy delights in Why lov’st thou that which thou receiv’st no Or else receiv’st with pleasure thine annoy? [ Doce música, por que te ouve tão triste? Doçuras não se atacam; a alegria se rejubila; Por que ama aquilo que não recebe efusivo, Ou com prazer aceita teu incômodo? ] (William Shakespeare, Soneto 08)

It's: I. “running out” (Real “THE NUMBERS AND THE FUCKDMEN”) II. “change” III. “La Cucaracha Voadora” (Or The Losties)

porque a locura n達o tem fim se perseguida

I. “running out” (Real “THE NUMBERS AND THE FUCKDMEN”)

no, thanks I'm just looking minding 360º......... but... can I try them on? --------------–Oh so sorry tripped me the nuit bresiliene 've lost my ok way told you so we don't sell that human(s) citizen(s)... crash --------------–on the plan on a plan I almost forgot luv, disease of ages --------------–fasten seat-belt play an Electric Funeral when I'm dead talking without --------------–-

my love's butcher's, stretch till kills me n-no-nnn-now do it yourself --------------–fine flight attendant, what words it's the age of social hemorrhage! --------------–twenty-for-seven me the same to you, porra! --------------–you need a prescription for that... love... in the morning oh fearfully man in the so how jail --------------–wheelchair is la silla de ruedas where can I get this mended??? a mind --------------–-

hi guns! here's the killer painkiller now and, then told --------------–there... indigestion sex whore on duty here! come in, workers will see what can I do so... apologize for this, sir – I can't, man...– said --------------–alors over here may I introduce... it's Mr. Cheerio! over there, We don't understand, we don't do not long-distance train, tequila shot --------------–-

custom control engaged, reserved, taken I'm in the jailbreak non without a stormy song..... --------------–-

what??? develop this, shit I just, I just talking about forbidden gents! --------------–time zone want --beside don't mention it, please so need a book, an auto not that belgian boiler non várias lenguas we want a warmly --------------–et avec ça? itch cause of your monnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! --------------–-

what's taking you so long? So very sorry. Will you order another me, and they, raw, tasty --------------–\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\inside the hostel Dry to see the kitchen and cooker Dry said: stairways for the past what floor is the bar on? --------------–-

...letter to out. Was said I'm in. ….love the jail! is there any mail for me? --------------–-

mesdames et messieurs... LA JEUNESSE!!! yeahhhh, aêêêê, holaaa, moi, moi, obaa! cê sabe que foi de molecagem! --------------–they're here for sex months my sweet nounou.. oh, j'adore! te quiero \otra línea\\ blind alley.... PA GOZAR.....! --------------–¿ME OYES? well, I'm happy blanked there you better hurry!! --------------–oh dear! about something there this wet paint called help yourself --------------–and so, it is, good, uuup the vagina's fever a penis want hypertensive us move, body tool! not a shame --------------–-

aren't they nice? do you mind if I smoke you blu and everyone, child? --------------–witch, wistful ramper-girl, send my letter to out, nice to see you, yes I said I'm in. Liv Luv gastação I am the goal! It's you Is there any mail for me again? --------------–bar is bar that's the question, I cat so what's the weather like? heather, the weather lovelosteveryy, pussynice!!! --------------–how you can die? when tried to live is next to it touristique it --------------–-

do you have? how much? why don't you know? who d...? oh badly form 'n' not so difficult!!! ah je vois... could --------------–be a lucky people! spare bed for a good human... --------------–after all, I'm dying now... into the dialogue cause I am a man if endangered --------------–Oum goes to hell get up now, son!!! wait la mother rêveuse... --------------–-

don't be a litter bug hable por favor, chica hey you beautiful girl!! tells us about a best evening! I don't know no more who I am... --------------–smoking the old Camel really like it, I mean,, the past to the day by day, how to Do You? Next next\\ when get learn --------------–joker's game the oldies, men, kind lie own stew --------------–-

