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“The Four Elements”


1ª fase 2006 (30x30 cm)

2009 (100x60 cm)

Are bases, they are parts, are the beginning of material life.

And if you could look inside your soul? And if you discover yourself as a mantle of remembrances wrinkled of so many past moments? Would you be happy if only were happy those wrinkles of time? Contrasts of colour and light upon dark bottoms, that renew the will of continuing. Nothing is more beautiful that upon the seen bitterness. Nothing is more tender that upon the rough sense. My soul is like that, rich of fears, of all that was good and bad. Happy i am who have light and shadows, for felt in the coming of light, and accepted the darkness of shadow. It is the force of rising that makes us go forward while the fall makes us think. Where have I failed? No! I'll do it again. I will feel again With passion!

Where evolving consciousness of who we are. Breathe, eat, warm up and walk ... We will be what? Why are we here? What color is this that hits us in waves of admiration and respect?

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Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem


“Spinning Lives”

2ª fase 2008 (180x90 cm)

2011 (40x40 cm)

What we feel and what we see, the return from the past and the return to the future. Are we the inhabitants of an energy flow that turns and returns? It's life that proliferates and goes back to where everything starts, restarting times without end. Forces beyond the concept of the word itself, are rivers and currents, pieces of a sea. Who are we? …in this continuing of return. What are we? ... in this life marasmus. What we do? this emotion piece.

I look through the window of this train of lives and see deformed in stain the handscape that runs in the rythm of the heart. I see crossed ways, I sse lighted flames that glaze of lived crises. I see destroyed fates that do not catch a glimpse of The colour of life. I see the colours melted of all that travel, and i look inside myself in this constant journey, thankful for the ticked that rests on my hand, my fate. My ticket of departure.

Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

“Father” 2011 (100x80 cm)

By the hand that so often bore life in statues of clay and art. Among these fingers of clay I knew the emotions that move me and illuminate the ways i tread. Father is one, guide of directions if all of us are some part of God, father is the personification that delegates us a karma. For some the sadness of not understanding his way and the carpet he stretched under our feet, for others a candle of principles that rules us. My father was clay, was creation, was the joy of a life. Among sadness and glories he awoke passions and friendships, guided other lives always with a shrewd smile in his lips. I remember the warmth of is hand that was so special that could take from the gray, the colour of earth creating virtual worlds full of realities. Each face he carved, he gave it life and recreated the sense of emotional life that guided him. This songs would shine in the blowing of the faces he moulded, such were the treasures he gave us. This love sprang from the clay that he mixed in one hand, while the other divided in small pieces and with affection he added shaping creating another life of eternal coloured gray. In his words i remember what he said and made me proud, that my life would be his carved creation, of the best works he had created. I love you my father. We never needed words to talk, accomplices of these we followed. Your memory lives here as an example of a Father and understands the responsibility of creating and shaping a son. You made it well, I thank you without words.

Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

“Mother Garden” 2011 (100x80 cm)

I see my mother as a garden with flowers with power taken from the earth. Affection is touch of its leaves, and the brightness in her look are petals of flowers so often without a name. Mother are stalks of hard steel but so flexible that it bends in the wind of emotions. Her look are flowers that fill the heart of her son and enrapture him in the current of life. Mother who suffers who takes courage in the smile of her son, who looks at her and feeds, as if a sheet of water bathed its roots.

Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

Plant that depends on the watering not to fade and stay in tears. It rises towards the sky parried in warm embraces and sweet words. Her sun is dumb and sometimes forgotten that needs to be remembered in a hot hiss of burning Love. Mother is life thrown to the earth, as a seed of Love that her arms tie as warm leaves that protect us. I live mother For you i live.

“Ties of Life”

“Life on a painting”

2010 (40x40 cm)

2010 (150x90 cm)

My life is ties of gift that I receive opportunely when in the turn of the ties I resolve the problem that badly resolved in the stitch of knot I wrap again. New solution of anxieties that this time may be the correct that may free me of the ties of this gift of life. That in the end of the ribbon I may at last look around and the absent white that surrounds me may at last return to the colour and a new gift comes in this whirl of life, where we build ourselves and grow up. My life are gifts of this fate where i go with passion and opening, full of curiosity untie new knots, unpacking calmly new gifs. Long live life.

If life was portrayed on a painting, the colors of hatred would be gray, of fortune hot, of love would be burning, and Life would be brilliant. The winds would of all colors, bushings and races, such currents that pushes us. And shadows, resting places or hardship, were present. Of the black would born and in black would end. But the painting would be rich colors and light-stained, so that blind I would not be, and rich would live, all that the path gave to me.

Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

(colecção particular)

Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

“Life in an Orgasm” 2011 (120x80 cm)

It is Life, it is an orgasm, lived in long preliminaries, where apprenticeships is built although pondered and healthy. It is Life in cycles that goes up and down, spasms of pain and satisfaction, shared with whom crosses our paths. It is Life in ascending rhythm, where years pass in seconds if you look backwards. It is Life that cultivates and grows up in effervescence of knowing and sharing. And when it comes and we feel complete, full, satisfied, in ecstasy we find light at the end of the tunnel. We feel the value of fate, thankful for all we have learned, we experience without regretting having done differently. We feel fulfilment, safety of the way we followed. We are great, in a blow of self-esteem and trust, we are true. It is Life enjoyed and shared in the tender pleasures after orgasm, ripe and full as i must be lived. Then comes tenderness, care with those who fed us with colours and light. We change cresses as if helps, to those who likes us, accomplish preliminaries. Aware of what we are, give and build new experiences and prepare ways of children, family and friend and sometimes even enemies to whom we wave a a white flag. In peace with life, prepared for death, that may come healthy and not suffered, it is Life in an orgasm. So i want to live, in an Orgasm full of pleasure. Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