it must be it isn't worth a damn don't think it is and discovered that let me see... oh donna she can't get in leave? so... uh uh, singing that's no problem, it is on, and on.... six-fix-wine oh shit me shit.... hate numbers and on and oum...... i can't do nothing... i can't find it! --------------–-

don't you know why... dial the number again our new surprise is at bedtime --------------–-

leave me alone!!! wannnna die, drink, leap I'm going to the best pub of the city, The Tobacco Sex!!!! --------------–filling's dreams as travelings sick in’s finish him! --------------–the exhibition of the liquid I'll get this one, lady-ladies why not? --------------–twenty-entes-seven me it's pouring down on my... knowing, If was Mine write it down for you search...... --------------–-

round-trip ticket do you want to come? in the tourist trap, ehhhh!!!!!!!! a sightseeing hot tour come in, we'll show you... --------------–-

maybe next time like a shrimp of shame, humm on the corner of the civilization --------------–you know, cara... I see... I understand... rien of course not --------------–DO IT!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!! LA COSA ÉSA... DE... PEDIR NO, MIERDA, NO SI US PLAU --------------–-

do men and women go there? ? all above, between? dentilist... risk! --------------–-

what do you play? or ask? and how much does it cost if safed sevening trial --------------–do you want to come the woman great!? I've been mugged!!! it's now not too much off --------------–fracture & cast of artists taking must out, because a jail again maybe, meet, only --------------–-

put you into a dustbin & sheets lights.. we've broken this shocked lyrical alphabet it's fun --------------–coming in bubbles enjoying it oops eighty-five and me together crazyyy freeee drunkkkikiki --------------–-

not writing am I writing, hey Lords??? look around, now! --------------–mountain rescue, need to you! 'ora por mim glorificada será''' have any one alone and stars --------------–-

like something good in the name of the mankind, to me end --------------–do it this evening, half an hour, eux aussi the book's over inside no fun? --------------–ordinal: when are we meeting them? I do I love a rock climbing getting ready to alight, foolish will there be something else? --------------–-

¿EL QUÉ? I'm away scrambled to you. SHE CROSSES ME, take me to forget me, myself and I to kill all of us --------------–me, the violator, totally illiberal corrupted in front of a mind babemos com as naughty, bebed give us, lazy clans oh them --------------–I know you like this, let me give you some a kind of blow / alight / in lie which everything??? wich which... itch tour is the going on? --------------–-

would you like it? to leave a message for the Sour Lover in all: how can I get there??? --------------–get out of my way, junk food, so glad a free flavor behind everything --------------–let's go back, then She think they're boring deceivers some places --------------–-

it doesn't sound fun that sounds... boring to us...... Elllla loves nice yes, she is really nice love is nice, let's nice men & women away --------------–let me give you some advice gooooo!!!! take a piece of advice, yeah to say everybody, the most number! a something nearby that's great, here, soon the sound of th... Ley! --------------–those people look down low fucked and , too and you, come with us watching! --------------–-

want one, après, après it tastes delicious want mine it's brightly and plus quiet near now sit down, suppose I think we're all --- each had too much to eat --------------–est-ce que tu comprend? have you been to one Hunted needs one --------------–-

don't hurry about that ready you stay. sorry, anyway something over, rockin' away numbers... what have I done? something over, ready away, rockin' lay oh been born for what? --------------–-

he hasn't bought you a present... aujourd'hui des """putaines""" sont chères! so........... when can I taste? --------------–zut, you should be die! you're my brother, the Butcher I can't breath... \ watching you above --------------–the weather's wonderful world planet & we be loved to look out! chew them --------------–diarrhea... oh no... unfortunate modest body of all! have to go on a diet ----Mall MALL for one nice screen --------------–was a pick pocket at last hope you before confusion --------------–-

“wormy should be diet go on a well... enough” get down, thief! some developed try them on --------------–pants for bob! must go look at the fancy girl she likes cotton one lose weight on skirts soutiens empinados the wedding --not death --------------–belch, that's bad news: borrow it!!! a beefsteak of all livers --------------–-

throw up words, bellowing might come with you dishy! trust yourself no one can touch you when left, behind --------------–short of live, an Irish infirmary put put me through to you there's a good show at the age own --------------–let me explain all you need, madam my cock on going to kill all this family & memory me 'n' you darling ring or hellaventure, all can try --------------–fearsome, dio santo¡¡ not going to panic do not have any fear. are they going to come? with us? --------------–-

Can’t believe it!!! faint girl "on the rocks" she’d been mugged "too" by a mouth "dry" --------------–will you find it? you??? won't come back home on the odour half a mile more fluently --------------–enjoy your meal!!! sunny side up, softly so sorry if we don't --------------–you've had too much wine, servant clean up after your woman don't be a litterbug --------------–-

throw away my girl expose all mights luk after apesto an own things the expensive one the empty one hear !!!!!!! --------------–why was it so late? a long walk to... go back... --------------–a little bit there wasn't any left have a great time huge... on our way home suddenly & upset --------------–-

river, river, river's bad news call the police!!! noooooooooooo it's over, toll-free numbers no, didn't did somebody help? nooooo... please, don't! why a police to our delight? tried to use somebody up!!! --------------–scratch, hum, virgin severed damage on was unhurt! ahhh... jumust just... --------------–we must celebrate this!! how about a new day? quickly. --------------–with a stupid!... theme she said that is okay to a fire rescue --------------–-

remember to do something, I remember seen that idiot competently dead on living’ --------------–something for nothing is that all? please downstairs eassssssyyie out! --------------–a friend of hers? just an expression oh, I see... --------------–he's out. she's gone on a train ride OK, but will take something an early fast food far --------------–rare, rare steak of un vieil homme cruza a passagem --------------–-

JODER, TÍO, ¿QUÉ TE PASA? shall segue o teu da reta libre nowhere --------------–somewhere over there look convivially 'n' have a look at two numbers, have a look around, fell us --------------–I've been there before il n'y a pas de... me --------------–bon, on va où? me neither --------------–-

she's fainted, has gone missing drowning elliptical woman! had better eyes --------------–more years old as many as you want --------------–casualty ward oh god get off share get of --------------–-

unlimited rides on the vending machine of any calculations a big world marketing mais in french, mais in portuguese there was an enormous line --------------–never forget the day they went to our lesson close --------------–an innovation!! hey, no, no, didn't have enough money with us --------------–are you being server... ill? sorry, but you're annoying bill --------------–-

fall & autumn it isn't wintertime lust --------------–“I like Humans not people like Humans” − how long is the fucking trip? − just sit down and shut up, boy!! − nonnnnn, I'm a sad travellê now... --------------–-

an Easter for this time smile heaven --------------–I or we got some for nothing? hole e os números ¿QUÉ! SON PERSONAS --------------–-

while get under you should smile when you're happy --------------–-

lots combines lungs burning come along and may to say! mix with us, the numbers --------------–hello, so The Bones, injured, suffer --------------–turned off on decide have you seen it yet? it's lovely to be here, lefting --------------–-

estradas e rodas e férias what happened? who got it?? --------------–poema pleased to meet you in the operating theater --------------–short journey trying something on get toiling --------------–social, lived happily ever master the jail both --------------–-

it's been a pleasure bye, and take care, poor say goodbye to me for us --------------–avoid y vuela hitchhiker yet opposite and across from on the map street limit --------------–miss see the sights, the romance finished kindest regards many kinds, --------------–leg three no regards --------------–-

toda la escena aquiesce

pregnant both, hate, lovin', still...... in the wind she's... a little sister female and perfect voice in the grace of fire joke for here or to go??? skiesssssssss she jokes & fire --------------–how long booked a single room to stay [,ask] the world's come again[,answer] --------------–cheap wine merchant's double malt beer cigarettes filter yellow --------------–-

this is the history of the number's and the fuckdmen noise a life who breaks and many friends numbers, fugitivos los números --------------–-