“Life” 2011 (150x100 cm)

In this way I nowrished myself with raw food, without being man or woman. I lived emotions without wanting it suffered and merry… I grew up! And from the amount of felt experiences, I understood that within my breast there grew up forces that I do not need to explain. I feel them like coloured pores of fortune that exhale the holiness of being, existing. On the cross i put myself, icon of education and dogmas, not by others but by myself. In it i see myself, in biblical words, where suffering is not something vain and worthy of renegation. In it I am, in that force which is the portrait of myself, of you, of all of us. I look at that force, where I react to the actions I experienced, witnessed and provoked, as a part that fell to my lot. To know how to suffer, is to live in the happiness of feeling that i am alive, that I help to the others to live. I do not want my steps hidden by modesty or sympathy, because the share of movement and colour is something that does not belong to me, because I am part of a whole that is also a part of myself. I look up and not down, because i feel the revelation of a light of hot colours that raises me and makes me flout coming from nothing, from dust, water, air and fire. And in this fascination of existing, something else goes through myself in furies of energy that overflows and spreads. I feel the colours in all my being and feel all the movement that impels me. This is life that builds and destroys, renewing, to build again more firmly, more conscious, more pure. I believe that I return in the shape of a seed, stronger and vigorous, in a way that transforms itself into fruit and nourishes those who surround me. I lived not focussed for a long time, valuing faiths and powers I did not notice to live in me. Why do we compete to be what we wished to be, while looking inside us, we are already that and have always been? I speak the language of emotions, because that seems to be pure and not deceived. I feel that you feel, simple words that do not translate the greatness proffered in letters, registers of emotions. Feel what I feel, excite yourself with me and let yourself be carried, without fear or anxiety. Raise your hands and fly in the support of life. Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

“My Rose” 2010 (20x60 cm)

My rose Is a flower that fastens me in knots that I myself weave and carefully tighten, with tenderness its stalk not suffocating its colour. In a light blowing it breathes rocked in my arms thirsty of my love. Thirsty I of its Love. That she may be always the Rose that one day gave me tenderness, for I way happy, i am and shall be, because it conquered me, for a lovely spent day,

Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

for a busy month, for a wonderful year, for having lived a life in the colour of its airy perfume. With respect and care I took it in the hand that caresses it, in the stolen kiss full of sound and colour. Today I fasten it sweetly in the taste of my love, but that it may always feel free, for stolen love is pain. I hold it lightly, for who fasten me, the flower.

ÂŤMourning" 2011 (70x70 cm)

Black Mantle, that sweetly covers memories and suffocates the colour of past moments, shared, lived. Black Mantle, that caresses pains and losses of crossed tracks. Black Mantle, that opens me door to lost emotions where i myself could not find me. Black Mantle, That switches off light and brings me blind to hard reality. Black Mantle, colour of death and loss that puts me in the wrong side and asks me what for, why? It is my mantle of sadness where I sweeten emotions, where I live again what deserved to be lived. And in the middle of this darkness, I am born again, grow up, Learn. What I lost is part of what i am, as i was, a part of what I lost. And so important I was, that all the colour returns, reforms and Reinvigorates.

Grupo: EtĂŠrium - a Viagem

Black Mantle, that desponds the colour that does not extinguish, that washed by tears, dissipates itself transparent, showing the Life that does not finish. The way goes on, stronger for having shared, for having been part of what I lost. Black Mantle, that brings me reflexion, cleans my tears and refreshes the look, that I may observe again with an enlightened look, the colour of life that I have to be lived, each gift are those moments of share. Black Mantle, that is the mourning of a new beginning, and not of a past finished. So you are a pause, a deep breathing, an arrange of memories, a reinforce of wills. Black Mantle, that lets me think, makes me steer for. In this way, you are my moment of lucidity, My Black Mantle, that illuminate the colours of life and makes me continue, with lifted Mourning.


"Sun under the Tree”

2007 (180x180 cm)

2007 (30x40 cm)

Etérium the meaning of Being. It Represents our walking in a world of hopes, loves, tortures, and a list of emotions that hits us and makes us evolve. In this colourful and meaning swirl of lives crossed, we set our destiny already fated. We take more or less time to assimilate the experience and reach our life meaning. We return and lost, but always walking ahead, until the other side. I know I am two parts of a whole. Parts so distinct and remote, but so dependent one from another. I see, I feel. I live and live I this colourful and emotive world.

Beautiful are the moments of heat and colour. Beautiful is life when we are attentive. Present, past memories of senses of build Being. Sum of remembrances that moves and guides us. So I acquire safety in steps, stiffness in the movement decided in search of the new, the unknown. For what is Beautiful, lovers we are.

Physical self, spiritual self. Me…I learn and get self knowledge. Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem


“Fire Ashes”

2006/07 (100x100 cm)

2007 (30x40 cm)

We follow a journey of obstacles. Sometimes that is the role of those who follow us. Family, friends, they are bounds that fasten us a little here, there... but it is always our destiny to cross ways and to continue. Tired, exhausted in search of a course we always walk even to another side. We free ourselves of the cables that soon happen again and the life is turned into an apparent cycle.

Fire that feeds us and gives heat. Burn and it flags being the ashes of destinies extinguished. I begin to think that I came from where everything begins. But I was never alone. I begin to think that I was born not as a beginning but like followed and brought near way. To ascend, to develop, to grow…all words, names of the way.

Everything happens again, till we learn and return on the way. And we continue, expectant in the future. Let the new be the certain one. Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

Grupo: Etérium - a Viagem

Poetry behind Etérium  
Poetry behind Etérium  

Poetry of some of the paintings created by the author