II. “change�

RI O put your trip on overdrive start a pub-crawl.. come to a new feast with a face like that let the join take you sit at the beach, that works

cunt the numbers get back, glance at --life's a joke, most people telling \at the same \\uninspired \time \bullshits --------------–1– goods to declare? 2– she spills her body on a boulevard trail. majestic proud. actually, tonight! useful fair... --------------–B– the first time to you, Black Widow C– there’s something in this methods --------------–be on the wane, however. damn vacuum cleaner... of cocaine!! how long ago was that alert? “call the law, surround it! whatever..” “calma aí, moça” “mas o que fazemos tem tanta língua aê” “sem lei na lokuuu”ra

check our guns up no peace in this place imaging to don’t mention it, the tourist eyes, a hidden course instead \the end like foolish love shishishi our warm gun secret finish stuff, yep --------------–straight these forces are I do, love's an item of belt is a crazy nut, believe in these words you drift' hey find yourself love's an eternal belt love is crazy! mine don't part 3 of 3 like us no more childlike --------------–-

the black beck shake us our blinking maaaiiinnnnd

III. “La Cucaracha Voadora” (Or The Losties) textos de trip

LA MOTHER JEUNNESE ah mulher de festa! eu queria mesmo quela fosse aquela belle du jour redimida perguntei se aceitava o desafio que ser namoradinha mas a valeskinha bangu acha isso cheio de trivialidades ela não me cobra gosto é de grudar caraca... trivialidade obra de gravidez prematura, casamento desgastado, obra ser tratada mal, namorados... aêee --------------–-

Letter to DARLING NADINE LABAKI, (pass again to Layale!) I saw your last film, it was in a Spanish translation. Anytime... in Portuguese I don't find it... Complete; Internet is a monster unexpected. And the next cinema is too far away – anyway... "Caramel" is a good soft title! I realized, dreamed with your character, Layale. And I certainly can be a crashing good boyfriend to that woman, but I prefer you, most belle and fully pretty female that I knew!!! You in the Mirror of the Cinema. It’s serious! Show something... will see through! One day, or tomorrow, come to Blazeu, I show you everything, the best of the country and people and me! We smile all the time a bye in dramatics moments, like the Beirut's people!!! Calor enjoy it or call me and we can do tourism in Lebanon... I appreciate you, Layale!!! I am a good person high personality. Answer, waiting for --------------–-

ROSER VA MAyOR LLUCH... ME LEVOU El Chesterfield tiene un gusto distinto, Algo sencillo o espabilada, ella, pues difícil El Chesterfield sabe a Roser No hay sinónimos A Roser

Logo ela se tornou uma mulher, e das brutadeiras; celeste e devassa. Me tornou também várias coisas! Assim um homem livre que amou a vida ativa. Mas ela amou mais, se sim... era gama tinhosa, arredia, algo irresponsável no cabelo longo dela morena querendo ficar cacheada, sei lá, porra, descrever. A rosa. Ela não tinha como inativar, brecar. Roser pedindo seu ¡café con hielo! é mais que engraçada a mistura. Já que tava sempre à frente, existindo mais; me disse sem querer, refez o da vontade, os olhos verdes iam. --------------–-

ELLA LA QUIERO CONOCER, DEAR, SEE IT Soy loco por ti, Amér... [teu nome aqui, fofa...] Yo voy traer una mujer playera Que su nombre sea [teu nome aqui, fofa...] Que su nombre sea [your name here, baby...]... Soy loco de amores Sou Loko De Lati Banderas Soy loco por ti.. [ven] loco de amores... --------------–-


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......nem sempre sabe como se sente; ĂŠ por isso que nĂŁo te fala

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Sexual.....epiphania; tragédia das sequências; iconical comedia de sabores a block of torrente pensar

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” mesdames et messieurs… LA JEUNESSE!!! yeahhhh, aêêêê, holaaa, moi, moi, obaa! cê sabe que foi de molecagem! ” About THE NUMBERS AND “...

Circular_Paulo Vitor Grossi (2014)  

” mesdames et messieurs… LA JEUNESSE!!! yeahhhh, aêêêê, holaaa, moi, moi, obaa! cê sabe que foi de molecagem! ” About THE NUMBERS AND “...